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We want to hear from you as your contribution to this blog is what makes it work!

We know that submitting a comment can be a worrisome thing since you may be concerned about the safety of the details you submit or that perhaps someone may find out who you are.

You are more than welcome to comment anonymously. In fact most people do. When you submit a comment you are asked for a name, an email address and a website.

For name you can put anything. Any name by which you will be known on this blog. Does NOT have to be your real name. For email address you can put your current email or you can set up a new email address with Gmail. It does not have to be your work address or any address by which you may be known. The website section can be left blank.

All details submitted to this site are secure and it  is safe to do so.

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9 thoughts on “Commenting on this Blog

  1. Well let me comment to say what a great and valuable blog this is. And it’s true: contributions by readers, which already have been stellar, are a huge part of making this not just a forum, but a community.

    Posting a public comment about Scientology on the internet is a shivery sort of experience. There are two things to consider where your privacy and safety are concerned. One is that no one reading will know ANYTHING about you except what you choose to reveal in your comments. So if you’re concerned about being identified, scan everything you write before hitting the “Post” button to make certain you haven’t left a trail of bread crumbs. As long as you’re even moderately careful, you should be totally safe.

    The second is that a Gmail account is very secure. And you can make it MORE secure by being artful about your password. The normal Gmail guidelines are quite fine, but if you want that extra comfy feeling of being super-stealthy, it’s fun to check out the Diceware system for creating a “passphrase” that is all but impossible to crack:

    Communication is freedom.

    • THANK YOU! After my initial burst into the blog-commenting-world I panicked and thought WHAT HAVE I DONE? Besides the fact that I felt bad about being so open and honest – we are taught to park our negative views until Sec Checks. I had attention on the security aspect and I’ve also read a couple of the books and know that OSA/”the org” stop at nothing. I guess we are all taking a risk to some degree but I cannot just watch things happen. My integrity won’t allow it.

  2. i would also like to add that you can MAKE UP a phony email address on the spot when commenting. it can be anything, it just has to end with a legit email extension. like “”
    if you are worried about your IP address being sniffed, potentially pegging your identity or your local area. you can use “TOR” browser. your true IP will be well hidden.
    it’s what many people from countries like china use to get around their country’s restrictions.
    google “The TOR Project” to find out more. it is the safest way to access this blog if you absolutely need the highest measure of security.
    NOTE: if you use TOR some features of this site may not work properly since TOR, by default, disables any scripts running on a site that might give away info that could potentially be used to to determine your IP.
    it is well worth looking into.

  3. Well all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU on establishing this blog! Community among those who are out of the Co$ has been lacking in South Africa for years, and this blog will go a LONG way towards addressing that.

    In the past, people would get taken out the back and “beaten up” by the Co$ in secret. The Internet is the ultimate tool to shine a light on all the abuses, and gradually as more people come forward, whether they identify themselves or not, a picture starts to emerge. All the overseas blogs and forums have already done this, and South Africa has always lagged behind, but now it is our time to shine our light.

    There are so many, many good people who have been abused and either left or been thrown out of the Co$ over the years, and there are definitely more out, than in. For those still in – they could learn a lot by reading this blog on local stories which have direct relevance to our lives here.

    It is OK to communicate, it is OK to be honest and it is OK to support each other as a community.

    Truth is not suppressive,freedom to communicate to anyone about anything is not suppressive, and it is our right to be here and communicate.. So, let’s do it! 🙂

  4. This blog is building steadily. I agree that folks who have not yet commented sometimes are a nervous about being tracked down and hounded or worse.

    It took me a while to pluck up the courage.

    Get a hushmail address or similar. Get an IP address scrambler if you can, as is suggested earlier.

    Get help from an IT friendly fellow if you can. It is worth it. Your comments are super-interesting to all of us.

    My scene is getting a quiet moment to comment. Rush here and rush there. Then a quick update of all the main blogs and then comment when possible.

    Looking at the earlier article about the special edition books. I had to look at various countries’ salary levels so had a quick look at SA salaries. One stat is interesting. The special book is around R 5450. This is ALSO the average family income (that is right- family) income of a ton of households in the country. If we add in single parent homes and the mid-level family incomes, and place the special edition book next to these numbers, I cringe.

    If you carefully look at the actual job of so-called clearing a town or city or country, like SA, income levels are a factor.

    A few years ago I was disseminating to a well-to-do person who said she was not interested. She knows quite a few Scn people. Her conclusion was the Scn is elitist. I was thrown by this at the time. She must be crazy. Much later, I see she is right. It is in fact not available to the masses. It could be but it is not.

    Making the tech available. Hmmmm.

    I ramble.

    Savanna, comment some more! Good to hear from Pali as well.

    Thanks Mr Blog creator. What you have done is way more valuable over time that we see right now. You have existed for what, a few weeks? It is historic and affinity building.

  5. One of the things I had trouble with when I first discovered that the Church was not practicing what it preached was being the effect of the mind control that it had pulled on me. I read Debbie Cook’s email, saw her testimony on YouTube and read about The Hole on Marty’s blog. I was shocked that the “most ethical group on the planet” was doing the most despicable things. As I read that stuff I criticized the org and IMMEDIATELY went into the “think” that I must have overts on the org to be so critical. Then I interiorized looking for my overts that I “must have” but all I could see was the shocking reality of a Church gone horribly wrong. It took me a while to snap out of the “Pc critical = missed withhold” thing. I wasn’t “in session” after all. I was looking at the FACTS. Not-ising the facts was pure madness. Then, when I became the one that was being criticized by members of the Church, AT NO TIME did the Church or its representatives consider that IT/THEY have overts and missed W/Hs on ME. Hell no!! The whispering campaign about the Corbetts is another example: The church criticizes the Corbetts but would NEVER admit to having done anything wrong to them or to ANYONE. The Church thinks they are beyond reproach and not subject to its own tech. I got out of the fixed idea that ANYTHING I have a critical thought about means I have overts on it and must find and confess whatever it is. So, I comment on blogs to my heart’s content these days. 🙂

    • Exactly right! Sometimes its just a FACT that something is wrong and worthy of criticism. The church gave itself ethics protection, and then hides behind the ‘we are the most ethical group on the planet”. Not true.

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