Disconnection? Schmisconnection!

Before reading this article please take a minute and forty seconds to watch the above video and listen to what the official spokesperson of the Church of Scientology International said about the Church’s policy of disconnection in 2008.

He clearly stated the church has no such policy.

Contrast this with the events in the church in the last 24 hours. The 18 people who were declared yesterday have not been officially informed of this fact but the OSA/Sea Org machine is moving quickly to ensure disconnection takes place.

Most shocking is that the church is promoting that “Mark (Corbett) is asking for help” and the church have said that they will help him disconnect from his family. This includes help him untangle the various business interests that keep them connected.

This is despicable and cowardly. To all the South African Scientologists reading this article: You are going to be asked to disconnect. You will need to go with your conscience. Keep in mind that the entire concept of disconnection, as the church practices it, has no place in a modern world. It has no place in a constitutional democracy. It has no place in simple human decency.

If the Corbett’s are not safe from this practice then there is NO hope for anyone else. Among the greatest contributors to the subject in South Africa were declared suppressive out of hand. The moment any of the rest of us step out of line, or refuse to disconnect we will be treated in the same way. Never forget that.

This mission has busied itself with contacting those connected to the “Joburg 18” and demanding they arrive at Joburg Org to be read the declares and then asked how they plan to disconnect.

To emphasize: The church no longer allows anyone to even hold an SP declare and read it. Those being called in are sat down and have the declares read TO THEM.

They are so concerned about this that on Friday night at Joburg Org, after graduation, there will be a briefing on all these declares and the “PR Handling that will follow”. But the church doesn’t dictate who we may or may not communicate to. Sure.

“We of the church believe…

“That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

“That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”


57 thoughts on “Disconnection? Schmisconnection!

    • Congratulations to the Magnificent 18!

      By now you must know that you have joined the ranks of most ethical people on the planet. Wear your ‘SP’ badge with great pride. These days an ‘SP’ declare has no other meaning but to indicate a person of INTEGRITY regained. SP = indeed ‘Super People’ – who – for some or other reason – invoked the ire of the cult-mentality. After all who are you a mere mortal – to have said to those who claim to hold your ‘eternity’ in their commercially-patented sweaty palms: ‘I won’t take this any more;
      I will not comply;
      I will no longer be dictated to;
      or manipulated;
      bled dry;
      lied to and lied to and lied to;
      scandalous / far fetched / malicious rumours spread from ‘within’ about others;
      dictated to;
      told you MUST ‘donate’ for this that and the other (except for actual services) – Definition of this kind of ‘donate’ = attain ‘freedom’ up the Bridge of Statuses – as a matter of ‘ethics standing’ – (Ouch – paying for ‘indulgences’ !!)
      told: ‘you can not look there, you can not read that, you can not communicate to those; you must disconnect from X Y or Z…..’

      Does any of this strike you as a Bridge to ‘FREEDOM’? Or to those still sitting on the fence – realise that you are trapped by your own FEARS. The dark shadows created by your own mind that keeps you in this cage. The only way to freedom – is to step out and never return to that dark place of torture.

      By now – all those who are not driven by fear and propitiation to the Cult and it’s Almighty Emperor – have said along the way — ‘go f*ck yourselves! – my integrity is more important to me than anything you can throw at me to manipulate me one way or the other!! I shall never ‘disconnect’ from the ones I love; my family; friends, and those who have walked this long road to freedom with me’.

      Look – don’t listen. The Emperor has no clothes.

      This comes with all my love – to the most incredible people on the planet.


    Ahem. Sorry, I just saw Tommy Davis.

    A friend of mine may no longer see her son because EU said so. Declared. The church that has all the tools cannot remain in comm or allow people to remain in comm. I’m an adult. I’ll talk to whom I please and make up my own mind, thank you very much.

    As a group, this church is finished. It does not live what it preaches, and no amount of hype or promises can change that. It is an interesting fact that all the talk in the world cannot cover up its real intentions.

    By their fruit ye shall know them. Matthew 7:16

  2. the disconnect policy is ridiculoous. I have never adhered to it even when I was in the church. I cannot believe that Mark Corbette is chosing to stay in, I am sure this is just more Church PR. My viewpoint is that I am proud to be a Scientlogogist, and equally proud to not be a member of the official church. Who on earth wants to be part of this group? Only those that themselves are still enslaved. Be proud, stand tall and I salute you all for your bravery, your forsight and your courage.

  3. Lets go for civil disobedience on the disconnection policy. What are they going to do? Any attempt to enforce it will highlight the lie that Tommy Davis forwarded.

    • Well then DO get in touch with them….going with a alias shows your fear and this is sad – but totally understandable. I have no fear – know who I am! Scientology has taught me this. Not being allowed to speak to people at all is SO suppressive – not being able to speak to people without finding out WHAT is in fact going on exactly is suppressive and accepting that is darn right stupid of you, us etc. I demand to know what is going on – from BOTH sides. I know all these people and cannot imagine what possibly they could have done – the grandest supporters around. People who have helped me and people who care, who are uptone, who are achievers of such magnitude, who love family, community and what they have done for their church is incredible! NEVER will I disconnect until I have the TRUE story from both sides.

  4. Wow. This is a big deal. South Africa was always an “Anchor Point” for Scientology of magnitude. Cape Town, Durban, Jo’burg… these are names I grew up with as a Scientologist and I have friends from there. The main points of Scientology on this planet are the US, the UK, Denmark, Australia, and South Africa, and now South Africa has broken away completely! Well done! This is truly major, and I await with baited breath for the news on Friday.

    Mark Patterson

    • Hey Mark, how are you doing? great to have you pop in, with your sharp comments. And you’re right, about South Africans in one respect. When our “backs are against the wall,” — we make a plan! Always have… always will!
      –Calvin, Durban.

  5. Please don’t post if inappropriate.

    The SO mission has attempted to throw the local field into confusion with these declares. The subsequent “briefings” will serve to provide straws for the shocked and spinning public to clutch at. The missionaries will install new ideas on the “SPs” (reason behind slow SA progress) as well as the new GAT2 tech that will “handle everything” (hope). Thus the public will be given new stable data, as they have just been hit so fast they don’t know who is going to be next.

    Jefferson Hawkins gave a good interview on Tony Ortega’s blog on this technique. While some may debate that it works like that on paper, we can see it in action in the SA field right now.

    Here’s the interview:

  6. Disconnection is obscene. There is no other word. I truly hope and pray that Mark is not considering disconnecting from his family. These are the very people who have helped him to become so successful in life. Would he be where he is right now without that solid foundation to build on?
    Don’t do it Mark. DM and the church do NOT care for you or love you the way your family does. They only care about your money no matter what they say. Your eternity is not at stake here. Turning your back on your family is not the solution. Can you really look into your own heart, at what you KNOW about the people your family members are, and honestly say they are suppressive? They have done more to support the church’s programmes than any other family in SA. You KNOW this.
    Do NOT let this group influence what you know is right. You will break your family’s hearts and you will be doing a great disservice to yourself.

  7. Thankfully as per the above interview we too think family is a building block. That’s why the story about my brother Mark Corbett is a load of BS! Wow they love this third party tactic!! They think the bigger the lie the more control they have. That is just rubbish!

    • Thanks for the update Lisa. I was feeling quite ill at the thought of Mark disconnecting from all of you! This is great news.

      • My folks are stellar examples of ethical beings with high integrity. Standing together as a family is testament to what they have created. A very powerful group.

    • Lisa, that is SUCH GOOD NEWS! I’m so pleased to hear your family are together in this. OMG you Corbetts set such good examples in so many ways: as Scientologists, as businessmen and women, as winners, as a family and now as what it means to have integrity in the fullest sense of the word. I’m blown away by you guys! XOXOXO

    • I am so glad, relieved to here this from you Lisa. When we get to hear who is behind this – supporting this – the church will grow in leaps and bounds as it should do. The tech is terrific……..

  8. Wow, such madness!!! Never would have thought! I had to look for myself and find out and never looked back! I know half the people declared and I will not disconnect, I totally admire your courage to keep your integrity in, in everything! This too shall pass! South Africa will still be the next great civilization because the tech is on our side!! Look don’t listen!! I learned that the hard way!

  9. Why do I have this sense of Deja Vu? This has happened so many times before. Ask the people who were in Cape Town at the time it was booming, and the mission holders came down and Declared everybody who was upstat. The org went from booming, to a shadow of its former self, and never recovered from that, they kicked out the best, most productive auditors, including people like Leon Swart, etc, Disconnection ripped people apart, and It is so good to see the Corbetts standing strong through this.

    Of interest is that there are a number of South Africans over in Clearwater for training at the moment, who have been there for a few months, part of the build up for the “grand release”, They are expected back around the 20th November or so – no doubt they will all be “briefed” while in CW and fed all the Black PR on the 18 so that they are unaffected when they return.

    Well seriously, if people do not wake up after this, then they never will.

    • Your point about the trainees is very interesting. If I were one of them…I would be seriously shocked. It was probably the Corbetts who financed getting them all over there to begin with, so it will be interesting to see who gets them home!

      • Wow. The irony almost rusts! It will be very interesting indeed to see who gets those financed by the Corbetts home, and if those returning will swallow the Black PR. I have a line on the latter, so will follow up on that when the time is right. While I myself did not personally meet the Corbetts, even back when I was in, they were and are Legend, and have all of our full support.

  10. Lisa, so happy to hear that you and your family (including Mark) are standing strong together. Just saying “No, I don’t agree. I won’t go along” is the most powerful thing one can do.

    “No. I don’t agree. I won’t go along.”


  11. Lisa – so glad to hear that your family will stand together – now is the time when you will see which of your friends will also stand with you – some may take a little while longer before they are able. We left five years ago and wrote to all our friends – amongst them was Tracey your sister. So glad to hear that she and all your family is finally out of the grips of corporate scientology – and supposedly we are declared too but never even had a phone call or a letter. Can you please pass on a warm hello from the Mackeys .

    • Hi Vicky,

      I will pass it on thanks, interestingly enough we too only know that we have been declared through the rumor line! They must be scared of us or something because no one has had the guts to show us our beautiful golden rod!!!

      • I’m pretty sure you are very familiar with the bit in KSW that says that, If it’s not written, It’s not true. So are we to believe that the declares have actually not happened? Has anyone actually seen anything in writing from someone who has the authority to write it down, that declares you guys as SP? If not, then I guess it could all just be 3rd party entheta. In that case, should we believe it?

      • Believe it.

        The Church of Scientology has not published per policy a Declare Order in many a year (on advice of counsel as I understand it – RTC is concerned about being sued for libel).

      • Yes ditto what Splog said.
        Believe it, TCTSMN

        I heard via a rumour that I had been declared late last year. Several months later (only this year) it was confirmed by someone who saw it – gave the date and the fact that I am an SP for four very good reasons (don’t what they might be – but there are 4 reasons!) I wrote to the org asking why my name had been removed from the honour roll (saw this on an email) and got no response. I have been declared – aint no doubt about it. Just have never been informed by anyone officially, nor have I seen it.

        Incidently, I was helping a Sea Org member with a legal case following an injury after a bike accident, and I was allowed to deal with that to its end despite the declare. I charged no fees. Did not even get an ack when the guy was paid out. (I was not looking for thanks – but a failure to ack someone has meaning within the Church).

        This is true!

      • Lisa, WHO (which terminals) should be the person/s to come and break this news to you? What would be the norm here? This is so disrespectful to you guys. No wonder noone had the guts to come face to face with you guys. I do wish more of the “declared” would write and comm with us here. What started this? The cause….thats what I need to hear and lets handle from there and kill it at the start.

  12. The Church of Scientology is using disconnection and “SP” declares to prevent open communication, to blackmail, to suppress and to silence members. It is used to rip families and friends apart. It is cruel and inhuman!

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

    Article 5.
    • No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

    Article 18.
    • Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    Article 19.
    • Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

  13. I just had a thought. Miscavige seems to have blown both feet off with this, but if you think like a moron it makes sense in a way.

    He’s bleeding donors out of every hole in the dike; Leah, Monique, Marty, Mike, the Garcias, Laura, TonyO and hundreds of others are making life very difficult for him right now and what’s left of the field across the world aren’t unaware of it. I’ll bet confirms for the events in the big tent in Clearwater are abysmal, absolutely out the bottom.

    So he does what he’s always done – wield a big stick. Now, his cash cows are US and EU. ANZO is smallish but still a decent size, the Far East never amounted to much and ZA is real small. Besides, the Reserve Bank won’t let him shift the cash back to US. He needs heads on pikes, the bigger the better. Keep in mind we are dealing with a psychopath, so his solution:

    Sacrifice South Africa.

    I don’t believe for a minute Miscavige cares for anyone here at all (he didn’t pitch for PTA Ideal Org opening remember – he never did that before and Ideal Orgs are his personal baby). So everyone here just got sent down the river. Rip Ken and Alex right out of the CLO straight to the RPF, send in a CMO mission and declare 18 high-profile locals who are rumoured to be unhappy. So what if everyone else in ZA walks away, Miscavige doesn’t care for you and he can’t get your money out of the country anyway.

    News of this will spread like wildfire through US and EU and that’s exactly what Dear Leader wants. He wants his cash cows in US and EU terrified and unwilling to say no to showing up in Clearwater soon for 10 days to listen to his events, and very willing to bring the wallet.

    This is how a psychopath thinks, and everyone here has been sold down the river because in his mind you are all disposable. As I see it (and this is just my personal opinion), no other explanation for recent events makes any sense at all.

    • Please let what you say be true! We are happy to be “sacrificed” and let go of. If the rest won’t let go of the shackles, we can only wait and be there for them when they take off the blinders.

  14. Hi to all who are sending you well wishes to us!

    I am also one of the 18, who have been so unceremoniuosly cast aside as an “untouchable”!

    We are now all standing proudly tall as members of the esteemed “Golden Rod” club.
    Little do they know the joy in my heart that I am experiencing to be free to think, do and express how I feel without the shackles of the church limiting all.

    Luckily I decided some time ago to operate independently.
    With the help of some wonderful terminals that I have found outside the church who have given me the most incredible encouragement, validation and guidance, I have gotten myself back in the chair after 25 years of suppression of my Class 6 ability, and am having the most remarkable wins as an auditor, and my pc’s wins are spectacular.
    I am currently OT V and am about to embark into further discoveries of the upper Bridge with happy anticipation. I see the future full of growth and prosperity.

    It is a joy to be winning in my newly created theta environment with such wonderful friends and family around me. I am one of the lucky ones who will not be experiencing any of my family disconnecting from me, united we stand. Also many of my closest friends are within the “Golden Rod” club. I shall of course loose, and have already lost, friends within the church, but so be it. Until they awaken that’s the way they go

    Thank you to the creators of this website and to all those who have sent the “famous 18″ such good postulates and well wishes

    With love to you all and excitement in my heart, Wendy

    • Hello Wendy – YAAAAAAAAAAY I’m so happy to see you here 🙂
      Flourish and Prosper!
      Well done on getting back in the chair. Wow!
      Wendy Munro

      • Hi Wendy M
        Great to be in comm with you again, do write to me if you would like to meet up again.
        Love, Wendy B

    • Well done Wendy for out-creating this insanity. While some of us still reel from the shock it is comforting to know that you, as one of the Joburg 18, flourish and prosper. Our church has truly gone mad. I wish you well in all that you do and I shall not be disconnecting from you should our paths cross again.

      • Savannah, I should be delighted if you were to connect up with me when you are ready to do so.
        Love, WendyB

    • Hi Wendy! I’m so pleased to hear that you are out and flourishing and prospering as a Class VI auditor again. YOU are EXACTLY who this crowd on this blog needs to get with and to get up the Bridge the way LRH intended (not the Miscavige way). Ron’s postulate for SA being the new civilization is coming true now. I wish you infinite success with your independent field practice.

      • Hello Roxy. Thank you for your validation and well wishes. My greatest love is to help people. and I have devoted my life to this over the last 50 odd years since I came into Scientology. It’s a win/win situation because the wins of those I help are always my wins too.
        That’s why I enjoy it so much.
        Love, Wendy B

    • I appreciate what Wendy is saying because after I made the decision that I was finished with the church under its current management, I felt fre..e..e..e..e..e..e….! It’s hard to explain. A weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt released! I’d had this lie enveloping me for too long. I had, and still have, a sense of freedom. I have my integrity intact.

      Not only that, I started to do really well in life. I also had stress moving away, off of me; and I walk around feeling happy every day.

      Now, I can communicate with other awake, intelligent beings… I’m in such good company, I can’t believe my luck.

      I’d been waiting for a long time to know that Ernest and Gaye were moving away; I was aware, too, of the Kroegers. I knew it would happen, just not when or how. I’m glad Tracy and Lisa and their spouses are with them. This is a very exciting time and I believe many will follow suit. We shall see. I have a couple of good friends still in the church and am hoping that they’ll see the light now and be able to be more courageous and “Look, don’t listen.”

  15. Tracy Corbett was one of the best auditor/CS terminals we’ve ever had in South Africa. In fact she was being recruited by the likes of Debbie Cook (who has also left the church). I’ve heard Flag staff speak very highly of her relaying stories of how she was always called upon at Flag to handle the toughest cases. I have personally observed and admired her care, understanding and generosity. She knows the tech and with her at the tech helm of Joburg Day we all felt safe and secure. Even when she left staff the org and Sea Org continued to use her as a tech terminal – she is that good! As long as Tracy was on staff there were great things being said about her.

    Several weeks ago I heard another veteran Scientologist close to the org make a snide comment about Tracy and alarm bells went off in my head. Now I know why. There has been a covert campaign running attempting to discredit good people with PR Series 18 being applied liberally. I will not buy it, I know my tech as I know many of you do too. We have become so accustomed to “keeping it theta” that we have forgotten how to confront what is really there. We have been on such an emotional roller-coaster that we’ll prefer to stick with what/who we know to make the madness stop. But have no doubt that we have been manipulated emotionally. OSA/SO chose certain public and started off low with a covert campaign to plant the seed through one on one meetings and private briefings with select public. In true fashion our small community ran those lines through our grapevine like Usain Bolt’s 100m dash. This created enough confusion to destabilise the group and look to others for help or at least agreement and so our fatal flaw shines through – we go with what we know. And our stable datum has always been “the org”. Yet, going through my PTS/SP pack, just flipping through the references, I think we’ve made a grave mistake.

    But the show is just beginning because like knights in shining armour the new management team arrived to save the day and like vikings culled our top supporters with the stench of arrogance that would even make the French cringe. The group slaughter of our Joburg 18 and the many people it affects may have initially been met with shock and horror but as the insanity of it all seeps in dissent is rising. Yet still the staff and SO will be there like Mother Teresa to console and pick up the pieces in their bleached whites to cover up the their blood-stained hands. But I digress…

    This is our 6/11.

    The next phase is where they’ll be giving us the “true” facts and then it will be the heroic release of GAT II where they’re hoping to look like they’re still in control.” LOOK, we not only fought the SPs but we are also now giving you real LRH tech” while they madly scramble to sweep it all under the carpet.

    Well, we aren’t going anywhere. And we see through your dark veil even if some are too scared to openly say it. Maybe I’m one of those – sad but true. Your time will come and we will help you pick up the pieces but only once the madness has gone and open two-way communication has been restored. Until then well done for f*@ckng up my religion, good job, great product – **slow clap**.

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  18. The eyes of the scientology-watching world are on you. We out here are very aware of the significance of the events that are occurring in SA scientology and do have a small sense at least of the huge trauma this must be for you all. I for one applaud you all for your stance on disconnection. I know that you are all taking a very big step by watching the Tommy Davis video.

    I’m sure that those of you who have been in scientology for some time have discussed or had negative contact with anti-scientology protesters. Please understand that this “Disconnection? Schmisconnection!” thread highlights just two of the reasons why never-ins and exes protest against your religion:

    Reason (1): the disconnection policy.
    It is abhorrent, and normal, decent human beings would like to march along beside you to demand that it be abolished – really abolished, not pretendy abolished that way that the fair game policy was. The non-scientology community is appalled that this policy is still being adhered to. Get rid of it. It will definitely improve the public perception of scientology.

    Reason (2): the official scientology response to queries about disconnection.
    Tommy Davis was the face of your religion and had the backing of the most senior scientology management when he lied through his teeth to America and the world about the reality of disconnection. His smarmy, aggressive posturing, callous attitude to the genuine hurt caused to others by his organisation, and outright obvious lies were treated with open derision by the rest of us. What sort of a ‘religion’ would allow this sort of person to be its spokesperson?! He was reviled and deservedly so, and the shadow he cast fell upon the rest of you. Tommy Davis single handedly galvanised a generation of anti scientology protesters. In fact, the Anonymous group ‘outed’ Tommy jokingly as their leader for services rendered to the anti-scientologist movement.

    You may well just consider me to be an SP troll and ignore what I’m saying. I hope not. My words here are not meant to make things more difficult for you in an already difficult time. They are a plea for you to consider Hubbard’s views on SP’s amongst the other important issues that you are questioning. If he was wrong about disconnection, might he not also have been wrong about that?

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