Under New Management! But will they come?

Amazing news arrived yesterday. There is new management in town. Ken Krieger (CO CLO) and Alex Faust (CO CMO) have been replaced! There are other new execs so there are quite likely further changes – this is stunning. Alex and Ken have already left the country and are at Flag. No word yet on their fate.

This happened just as the date for the release of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II has been announced. The live event will be held at Flag on the weekend of 15 November. In South Africa this event will be held in all orgs on 22 and 23 November.

Events are one of those topics that get many hot under the collar, and rightly so. From a staff point of view they are a distraction to actually being an org. It’s a time and money suck with very little return value. However they are a good measure of support for Scientology activities.  It is possible to tell by the numbers attending the level of agreement that exists.

Joburg events have always had the highest number of attendees by reason of being the biggest field and often the Pretoria and Joburg North org events are combined in to one with Joburg.

Therefore the upcoming event on the release of GAT II is of critical importance. Based on the numbers attending we will all see the real support for this new direction in Scientology. It is being billed as the most important thing to happen in all of Scientology for years. It will rocket progress up the Bridge. It will boom Scientology. It will be the real start of planetary clearing. Those are incredible statements. A badly attended event will be a catastrophic show of the field’s displeasure.

What then is a “good” number? What number would show excellent support?

For that we should look to the past. Thanks to the the various people who helped pull this data together for this article.

Over the last 20 years attendance at major events has ranged between 400-800. In 1993 the IAS “War is Over” event was pushed like none other around the world. a 12,000 seater stadium in Los Angeles was hired out for the event. In South Africa 830 people attended. At that time it was the highest ever for any event.

In 1996 the Golden Age of Tech release event, also billed as major, vital, best ever was attended by 650.

The grand opening of the Joburg Org in 2003: The first African Ideal Org and only 2nd in the world was indeed a massive (by South African standards) event. Keep in mind it was a Joburg only event so people came from all over the country. Out and out this was the biggest (to this day) single Scientology event with 1400 attendees.

In 2005 Joburg Org was declared Saint Hill Size – a major achievement. The March 13 event where this was announced was pretty big for the time at 810 attendees.

In February this year the Pretoria Ideal Org opened. Also a major achievement and the only Scientology event being held in the country that weekend. The church promoted that attendance was over 1000. This is false. Perhaps that many came through the org over the course of the weekend but the actual numbers at the event and ribbon cutting was 650-800 at the outside.

The March 13 event this year was held in the Joburg Org. This has a maximum capacity (if the auditorium and Chapel are used) of 400 people. It wasn’t full at all so let’s say, generously, 350 attended.

All the above figures include staff and Sea Org who were present.

The above tells us that big events will attract around 800 people.

There is an obvious observation to make. In the 20 years since the “War is Over” event the general attendance has not improved. If the last major event, March 13, is any indicator it has in fact gotten worse. This alone calls into question brash statements of massive expansion. Either it’s the same old people attending or we are losing them as quickly as we gain them.

It will be fascinating to see how well the GAT II event is attended. With new management to impress and no time (18 days) to pull it off, It’s going to be a bumpy 2 1/2 weeks for all staff.


23 thoughts on “Under New Management! But will they come?

  1. So, two stalwarts of the SO in Africa have been replaced. THIS is very newsworthy.

    I do know of another long serving SO member who has been at Flag for a year, doing set-ups etc for ot vii.
    Ken and Alex have gone to Flag for training and processing as a reward or have they been replaced due to poor performance?? THAT is the question.!!!

    If they get some processing (not sec checks) and if they get to do some training, just reward for “straight up and vertical expansion”?

    • I know nothing about Alex but I do know that Ken Krieger did not use LRH admin tech to run the CLO. He had no org board, for one, no HCO either. CO WISE AF was pulled in to hold HCO, double hatting. What chance do the orgs have of following LRH admin tech with this as their example? Except, of course, do they know? Albert and Sandra de Beer would know; and Bob Petrie – a matter of “do as I say, don’t do as I do?”

      I had some personal dealings with Ken Krieger as both a staff member and a public. I sought his help with a situation and although he’d promised me his support, when the time came, I experienced the contrary and received his contempt instead. It happened more than once so I learnt to distrust him. He uses ARC selectively.

      I know of double dealings he’s had with another staff member, stabbing her in the back while pretending to be on her side. She went to him for his help only to find that he’d set it up against her in the first place. He’d wanted her to do the very thing she didn’t want to do, so he set a trap.

  2. I’m betting Ken and Albert are headed for the RPF and/or the Hole. Scapegoated, the usual story.

    Thanks for these stats, most interesting, when you consider that South Africa has a population last totalled at between 58 – 60 million people. That means 0.0013333333333333333 % of the South African population attended the February 2013 event, and 0.0005833333333333333 % attended the March 2013 event……

  3. So does this mean that they are being protected by DM by getting them out of the country so quickly, so they are “not around” to take responsibility for their deceiving actions?

    I personally think they have done well for COB’s piggy bank, completely sucking the SA public dry of their money.

    Either that or they have peed DM off by not taking “controlling” of the SA public by loosing the biggest donors to his piggy bank and replacing them with someone who he feels can “get the job done”

  4. Great news about Ken and Alex. Maybe the CLO stats will jump up by themselves as a result of them leaving?

    The attendance is going to be VERY interesting.

    I will ask all my contacts to try and take a look and see if they can find out without themselves raising the attendance stat!

    Great feedback in this article. Thanks.

    • I’m betting that the stats jump up now they’re removed, at least for a while.

      I know someone who’s gone to the briefing tonight specifically to observe and to get data. I may have something I can report on it tomorrow.

  5. Well the news about the arrival of the new management team is certainly interesting. I know this sounds crazy, but in a way I hope Ken and Alex do bite the dust and it causes them to wake-up and leave. One can dream.

    Regarding the stats on event attendance, I have been attending SCN events for the last 20-odd years and have also noticed that numbers never increase from year to year. I have sat in many events and listened to the babble about “unprecedented expansion” – one look around the event I was sitting in utterly belied these claims by the Church, but I honestly thought this was a problem peculiar to South Africa – little did I know.

    Joburg org has also been guilty of “rent-a-crowd” tactics by bussing in taxi-loads of people just to boost attendance at events. I am sure I was not the only public who spotted this outpoint and saw these “new public” nodding off during the event (can you blame them) and then afterwards attacking the food tables like there was no tomorrow. Curiously none of these faces were ever seen in the org actually taking services – they just miraculously appeared at events!

    Another tactic of late has been to hold the same event in different venues like Soweto, the Test Centre and Daveyton. Attendees are lured with promises of free food, entertainment and transport. The joke is that 90% of the people coming to these events have NO CLUE what they’re attending, have never heard of SCN before, and would never in a thousand years be able to afford Div 6 services, let alone go up the bridge. What’s worse is that the org’s public are often regged for donations to cover the costs of these events and the already-overworked-underpaid-frazzled org staff now have to contend with pulling off 4 or 5 events instead of just one. Insanity at its zenith.

    All of this leads me to ask an obvious question – who are we kidding? These stats would have absolutely no meaning or use whatsoever outside the Church so they must be for the benefit of (unsuspecting and gullible) SCN public only – why would management be so desperate to lie to its own public like this?

  6. The only SO member who really needs to be replaced is the SP at the top who goes by “COB”. And after things get straightened out the church would have a chance. One can only hope that Ken and Alex have “seen the light” and that’s why they’re at Flag. Still, I hope whoever’s replaced Ken and Alex aren’t even worse puppets than they have been.

  7. I really had a good chuckle at Black Panther’s comments on “rent-a-crowd”
    How I remember the bolstered public attendances in Durban. I recall the DSA inviting her buddies from the rural lower income bracket (thats all she could confront), they would arrive in taxi’s with that look of having just landed on Elysium. Then after having been slumped over in deep slumber during the entire event, it was like Word War Z, at the food tables – stuffing their mouths, handbags and pockets with eggs mayonnaise, sausage rolls and even cake for the ride home. The annoyance really was that I often had to put my own money in to help fund the event. My meager staff pay and moonlight money was always used to fund book stands and events.
    And who remembers the bullsh*t surveys done after the event? We all wanted to say how crap it was, but the only data that got reported was how the public had mindblowing cognitions and had gone exterior with full perception.
    Ah, so many fond memories

    • R2D2
      You got me laughing there for about half an hour – and I´m still laughing – at your very funny comment: “And who remembers the bullsh*t surveys done after the event? We all wanted to say how crap it was, but the only data that got reported was how the public had mindblowing cognitions and had gone exterior with full perception. Ah, so many fond memories.” Congratulations on your new web site. This is interesting!

  8. The question of numbers is a very interesting one. Unfortunately the 2011 South African census doesn’t include religion amongst the demographics it collects. (This obviously would have given you an objective measure of the numbers of scientologists in the country.) To throw a bit of light on the subject I checked official government figures for the other great southern land, Australia, which DOES collect figures for religion in its five yearly census. According to those figures, in 2011 only 2263 people identified themselves as scientologists, compared with 2507 in 2006, a reduction of almost 14%. Just to be clear about those figures, they are from a nationwide survey that every single household is required to complete.
    See here: http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2012-06-29/scientology-numbers-going-backwards/4101958

  9. WHy are you guys so worried about events, the church was suppose to make OTs and clears. did you know that in over 25 years the Cape Town orgs CF has only 99 public that started div 4 training in 25 years!!!!!. and did you know that in the last year cape town org only made ONE!!! ONE!! ONE!! ONE!!! fricken scientologist. and we worry about events? isn’t that an insane stat? what do we need buildings for I guess. a 7 story building to make one public? Go figure………

    • Wow!!! And that Cape Town building has cost a bundle and will cost ten more bundles to renovate. And their stats are well………not something that you could chart on a graph. Phew! Good data to know.

    • Solal, you are so right. That’s what’s been my objection for many years up here in Joburg – no auditors! The new people who did come in, don’t stay. I don’t have exact data but anyone can see that there is little to no progress being made along these lines. Public who ARE going up the Bridge, and they are not many, go to the AOs for their services.

      As far as events are concerned, it’s a way that we can show unified objection by abstaining. I so understand your viewpoint because it’s similar to mine. I’ve been so distressed for so long that Scientology is failing in our quarter, probably all over the world, too, because of its management.

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