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We hope this blogging platform will provide a place for South African Scientologists to get back in comm. Most of us have observed outpoints & actions within the church with which we disagree. We have learned that we can’t talk about these things with each other. This is silly, unproductive and dangerous. Only an organisation that is open and transparent will fully serve its people.

We believe that procedures and structures that exist within the church address these observed wrongs have broken down which makes a platform such as this necessary.

We want to hear your stories, your feedback so fire away.

Email us at: scnafrica@hushmail.com


11 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome!

  1. This is a brave step forward. People SHOULD be able to think and speak freely without fear of punishment or retaliation. There are a lot of people out here cheering you on. Good luck.

  2. I have known the Corbetts since the mid 1970′ I have observed them to be utterly dedicated Scientologists.They live by LRH tech.Ernest will tell you that LRH tech not only saved his bacon but allowed him to achieve fantastic levels of success in life. If we were to make a list of the Corbetts contributions both financial but more importantly just decent assistance to their fellow Scientologists,that list would be pages long and astonish most of us.That anyone would whisper the nonsense described in the blog demonstrates clearly the level of degradation that the ëxecs”of Scientology have sunk to.The assasination of anyone who can observe for himself is a clear indication of what the church has become….the exact opposite of what LRH intended.

  3. For a few decades I owned and renovated a dozen residential properties and I know just how exasperating a miscalculation can be on your financial planning. A “mistake” of this magnitude can’t be hidden in “not know”, it’s entirely evil and calculated for destruction. My stomach turns when I think of the souls who gave their all in the hopes of forwarding the stated goals of their orgs. only to find it not only overpaid beyond all comprehension, but further wasted their hard earned money by gross negligence. Even the church has a fiduciary duty, at least I would have hoped so. Several years ago I was asked by that infamous “Landlord’s Office” to help locate suitable property for a test center or org. in my North Florida town. After hours of traffic counts, hundreds of photos, and countless changes in the requirements, I realized it was merely a ruse to make it appear there was expansion on the horizon. Alas, we are in a new phase, REBIRTH! Gaye, I enjoyed your Mug and Bean interview and appreciate being reminded of what we have, not what we don’t. Looking over my shoulder at the waste and loss only serves to take my focus off my current goals. I wanted to personally thank you and your family for exemplifying what most of us came to Scientology for, truth, growth and freedom. Say Hi to Schreff next time you see him, he’s absolutely one of the best! Congratulations…..Bob and Jennifer Sanders

  4. Thank you so much for this blogging platform. Reading the various comments and stories has been extremely cathartic for me. Its funny, because, whilst I was an active Scientologist I never really felt that I was ‘part’ of the group (in light of the fact that there were so many little factions within the group. And of course the management of the church, who are way too ‘elevated’ within their own minds to be ‘part’ of the minions they ‘serve’)…..Although some of the commenters on this blog still subscribe to the religion/philosophy (which I don’t), I finally feel that I am a ‘part’ of a group with a common understanding. Although this is anonymous (there is a sense of community , caring and compassion), we share many of the same views, we all have a story and the same sense of betrayal by the very group we found sanctuary and our eternity within. Going through the motions of ‘leaving’ the religion that I have subscribed to almost my whole life, has been the single most heart breaking experience of my life. I say this because I followed everything blindly, despite the contradictions and ‘entrapment’ of the technology. I have since read a lot over the internet as well as independent publications, and to say that I feel betrayed is a huge understatement. Besides that, the management of the church clearly has no interest in the well being of its parishioners or its staff. My father was on staff for ten years, it destroyed my parents marriage as well as bankrupted my father (as he landed up lending public money to buy services and materials, to keep his own stats up). Another member of my family was an exec in the SO, she begged me to buy other SO members toiletries and sanitary wear as they has no money to purchase these basics (so much for the elite of the planet). I remember buying them food as some people were starving, especially those on the EPF. Eventually when this family member was so ill, and becoming a burden to the SO, they released her and she was free to go off and die. My brother who has never really been on lines, was regged for his basics by Henry Brandle, who single handedly turned my brother against Scientology forever, by arriving at his home at 2am in the morning to hardsell books to him. He tried to force my brother to sell his motorbike and even phoned the motorbike shop to push the sale through. My brother remained ‘calm’ during this process as he did not want to openly disconnect from the church for fear of me being forced to disconnect from him. A close from of mine was declared SP in the early 90s, because she did not “turn up” for her staff leaving confessional. She was the furthest person from being an SP. Her reason for “blowing” was because the auditor (Ciaron Ryan), was not arriving for sessions to audit her, and eventually she was barely able to support herself and needed to go and work. Adi Cod had her declared out of spite. Adi eventually admitted this to a friend of mine during a moment of remorse before she died. Its amazing that people (who are meant to care so deeply for their fellow man, can be so vengeful and are able to destroy a persons life…..be that as it may, in retrospect, Adi did her a favour). I however never disconnected from her. She is an amazing woman and I never bought into that kind of “judgment” of my fellow man!! One of the biggest issues I have within the Scientology community is their lack of compassion and kindness for their fellow man (and I would like to qualify that). Its the comments of people being “DBs”, “SP’s”,”WOGs” “out-ethics”, and based upon those judgments, those people are ‘underserving’ in whatever manner. The general Scientology community lives within its own bubble and world with a very superior attitude, and in reality many of them have shown no success or progress in terms of spiritual freedom or financial. I count myself in as one of those people, despite moving up the bridge to clear….my husband up to OTV. And we are penniless with nothing to show for the millions we have spent. Of course, those uber menschen in management will be quick to blame it on our out ethics actions etc (typical)….As everything always related back to ones ethics…..Just amazing how the Scientology world doesn’t see the lack of ethics and the rot within the management of this church (which shows no kindness or compassion….or loyalty). And I refer specifically to the Gaye and Ernest case…..I have personally heard how they have done “so little”….and this from my husband, who only ever threw money at the church because it was such a hassle to DO anything. I know how much they have contributed as a family, I have been on the receiving end of Gaye’s help. Management fail to recall Tracey being on staff, thanks to her family’s financial support so I find it incredible that this family are slated in this manner….just goes to show that when all the chips are down, the church certainly will turn their back, no matter how many millions one has dropped into the bottomless coffers……enough rambling…..

  5. LRH : “Look dont think: ” – DM mantra: “Dont look or think – just obey -and pay”
    Great to hear of the 18 Scientologists who dared to do what LRH said – “look dont think” -and of course when one does look its pretty mindblowing as ones whole life was positioned to further the aims of Scientology thinking the church held these same purposes in common.
    I was ED of Criminon Durban for over 10 years and we had a very successful action delivering TWTH , Study Tech and Handling Suppression courses. I had stellar supervisors and two in particular Maria Krantz and Dorothy Duffield. Between them they supervised over 400 students at any given time. We had regular graduations at Waterval Prison which is a farm prison near Utrecht where we were always treated like royalty. In short we were with LRH,s TWTH making a difference in many peoples lives. There were some amazing success stories of inmates whos lives were changed forever. In short very satisfying.
    I being unhappy with the constant harassing to donate , join sea org etc etc sent out Debbie Cookes letter to various Scientology terminals who I used to send inmates success stories to.
    This and the fact that I admitted to Richard Bizelle I had been in comm with Rons Org led to my being declared – a fact relayed to me via Taryn and other terminals on the phone. I never received a written declare.
    I spoke to Cathie Robinson and offered to continue as ED of Criminon which I had been supporting financially together with help from the Kooblal family all these years but was told that was not possible as Criminon was a church activity – contrary to the claim of Criminon being independent of the church. Dorothy Duffield was also made to relinquish all files etc and Michael Lane was appointed as the new ED. Maria Krantz was kept on as a supervisor.
    According to Maria , there are hardly any active students now and they have never in the last two years had a graduation.
    The point here is that the COS didnt consider the welfare of the inmates the tech was meant to help and were prepared to embark on a course of destroying what had taken years to put in place.
    Once one in out of the control of the church and really looks at the insane decisions taken by management – Durban “Ideal Org for Durbans 25000 Scientologists ” as a church official stated in the local paper as an example, you realise ,that to be part of that organisation is to be lied to , to be used etc which is certainly not pro survival for oneself or the group. There are so many really good people in the church that it is indeed a crime that has been committed by DM and his cohorts against the force for good.
    Harold van den berg

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