The magic of open communication

This blog was launched just shy of a week ago. We hoped we reach some people and we would build into something. However, the response has been overwhelming!

In addition to the many comments we have also received so many emails from people. It has been gratifying and it is a clear indication that we all desire open and honest communication.

What has been particularly startling is receiving comm from people that left the church 20, 30 or more years ago. They have found this blog and have reached out. It is a stark reminder that whatever our feelings this philosophy has a role to play in the world and it will have a chance to be relevant ONLY if we can all openly, honestly and critically communicate about it.

Through the process of disconnection, either overtly or “just quietly” many of us have lost contact with friends or family. We would love to see people connecting up again. Our primary purpose is, after all, for Scientologists and specifically African Scientologists to get back in comm.

With that in mind we will do what we can to help accomplish this so if you have lost contact with someone and would like to get back in comm or at least get some PT information on what they are doing or where they are, please email us and we will try connect you up.

Perhaps this stuff is the universal solvent after all.


Org Staff & Crises Management

This morning two excellent comments were posted by someone who it seems spent some time on staff. “Savanna” gives such an amazing view of what it is like inside that crazy bubble as a staff member. We are therefore posting those comments as they deserve a little more airtime as their own article. It will be a revelation perhaps to those Scientologists that have never been on staff and probably a horrible reminder to those who were (or still are).

These comments were in response to yesterday’s post “The Promises. The Reality.” Here goes:

The more I cheered and supported the more fake I began to feel to the point where I started to believe the “PR”. I didn’t really believe it but I couldn’t be seen to disagree – acceptable truths right! And for what? My hard-earned money donated only to be squandered! And do you think the Sea Org or staff care? No! They don’t because they have been told that if you’re not on staff then Continue reading

The Promises. The Reality

Ken Krieger, CO CLO AF In his "Message from the Editor"

Ken Krieger, CO CLO AF
In his “Message from the Editor”

In 2009 a 54 page glossy magazine was produced to outline the strategy and planning for ideal orgs in Africa. This was titled “Ideal Organizations Africa Volume One”

Ideal Org Mag Cover - Vol 1-1

 In the first article written as a “Message from the Editor”, by Ken Krieger CO CLO AF several statements were made about Ideal Orgs.

“For the first time ever and in advance of the rest of the Scientology world, AFRICA is on the cusp of this momentous achievement – ALL ORGS BECOMING IDEAL ORGS!”

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Durban’s Ideal Empty Lot

Durban's ideal empty lot

Durban’s ideal empty lot
Image from Durban Ideal Org Facebook page

In 2009 it was reported that all South Africa’s ideal org buildings had been purchased.

Except of course Joburg North which was added later. “Oh Ja, we still have to get a building for Joburg North”. This building is yet to be purchased.

Durban’s building was purchased in November 2007. You can read the News24  article on the purchase. The story of this building is rather interesting and I’m sure the back story is not broadly known.

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The covert character assassination of Gaye & Ernest Corbett

When you think of Scientology in South Africa and its history here you think of certain people that have become synonymous with the subject.

Gaye & Ernest Corbett are two of those names. Going back about 40 years they have always been a part of the community and contributing. Ernest has been a popular speaker on OT, Admin Scale & Admin tech. You couldn’t find two people more supportive of people, Scientologists and their local church of Scientology.

They have trained, they have travelled the length of the Bridge as it is available in Scientology today. They have been in the trenches and fought with the best of us. Not that they are without their faults, of course not. But no one can be in any doubt that they contributed to Scientology and they contributed to LRH.

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Hello & Welcome!

We hope this blogging platform will provide a place for South African Scientologists to get back in comm. Most of us have observed outpoints & actions within the church with which we disagree. We have learned that we can’t talk about these things with each other. This is silly, unproductive and dangerous. Only an organisation that is open and transparent will fully serve its people.

We believe that procedures and structures that exist within the church address these observed wrongs have broken down which makes a platform such as this necessary.

We want to hear your stories, your feedback so fire away.

Email us at: