The covert character assassination of Gaye & Ernest Corbett

When you think of Scientology in South Africa and its history here you think of certain people that have become synonymous with the subject.

Gaye & Ernest Corbett are two of those names. Going back about 40 years they have always been a part of the community and contributing. Ernest has been a popular speaker on OT, Admin Scale & Admin tech. You couldn’t find two people more supportive of people, Scientologists and their local church of Scientology.

They have trained, they have travelled the length of the Bridge as it is available in Scientology today. They have been in the trenches and fought with the best of us. Not that they are without their faults, of course not. But no one can be in any doubt that they contributed to Scientology and they contributed to LRH.

They have always been fine examples of what a Scientologist should be. They have also been tremendously successful in their personal lives.

I lay out the above because it is important to understand or at least have a glimpse of who these people are to understand the staggering actions of the church and its loyal servants.

For reasons that Gaye & Ernest have not yet made public it would seem they have chosen to no longer support the church and the direction it has taken in recent years. This is no surprise, many many others have done the same.

There has been no official issue distributed about Gaye & Ernest, no indication in writing that they are in bad standing. Yet there are on-going covert actions to discredit them. There have been at least 2 invitation-only briefings given by senior Sea Org members about them.

Instead of taking direct action they have chosen to let individual Scientologists spread rumours to discredit them. Once they have been thoroughly discredited through this process it may not be such a shock to Scientologists when & if they are finally declared.

Loyal Scientologists, who I’m sure believe they are doing the right thing for “their religion” have spread rumour with vigour. To my knowledge none of the leading names of Scientology management in South Africa have made any attempt to talk to Ernest & Gaye in person. Not Ken Krieger, not Alex Faust, David Lipsitz, Elmien Lochner, Peach Bokelmann. None of them. But all have been quite happy to spread rumours and start a whispering campaign, effectively “fair gaming” them. These rumours include:

  • Gaye & Ernest have not really done anything (or done very little) for Scientology. They have never supported Ideal Orgs.
  • They attended the wedding of a Scientologist in Durban and were recruiting people for a squirrel group.
  • That they put their fingers in electric sockets to exteriorize
  • That Gaye & Ernest are being suppressive and their kids are just PTS.

All of these are patently ridiculous but we Scientologists have been conditioned to just accept such statements even when we inwardly disagree.

We can speculate about why there has been no official issue published but I believe that chief among them is their son, Mark Corbett. He has been the single biggest contributor to Ideal Orgs by some distance. Exact figures are hard to know but he has contributed many many millions. That’s a lot of money. This makes Mark the biggest whale of them all locally. There must be some desperation to hang onto him and it would therefore not make good financial sense to declare his parents.

Another reason is probably the money contribution of Gaye & Ernest themselves. 4 years ago Peter Cooke pledged R5.5 million to ideal orgs and on the strength of this a deposit on a building was made. His cheque bounced. At the desperate request of Alex Faust, Gaye & Ernest put up a guarantee for this amount so the church would not lose the building and the rest of the money they had paid since the bounced cheque would put them in default. Alex Faust promised they wouldn’t have to pay this guarantee but, if they did, he would ensure they got this money back.  Of course this never happened and Gaye & Ernest paid up and have never been repaid. An involuntary donation.

The situation is even more complicated in that they own the house in which the Joburg Org executives live and another house where outer org trainees live.

It’s an indictment of the church to see where it has come to that they will act in this covertly destructive way.

And those Scientologists who refuse to look are happy to accept the rumours without question. Every Scientologist must, however ask themselves this question: If the church is willing to treat its luminaries in this fashion what will they be willing to do to me?

38 thoughts on “The covert character assassination of Gaye & Ernest Corbett

  1. Congratulations on this new blog. Welcome one and all to the world where you can truly think for yourself. And that IS freedom!

    You can now view ALL the facts and make up your own mind. It is a wonderful, brand new vista to enjoy and experience.

    Thank you to all who have made this possible. I know some of you, and I know there are others who I am not aware of. All of you have my full support.

  2. Wow. This is something for South Africa. Thanks for the welcome. Even from far away we know that Mark Shreffler visited SA many times doing great work with new public and OT Committees. He was declared, according to the rumors. He questioned management strategies as far as I know. All he has done for his entire life is promote LRH and his tech. He was assisted many times by the Corbetts to operate in SA and do the work he did.

    None of that counted when he went up against management.

    Now the Corbetts are being trashed by rumor. They have contributed in literally 1000’s of ways over many years. If they documented all of their contributions it would fill a few books.

    To hell with LRH ethics tech. Just invent some new thing, Covert rumors and special briefings. Unreal.

  3. That is how the “church” operates today. Like a 1.1 sniveling coward. These people are upstats and instead of the “church” listening and remedying the out-points they would rather destroy some fine people. Shame on you “church” of $cientology.

    By the way you can look on the internet and see al the accusations of senior ex Sea Org members who have been abused my COB David Miscaviage. I am talking physical abuse and sleep deprivation. Look into it before you decide you know all the facts. Why isn’t the “church” expanding?? This “Ideal” Org plan is a bust and it’s creator??? You guessed it…David Miscaviage.

  4. I wish you and your commenters the best there in South Africa.

    So much good, for so very long has come from there. Truly and always a pioneering place for Scientology.

    For many many years International Management’s reign on organizations was quite loose and did not work to overwhelm the determinism of individuals. But now it’s strict and unthinking and despotic.

    It’s time for a wholesale departure. Read again what Ron has to say about “no-create” in Fundamentals of Thought. That’s the thing to do in regards to Scientology (mis)management all over the world: walk away from it. No longer support it.

    Don’t bother trying to destroy it or invalidate it or, in other ways, not-is it. That results in undesirable conditions for each one who not-ises. Just walk away from it and give your energy to things that do work and are wonderful.

    There’s a lot of Scientology that is very, very good. All those grades and Power Processing as an example!

    So little auditing has occurred throughout the world for so many years! Why? It’s just been so unsafe to audit or be audited when under the jurisdiction of the Church!

    Leave the jurisdiction of the Church and it’s safe again.

    Remember the old saying “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came”? That will work with the corporate church as well. Don’t support it any longer at all.

  5. Hello Gaye and Ernest and anybody else who has blown in South Africa. I wish you well and I think you will be much happier outside of Corporate Scientology. Personally, I’d love to hear any information about the Castle or ideal orgs that you care to share. The good, the bad, whatever, I’m sure there is some of each.

  6. This can’t have been an easy step after supporting something for so long. I wish them well, now and during the long road ahead of fair gaming they’ll experience. Those of you reading this who are still in, please stop and think, really think, about what fair gaming is doing to your fellow humans/ homo novis’s/whatever. Involving yourself in the degrading if others ultimately degrades you too.

  7. Even though I am an South African, don’t live in South Africa and have never been there … I applaud you for having started this blog.
    Those names, Ken Krieger, Alex Faust et al, are all familiar … and they do not do even justice to their own policies by LRH, or any civilized justice codes for that matter.
    Stand Tall for dignity and down with the money-motivated actions that subvert the actual Scientology values.

    • True. Last time I heard feedback on Alex Faust, he was apparently addressing an OT Committee meeting telling members how to get other members signed up on a monthly debit-order (regular payment) for funds to go to an ideal org program. This is Mr Top Dog, Representative of LRH and his tech. Doing illegal sales pitches to members. LRH would cringe.

      Once monthly payments were signed up, a member in the field would pay the ideal org fellows the full 2-year amount., less a discount to the financier. So the financier profits from the ideal org sales. Nice.

      LRH says it very plainly “Do not fund-raise. Solve it with Scientology.”

      Mr Faust and all the others disagree with LRH.

  8. Why does Gauteng need another ideal org when Pretoria & Joburg are empty!? Just a money making racket. No auditing, no wins just more repeats of basics & sad events with lots of stupid photos with suckers grinning like idiots as they give away their money! As for Alex Faust – what a rat!

  9. Glad to hear that Gaye and Ernest have stepped over the forbidden line and are no longer supporting the suppressive entity that is corporate Scientology. The covert whispering campaign is the standard operating procedure – that is what happened when hubby and I left as OT VII’s five years ago. We had done a lot to support the Church but no where near as much as the Corbetts. But my husband was courageous enough to speak out publicly in Parliament and in mass media and attend protests – to expose the abuses of the Church. Gaye and Ernest may not have the ability to do so if they are still trying to extract their two scientologist kids – at one stage Tracey was the senior C/S over there ( not sure if she still is ). Hopefully Gaye and Ernest have the loyalty and ear of their kids – because Miscavage will have gotten in their ears too – look what has happened to Mike Rinder. The Rinders were such a strong and loyal familly and yet Andrew Rinder was feed BS from Miscavage personally and unfortunately he chose the wrong side – otherwise we could have seen the collapse of the enitre Melbourne field. I truly hope for Gaye and Ernest’s sake that they don’t have to pay the ultimate price and be disconnected from their kids. Our love and support is with you – Gaye and Ernest.

  10. Greetings from an old-timer, “still in good standing” South African SCN. I am very happy to see a “proudly South African” blog join the many others out there that are doing their bit to address the sad state of affairs currently prevailing in RCS.

    I have been watching, listening, reading, personally investigating and researching for a while now and find it all utterly exhausting, appalling and, in a nutshell, tragic. Having said that, I am none-the-less thankful to everyone who has, despite personal danger, taken the brave step to expose the unfortunate and ugly truth. Perhaps now something can really “be done about it”.

    I am very familiar with the Corbett family and have also heard “on the grapevine” the sickening and disgusting rumours being spread about them in the field. I always have and still do consider Gaye and Ernest to be stellar examples of true OTness. I am ashamed that a group I was once proud to be a member of could do this to one of their own.

    Gaye Corbett was recently featured in a book titled “South Africa’s Most Inspiring Women”. For those interested, here is an interview she did earlier this year

    My message to the arrogant “hierarchy” of SCN who promulgated this “Black PR campaign” and to the people who are forwarding this cur-dog behaviour: I suggest you consider this:

    HALLUCINATORY CAUSE (Per Tech Dictionary):
    “The thetan considers that he is actually being more cause (going down the sub-zero scale). This is the exact reverse of the reality of the situation. He is becoming more and more effect” (BTB 6 Feb 60).

  11. This is wonderful news under horrible circumstances. I wish the whole family all the best as a family. Tracy it would be great to hear from you.

  12. I hope they are able to work around the threat of possible disconnection with their son before they make their move to leave. Scientology Disconnection destroys families. These types of rumors happen when the church spies have gotten hold of something, be it a member questioning or contest things, or some piece of information from somewhere t support that idea, which threatens to expose the fact that another opinion leader member may leave. It’s just extortive intimidation used to try and reign the member back in along with the threat of disconnection. A person in an abusive relationship is best helped with a Safety Plan to then work on to get out, to protect their loved ones. I hope these people have one, besides needed moral support from friends and others. Leaving at the expense of losing one’s family is something one most often cannot change one in place. I wish them the best.

  13. First of all, I would like to say WELL DONE to the authors of this blog! Its about damn time someone spoke up against this criminal organisation! I hope that this fabulous platform gives rise to many more people speaking out and telling their stories. It’s certainly a great way for unfairly declared terminals to finally tell their sides of the story. Thank you for creating this!

    I was a Scientologist for a number of years, and the outpoints that were observed during this time were horrendous. The justifications that came out when confronted were certainly interesting… And so ‘righteous’! The cherry on the cake for me was when I became a victim to the off policy and out-tech.

    I’m sorry to hear that Fair Game is being implemented on Gaye and Ernest – they certainly don’t deserve this! I would like to commend them though – its not easy taking a stand against these people.

    I wish this blog well and I will certainly be an avid reader of the posts to come!

  14. I mirror the thoughts of most of the comments here. As for the outright attacks on Gaye, the poster/s just didn’t ‘get it’ in the first place. (they did not intend to, since their ONLY purpose was intended to discredit her!)

    Before continuing, I would like to commend Ernie & Gaye for taking this big step, in recognizing and then pulling back from continuing to support the “Church of Mestcavige.”

    This, to the unfamiliar, can be quite a lengthy process and ‘takes as long as it takes.’ This is quite irrespective of where ‘you’ are positioned in the “Church.”.

    The speed involved in ‘waking up’, is dependent on how little FEAR and MIND-control, you are currently saddled with. All that is required, to speed up the process, is some genuine TR-O (confront) , to take a good, hard look, at what is behind the smoke and rumors… Hullo, whoever
    ‘you’ are, this new blog is, in effect, a potent whiff of ‘smelling salts’ that can really kickstart the recovery, if this applies to you.

    In the same breath, it must be said that the original, workable philosophy, and auditing technology, which DOES produce such spiritually uplifting results, when applied without alteration, is intact in the independent Movement/s and IS available at affordable rates and delivered as and where set up / being set up.

    So then, the question I ask of friend and foe alike; –WHO, in their right, sober, self -determined state of mind, actually wants to {and accepts to) be ripped off / a slave, of a concealed and ruthless dictator bent on self enrichment and power, at the cost of the duped & deceived?????

    For Gawd’s sake, get a pair and move out of the shadows, into the sunlight, will you?????

  15. . . .
    The church has been taken over by the CIA after OT VII Harold Puthoff from Stanford university sold the OT-technology in a secret contract to the CIA on the first day of october 1972.
    Only two month later, on December 3rd 1972 LRH was arrested in New York by the FBI – and never seen live again – except in some easy to debunk halucinations . . .
    Maybe with all the knowledge we have from people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden on American spying on everybody and everything – even Scientologists will slowly understand the importance that “EXTERIORISATION-technology” must have had for the CIA – to justify their horrible crime against humanity !
    Only after confronting the evil that was caused by the criminal US-government – we will be able to grow to our responsibility – and handle the situation per LRH policy !

    • Hi Karl, your comment was held for moderation for a couple of reasons. First it was pretty off topic to the post. Secondly, it is not a view held by the authors of this blog and there was concern around distracting the discussion. However with those caveats your comment is being posted.

      • . . .
        Hi scnafrica, THANK YOU to keep open that line of communication !
        The universal solvant is understanding – and that is made up of ARC – so communication is the only tool we have, to recreate Scientology into what it was in the senenties . . .
        I KNOW, that my comments are hard to digest at times – especially when I do not know – who is in front of me.
        But if that what I have observed and concluded turns out to be true – it is not off topic at all !
        I understand your concern – it took me 50 years alltogether to come to my conclusion – so how could anyone get there through one single comment ?
        We are just beginning to see, how SECRET government activities ever since the end of WW2 have undermined each and every law on this planet – and we will come to see – how governments combined its SECRET efforts to diminish the incredible attraction Scientology had up the seventies all over the planet.
        We only have one single tool to AS-IS our difficulties and overcome them in the end – and that tool is communication – so THANK YOU again, that I may speak out on your lovely blog !

  16. As a South African, dedicated public and ex-staff member (there are alot of us out in the field) I know the Corbett family and have witnessed their character assassination…the negative comments that by default we have been encouraged to spread through agreement because a Sea Org or staff member has uttered them. This is not the first time it has happened. My goal has always been to get onto OT VII but I can’t sell my integrity in exchange, one trap for another, like I have seen so many others do. Too afraid to look, too afraid to question, too afraid….to think….for themselves.

  17. With the Sea Org management we have no one able to take responsibility, anyone who could have some sane workings with the public and local staff must be continually monitoring their selves and continually looking over their shoulder with a “what would the management do to me if I try to handle this in a proper ethical way?” Ostensibily the management and S.O. are following LRH “Policy”. Rather it seems to be a sequence of 1> commit out ethics action 2> find some policy or directive to justify it 3> rinse & repeat.

    Money, I mean ‘income’ justifies any action taken to “save Scientology!” but look at the position they have put themselves in buying all these buildings to be “St. Hill Size” (SHS) I always thought that SHS meant productive side, not MEST size!

    If OT is really a ‘con’ then we are all robots anyway so why bother? If OT is not a con, then it doesn’t really matter what they do anyway (as no one can ever really be hurt) but then its a matter of well, why even bother with this whole “OT the Planet” thing if it means having an ‘ethics officer’ chasing purported overts lifetime after lifetime? I realize that may be an apathetic view but if the Sea Org comes down to that, then I don’t want to help. But the issue should be that we want to live BETTER LIVES NOW, AS HUMAN BEINGS LIVING ON THIS PLANET AND NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH INSANITY, CRIMINALITY, DRUG USE AND ABUSE, PAIN AND SUFFERING – The SEA ORG is NOT demonstrating a good example by any means. And OT, if not applied to our livingness now is worthless and meaningless is it not? Or do we have to harbour some veague hope that we will be able to keep our wits about us after death and then can influence the world from some other side or angle? Time will tell each of us. Bottom line is the Sea Org et al, seems to be making it much harder to get anywhere with successful demonstration of the ‘wisdom’ and usefulness of Scientology as a whole and therefore people are waking up to that fact and saying “F.U.” “…F.U. S.O., F.U. LRH, F.U. Scientology”

  18. So many decent people have been declared by DM throughout the world, including those that have been close to LRH on the ship, is an indication of fear. I’m not sure who he is afraid of but I have an idea it is the martians. That he murdered 2 people is a sign of his psychosis. This psychosis seems to be spreading down to the orgs who are PTS to DM and they are wrong targeting the public such as the Corbet’s who are wonderful and upstanding social people. People take note what can happen to organisation around the world when psychosis reigns.

  19. One of the nicest families around. Caring, considerate , honest, thoughtful, high ARC and fun. A true family. Completely opposite to to the feeling you get in the orgs these days. They had the courage to actually apply the tech and LOOK despite the repercussions. I hope more follow their lead and get out of fear enough to even start looking. Big hugs to you Corbett family. From an old friend!

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  21. Why am I not surprised? When you’ve been in the system for a while (in South Africa and at Flag), no matter how much they try to hide it from you, you can’t help but smell the rat – and when you start to ask the important questions…. well then it’s time for them to get you before you get them. Why has the former Captain FLB and former head of OSA left? The same reasons most of us have disassociated from the CofS – a Miscarriage of the Church. Funny how a simple Doubt Condition resulted in the obvious – after evaluation by statistic and not rumour (“events”), you find out you’ve been supporting the wrong group! Now, I don’t mean the rank and file – all good people trying to do good – but the orchestrators of endless fundraising, who also ensure that the money doesn’t go anywhere near the field they’re supposed to be helping. And the walls start tumbling down….

    • Sorry…just thought it’s kinda funny you used the word ‘miscarriage’.

      Made me think of a new name for him now. From now on, I’m calling him ‘David Miscarriage’.


  22. They put their fingers in a socket to exteriorize? I almost couldn’t stop laughing. If someone told me that, I’d still have to see it to actually believe it. Just silly.

    Now, owning houses in which org staff live is another (and more serious) matter. No matter how otherwise in-Tech or supportive the owners are, this make them an “external influence” in an org’s field. It is something the org shouldn’t have tolerated and WISE should be investigating. I’m sorry if many disagree, but I can absolutely guarantee that this would be LRH’s viewpoint. The reasoning should be obvious, and this is part of why WISE was created in the first place.

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