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This morning two excellent comments were posted by someone who it seems spent some time on staff. “Savanna” gives such an amazing view of what it is like inside that crazy bubble as a staff member. We are therefore posting those comments as they deserve a little more airtime as their own article. It will be a revelation perhaps to those Scientologists that have never been on staff and probably a horrible reminder to those who were (or still are).

These comments were in response to yesterday’s post “The Promises. The Reality.” Here goes:

The more I cheered and supported the more fake I began to feel to the point where I started to believe the “PR”. I didn’t really believe it but I couldn’t be seen to disagree – acceptable truths right! And for what? My hard-earned money donated only to be squandered! And do you think the Sea Org or staff care? No! They don’t because they have been told that if you’re not on staff then you’re a public, and public pay, THAT’S their contribution! And don’t forget the “useless eaters” at fundraisers – those public who attended fundraisers who paid just a couple hundred rand. Giggles and fits of nervous laughter from the rest of us as Albert would call certain public a “useless eater” as confirms were being worked out. Actually I felt sorry for Albert, he did all he could to keep Ken and Alex happy. He’s a fairly decent guy but I lost respect for him the more I heard him denigrate the public behind their backs and alot of them were dedicated public. Maybe one day we will all be back in comm. Albert and Sandra can fix their mistakes and as public we can forgive them and ourselves for not having the courage to make a stand sooner.

Next comment in response to someone else:

Yes Dali that “sense of entitlement and superiority” was drummed into us on staff. It had to be. Usually people are paid for their work, or at least they’re praised, appreciated and thanked for their contribution, most times it’s done with mutual respect and you’d have thought minimally we’d be helped to get up the bridge. With all the tech we have you’d think that would apply to Scn staff. No Sir! Not a chance. Nothing like signing a 5 year contract and being locked in and then suffering the abuses and continually ‘guilted’ into staying. Albert or Sandra telling us how bad the psychs are and that’s who we’re fighting. And how messed up the planet is ‘out there’. And we’re fighting for our eternity. And we’ll get our OT levels because we’re the one’s who really deserve it. No pay, long hours, shouting bosses and enough invalidation to turn any human being into a spiritual hermit. And then immediately we’d forget because we’d get into flap mode. There’s ALWAYS a flap! Do you know what it’s like to always be on high alert, no rest, no time to just have fun? And if I am not allowed to rest and have fun then why should the public. LRH says we’re all here on the same terms so if I’m going to go through hell on staff ‘for the public’ then so what if I call them at 9pm at night. Sleeping? What’s that? I don’t get enough sleep and I’m saving the planet! Yes, I understand that you’ll have to bond your house but we’re all making sacrifices (yeah mate, besides not being paid for the job I’m using my staff pay to run my post – so yes, you can cough up thank you, oops – remember to smile Sandra says we need to smile at the public otherwise it’s out-PR).

Not that I regged much – I couldn’t bring myself to ask public for money. I tried it a few times but it didn’t sit well with me. But Albert and Ken have it down to a fine art or at least they think it’s an art. In truth it’s just bullying people, finding their buttons and pushing them or as Ken and Albert would call it “invading privacy”. Never be afraid to “invade someone’s privacy”. I think it means “say what you have to to get them to pay”. And so the insanity continued. I recall being told that we were not allowed to eat the food at the events – that was for public. So you’d have staff getting no pay, exhausted from long working hours to put on an event “for the public” and not allowed to eat or eating poorly because your staff pay just couldn’t pay for a proper meal. So your physical rudiments are out, you’re getting blasted for low attendance, of course Ken or Albert or Sandra had to give a good pep talk, how could they accomplish that? Yip, tell everyone how special they are for being on staff and getting the job done and how the public have the money, I mean what are they going to spend their money on anyway? More mest? Another couch? A holiday – what? Something useless that’s guaranteed. And look at how you hard you work!

So you’re in this vortex and most of the time you’re invalidated but you’re pep’d up just enough to speak to the public who really are quite naive because you’re the smart dedicated one for being on staff and frankly the public actually should be here too but that’s beside the point. Just get out there and reg those dilettantes because truthfully if you don’t my head is going to roll. And so the vicious circle goes. It’s about self-preservation. And as much as I have a deep dislike for what Albert, Sandra, Ken, Alex and a few others put me through I realised that they too are just fighting for their survival with the pressure brought down on them in this vortex made up of internally generated flaps that doesn’t allow anyone to realise it. They’re distracted by the orders, the int missions and telexes each one contradicting and cross ordering the other which only indicates that the confusion rides even higher.

And the worst part is that you only see this when you take a breath and a step back and just observe. That self-imposed vortex drowns out everything from “the outside” until you stop and look and ask yourself, where does all the IAS money go? Do we really need 10 course rooms – we can barely fill one! What condition formula do I apply for “straight up and vertical”? Oh no, next flap, here we go again!

And this is also post JBG Day’s Ideal Org big reveal. Yes, moving into that fancy building made it worse for the staff because now you could be ‘guilted’ from that angle too. AND YOU DARE NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL VIEWS WITH PUBLIC!!! Sandra’s cold iron-thetan would come down on you with a vengeance and the full support of Albert, Ken and Alex, her personal cheerleader.

My bitterness is coming through now. Time to fly. And I’ve got a full day of work to get through still. I need an extra strong coffee this morning!


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  1. Aaaaaah!

    I recall my brief time as a staff member. The most insanity, ego and domination that I have ever witnessed! I lasted 2 month. I “confessed” to having taken heaps of LSD, something I forgot to mention prior to signing up! Sorry for you, you don’t qual for staff and off I went!!

    Yes, it was a complete “mind-fuck”. I mean, if admin tech was sooooo brilliant and far reaching, why are all the orgs now on life support? Its not the people, its the underlying principles which are flawed. I few years ago, WISE approached me and asked (actually insisted) that I must adopt wise management tech for my business. I refused and pointed out the pathetic performance of the orgs as good reason not to. Geeesh, where they were pissed!!!

    Savanna, I hope you will eventually see through the BS. There is some workability to scientology, sometimes we just need to wade through the brown, smelly stuff first.

    I am posting a link here: this is a brilliant article for everyone who is ,was, or not sure if they are a scientologist. Its about “the stable datum ” principle, is not entheta and easily confrontable, written by an OT7 and Class V auditor.

    if it OK with you Mr moderator?

    • Hello Old Timer, I guess I’ve always noticed the outpoints and tried to handle them as best as I could but there came a point where I just started to lie to myself. I would justify others overts because my confront of evil was just not high enough. I would not accept that the very people who gave up so much would make such terribly insane decisions. It was only when we all had to do the PTS/SP course when I looked at it differently and realised that as a group we were in serious trouble. I enjoyed that course because it opened up my eyes and I became a bit stroppy, well it was stroppy in my opinion considering I always tried to do what was right. When I started reading the blogs and books I saw the similarities in what I had observed/experienced and again I had to do the right thing and slowly withdrew my support. I’m an intelligent person and I feel embarrassed that I didn’t go with what I knew early on. I should have taken the tech that I enjoyed and used it and I should not have given all that I did. But it was a learning process and I know better now.

  2. This is so sad and as crazy as Savanna’s story may sound; I believe every word because I had the same experiences while on staff. There’s a TV program currently airing on DSTV called “Deadly Devotion”. It tells the real-life stories of people who got involved in and then managed to escape cults. There I was, watching & thinking to myself – “how could these people be so gullible and stupid?” And then I realized – I was one of those people!

    • Black Panther, I know what you mean. I would never watch those programs because they were bizarre. But yes, when you strip it down we have created a similar trap. The people are basically good, the data I have learnt I found workable but we have gone astray. Instead of us creating our own area we were ordered and told what had to be done. That put us in continual danger and of course it makes robots not leaders and where’s the fun and challenge in that mess. The Sea Org was put there for a reason – I forget what it is at this moment – but they weren’t suppose to micro-manage the whole show! We were suppose to learn and do and be corrected as needed. NOT ordered and bullied and coerced. And now we’re too far down the rabbit hole on Ideal Orgs, we are so invested financially that we can’t seem to pull out. MILLIONS of rands WASTED! Infuriating!

      • . . .
        As I have tried to communicate – Scientology does have a few REAL ennemys – and only by knowing and using SP/PTS technology will we be free to do REAL Scientology.
        Our ennemys happen to be the western governments, and tas they have been caught spying on EVERY citizen, you might be able to imagine – they did the same on Scientologists . . .
        So WHAT happens, when they find out, a man with the help of Scientology can exteriorise and leave the body to go where he wishes to go ?
        Do you really think the CIA is not interested in exterioisation for it’s spies ?
        Ron was ALWAYS alert to this danger !
        The price of freedom is: Constant alertness – constant willingness to fight back !
        American OT VII Hal Puthoff admits openly to have worked on exteriorisation with the CIA in a SECRET military program back in 1972 at Stanford University !
        What do you think: Did Exteriorisation work ? Does the CIA know this ? Could this tech be used for spying ? Will it be used by US-government ?
        If so – would that be an explanation WHY Scientology gets hammered from western governments ?
        Do western governments infiltrate groups – when they consider these groups hostile to their goals ?
        Just LOOK !

  3. Savanna

    I understand fully what you say. I think its a valuable for all of us to remember that most staff and SO sign up with a view to help with no expectation of reward (or very little). The way it is set up brings out the worst in people – hiding very often the best of those same people.

    I was crushed regged by someone in the SO at Joburg so badly that I KR’ed him to RTC (hahahaha – they must have filed it as a commendation). Anyway, this guy and I were on “no speaks” for maybe two years after that. Then I got word that he was very ill – I was told that he was suddenly very near the end of his life. I went to visit him in hospital and he was so thin and gaunt, I barely recognised him. He was sleeping when I arrived, but woke up after a short while, saw me, sprang up in his bed, gave me a huge smile and hello and demanded a hug. We talked for a couple of hours, about everything except the past. At that time I was just getting out of the mindf-k that it all is, but did not say anything to him about that. It was a huge lesson to me – taken out of that environment – we just had natural ARC. I cannot tell you how glad I am – truly – to have had that opportunity to see him. I saw him once more in hospital, and he was discharged back to the berthing. Within days he died. I went to his memorial service. His seniors had drafted a page and a half memorial of him which apparently goes into a book. But not one single word from RTC, Miscavige, for someone who was a senior exec and had given up 23 years of his life for him. Wow. My viewpoint had spun around.

    I am very, very fond of MANY people in the SO and on staff. There are so many people that I love, admire and respect, no matter what they think of me (now declared). I always had a good comm line with Ken Krieger and Albert (although others haven’t). I don’t know Sandra or Alex. Bob P is a really great guy in my books, and Queeneth too…..who doesn’t love Queeneth from JbgN? There are so many others.

    I hope a solution will come soon. This open dialogue is a fantastic forum. “SPs” like me can talk to those still in, or those still thinking. My theory is that the threat of punishment, RPF, lower conditions, all nighters, is what drives people to turn mean. As you say – its all about self-preservation.

    The last time I was there, I told someone -” I lost some money – I can make more. Some people lost years and years of their lives, that’s a bit harder to recoup.” I can forgive – immediately – anyone who comes out, straightens out and leads a productive life. I get miffed when people attack some senior execs for what they did back when they were in. Its too hard to explain to anyone who has never been in, how it works. Its a case of “You had to be there”. Your comments gives some great insight into that.

    • Dali, what a great post. I admire the fact that in spite of being declared, you can still find it in your heart to say that you are fond of many SO and staff. I have given so much thought to “how can someone who meant so well in the beginning end up being so mean-spirited and nasty?”

      Although I would like to believe most people join staff with good intentions and the desire to help – I also believe the Church structure as it exists today is a perfect breeding ground for turning otherwise well-intentioned people into power-hungry assholes who get a kick out of humiliating and belittling those around them. I witnessed many instances of staff being treated like low-life-scum-of-the earth by senior SO and org management – I still grapple with what I saw and lived through. Some of those I witnessed being so badly treated are still on staff today and others have even returned back on staff after swearing they would never put themselves through that hell again – it’s like some weird version of Stockholm Syndrome – particularly where one mistakes the LACK of abuse as being an act of kindness – it’s a real mind f_ck.

      One of my biggest “aha” moments was when I was being screamed and sworn at with spittle flying in my face – I thought to myself “holy shit – I’ve held top management positions, earned a fortune, been successful in life and gave it all up “for the greatest good” and here I am being ripped apart by some little whippersnapper in a Sea Org uniform – what the HELL am I doing this for???” I spent a lot of time consoling and comforting other staff that had been similarly treated – it was like living in a twilight zone.

      I really believe that most Org and SO staff left today can be categorised thusly: Those that are so severely PTS they have become numb zombies just living from flap to flap – occasionally managing to display odd bursts of glee on demand, and those that have taken on the colours of the SP (s?)running the Church. Those that do end up leaving or blowing often do so in a confused and dazed state, taking months or years to recover their own identities and find their way in the world.

      I also hope for a solution – certainly the combined efforts of those that are actively exposing the truth of what is going on in the RCS (like Mike Rinder and the authors of this and similar blogs) is a step in the right direction.

      • “…being screamed and sworn at with spittle flying in my face…” Some comm cycle! I think that many think that Tone 40 = Volume 40 = screaming at the top of your lungs. I interpret Tone 40 as being so assured of a result that NO effort is required – just certainty. Yelling is maximum effort about 1.3 or 1.5. The whole situation is weird, and I think there are two broad categories of experiences. One is the exec staff/SO experience which is “hell on earth”, the other is the public experience and that is “sacrifice”. I think the public are largely oblivious to the “hell on earth” and the staff and SO underestimate the “sacrifice”. The lack of understanding keeps the illusion afloat. Let’s all keep talking and sharing. Thanks for your reply BP. I am so glad you are out.

    • Hello Dali, NIce to meet you, wish we could because I like that you still have a balanced viewpoint. Yes, I believe that DM and those higher only get involved when CSW’d by the LC/HAS to the higher org. I think it was similar when Neville Jory – Norwood Mission – passed on. But IF the SO guys were treated better then we’d be more accepting.

      If Ken and Albert were in good comm with you then you probably had money – or at least they thought you did. I didn’t always have money so my popularity rating varied. I remember when events were less frantic and when I was on staff one year we were all drilled for the after event sales in teams of 3. One would carry the new release (book/lecture) and the other two had to stand back – not sure if it was morale or ethics support. The drill was for the person to say while handing the the public the release “cash, cheque or credit card” to the public and nothing else. And if they put up any resistance to then move to the next public so that another team could have a go. HOW ROBOTIC! Those drilling sessions were personally run by Ken and Albert. I despised that tactic. I felt they were cold and out-of-comm. I knew Bob when he was an auditor in training and I really liked him. I think he has stayed true to that beingness as much as he could but he has become as harassed as the rest of us. It’s a tough environment and I recall him having more spark and ARC.

      Anyone who has the confront and courage to leave has my respect. Stories abound of people who went through hell to leave staff/SO. Just tragic stuff. Gone are the days when you had nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. I remember sobbing and silently pleading that some OT would “hear” my anguish as I went through my dark days on staff but you get used to the silence until you’re too tired to cry and too harassed to find the time to.

  4. You have been painfully truthful with us. For smart people, we sure have been stupid. With all the suppression, out ruds, by-passed charge, yatta, yatta, it’s a wonder staffers survived with their lives having been compressed into small black holes full of entheta. Get some coffee, go to work and take a look around you. You are OUT! And, thanks for filling in the gaps of what a lot of us saw and already suspected, nearly powerless after ignored KRs, to do anything more than leave.

    • LOL the mention of “with their lives having been compressed into small black holes full of entheta ” reminds me of a time i was on staff in PTA and we had to word clear some LRH reference where he talks about if the planet is not saved we thetans can end up as black cinders – or something to that effect.This was a step of an org program. Anyway , after reading and word clearing the reference we needed to attest that we didn’t want to end up as blackened ciders – and then needed to provide evidence of this – so as to get that program target done ! Left us scratching our heads – how can we prove this so as to get a done on this target.

  5. I thought I’d quickly check the blog before work today. I’ve never even commented on ANY blog before. I’ve always just read Mike Rinder’s blog which is where I learnt alot about what others went through but it was American. This South African blog is home to me and I plucked up the courage to comment – I was very nervous, terrified – but it’s therapeutic to talk. I haven’t told people much, I keep to myself and try help where I can but the fundraisers have become an embarrassment and I can only imagine what the staff are going through with so many good staff now gone and so few left – I don’t buy the PR any more as I found out a number of staff are part time, some listed on staff never arrived and it seems no one on the inside is being honest, even to themselves. This is a painful process for me right now. Talking stirs up alot and there are good people I love still on staff/Sea Org. I feel so guilty for being so open as I don’t want to hurt those still uninformed but as you get older you realise that what you say and do does make a difference, if only to yourself. Personal Integrity, an invaluable reference. I couldn’t ignore the outpoints and the org is no longer my safe haven. Look at what happened to the Corbett’s via the grapevine and there are others we haven’t seen around but I’ve heard the stories. As a group we’re a mess and I’ve been around too long to buy the PR.

    Today, I need more than coffee, today I’m a broken soul. And I have no org to go to, I have no auditor I can pour my heart out to, no ethics officer I can send my report to. Today I only have myself and this blog and the comfort that at least someone is listening. May we heal a little more each day by living it truthfully.

    • I can empathize with this. I remember when i first hit the net and found whats been going on with scn around the world. I was online almost full time for two weeks before i couldn’t contain myself any longer and got with a friend who was also on staff for 10 years and told him the story. Initially he didn’t believe me but he too was plenty pissed at the way the org had treated him and decided to look for himself. From there we spoke to other declared ex staff and the circle expanded.
      Been 3 years now. Did more scn auditing in the first 2 years out than the 20 i was inside. Got so i just laugh about the whole thing. Takes a while though to de-stim and false data strip all those years.

      • Craig, that’s probably about par for the course, (of destim, or de-dompression period.) And I heartily concur with “laughter,” (outflow) being about the best response to “seriousness,” or introversion. (inflow). Keeping it simple – keeps it sane!
        ARC, Calvin (Durban)

    • Hi Savanna,

      You’re not alone, what you are going through is something many people before you have already done. It takes about three years for most folk to work through it can’t make it go fast; there’s also no magic words that come after “this is the session” that magically makes it all come right either. The only two things that make it better are time and other people who care.

      There’s a surprisingly large number of folk out here who understand the mindfuck and went through it themselves there’s always someone you can talk to.


    • . . .
      Savanna, thank you for sharing your experience !
      I am a German, and I have gone through the same, starting in 1976.
      In 2004 I found out, that it was my OT VII brother – that had been writing SECRET knowledge reports on me, with full consent of senior management at FLAG, for 28 years !
      First I was in total shock – as it had been just this brother of mine – that I fully trusted – to eventually have JUSTICE applied !
      Now I have digested the ugly fact – that the Church of Scientology has fallen into the hands of people that are afraid of ORIGINAL Scientology – and therefore destroy it with full intention !
      SECRET knowledge reports are 100 percent SQUIRREL as they act as a third party between Scientologists, as you do not know WHO is accusing you and WHY – and so people fight each other
      But that is HOW the Church is run at least since 1976, by SECRETELY putting everyone at war with everyone else, using SECRET knowledge reports WITHOUT Carbon Copy to the accused – and they call this SQUIRREL now “security checking.”

    • Savanna, firstly, hi to you. You have just proven to yourself, IMO, that you CAN communicate without anything untoward happening to you! Take a win on that, will you? I can assure you, you are already in some awesome company! Collectively, we represent the most able and aware scientolgists, since we are no longer fitted with the mandatory Mestcavige brand of blinkers, muzzle, and mind-control, (and loot!) required to be accepted as bona -fide “CO$’s”

      Yes, it will get progressively easier for you. And please, give your knowingness that two-way comm, is a great substitute for formal auditing, when the latter is not immediately at hand, will you?

      Re-establishing some ARC terminals, who are willing to lend an ear to your immediate concerns, can help to ease the way forward.

      Hugs, Calvin, Durban.

  6. I think everyone who has ever been on staff in Africa (and anywhere else) have the same kind of tale to tell and the the same protagonists | antagonists come up very time. Trust me after many years of service, I have accumulated plenty of hair raising stories of madness and injustice, some that would make Chuck Norris cry.
    One cannot really try to rationalise the activities and intentions going on in the orgs today. It is utterly mad and completely insane. The real danger is that it looks rational and “normal” to those still bewitched by the glamour, promise and threat.
    Most of the guys still caught in the restimulation of the madness are beings in trouble and we who have escaped from the trap should grant beingness and admiration. They are still in danger and we are at least in a position to do something about it.

  7. Hi all. Reading these posts thew me back down the time track to my days on staff more than a decade ago!

    I just wanted to relay this story I was reminded of. I worked in Div 6 at the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington DC on Day Staff. One of the “tricks” we would pull in order to get a captive audience was to have free pizza lunches once or twice a week for course room students. We would provide them free pizza/soda and at the same time train and drill them on how to be FSMs. I would go into the Academy during the first morning break and “confirm” all of the students to come immediately to the Div 6 area at lunch time. No need to go out for lunch – we’re buying everybody pizza! (Being a poor and starving staff member at the time, it didn’t occur to me that a free pizza/soda lunch was not necessarily a generous or attractive option for a paying public person.)

    Anyway, the main part of the story was that it was always understood that we Div 6 members (only two of us plus the Bookstore Officer) were to NEVER eat ANY of the food/beverage provided to the public until after the mini-event was over and they were gone from the area. Then, once everyone was gone, anything that was left was up for grabs. (There was usually nothing left.)

    But one day the BSO did the unthinkable. We were mingling with the students who had come down and were dishing up their pizza and the BSO grabs a slice herself and starts eating it! I was appalled. I told her right then and there, in front of the students within listening distance that that pizza was meant for the students and not for her and that it was not ok.

    Needless to say she was very upset and I had to later apologize. My apology was basically telling her I should have scolded her in private and not in front of the paying public.

    God that is so messed up. I can’t believe what a jerk I was then. But it wasn’t just me, it was all of us. All at each other’s throats over the littlest of things because of the constant environment of one flap after another and this that and the other thing. No money, no food, no sleep, long hours, desperation, etc.

    This lifestyle always reminded of my college housemate’s dog. He was one of the best dogs I ever had the opportunity to get to know. His name was Sammy. Just about perfect in every way. But whenever his owner was gone for more than a couple hours, Sammy would start to get frantic. And inevitably he would start eating trash out of our kitchen trash basket. Inevitably.

    He would NEVER do that when his owner was home. That’s what we were like as staff members. Always on the thin edge because we didn’t have the basics, the rudiments, to live a healthy sustainable life. But by God we were going to save the planet even if we had to tear each other apart in the process!

  8. I really feel for you. My name is Tony DePhillips and I left the Scientology about 3-4 years ago. This stuff happens at ALL Orgs. You were in an “Ideal” Org and it was probably worse. Wasn’t it supposed to be better?
    I was on Solo Nots when I left. I was on for 6 years. At one after about 4 years and me just buying 12 intensives (80K US) they told me that I wasn’t Clear. So then they did a 5 intensive sec check on me and then ran me on 3 intensives of NED. How is that for out-tech?? I lost any confidence in them that I had. Then I found out that dm was abusing some Sea Org members. I realized that he was the SP and that the group had gone PTS to him. The group is now acting in a PTS fashion. You will never Clear the planet acting in such a crippled manner. The faster we all wake up the better. I am so happy that many of you in Joburg are waking up. I salute you.

    • Tony, we go back nearly two years. Me, (from South Africa), a newby visitor to Marty’s blog. You, and many others, were still in various stages of “de-compression”, from the Church of Mi$cavology.

      The atmosphere appeared strange to me. While I had looked forward (in my complete naivety) to connecting with old friends and making new ones, I ran smack bang into a wall of suspicion, hostility, and a hang over of sorts, from people who, it turned out, had been subjected to the most heinous degrees of betrayal imaginable! All had been subjected to some form or another of abuse, extortion, heavy invalidation, heavy ‘ethics’, threats of excommunication, disconnection from family, etc, etc, (collectively called reverse scientology & black dianetics.)

      Effectively “off lines” for some 20 years, there was much to learn, about the operating climate, which had overtaken the fun and high toned “church” I had grown accustomed to, in Durban.
      That was, until the ridiculous price “increases” and robotic, unceasing regging invasions of my home and family, finally drove me away.

      As mentioned above, making fresh contact with ‘scientologists’, (on Marty’s) blog, fast tracked me onto the receiving end of the ruthless ‘fair game’ mechanisms of OSA, and it’s reactionary, ‘return flow’ from the newly formed independents, was a definite wake up call for me.

      That Scientology had degraded into something so despicable, and deserving of outright condemnation by the public, is totally understandable, given the fact that it was commandeered by a sociopathic madman, hell bent on nothing but his own megalomania and smashing and destroying anyone who stood in his way, in building his empire.

      Tens of thousands of stories similar to yours, have now seen the light of day, thanks to the courageous souls who have stepped up to the plate to expose the insanity. Also, let’s not for a moment overlook that marvel of technological breakthroughs, the internet, which has made it possible to accurately communicate all this (in an instant!) to the world at large.
      (The willing, blinded, followers of; see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, of Depraved Mestcavige excepted!)

      Ah yes, how right Ron was, when he proclaimed; “communication is the universal solvent!”

      ARC, Calvin.

  9. I want to start by saying I’ve never been in but have have had my share of bad relationships so the feelings seem awfully familiar. This is what I’ve said to friends in similar ‘bad relationships’…. What you’re getting right now IS all there is to your relationship. Don’t make an excuse that this is just happening because of [insert relevant FLAP here] and it will all be better once [insert relevant FLAP here] is all over. Relationships OF ANY SORT shouldn’t hurt. If they do, it’s time to leave.

  10. DM is plain and simple a slave murchent no more no less then a plantaion slave owner, if he wanted the ideal orgs to work well all he needs to do is keep in exchange with public, and PAY THE STAFF damn it! There is soooo much money rolling in orgs but staff are starving..,.. This is criminal’! DM is criminal and ALL STAFF MEMBERS THAT DO OR SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT ARE GUILTY OF AN OVERT OF OMITSION, LRH told us in ksw1 that the downfall of Sci will come from within…. LRH CANNOT TECH PEOPLE COMMEN SENCE…. So sad to see our dream die.

    • Ditto what you just said P-O-at-DM! It could have worked. And you are right, LRH did say the downfall would come from within. Well stated!

    • “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the goverment or the high priests, its our possible failure to RETAIN and practice our thechnology.” LRH, Ksw-1

    • . . .
      You have to come out of the forest first – so you will be able to see the trees !
      There is a Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) that in 1993 secretely became the owner of Scientology, on that day, when the battle with the IRS in America ended, for tax reasons.
      The CST is run by three NON Scientologists.
      ALL the money goes riight to the US government.

  11. I just love this discussion! I knew the world was waking up to mass fraud committed by the banks, gouvernment and corporation control, media lies and artificial wars being created. But this tops it all!! Here was the ultimate religeon where science fused with the soul, ultimate freedom sold as a reality!
    Once more, as thetans we were duped – AGAIN! I mean look at how awesome productive, high toned and intelligent people like the Corbetts fell under the spell! I did as well as you did too. Utterly fanbleedintastic! I think the promise of freedom is just too alluring, we will give up everything, endure much just for the luxury of believing that this will result in the ultimate reward! Not in the church you wont!

    I was in Joburg org on staff.. I too remember the pain of 2 comm evs, the depravations, the abuse, the destruction of my reputation despite my stellar achievements. I even went back for another round of abuse only to be comm evved yet again. No findings were ever published, both times after each comm ev, funny that!? Not really looking at it now. I just needed to be taught to tow the line, their line, the command line. Do what we say, question nothing! I dissagreed..too often and painted a nice target on my back. Am I sinless? Hell no. I gave the LC enough ammo to put my ass on the cross many times haha! But i was there for the right reasons, I like most others, wanted to help. Proud to say that I achieved much in that regard despite any counter intentions.

    Hail to us ex staffers on Joburg day, we made a difference and it wasnt all bad. I hope we can learn from it and continue up the real bridge to total awareness, ability and yes freedom to ceate our own games!

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