Basics is disastrous: ED Joburg Day


Above is an Urgent Directive issued in October 2008 in Joburg Org sent to us a few days ago. It’s an interesting glimpse into life as a staff member in an org. Contrary to public reports of better than ever expansion it describes a stark situation or rather a “disastrous area that is not responding.”

We accept that even when things are tough internally you always present a brave face to the public. However to lie is another matter.

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Need a set of Basics?

basicsNeed a set of The Basics? Perhaps you weren’t one of the many that landed up with many boxes of these in your garage.

One of our readers sent us this link to Bid or Buy:

You can pick up the full set of books, still shrink wrapped at the amazing price of R195. For our foreign readers that’s a staggering $20.

The seller had 10 sets available. The reader who sent in this link bought 3.

Either someone who landed up with multiple sets in their garage is selling them or someone picked up 10 sets at a library sale. Libraries that receive unwanted donations will sell them off for next to nothing.

What Scientology is doing

This quote has been around on the Internet for a while but we were reminded of it when it was sent to us by one of our readers. It is very apt with what we are all now attempting so we are publishing it here along with the recording so you can hear LRH saying it.

It comes from a lecture entitled “What Scientology is Doing”. It’s the 15th lecture of the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress. This quote specifically is on tracks 3&4. Lecture was given on the 6th of June 1955.

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Cash, cheque or credit card? No, it’s free

stssA link was posted in the comments yesterday. We want to make sure it is more broadly known.

The link was to a site, True Source Scientology Foundation, that has a massive library of Scientology materials available including all OEC volumes, all tech volumes, the original books, some lectures and more. Even the very popular 2D book which disappeared from print years ago.

From their “about” section:

“The STSS (Stichting True Source Scientology; Stichting being a dutch word meaning foundation) is a foundation under Dutch Law that was founded because Scientologists world-wide need every form of support and protection they can get when they want to follow their religious beliefs outside the Church of Scientology (CoS).”

When going to the site for the first time you will be greeted by an impressive terms of Continue reading

Straight across and horizontal

Here is a link to a CLO Africa Executive Directive written on the 19th of January 2010. It is addressed to all African Scientologists. You can read the whole thing here: CLO AF ED 768. It was written by the now deposed Ken Krieger who has been a most efficient soldier for current Scientology culture.

Firstly, thanks to the person who found this and sent it in.

Everything inside the church is push push push. It must be done now, we are the brink of success, just a little further. It’s right there. This document is nearly 4 years old and for all the push and rush almost no further progress has been made. Yet it is still pushed today like it is urgent, rush and right now. Straight up and vertical! When viewed over time we see progress is nothing but horizontal at best.

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A differing point of view

cropped-lion03-male-sitting-facecloseup4One of the disappointments we’ve experienced since starting this blog is there has been little comm from on lines Scientologists or any official comments from the church. We believe it would offer some excellent discussion.

We have only had two comments from what appeared to be official Scientologists. We posted their comments but unfortunately there was no further comm after these initial two.

However we have been made aware that a new blog was started called “The Tech Lions”. It does offer a view different to this blog and as such it should have further exposure to allow for broader discussion. From their about page:


I am a Scientologist and I have recently run into some stories about some individuals who in the past have pretended to support Scientology and who are now involved in a systematic black PR campaign against my Church while still pretending to apply Scientology. I have decided that it is time to get the voice of real Scientologists heard. I am doing my own investigation and I will expose on this blog the out-tech, the squirreling, the overts, the crimes and high crimes of these people. Any other Scientologist that is out there and is up for the challenge is welcome to help. We already have a team of hard-nosed, staunched, KSW oriented Scientologists that are at work and soon you will get the fruit of their work. Stay tuned. The squirrels and SPs will not win. We will expose their sordid motives, we will find their crimes and use the most formidable weapon that any one of them cannot defeat: the truth. So stay tuned, you are up for a very interesting journey.

You can reach us here:

We encourage you to have a look. Multiple viewpoints are important. You can find it at

Why this blog?

The response to this blog has been far greater than we expected. Clearly there has been a need for such a platform.

Several people have raised the question of “now what?” or “where do we go with this?” With all the interaction and conversation that takes place daily we feel it important to re-iterate and state clearly what the purpose of this blog is.

This blog is intended for Scientologists. Of all stripes. Whether part of the official church, independent, Free Zone, Ron’s Org or not attached at all. The foundation is built around communication and simply getting back in comm.

All very well but what do we want? And why?

Simply stated the democratization of Scientology. The idea of democracy has gotten a bad Continue reading