The magic of open communication

This blog was launched just shy of a week ago. We hoped we reach some people and we would build into something. However, the response has been overwhelming!

In addition to the many comments we have also received so many emails from people. It has been gratifying and it is a clear indication that we all desire open and honest communication.

What has been particularly startling is receiving comm from people that left the church 20, 30 or more years ago. They have found this blog and have reached out. It is a stark reminder that whatever our feelings this philosophy has a role to play in the world and it will have a chance to be relevant ONLY if we can all openly, honestly and critically communicate about it.

Through the process of disconnection, either overtly or “just quietly” many of us have lost contact with friends or family. We would love to see people connecting up again. Our primary purpose is, after all, for Scientologists and specifically African Scientologists to get back in comm.

With that in mind we will do what we can to help accomplish this so if you have lost contact with someone and would like to get back in comm or at least get some PT information on what they are doing or where they are, please email us and we will try connect you up.

Perhaps this stuff is the universal solvent after all.

2 thoughts on “The magic of open communication

  1. Out of own experience, I know what a cut comm line does to a person. I believe this blog and all the entries is the best you all could do for yourselves. Sadly I’m not close to you all any more, but I know 16 out of the 18 “declared” people and I am on your side 100%.
    When I saw DM at the opening of the new Jburg org I thought, “Here is Hitler II.” It was the entheta flow I got from him. But then I didn’t believe myself and forgot about it. Some time later I knew that something was desperately wrong with the church and I distanced myself more and more.
    So, to all who have been “declared”, welcome to the free world where you can continue to flourish and prosper and most people will be happy about it. Stay always in comm with anyone you like and speak your mind – it is your right after all. I for one am happy about this blog 🙂

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