The Great Dissemination Rip-Off

Sample leather bound "special edition" of Dianetics

Sample leather bound “special edition” of Dianetics

If there is one thing that used to get Scientologists excited it was dissemination. The idea of reaching thousands or hundreds of thousands of people with Scientology. This is, in part, why so many have paid so much to the IAS and various other campaigns.

This last week a broad email was sent out from “Leather Bound” to Scientologists. The headline of this email proclaimed boldly ONLY 66 LEATHERBOUNDS TO GO FOR PRETORIA

Some background is probably necessary here to explain what this means to those who have not been following it closely:

Every ideal org that opens has a special edition leather bound copy of Dianetics produced that bears that ideal org’s logo. 500 copies of these are produced.

They are then sold at R5450 each. The money, allegedly, goes to a “Non-E campaign” for the org. In other words a dissemination campaign for that org to get them “out of Non-E”. We will ignore, for now, the obvious thought that if Ideal Org’s expand at such a rate, why is this even necessary?

According to this email there are only 66 unsold copies of Pretoria’s Leather bound Dianetics. The email promises that as soon as these remaining copies are sold the campaign can launch.

Some quick maths:

500 * R5450 = R2,725,000

434 sold so far = R2,365,300 in hand for a dissemination campaign.

R2.3 million is a pretty healthy advertising budget for a local org. But nothing can be done until the last 66 are sold.

We will be watching this very closely to see if this campaign is ever launched.

This cynical view of this is borne out of experience:

Joburg Org received their commemorative books very late as it was a bright idea that only surfaced in 2008 or 2009. By the end of September this year 220 copies had been sold.

This means that R1.2 million has been collected from public for Joburg’s “Non-E” campaign. Yet no report on where this money is and how it is likely to be used. Surely the org could get going with that and with the massive inflow of new people from advertising raise further funds?

This is not the first hyped campaign for dissemination. In 2008 there were constant briefings that the church was about to launch it’s biggest ever public information campaign in South Africa. This would require R5 million. This money was to be collected through the sale of special edition products such as E-Meters and leather bound books.  For months regular briefings were given at Joburg Graduations and in emailers.

By the end of 2009 the money collected had reached R2.5 million. Half way there! By mid R2010 all broad communication on this subject stopped. No explanations. No updates.

In late 2010 Scientology late night ads ran on local TV station E-TV.

That’s it!

TV can be pretty expensive but 6 weeks of late night ads surely didn’t deplete a R2.5 million pool.

Based on this evidence the drive to collect money “for dissemination” is just another way of getting money from good hearted and willing Scientologists.

Between Pretoria and Joburg with just the above projects we KNOW that at least R6 million has been raised for dissemination over the last 5 years. Yet there has been no dissemination to speak of. Who doesn’t want these orgs to expand?

R6 million would be a hell of a campaign!

The full email from “Leather Bound” is below. Please note we haven’t even touched on this ridiculous statement:

“Scientology in Africa has experienced its greatest expansion over the last 10 years, since the creation of our two Ideal Orgs in South Africa. More auditors have been trained, more services have been delivered, more Clears and OTs have been produced in the last 10 years than in the prior 30 years combined. These are statistical facts.” 

This will be the subject of an upcoming post.

Dear Friend, Something incredible is about to occur for Scientology presence in this country! We are very very close to completing the budget for the BIGGEST marketing campaign we have ever done on Scientology in this country. In fact, so close, that it is completely real for this to launch in a matter of weeks. Wouldn’t that be the right way to walk into the new Golden Age of Scientology?
Scientology in Africa has experienced its greatest expansion over the last 10 years, since the creation of our two Ideal Orgs in South Africa. More auditors have been trained, more services have been delivered, more Clears and OTs have been produced in the last 10 years than in the prior 30 years combined. These are statistical facts. In this period we have acquired the site for an Advanced Org, opened a new Test Center in Johannesburg and acquired sites for every one of our orgs to become Ideal. We have gotten more people started on the Bridge and we have made more IAS members than ever before. The new Pretoria Ideal Org, over 4000 square meters – is fully set up as LRH laid out in policy to deliver to hundreds at a time. The Ideal Org Information Center is fully equipped with top of the line audio visual displays with over 500 presentations ready to be viewed at the touch of a button, allowing anyone to be introduced to any campaign or activity we are involved in, not to mention the Dianetics and Scientology videos to put people onto the Bridge directly. We, as a team, have put Scientology here for real in Pretoria and the effects that we have created are not only rippling across the country, they are reaching out into countries all over the continent. We now have government leaders studying the Basics, we have groups and councils coming to our National Church for seminars on Drugs and Human Rights and the amount of new people coming onto the Bridge has reached highest ever levels on a consistent basis. The campaign is funded through sale of the brand new Pretoria Commemorative Edition Leatherbound version of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. There are 500 individually numbered copies of this book. And there will only ever be 500 since the Commemorative Edition, and will not be reproduced once it has sold out. And, while it is a stunningly beautiful book, it’s the purpose which makes it so important – funding the advertising campaign to get Scientology out of Non-Existence for real with the entire Pretoria region and let society know that we have the answers and inviting them to come in to find out for themselves. As contributors to planetary dissemination campaigns, I am writing to you for your support to get this campaign launched. Whenever we have banded together as a team, we have always gotten the job done. And that is why I am coming to you now – so we can once again MAKE HISTORY in South Africa! We have 66 Books left to sell out of the 500. Each book is R5450 so, we only have about R350,000 left to raise to finish this campaign. We are extremely close to getting a done on this and launching. A donation to this campaign will directly be responsible for making Scientology known to everyone and will be the helping hand for getting millions of people in this country the real solutions to live. So my request to you is simply, get a book or ten! You can donate it to the org for their use or you can keep it as part of your library.

I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me on 082 469 1996 or write back to me.


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7 thoughts on “The Great Dissemination Rip-Off

  1. I dont believe a word of what is said in that email. I know that Joburg Org has struggled (and is still struggling) to sell their leatherbounds – and have even resorted to giving some away. How is it even possible that Pretoria has sold 434 when they have a public a third of the size?

  2. There is a good reason for such obvious lies. You see the same phenomena with spam emails.
    In fact it is absolutely not stupid to lie. There is a science behind such. Whenever your lies are outrageous you filter people. The smart ones disappear, but the people that stay are the ones you can sell anything. Hard to mention such here as we were not smart enough. But it really is a filter. The liar does not want to deal with people who are smart – easy as that! In case of the Scientology cult “smart” probably means “not blinded”.

    • Wow, BFM, thanks for running that down so clearly. I’d sort of picked up on this kind of thinking with regard to the proverbial Nigerian email spammers. But it’s never really made sense until now.

      I guess on a higher level, you could still say this strategy is “stupid” in that the people who get filtered out (i.e. those who see through the flimflam) have just had an eye-opening experience. They will now be more likely to notice lies and outpoints and mysterious missing data from now on.

  3. There are many untruths in that document. Looking forward to the upcoming post scnafrica, on that particular sentence you highlighted. What a load of rubbish. I think BareFM above has got a point regarding this being a filter to pick out who to pick on. Very sad, I think Shaun really means well.

  4. I can mock up a scenario where that money goes to pay off local government officials and whoever else needs to be pacified to allow scientology to function in their areas.

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