Don’t mind the elephant

elephant-21From wikipedia:

“Elephant in the room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.

It is based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have chosen to avoid dealing with the looming big issue.

The biggest news in Scientology right now is the fact that 18 long standing Scientologists, 16 OT’s, have just been declared.

With that in mind the church sent out word to the field (such as it is now) that there was to be a briefing tonight to, firstly, present the new command team and, far more importantly, to let every one know how they came to decide that 18 declares was a smart move.

As crowd pullers go, that was a good one. The crowd was duly pulled. The auditorium at the org was full.

It was a complete non-event. Following graduation in the auditorium there was a smaller briefing by the new CO OSA. At no time were the names “Gaye & Ernest Corbett” or any of the other 18 mentioned. The issue was entirely ignored. The elephant paraded loudly and colourfully but it was never discussed.

We were hoping to have a far more exciting briefing but, alas not. It seems at the last minute they chickened out and decided that they should not “forward the enemy line”.

Despite this non-event paranoia was running high. A no cell phone rule was enforced for the auditorium in case the 5 year old birthday game player of the week was recorded. Cell phones were not allowed at all and had to be handed in to a staff member.

The church has done this for years. They are terrified to talk about “entheta” things. Let’s only talk about how much we are expanding. The best stat given for this expansion was that 500 Joburg public have a full set of basics and 35 people have completed the basics line up. For the rest of South Africa 300 people own the full set and 27 have completed the line up. The basics were released in 2007 so or those who like numbers this equates to 10 a year for the whole country. Less than 1 a month. Despite this staggering number Albert claimed during graduation that Joburg Org has expanded more in the last 10 years than the previous 50.

The only bit of news we have to report is some snippets from Gaye & Ernest’s SP declare. The charges are laughable  and stated as fact with no specifics:

  • In 1982 Gaye printed some Scientology T-Shirts and pocketed the money
  •  In the 70s they ran Durban Org and messed it up.
  •  In the late 80s they built a sauna in their home so the Purif could be delivered (the org had no sauna at the time). This took money from the org.
  •  They have pretended to be friends of the Church while they have covertly worked to undermine orgs.
  •  They have not supported Ideal Orgs since 2007 and have been opposed to the strategy.
  •  By actual count they are guilty of 22 high crimes. These are not listed in the issue.
  •  They started a splinter group and have actively been enticing Scientologists to join, although the issue is light on specifics.

So don’t mind the elephant.


55 thoughts on “Don’t mind the elephant

  1. You know scnafrica – it is all your “fault” that cell phones had to be handed in. They are not worried that someone will check in with the babysitter during the event – they are worried about YOU GUYS. LOL! The failure to mention the declares was no doubt out of knowledge that they can think of nothing to make it sound sane. Because it just is not sane.

    On Gaye Corbett’s declare ‘They have not supported Ideal Orgs since 2007 and have been opposed tot he strategy” Huh? What happened to freedom of choice? What happened to disagreeing with the MEST universe? And what happened to LRH policy – when buildings become more important than people – some of us revolutionists are at least polite enough to not actually blow up central headquarters – just oppose (while being rudely ignored). And what with all the blah blah in 1982, and 1970, 1980’s crap now? Sheesh what a load of BS. If anyone who is still “in” gets to read it – there will just be so much disagreement as to its credibility.

    Has CO OSA been replaced by one of the 7? That has to be the last job on earth that anyone would want!

    • Yeah, Dali, on Gaye’s Declare the stuff about 1970, 1980, 1982, true or not (probably not) occurred LONG before she did OT8 and she would have confessed this stuff and gotten elig to do her OT8. So much for pc confidentiality. So much for forgiveness by all Scientologists. Even the accusations are beyond ridiculous – as if someone like Gaye NEEDS to pocket money for Scn T-shirts! What a load of utter rubbish! It seems you can be sure that if you’re declared they are going to HAVE TO make up shit about you to justify their actions. I have no doubt that what’s on your Declare, Dali, is also the biggest load of crap.

  2. I am curious to know if the 7 Jobur Commandos were introduced to the public attending, what their posts are and if any of them have replaced other existing SO members (i.e. besides Krieger and Faust). What shore story, if any, are they saying about what happened to Krieger and Faust? Yes, Albert, always spouting BS that koolaiders will drink up without question.

    • Hi Roxy, the new CO CMO (Christie Anne Bernard, CO CLO & CO OSA (Gaetane Esselin) were introduced. No shore story given about Krieger & Faust. Although we have heard through other channels that Faust was bust because he knew about the Corbetts for months and did nothing about it.

  3. Running scared? ( much vaunted seven “heavyweights?” ) Where art thy gonads, pray tell? Uh oh! The cat is out the proverbial bag! .. Dear Leadah has lost his .. just one more face saving move left, it seems: “Abandon ship, pronto!!!”

  4. My take on this is as follows: A couple of years ago I wrote an article entitled “LRH PLANTED THE SEEDS FOR THE DEMISE OF SCIENTOLOGY”. The seed was of course ethics. I experienced the destruction of the Cape Town org by a lunatic ethics 1965. After joining the sea org I experienced the overboards, heavy penalties with sleep deprivation and chain locker etc. My intent in the article was not that LRH would cause the demise but the misuse of the ethics technology by certain people.

    Scientology is supposed to be a spiritual subject but it uses violence against individuals to try and correct them. In today’s world violence is unacceptable. Declaring 18 people suppressive is just more violence. The arrogance of the SO is that they think they own the subject of spirituality. The discovery of quantum physics around a hundred years ago has given scientists the tools to investigate spirituality and today there is in actual fact a new science of spirituality. For me the long term outlook for the official church looks very bleak because of their arrogance and misapplication of ethics. The new science includes a healing technology which is not completed but is being worked on. The sea org is actually living in the past and need to wake up to what is happening in the 21st century. Splinter groups are forming around the world and I think that will be the future of Scientology

  5. I find this hilarious. Possibly the reason for my parents financial success all started with stolen Tshirt money. “Oh lord Jesus, it’s a fire” WOW.

    Lastly, I wonder if those phones were bugged while you were all diligently waiting for the elephant!!!!

  6. These arseholes are playing a very dangerous game.We are not frightened penniless individuals.We have the resources,financial,political,media and other to teach you a lesson and give you the hiding that is long overdue.If you want shit then continue denigrating decent people in our group.The SP is Miscavige but boy if you want to take us on you will find an opposition you completely underestimated.

  7. I have known Gaye for many years and I have seen many of her contributions to “Scientology” Their attempt to discredit her is ludicrous. Is this done in the name of spiritual freedom?
    How far Corporate Scientology has fallen from the original purposes as set by LRH.
    Thank god for my declare. What was I part of???

    • News coming in on my lines from last night’s briefing indicates that the Joburg 18 Declares are not going to be given any airtime. It is literally being ignored and made a non-issue. When I did persist and question I was told a couple of standard fob off type lines like what they did was bad and they never reported their data to the right management people. No matter what I said it was dismissed. I felt like I was talking to a recording. When I brought up that no Comm Evs where held either I was told they don’t know the reference being applied but that the declare was the correct action. Attemptswere continuously made to get me off the topic and onto “good news”. The staff and SO have bought the story and desperately trying to get the public to think nothing of it either. Insanity prevails.

      • Savanna, what you say here: “When I brought up that no Comm Evs where held either I was told they don’t know the reference being applied but that the declare was the correct action.” is what is called VERBAL TECH. Shame on them ALL for that.

      • I was chatting to one of the declared this morning. He looked like he had just come to the end of a particularly good intensive of auditing (for those of you who have never seen such a thing, its what orgs are supposed to do).I asked what he had been doing. His answer was “I have just keyed right out as a result of my disconnection from this suppressive group.I had no idea how badly it was affecting me to be connected to this group that I knew had gone bad.” A free S &D!!

      • I have some idea he feels. When I decided finally, That’s it! I shot up the tone scale and haven’t come back down! I felt so relieved, released, free! The state is stable.

        Congratulations to him! Congratulations to the Joburg 18!

      • Kim, having read widely in the last 1.5 yrs, there seems to be universal relief from having escaped the suppressive COS. I know the relief my wife (Roxy) and I experienced when we realized that it wasn’t us who were thinking incorrectly, off-policy, etc. It was THEM! The koolaid drinkers, blindly following verbal orders and ignoring LRH policy.

      • In answer to Starman below.Yes what you say is true, What I found surprising was how I had not-issed the knowingness that I was in a bad group. I was well prepared to get out but the finality of it brought relief that astonished me, especially since I have been in for 48 years and my loyalty was unquestionable …until Debbie Cooke’s letter

  8. This is amazing! I’ve always wondered how the Corbetts started out and built things up. Now the secret is finally out. It’s t-shirts! I’m gonna print a t-shirt with a mielie on it that says “COB sucks!”

  9. The Declares are such BS and the Mark Corbett handling story is still being forwarded. I actually observed a lot of fear and stupidity, it was appalling!!! That is not Scn! I kept my phone- no staff member got a hold of it!

  10. I questioned the LC on the communication to the declared group, as to why they have not summoned the declared group to give them r-factors. She confidently said that the church does not owe them any explanation. Shame on her.

  11. I know of someone who was told to get out of the auditorium because the event is for ‘the Scientologists’ and that person is working for the enemy, this hard command able work was started by the LCD herself.

  12. These missionaires have the mentality of malicious teenagers, taken from the supreme leadah no doubt!
    And taking cell phones? Love it when they do crap like that – it really hi-lites the insanity and paranoia. I’ve got news for them – South Africans don’t go for all the rah-rah BS that some people seem to thrive on. We are a very down to earth lot and are not blind to what is going on.
    Wonder if they have started gang-bang sec checks yet on the staff…

  13. This is not surprising, this has been COBs’ (actually, I rather love the use of our local term “Mielie” to describe COB above – heh, we can refer to DM as “The Demented Mielie” ! 🙂 ) successful action for information control for decades.

    Throw a blanket over the people declared, and Unperson them, erase them from memory Or try to. It is a great idea to read or re-read George Orwell’s “1984” at times like this, the similarities are beyond freaky. “Thought crimes” are detected and corrected, dissidents who simply exercise their own Self-Determinism are Unpersoned, and some people inside hurriedly rush to adjust their minds to the new reality. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery, And so on.

    George Orwell’s “1984” is a *highly* recommended read for anyone experiencing this treatment by the Demented Mielie for the first time. The book is freely availalble online here:

    And of source, it is no accident that the following statement by LRH, which appeared in the original PDCs – (PDC lecture of 6 December 1952 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”). has been redacted from the 2007 Basics version of the PDCs. LRH said:

    “Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell’s 1984? Yes, yes, that’s wonderful. That would be — could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.

    “It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t hoard it and don’t hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself “The New Order.” And we don’t need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.”

  14. I love this comparison to the Elephant. I can’t wait to use it when speaking to my friend who is controlled by the hard ethics. We’ve been very close friends for a long time but she will not talk to me about ANYthing out of fear of being accused of nattering. She’s tired of the pressure of attending every event, every and all weekend, and during the week. I’ve seen Albert brow beat the OTC, I was there when it happened, he said, It is YOUR org, you’d better be there. If you’re not, it’ll be a matter for ethics.

    She’s trapped. I’m going to see if I can untrap her. She knows I’m disaffected because we used to keep each other seats and sit together at events. Now I don’t go and haven’t been for so long, I can’t remember the last one I went to. I did have some genuine excuses which were convenient earlier on but now, she still doesn’t ask. We’re close friends, bosom buddies! Isn’t this strange?

    • hahaha, I remember when I refused to attend an event and the veteran SO member on the other end of the phone told me : ” Hmmmmm, this seems like an ethics matter”.
      Like I care??????????

    • It’s not strange but common practice to separate friends, spouses as well as families. She will have got some indoctrination by now and doesn’t know how to get back to her friend. Perhaps you should extend a helping hand and get her out before she gets really messed up.

  15. Wow. So the new Gestapo team are 10 in number. At graduation we were talked at by CO CMO and CO CLO. THEY made sure to tell us their mission is to make sure command strategy is known and COMPLIED WITH. And we’re going to flood the place with GAT2 and for this we of course need Ideal Orgs. This new tech is apparently so frail it cannot just be studied and applied in a good old Org. You must have a large empty org with very high overheads and stressed staff in order for this to work. And we must be proud as we are the first continent to have bought all our Ideal Org buildings. (Except for Durban which is a few square metres of rubble, the building having been levelled after purchase) Oh, and PE Org which basically cant be used and which will have to be repaced. We will have all our orgs renovated quicker than you think, and then we will be doing the renos on our new AO. And we’re not talking 10 years, we’re looking more like 2.

    Okay so on her first speech addressing her new field she stands up and bald-faced lies to us all. She means to tell us we will complete 6 orgs in 24 months. Thats opening one Ideal Org every 4 months. Joburg org took just under 3 years. Joburg Test Centre was about 5 years in fundraising to opening day. Pretoria opened 2 years and 11 months later. Fundraising for Joburg North is still in progress and has been going on for the last 3 years off and on. And this kool aid drinking, robot Dalek Exec tells us in her first address, that we will now pull off one org every 4 months.
    I know African time is different to the rest of the world, but this is such crap as to be vomit-inducing. Int Management is obviously taking some halucinogenic corn flakes every morning. Or their calculators need fresh batteries.

    I now know that the new management team are stupid and dishonest. In other words not much different to the old team.

    • It’s been said over and again and many times that Africa will be the first continent to have all its Ideal Org buildings completed and up and running. The African continent consists of fifty two countries. Buildings are in the throes of being bought, renovated, whatever, in two – South Africa and Zimbabwe! How is this the continent, how do two countries consitute this very large continent? The arithmetic it out. It is, of course, a blatant lie to pump up the public and staff to get the fundraising speeded up and the amounts increased, the big donors to be bullied and badgered and the hpye is bought by everyone. Overseas, it’ll be used to say, “You see what Africa did? You must do it now!”

      I wonder what the Australian, the USA and European publics think about iitt? It isn’t fair to them and yet, has anyone dared ask the question, “How can that be?”

      ‘Their’ calculators DO need fresh batteries.

      Has anyone else wondered about this?

      • Outplay 123, Yes speaking for a former EUSer and former Snr C/S of Philadelphia org…I’ve wondered about that as well as how it is that the EUS cont has ALWAYS received so LITTLE attn from management. If you eliminate FCDC and NY orgs the fact remains that the 22 orgs in EUS have since the 80s received very little attn from management. That being a good thing you can imagine the effects of hearing about the “incredible expansion” in Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic for example while what is considered to be the cont with some of the most powerful people in Gov’t and Finance withers on the vines. Philly has had it’s ideal org purchased and sitting empty in the heart of Philadelphia with one of the highest body traffic intersections of any org “on the planet” blah blah blah…it’s sat empty for going on 7 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in the meantime the staff has dwindled to a fraction of what it was when that building was purchased on the backs of MANY though a few were the heavy hitters who pushed it through to final purchase.

        I finally just stopped going in to watch the events retreating back to my ivory tower so I didn’t have to hear it any longer. I’d seen one too many lies promoted at these int events with their false claims of OTC production laced with the fake cine shoots by Gold to “prove” these false claims.

        Having made so many friends during my training at Flag who went back to hold their Snr CS posts as well I was aware of this “hype” being lies that were foisted off as a scn principle of “creating a reality to inspire other fields to do the same”…oh boy…

        One of my “crimes” was that I refused to attend ideal org fundraising events because those from the Int landlord office were parading photos of buildings that weren’t approved OR within the policy of where buildings were to BE located. Thus I was “CI to the ideal org strategy”.

        Anyhoo, I could go on and on about just how much this dupe-the-fields-with-expansion-and-production-lies effected me but at the end of the day the effect was that I’m no longer being suffocated by it and am instead free to pursue this philosophy which fit in to my own personal philosophy which is that living must embrace helping others or you aren’t really living at all.

  16. So if you don’t “commit” to the Ideal Org con as the “strategy” of the Church, you’re guilty of a “high crime” in the Church of Scientology. Hmmm … wonder what the Joburg press would make of that? Financial extortion much?

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  19. The was I see it. We must all return the basics and ask for our money back and allbe declared. I am sstill in debt of over 50k from freeloader bills and stupid basics

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