The Golden Age of Rod (UPDATED)



UPDATE: We can confirm that the following people have been declared by the Church of Scientology: Welcome to the first wave of the Golden Age of Rod.

  1. Gaye Corbett – 42 years in Scn, OT VIII, Cl IV, 3Ls, Data Series Evaluator, Triple Cornerstone Member, Silver Meritorius
  2. Ernest Corbett – 42 years in Scn, OT VIII, 3Ls, Data Series Evaluator, Triple Cornerstone Member, Silver Meritorius
  3. Tracey Henley (nee Corbett) – 40 years in Scn (all her life), OT V, Flag trained CL VI, Patron
  4. Guy Henley – 12 years in Scn, Patron
  5. Lisa Goosen (nee Corbett) – 35 years in Scn (all her life), Patron, Ls
  6. Warwick Goosen – 20 years in Scn, Patron, Ls
  7. Rodney Corbett – 40 years in Scn, OT V, OEC
  8. Karl Kroeger – 35 years in Scn, OT VIII, Ls
  9. Sandy Kroeger – 35 years in Scn, OT VIII, Cl IV
  10. Molly Jelly – 46 years in Scn, Cl VI, OT VIII
  11. Dave Jelly – 46 years in Scn, Cl VI, OT VIII
  12. Craig Howarth – 20 years in Scn, 8 years on Durban Staff
  13. Shirley Wartski – 20 years in Scn, Flag trained CL VI, OT V
  14. Cameron Wannenberg – 15 years in Scn.
  15. Kim Downing – 42 years in Scn, OT VII, Cl IV
  16. Ueli Gostelli – 35+ years in Scn, OT V.
  17. Carol Krieger – +- 20 years in Scn, CL IV, OT V
  18. Wendy Bowman – 45 years in Scn, CL VI, 12 years on staff

Not one of these people received so much as an official phone call to inform them.

If the rumours we have been hearing are true we are about to see the launch of the Golden Age of Rod. We refer of course to the issue of Goldenrod declare orders.

There are a large number of people, approaching twenty names, who are long standing South African Scientologists that are to be imminently declared.

This coincides with the arrival on Monday of a 7 man Sea Org command/management team. No doubt this will stamp their “authority” on the local scene.

From a church standpoint it makes sense in a way. With the launch of the GAT II on the 23rd of November it would be able to “clean up” a very dirty field then launch GAT II and say “you see, when we win the SP’s go wild. But we’ve got it all in hand”.

In truth it is going to be a calamity of catastrophic proportions. They are trying to cut out a “cancer” that has become way to big to operate on. Attempting to do so may well finally kill off the patient.

Even die hard believers will begin to question the efficacy of church management. Perhaps not overtly but it will certainly start them on a journey of doubt and questioning. Especially since there has not been even a whisper of standard justice procedures such as a Comm-Ev.

This list of names, between them, are connected to at least half of the entire South African Scientology community. That’s a huge line in the sand and Scientologists will soon be forced to make a serious decision about disconnection.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Open up the lines of communication! Let Scientologists discuss and debate the future of the movement to which they have contributed so much.

A statement of fantasy. But really, if this were to happen it would at least begin the process of healing that is so desperately needed.

Of course these rumours may just be a ruse to try and scare people straight. That’s a tactic that has been used before. The coming days will tell.

Lastly, the new seven man team will be paraded at the Joburg graduation this Friday. Feel free to go along and then pass on the news so we can report it.

103 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Rod (UPDATED)

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  4. I am so glad the Corbetts finally saw the light. They will help put standard Scn tech for us Scn who knew the church is not the place to get it any more. It broke my hart to read their story.

  5. Would it be possible to have a list on this blog where people can add their names (real names!) to show their support publicly for the “18”? If they are brave enough! This would also help knowing who is in and who is out.

  6. These guys are seriously the biggest bunch of hypocrites that have walked the planet! Go and declare the single most upstat couple in Scientology in South Africa, follow that up with declaring their daughters and son-in-laws’ but not their Son? Don’t they have the “guts” to declare the biggest contributor in Africa or do you bend the rules when it’s a money thing Miscavage?

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