The Promises. The Reality

Ken Krieger, CO CLO AF In his "Message from the Editor"

Ken Krieger, CO CLO AF
In his “Message from the Editor”

In 2009 a 54 page glossy magazine was produced to outline the strategy and planning for ideal orgs in Africa. This was titled “Ideal Organizations Africa Volume One”

Ideal Org Mag Cover - Vol 1-1

 In the first article written as a “Message from the Editor”, by Ken Krieger CO CLO AF several statements were made about Ideal Orgs.

“For the first time ever and in advance of the rest of the Scientology world, AFRICA is on the cusp of this momentous achievement – ALL ORGS BECOMING IDEAL ORGS!”

In the 4 years since this magazine was produced only one new Ideal Org has opened – Pretoria. All the others remain empty while desperate attempts are made to raise enough money to renovate. The statement that we are on the “cusp” therefore is tragically inaccurate. The word means “a point or pointed end” and is used here to mean we are very close.

With 6 more orgs to open it is plain to see how far from the cusp this operation is.

“We have purchased all our buildings – first continent done! We have all the space planning done! We have purchased the premises for our new Advanced Org the Kyalami Castle – first AO building purchased in over 25 years!”

This statement was shouted loudly at the time. Africa was the first continent to have purchased all Ideal Org buildings. Firstly it was inaccurate. Joburg North did not have a building purchased (and still does not). Secondly when this statement is viewed in 2013 we see that the only accomplishment here is that 6 buildings have been kept empty for an additional four years with an additional one completely demolished (Durban).

In the case of Port Elizabeth the field have asked for the building to be sold since it’s in the CBD which is run down and promises major parking problems.

When it comes to the AO building, the Castle on the Hill, the church found itself in the rather peculiar arrangement of paying the conferencing company tenant about R60,000 every time a Scientology event was held there. So the church would pay to hold an event in its own building.

“The Church of Scientology in Johannesburg North is also soon becoming an Ideal Org – the second one in Johannesburg.”

This statement contradicts the earlier statement that “all orgs are done”. Viewed in retrospect this statement is sad and untrue. There is still no building for Joburg North despite regular (almost weekly) fundraising events being held. The scandal as far as Joburg North goes is this: Although Pretoria Ideal Org opened in February it was horribly over budget and was not paid in full. Money being raised for Joburg North is being used to pay the shortfall in Pretoria

As with “cusp” the word “soon” is hopelessly misplaced.

“As you read through the pages of this magazine you will see what is being done to provide the executive structures of trained and competent personnel, how we are building our delivery resources for no-wait delivery of the entire bridge to Clear for every org in Africa….”

In 2005 Joburg org had 100+ staff  – this went down to about 50 by 2009, picked up slightly in 2011/2012 and crashed again shortly after. As recently as August it was reported that on some mornings musters at Joburg org were being attended by 15 staff – and this is the “Continental, Ideal Org, Saint Hill Size Joburg Org”. And as for training, none of the 3 execs (HES, OES and PES) on post at Joburg org are fully hatted.

Being relatively young as an Ideal Org it is entirely possible that the staff situation at Pretoria is better than Joburg – but time will tell. Perhaps someone close to the action in Pretoria can give us an update.

As for the no-wait delivery: Not a single clear has been produced by any org in Africa since this bold statement was made. Yes, a few have been audited through NED who then went to an AO for CCRD at great expense. As of today not one org in Africa can produce a single clear.

It has become a characteristic of the Scientology system that there is always a big thing coming that will ensure planetary clearing or fast training or speed up the bridge. There is always the hope that the next big thing will resolve all ills. Ideal Orgs has been such a promise. It is the statements above viewed against the reality that has created such a great number of disillusioned Scientologists – far more than those on the “inside” realise.


21 thoughts on “The Promises. The Reality

  1. “Ideal Orgs has been such a promise. It is the statements above viewed against the reality that has created such a great number of disillusioned Scientologists – far more than those on the “inside” realise.”

    so the actual product that the Ideal Org program produces is “disillusioned Scientologists”.
    if there was a stat kept on that, the line would look straight up and vertical.
    I haven’t seen any allusions or explicit reasons given here as to how that is possible.
    but doesn’t that have to come from the “top of the org board”?
    if the program is producing the opposite product it is supposed to be producing.
    what is the WHY?
    So then i ask myself, can’t a Chairman be replaced? it happens all the time, even in religious organizations, top leaders can and are replaced.
    Isn’t miscavige just another thetan like any other. he certainly is no LRH.
    why can’t he just be declared?
    a network of people across different orgs just post his goldenrod in their orgs, inform everyone of it and just declare it out loud. what can he do if enough people just stop listening to him?
    by-pass all the BS, hold your own comm-ev and kick him out. he is never going to go to any outside authority…..and even if he ever did, there are so many skeletons in the closet, he would shit his pants out of fear of what could come out. the fact is you’ve got him by the balls.

    • This is the same phenomenon as in World War II. Nearly nobody in Germany dared to do anything against Hitler, the suppression was too overwhelming. Some did try to stop that guy and died. And Stauffenberg failed, because he did not want to die. If he had known that he would die either way, well well. Human Emotions and Reactions, it is simple as that.
      Fear is the key to such situations. Remove fear, then you can attack without being killed.
      You need a Mandela or Gandhi, someone who is willing to take the pain for all the guys that fear for their lives.

  2. “So the church would pay to hold an event in its own building.”
    This unfortunately is fairly old information.
    Anyway, Ron told many stories about taxes. He called them suppressive and the cause for some time track incidents. Obviously brainwashed people cannot see anything, even if they study it.

    • Hi barefacedmessiah: I am not sure what you mean by “This unfortunately is fairly old information”. This is an on-going scenario. There was an IAS world-tour event held at the Castle in May this year, and the local org/s had to pay for the use of the premises. This has been the case since RCS bought the Castle some years ago – if we want to hold an event at OUR Castle, we have to pay to hire it. And not only the venue hire is involved here – we also have to pay for sound, stage and lighting as the Castle event hall is just a bare space – everything else needed to put on an event is an extra expense. The flaps of pre-event “under-the-table” regging and fund-raising to scrape up the money to pay for these events is something to behold. Our local orgs can ill afford to pay their utility accounts or staff, let alone exorbitant fees for venue hire. It is an absolute no-no to take event costs “off the top” of money raised at the fundraisers after these events (and virtually EVERY event in RCS these days is followed by a fundraiser). Joburg org boasts a large auditorium complete with state-of-the-art sound system, stage etc – and it is large enough to easily accommodate events, but because of the delusionary and insane quota’s set for event attendance, alternate venues have to be sourced for the “droves” of public expected. The joke of course is that public actually pitching up to attend events can easily fit into the Joburg auditorium with room to spare – so hiring of the Castle and other venues is an utter waste of money (not to mention the burden on the poor staff who have to travel miles to these venues and spend all night doing set-ups and breakdowns).

      • In short: pure insanity.

        It does not make any sense, but still it does exists. Amazing how far people can be manipulated. Everything is in front of the eyes, nevertheless not perceivable.

        Read my Brainwashing manual 😉

        By “This unfortunately is fairly old information” I mean that this does and did happen to many other Orgs as well, maybe all. I have heard here and there from that abuse long time ago. The reason for this is – as far as I understand it – to keep Orgs close to zero profits. They hardly pay any taxes then. Well, there is more than meets the eye. The money is transfered to the upper organisations by overpriced materials and whatever fictive fees. It is clear that if Miscavige really wanted to expand, they would offer data files for free on the web. You would simply download all onto your laptop or tablet PC. You wouldn’t need all the people to produce useless CDs and books. What a waste of time and money! It could be all on your Kindle in a few seconds for nearly zero costs and effort.
        Didn’t you ever wonder why the E-Meter is so outdated? See what amazing and cheap E-Meters the freezone has to offer.

        Mike Rinder can tell you much more about all the money transfers. Maybe I should call it money laundering. I know it is not money laundering, it just feels like it 😉
        Mike is the one you need to ask to get detailed stories.
        At least the scam pays for David Miscavige’s posh lifestyle and other unknown people. Some of them are not even Scientologists. I have to research that in detail again to give a proper answer. All that I can do here is to point to Mike Rinder. He is your terminal.

  3. The more I cheered and supported the more fake I began to feel to the point where I started to believe the “PR”. I didn’t really believe it but I couldn’t be seen to disagree – acceptable truths right! And for what? My hard-earned money donated only to be squandered! And do you think the Sea Org or staff care? No! They don’t because they have been told that if you’re not on staff then you’re a public, and public pay, THAT’S their contribution! And don’t forget the “useless eaters” at fundraisers – those public who attended fundraisers who paid just a couple hundred rand. Giggles and fits of nervous laughter from the rest of us as Albert would call certain public a “useless eater” as confirms were being worked out. Actually I felt sorry for Albert, he did all he could to keep Ken and Alex happy. He’s a fairly decent guy but I lost respect for him the more I heard him denigrate the public behind their backs and alot of them were dedicated public. Maybe one day we will all be back in comm. Albert and Sandra can fix their mistakes and as public we can forgive them and ourselves for not having the courage to make a stand sooner.

    • Wow Savanna. What a contemptuous bunch they can be – low on the tone scale. They have the nerve to demand money with a sense of entitlement and superiority and then squander it as per Durban Org. If only the public knew. Hopefully more will see this.

      • Yes Dali that “sense of entitlement and superiority” was drummed into us on staff. It had to be. Usually people are paid for their work, or at least they’re praised, appreciated and thanked for their contribution, most times it’s done with mutual respect and you’d have thought minimally we’d be helped to get up the bridge. With all the tech we have you’d think that would apply to Scn staff. No Sir! Not a chance. Nothing like signing a 5 year contract and being locked in and then suffering the abuses and continually ‘guilted’ into staying. Albert or Sandra telling us how bad the psychs are and that’s who we’re fighting. And how messed up the planet is ‘out there’. And we’re fighting for our eternity. And we’ll get our OT levels because we’re the one’s who really deserve it. No pay, long hours, shouting bosses and enough invalidation to turn any human being into a spiritual hermit. And then immediately we’d forget because we’d get into flap mode. There’s ALWAYS a flap! Do you know what it’s like to always be on high alert, no rest, no time to just have fun? And if I am not allowed to rest and have fun then why should the public. LRH says we’re all here on the same terms so if I’m going to go through hell on staff ‘for the public’ then so what if I call them at 9pm at night. Sleeping? What’s that? I don’t get enough sleep and I’m saving the planet! Yes, I understand that you’ll have to bond your house but we’re all making sacrifices (yeah mate, besides not being paid for the job I’m using my staff pay to run my post – so yes, you can cough up thank you, oops – remember to smile Sandra says we need to smile at the public otherwise it’s out-PR).

        Not that I regged much – I couldn’t bring myself to ask public for money. I tried it a few times but it didn’t sit well with me. But Albert and Ken have it down to a fine art or at least they think it’s an art. In truth it’s just bullying people, finding their buttons and pushing them or as Ken and Albert would call it “invading privacy”. Never be afraid to “invade someone’s privacy”. I think it means “say what you have to to get them to pay”. And so the insanity continued. I recall being told that we were not allowed to eat the food at the events – that was for public. So you’d have staff getting no pay, exhausted from long working hours to put on an event “for the public” and not allowed to eat or eating poorly because your staff pay just couldn’t pay for a proper meal. So your physical rudiments are out, you’re getting blasted for low attendance, of course Ken or Albert or Sandra had to give a good pep talk, how could they accomplish that? Yip, tell everyone how special they are for being on staff and getting the job done and how the public have the money, I mean what are they going to spend their money on anyway? More mest? Another couch? A holiday – what? Something useless that’s guaranteed. And look at how you hard you work!

        So you’re in this vortex and most of the time you’re invalidated but you’re pep’d up just enough to speak to the public who really are quite naive because you’re the smart dedicated one for being on staff and frankly the public actually should be here too but that’s beside the point. Just get out there and reg those dilettantes because truthfully if you don’t my head is going to roll. And so the vicious circle goes. It’s about self-preservation. And as much as I have a deep dislike for what Albert, Sandra, Ken, Alex and a few others put me through I realised that they too are just fighting for their survival with the pressure brought down on them in this vortex made up of internally generated flaps that doesn’t allow anyone to realise it. They’re distracted by the orders, the int missions and telexes each one contradicting and cross ordering the other which only indicates that the confusion rides even higher.

        And the worst part is that you only see this when you take a breath and a step back and just observe. That self-imposed vortex drowns out everything from “the outside” until you stop and look and ask yourself, where does all the IAS money go? Do we really need 10 course rooms – we can barely fill one! What condition formula do I apply for “straight up and vertical”? Oh no, next flap, here we go again!

        And this is also post JBG Day’s Ideal Org big reveal. Yes, moving into that fancy building made it worse for the staff because now you could be ‘guilted’ from that angle too. AND YOU DARE NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL VIEWS WITH PUBLIC!!! Sandra’s cold iron-thetan would come down on you with a vengeance and the full support of Albert, Ken and Alex, her personal cheerleader.

        My bitterness is coming through now. Time to fly. And I’ve got a full day of work to get through still. I need an extra strong coffee this morning!

    • So well put Savanna. We only hurt ourselves and delay our own “healing” when we can’t look at what we did and didn’t do that allowed the persistence and growth of this massive irrationality resulting from ongoing suppression. We are all at differing points in this process, some yet to wake up, some may never awaken. It could be a very sad time, but I think it’s actually a recovery. It’s like the shell shock after a disaster, first you realize you ARE alive, then you begin to assess what is best for your own survival and soon begin to think of others as well. We had true affinity for one another once, none of us are guilt-free, inevitably we will give and accept forgiveness. Don’t deny the goodness we have achieved in order to justify our errors, that would be almost criminal.

      • Thank you KRCJenny. You’re right – it is a process, probably the most important one we’ll ever go through on this journey because as you come through it that “awakening” is your self-determinism returning, your awareness and integrity finding its rightful place in your causation. And you find yourself applying the tech naturally, as LRH intended, on your own determinism. I can liken it to that final scene in the Matrix when Neo dodges bullets in slow motion. And I do see the goodness in those veteran staff who gave up everything, as I did when I was on staff. We all just want to help. But I also know the internal pressure and the game being played to keep the balance between getting the product, fuelling the purpose and keeping the staff producing despite all odds. It’s a fine balance but well judged because we all understand the tone scale so the pain/pleasure ratio is carefully tweaked and that is what keeps you in check for the most part. Otherwise the use of blatant threats is handed out liberally by the key execs. And as we all know communication is the universal solvent, so I appreciate this blog, the anonymity while having my say and the freedom to express my observations and experience. And I truly hope we can all make it out okay. The tech I have used helped me and I’d like others to have it too but not under the current suppressed environment where you are not allowed to ask questions, where “PR” is more important than the truth, where good people have no rights and where your dedicated supporters can be kicked to the curb without anyone noticing or realising that they too could be next if they dare question ‘the system’. Times must change.

      • Lol well Savanna sounds like you got it in the neck big time. I was more fortunate – as an auditor i could escape to the back and audit pcs. I actually like Sandra, it always seemed to me that she was a great and loving person underneath that sea org social veneer. She just needed to get some space and de-PTS so the real her could come out.

      • Yes Craig, the admin staff always got the brunt of it which is why I preferred being on the delivery side too. I’ve seen both sides of Sandra but the less pleasant side seems to surface more perhaps as the pressure mounts. I also heard that just a few months after being in the SO she was put on the RPF for 7 years! Now that could ruin anyone!

  4. Thanks for this blog ScnAfrica. Its looking really good so far and every post has delivered a knockout punch. I thought I knew quite a bit regarding the back stories, but more keeps coming out of the woodwork. Eish!

  5. Wow!

    scnafrica – Savana’s comment that was posted this morning deserves its own article! It was brilliantly written – it certainly sucked me into a whirlwind and took me back to the time I spent on staff. Spot on!!!!!

    • Sorry about that restim BPC. I guess I was nicely restimulated myself. Wish I knew who you were so that we could somehow talk it over. Perhaps one day. I never thought I’d speak openly on any blog but it’s therapeutic to say what’s been on my mind for a long time. Hope you’re finding your groove “out-there” and winning in life. And thank you for all you did do on staff, I have a high regard for ex-staff.

      • Hi Savanna

        I was on staff, too. It was a nightmare. I hardly slept. I was totally dedicated, very upstat but was screamed at, ridiculed and invalidated by my seniors, all SO. I was given the most outlandish things to do with impossible deadlines. I was bypassed, given a Sec Check while upstat, etc, etc. I would like to tell more but I would be recognised. For now, it’ll suffice to say I eventually got sick afterwhich I resigned. By that time, I no longer knew myself and my rehabiliation took me quite a while. I eventually ‘found’ myself again. For those who know me, I would have been unrecognisable to you. You wouldn’t believe how much of the stuffing had been knocked out of me.

        However, I continued as a public for more than a decade and a half. I stopped going to events and bowed out of the fundraising. Any half intelligent person knows that a buiding doesn’t… I decided that any further money spent in Scientology would be spent on my Bridge and only that. Scientology is over for me. I’ll hang on to what I’ve got. My Bridge has been standard, I’ve EPed properly on my auditing. I value my training of which I’ve done a lot.

        I am free. I no longer need to mind my Ps and Qs. I can disagree without being told I’ve got withholds. I’ve escaped the chains and lies and hope my friends will see the light soon. In the meantime… I am flourishing and prospering.

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  7. “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material and so forth, and it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God sakes, some of you born revolutionists will you please blow up central headquarters”. L Ron Hubbard Lecture 31 Dec 1960

  8. Ken Krieger has presided over the lack of expansion in South Africa for decades.He has one face for the public and totally another behind the scenes.There are multiple reports of the low esteem in which he holds the public (understatement in the extreme).
    It seems the policy is to say “änything”as long as it results in revenue.
    The Scientology public of South Africa has been misled for decades.
    Help is sold simply for the sake of stats and anyone who isn’t in writhing propitiation,demonstrated by by completely impoverishing themselves for the good of management’s stats, is out ethics,of no value,an arsehole etc.
    Kriegers lacky,Albert De beer,simply furthers Krieger’s official management stance.To fail to confront evil and say these poor boys are under so much pressure is to justify the destruction of LRH,s legacy.They are doing what they are doing.They bear the responsibility for the squirrel activities they create and endorse in the name of LRH.
    We all need to look…to see what is actually occuring in the name of freedom.

  9. Well said Kevin! Those two thugs paraded around like crusader kings armed with the righteousness to rape, pillage and gut our public at DM’s whim! Ille never forget the thinly disguised dislike for scientology public both Albert and Ken had! Or the way the staff laughed nervously at Ken’s 1.1 jokes prior to events, creepy! I would sit there fuming at how Ken would try to intimidate us. What for? ARC was the best weapon to force, always!

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