Here is their story: Ernest & Gaye Corbett


Ernest & Gaye Corbett

Following is the first episode in our new series “Meet an SP”. Of course the first episode had to be Ernest & Gaye Corbett. Below is their version of events which makes for horrifying reading. But beyond the horror, what shines through are two people committed to a philosophy that they see can make positive change. They are far too humble to say, so we will preface their story with a little mention of their contributions to LRH and to Scientology.

  • They are Silver Meritorious contributors to the IAS. That’s $500,000
  • They are Triple Cornerstone members of the super power building. That’s $100,000
  • They have paid in excess of R12,000,000 to Ideal Orgs
  • They have sponsored the training of African Scientologists to come to Joburg to train. They sponsored flights, accommodation, food and their training. R30,000 per month for 5 years, or R1,800,000.
  • Since 1987 they have trained 4000 teachers and 3000 students on study tech through Education Alive projects they have run in various rural areas.
  • Education Alive’s national offices have worked rent free in one of their centres for the last 10 years.
  • The executives and some staff of Joburg have lived rent free in houses they own.

The above contributions are by no means exhaustive. For 41 years they have been there to help whenever it was asked of them.

SPs? You decide. Here is their story:

Dear friends, 

In the last few days we have come to an end and a beginning. 

In 1964 Ernest bought a copy of DMSMH and never read it. In 1971 after we got married we were moving house and while repacking books, I saw the copy of Dianetics Ernest had bought all those years prior. I sat down and read it, start to finish. I insisted that we find somewhere to get Dianetics auditing. I had been unable to fall pregnant and I felt Dianetics and the auditing described in it would address this issue. We found the local org in Durban which neither of us liked it very much, it seemed a little weird the way the staff stared at us. We looked a little more and some months later we found the Jory Mission in Durban. After doing 100 hours of TR 0 the mission reg, George Southworth, suggested I get 25 hours of auditing.

Neville Jory (bless his soul) audited me for 25 hours, after which he asked how I felt. I said I hadn’t handled what I wanted handled, namely to fall pregnant. Neville immediately re-credited my 25 hours and we continued. During this second batch of auditing I fell pregnant. After hearing that I had gone back track, Ernest demanded his own auditing!

Since then we have never stopped. We have always been involved, always looking for ways to forward Scientology and to help others. We have always been connected to orgs.

In 1976 I went Clear on the Apollo with David Mayo as C/S. Ernest was the first public at Flag after their move from the ship to Daytona Beach. I joined him there later and we both had L 10 personally C/S’d by LRH . I was then fortunate enough to have another 4 pilot rundowns delivered to me, again C/S’d by David Mayo and LRH. Ernest was asked to go on a mission to NY to promote the Ls and talked to hundreds  of people at different booming missions in NY.

After returning from Flag we joined staff. I became the ED and Ernest was the HES. In 1979 Jens Bogvat arrived on a mission and declared Ernest and removed me as the ED.

After stewing for a few weeks we got on a plane and went to Flag to see the IJC. We sat outside his office. After being ignored for 3 days he asked what we wanted. We asked if he had listened to the tapes of the Comm-Ev. He hadn’t. He took the afternoon to listen to these tapes after which he phoned Joburg and ordered a review comm-ev. Within 24 hours the review was held, the  recommendations cancelled and Ernest’s declare was lifted.

We did not return to staff but instead spent time moving up the Bridge. We both got through OT V by 1982. I audited on OT VII until I attested in 1988. 6 years of auditing on OT VII without a single sec check. I completed OT VII in 1988. Ernest started OT VII in 1987 and completed a year later. He didn’t feel he had completed but was told he was finished.

By this time we had both done L12 as well. In 1997 We were recalled to Flag and put back on OT VII which we  completed in 2004. This time everyone on OT VII was required to do sec checks every six months. this by the way is completely out tech. In C/S series 73 LRH specifically bans sec checking during a major action and which must only be done if the Pre OT is doing badly or in trouble. We completed OT VIII for the second time in 2004 as well. Again after grueling sec checks on the ship. I could never understand why one would need all this sec checking after having completed OT VII and being completely keyed out. Of course it never occurred to us that this was a good money earner as by the time you get through the wall of sec checking there is a fair amount of protest at having to continually look for non existent overts and withholds.

In 2005 we went back to Flag and re-did all 3 L’s. A year later I returned as I had attention on L12. Review insisted I redo all 3. I did them for a 3rd time.

The point of the above is that we had a lot of auditing, a lot of training. We never stopped. Much of the auditing we had was good, some of it not so good. But we never stopped. We were always doing something both personally and on the 3rd and 4th dynamic.

The above hopefully gives the picture of the sort of people we are when it comes to our approach to Scientology. It was front and centre in our lives, always.

With this in mind when we were approached to help in securing a new building for Joburg we were only too happy to help. The year was 1999. Joburg org was housed in a terrible building in downtown Johannesburg. The area had deteriorated and was dangerous. It repelled it’s public.

A new building was located by Pandy Katakuzinos in Kensington. It was perfect! Everyone who saw it loved the idea of our local and continental org being there. In order to secure it, Ernest and I put up the money and signed the sale agreement. We took this upon ourselves as we didn’t want the org to lose the building. This was paid back through Sea Org reserves some time later.  This was prior to the concept of Ideal Orgs. This was just an org trying to be in a better location.

We got very involved in the process of renovating this org as did our son, Mark. Between 2000 and 2002 the idea of “Ideal Orgs” was born and instead of Joburg just handling their own org it became an”IDEAL” Org. When the org was opened by the venerable COB in November 2003 we were immensely proud and for the next 18 months it seemed our efforts were well worth it. Joburg expanded and was announced as Saint Hill Size in March 2005.

However the attention of management moved to the next org to be purchased, Cape Town. A building was found which had just been purchased for R9 million. The new owner threw out a price of R18 million at the church and they jumped and accepted. They had R9 million in hand and this was paid over as a deposit. At that time the plan was to raise a bond for the remaining R9 million which they couldn’t do. The pressure was on to find the balance before they lost the R9 million deposit. We were asked to help and we duly did, raising the bond ourselves to secure the building. This was paid over a year or two through fund raising efforts. Again we put ourselves at risk to save the irresponsible and naive  way the SO was managing this process.

The Cape Town building is actually 3 buildings. We sent several requests “uplines” to sell the smaller building and utilise the funds from this to pay for the renovations. It wasn’t that it was disapproved, there was simply no response. To this day (8 years later) the building remains unoccupied by the org.

By this time it seemed that there was an effort to apply a “one size fits all” approach to Ideal Orgs. On a visit to the ship in 2005 we asked to meet with Angie Blankenship who was the WDC Ideal Orgs. We explained our concerns. She was utterly disinterested in what we had to say.

By 2006 there was only one more building required, this one for Durban. The old Westville Hotel was on sale for R5 million. We felt it was a lovely building for an org and were excited to get it. However, Ken Krieger and probably others, disagreed and instead another building was found for R16 million. This building would later be torn down and it remains an empty lot. 

Around this time Charmaine Rodgers, of Superpower Reg infamy, came to South Africa. She had a meeting with me. Or rather, she showed up one day at our offices to meet with us. Our secretary informed me that prior to me arriving in my office Charmaine spent time rifling through the papers on my desk. Among the papers was a sale agreement of a shopping centre we were in the process of selling. The profits of this sale were to be used to build a new shopping centre.

Several days later Ernest received a call from an MAA at Flag informing him that senior Sea Org executives were waiting for us at our house and we had better get there pronto. Ken Krieger, Alex Faust, Elmien Lochner and Robert Bokelmann had invited themselves into our home. Their demand was that we pay R5 million for Durban Org. They were quite convinced we had the money and it was obvious they had data about our financial affairs, possibly from the data that Charmaine had gotten from our desk papers. What followed was a 4 hour gang reg interview with all 5 demanding in Nazi fashion that we pay this money. After hours we relented and agreed to pay R1 million. This went down in Ernest’s memory as the worst experience he had ever had in Scientology and perhaps even his life.

During this time it was not unusual to be followed by one or more of the above people trying to get a meeting with us. They would wait outside our premises, follow us to meetings and then follow us back home and ask to meet. It was constant hammering and begging for money, not only for Ideal Orgs but for the basics or someone’s air fare or training or or or!

A week after agreeing to pay R1 million we were visited by 3 of the Durban OT Committee. They begged us to help by loaning them a further R1 million that they would pay back with interest. After some time we agreed. This money was never paid back. Interest on the loan was paid for a few months  and then never again.

As you can imagine we had started to fall out of love with this whole idea of Ideal Orgs. But worse was to come. So much worse.

Our realisation at this point was that for Sea Org members to act in this  unprofessional fashion, with no compassion, had to mean they were PTS. But PTS to whom?

The full R16 millon had now been raised to purchase the Durban org building. However one Tuesday afternoon We arrived at our office to find Alex Faust, the CO CMO in my office. He broke down in tears, quite literally weeping and explained that a cheque of R5 million from Peter Cooke had bounced. This put the church in breach of the sale agreement. See the full story on that here. Alex was terrified that the church would lose the building and the parishioners their donations. Of course he was in terror that he would be RPF’d. He was in phone communication with COB every night. He had not been able to tell him that this disaster was looming. We agreed to put up security for the R5 million only after Alex had promised that Peter Cook would be rectifying this breach within two weeks and we only needed to put up a guarantee for those two weeks. Neither the Church nor Peter Cooke ever made good on the money and we were left to cover it.

In 2009 Sea Org management issued a general interrogatory to the field in an attempt to discover “who was trying to stop Ideal Orgs”.  After the interrogatory both of us were called in to receive “Roll Back”. On the day of the Roll Back, I discovered that we had a R5 million tax bill. This was related to our donations since we had not received tax certificates. We arrived for our roll backs completely out ruds. Despite explaining this I was told to sit down and pick up the cans. Ernest had the same handling and his own roll back. Conducting the roll back was a young CMO Sea Org member, Nikita Byrnes, who was not Clear and a CL IV auditor. She did some roll back then proceeded to attempt to pull withholds. I’m not sure how I got through this but the whole process lasted 2 hours. After getting out of the auditing room we were immediately ushered into the conference room with Ken Krieger and Brittany Terpstra (?) who demanded R5 million for the IAS to be used for renovations of the Castle. This reg interview lasted until midnight at which point we got up and left with Brittany screaming “YOU WILL PAY!”.

Robert Bokelmann phoned me the next day saying that I had to come back to the org to complete the roll back. At that point I told Robert to take his roll back and shove it up his backside. He threatened “the next ethics gradient”. I asked that he please go ahead.

A few days later Ken Krieger and Claire Anderson arrived at our offices. An off-the-meter interview was done to “repair” the roll back disaster after which Ken then said, basically, “give us R500,000 and we’ll call it quits”. We paid the money to be done with it.

From that point it seemed we were left alone. It was abundantly clear that we were very unhappy.

In 2010 a Class IX auditor came from the Freewinds and asked us to come in for more roll back. Ernest agreed but I avoided it. Ernest’s realisation from this latest round of roll back was that compassion no longer had any part in this church.

Then we saw the return of Charmaine Rodgers to our shores. She contacted me and said she just had to see one of our lodges! I arranged for she and her mother, Sadie Lurie, to stay at our Safari Lodge. There was one room available. Charmaine arrived with her mom AND her brother! The staff didn’t know what to do but Charmaine insisted that they could all sleep in the same bed. When Charmaine got back to Joburg she took a room at our Waterfall Lodge. She said she would only be there a night. One week later after enjoying five star service with no further explanation she left without so much as a “Thanks”.

In 2011 another Class IX auditor arrived in South Africa. He came to our offices and we had a long chat. He then asked that we come to the org as he had a special C/S  R-factor, just for us. I had reservations but Ernest felt he had come all this way and they should respect that. Along we went. We were invited to pick up the cans for some more roll back! This auditor pulled out pages of reports from Charmaine Rodgers about all the things Ernest & I had said while she was here.

At this point the relationship with our church was forever severed. This was comm from a Class IX from the Ship that was based on a lie with zero compassion. With no care.

We knew our management was PTS. We saw at this point that they were PTS to their seniors. Our doubt formula began. We took a trip and visited 6 Ideal Orgs around the world: Joburg, Berlin, Malmo, London, Pasedena and Rome. We concluded from this trip that the Ideal Org program was an utter failure for the following reasons:

  • These buildings had expenses: Rates, taxes, maintenance that orgs would not be able to afford
  • Their fields were decimated. They were broke and afraid of coming to their orgs for fear of being further regged.
  • Scientologists were disillusioned with OT. They weren’t doing well so why carry on?
  • All the people we met along the way were, almost without exception, not doing well.

It was time to do research for our doubt formula. On the Internet. Even if it meant we would fall pregnant or go blind. Our awakening was complete. We pieced together the history of our church and we now, finally, understood everything that had happened over the last 40 years. The 1982 mission destruction, why so many auditors left the church. Why we were small and going nowhere.

During our research which lasted the better part of 14 months we discovered two very important facts: One, “Command Intention” was not the same as “LRH Intention” and secondly, the Church does NOT have a monopoly on the tech.

No-one can say we didn’t give it our best shot, that we didn’t try to resolve this matter.

From that point the route was clear. We would no longer be part of this Church but we would continue, as we are, to be supporters of this philosophy and the man who founded it, L. Ron Hubbard.

Now I have been declared suppressive for selling t-shirts in 1982 and Ernest has always been an SP!

And that, friends, is our story. It’s beautiful out here. We hope you join us!

All our love, 

Ernest & Gaye Corbett

135 thoughts on “Here is their story: Ernest & Gaye Corbett

  1. I would love to hear how you guys are doing in a few weeks/months time. The difference will be striking 🙂

    Corporate Scientology is a protection money and extortion racket, nothing more. Independent Scientology will need to take an honest look at the root causes to ensure it doesn’t stray down the same path (withholding freedom until you do what they want). Ethics is all very well as a personal tool. Reinstate Qual as the senior division.

  2. Hi Everyone

    I came into SCN through my wife and family in 2002. It was initially not so bad, in fact when I had started services I was winning and very happy. Over the years we got reg’d and we at, times, really put ourselves in a lowed condition to satisfy the wolves. I experienced several out points,, mostly on the money line. I have subsequently for the last 2 years not been on lines even though I have services paid for.

    I felt I was being milked and clearly was.

    To Ernest and Gaye.
    Gaye I cant say I know you very well only through others really. However you are in excellent standing will all, and your stats are very very evident.
    Ernest I have come to a few of your BEC breakfasts and an admin tech seminar you did at Helderfontein and have found you insperational..

    I really feel for some of the others on the list whos families are being torn apart as we speak. SK I am behind you but cannot say so to you directly due to complications with family. ( the sheep who are either blind or running with blinkers)

    I think the org have dug their grave since most of the field are linked to, or work for the Corbetts and all of us know you are by far not SPs …… Very very far.

    . Can someone just confirm before I give verbal tech as to where it is written. But isnt there a piece of Data somewhere stating that SPs will seek to control you by threatening to withdraw their allegiance if one doesnt comply?…
    ALso this whole lot is starting to sound very much like the Catholic church in terms of control and the Enquisition.

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. Especially SK and KK who have helped me enormously through the years and I think could do with some support over their family..

    This is in no way support for another group, at this point I wish to stay neutral with regard to auditing until I can see a clear path..

    • Dear Muted
      thanks for your support and I am sure the others really appreciate it to. It is so interesting that Voldemort ( as Mike Rinder calls him ) has this thing so sewn up with the disconnection order reissued. It was cancelled in 1968 by LRH in RJ 68. Reintroduced by none other than Mr Miscabbage. This ” rule poses such a threat to families, so utterly suppressive.
      Well who knows how long he can last with all the build up against this supressive system.
      Love Ernest and Gaye

  3. Dear Ernest and Gaye
    Mike announced this as “the most damning expose of what is so wrong with the “Ideal Org Program” that has yet to see the light of day”. To me it’s even one the worst and damning strories about the cult generally that I’ve heard to happen to public Scientologists.
    I admire you greatly for still sticking to LRH’s legacy. It’s what’s called greatness!
    Marcel Wenger
    (Missionholder 1975-1982, Cl. VI, OT VIII)

    • Dear Marcel, what a great vote of confidence, thank you.
      We have and always will be true believers of LRH tech. It is the only way available right now to free man. You have done your OT levels so you know and understand the importance of keeping this tech going. The Corporate Church became a business and lost the religion. We need to keep his legacy going
      Ernest and Gaye

  4. Truthseeker, I see you were (are?) a Joburg staff member, otherwise one of the public who were roped in to carry out this bullshit Gold shoot. At the time, I was forced to do it too. I thought I was the only one there who was thinking this was wrong. I’m glad there were others. At first I thought they were trying to con Int management. Then I thought, this was ordered by Int. management, so we must be conning the locals. But that could not be as we were all aware of the “show” So who was this show put on for? I believe it was just to have awesome footage to be included in the Int events DVD’s to show other Orgs and publics how booming Joburg really is. And of course it was probably happening at every org being shown in the events. Similarly, it happens frequently that they gather a whole bunch of staff and public to go sit in the academy and pretend to be studying (very happily). The one ludicrous one was a shot of staff and public all pretending to be on course. Most staff were out of uniform, to look like public. And the course sup was Kevin Jones, who is the D/ED and has never supervised more than a swimming pool cleaner in his life. Further inspection of the photo shows the course room is the staff academy! No way the public study in there. But my favourite one from recent times was the Understanding Magazine article on Joburg’s Purif. There the photos of the treadmills and people jogging is not Joburg at all. It’s totally not even taken in our building!
    The lesson to be learned is that you cannot trust anything the church says or does. Well, you can trust that it is bullshit.

    • Dear ?
      Yes it is such a farce. I remember when we went to a new year event and there was an announcement that ” Century and the Corbetts were handing out TWTH and Human rights in 186 police stations in Gauteng area. I was totally shocked as we were doing it in 6. Wow that was really stretching the imagination. Anyway per LRH, when someone is lying to you, you know they are trying to control you. Bingo!!!!!!!

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  6. Wow!
    Luis Garcia. Dan Koon. Welcome to South African Cyberspace!
    I know of no other blog topic, and most certainly no other religion, which has such intense interest and following. It’s not just people opposed to Scn or LRH. It’s people who have sweated their guts out, sacrificed and endured hardship, degradation, make-wrong, lies, alter-is in many forms, and did it all because they genuinely felt they were working to save mankind from a fate worse than death. I count myself among them, and as I make my journey, I find I am at times ashamed of what I have done. But maybe more embarrassed at how stupid, and taken in, I was. There were times I would have laid down my life if it would have been the greatest good for the greatest number. To make sure the planet would survive and there was a decent place to come back to after I drop the body. Fuckit. Food for thought.

    • Dear Rod,
      What a great flow, thank you. If we are there in May we will certainly contact you. We are ready to meet new friends as some of our old ones ain’t talking to us anymore.
      Gosh how things change.
      Ernest and Gaye

      • Ernest and Gaye,

        I was part of the LMT and protested in Clearwater a lot of times, but I will have to sit this one out. I was asked on Facebook if you might be interested in attending, and I just wanted you to see what is being planned. But I am always interested in making new friends. I was never in Scientology, and I am treading lightly here because I don’t know how a real SP will be received. I have no desire to insult you guys in your own space, but I have some strong feelings about Scientology that may not be welcome. I’m not against people doing Scientology, I’m against the abuse such as you have experienced. If you allow it, I would like to learn more about Scientology in Africa from you guys. We know so little about what goes on across the continent.

  7. I’ve had something of a cognition relating to this whole episode to do with tech. I long had some false data relating to TRs that one had to have the famous Scientology ‘staring eyes’ to have one’s TRs in.
    I attended Tracy’s wedding and also was there when she spoke at a Jhb Org event – I think for it going Ideal or Old St Hill, one or t’other. Both times she balled her eyes out onstage and I thought, WTF, are these Class 6 Flag-passed TRs? I’m not being critical – I’m making a point I’ll soon get to.
    Next comes fundraising. We’re all repeatedly told to be uptone, because that way we’ll raise more money. Firstly, I mentally questioned whether there was a connection between being enthusiastic and recklessly donating (which I did anyway, second-bonding my home and therefore still paying for it every month) – or was it in fact glee of insanity?
    I did donate, as I said, but grudgingly and when I never got the benefits that others said came from donating I attributed it to my own lack of enthusiasm (see – taking responsibility). Others seemed to be REALLY winning from donating, or so they said.
    From all this I began to cognite that TRs aren’t really about staring, and uptone isn’t really about being enthusiastic come what may – its a matter of having the appropriate tone level for what’s happening at the moment AND being able to readily move up and down the tone scale. You don’t laugh out loud at a funeral (unless its an Irish wake). And so I get back to Tracy – what is more appropriate than balling your eyes out at your wedding and at achieving an important goal? For at that time, making Jhb St Hill Size WAS a goal we all sought, as we thought it would achieve something.
    I’ve now come to see how her TRs were completely natural. My 180 degree false data in various ways cost me a lot of hours in giving up withholds in Flag sec-checks. I had an auditor who frequently screwed up his commands – and when I noticed this in session I thought I must have W/H’s because I was critical of his TRs. However, if I wanted to be audited by anyone I’d have chosen him every day because his TRs were completely natural and high ARC (pretty unusual for a Flag sec check).
    This may seen completely random, but I got to thinking about Tracy.

  8. It is always good to see people have their own realizations about the truth and see the universe with their own eyes. This is after all what Scientology is all about and while we trust each other when that trust is betrayed seeing it for what it is is possibly the hardest thing we ever have to do.. Thank you both for your contributions over the years and please know that real Scientology is still available despite the monstrosity that has been created calling itself the church.

  9. Silly question here…but were you ever regged to pay specifically for the cross on top of the superpower building? (as the Garcias were) If yes, they may want to be aware of that.

  10. If scientology makes people super sane then why is the Sea Org so damn crazy?
    That is an outpoint of contrary facts.
    and leads to the bright idea:
    There needs to be created a public board of directors which David Miscavage must be made to report to and be accountable to directly. As it is now, there is no group power to counter the group power wielded by the chairman of “the board. “. Well what board is DM chairman of and accountable to? Who or what is there that can push back against him and his dictates? That situation feeds the ideas of many of us in the field, that there must be some larger conspiratorial governmental group behind Miscavage and his actions. If we intend to really fix this church we need to insist that there be created and established a new Public Board of Directors which oversees David Miscavage – spiritual monitoring is not adequate! (LOL)

    • Devin, You might want to look at to see what they say was LRH’s intentions regarding the governance of the church.

    • Devin. Today is Martin Luther’s birthday and your suggestion is a timely one to celebrate. Absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely and that corruption runs right through the organization as the Corbetts’ story attests. The power-mad and arrogant commander-in-chief of corruption that runs this show will not give up willingly and therefore has to be removed by a palace revolt or otherwise setting up a reformed structure which excludes Him, None too soon I say,

      To the Corbetts – a quote from another Martin Luther (King Jr.) ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. Thanks for your courage in speaking out.

  11. Gaye and Ernest what an amazing story. Thank you for all you have done.

    That is has come to this is tragic in so many ways. So much playing of the game, pushing to make it all happen, and then to be let down by those we believed had the same integrity as you did.

    Insane. Well, we look forward to seeing you around for many more interesting years to come.

    Thanks for this great write-up.

  12. I think if the 4th Dynamic had a voice, they would say, “Ernest & Gaye Corbett are Highly Commended for having the courage to do the right thing.”

    LRH said in the PDC lectures that Earth is a prison planet. He echoed that concept some 15 years later in the famous Tony Hitchman interview (shot in South Africa as I recall) where he said that earth was comprised of people put here to figure out their own salvation.

    Those who have the courage to speak out and blow the whistle on criminality, corruption and abuse do experience an profound sense of freedom. Perhaps it is a greater freedom than we even know. Perhaps, we may be coming through all the travail and betrayal of our current journey only to find the key to that freedom:

    Personal Integrity.

    I look forward to seeing some new names on the Indie 500.

  13. So, guys, do please tell me something. Is there any desire or plan among any of you to set up a Scientology delivery establishment to restore proper Scio and deliver the grades etc as they should be? An independent Scio centre?

    Back in the ’80s and ’90s Jacki Edwards and I ran the AAC in Joburg and delivered huge amounts of auditing all across the bridge. We saw the writing on the wall back in 1983 already and were part of the original schism led by David Mayo. [Two others – Madeleine de Freitas and Joan Schnehage were in there for a while too but they blew off early.]

    However as things go, the time came when we had to move on too – Jacki went to the UK with he family and is living there, I got married and moved to New Zealand for a better life. Factually, the only area we failed in with the AAC was in getting people to train as auditors. The pc route is so easy and cushy but the real deep long-lasting gains come from a combination of auditing and training and the delivery of auditing to another. Anything less than all three is a hit-or-miss action.

    Any indications of a proper Freezone there again?

  14. The Corbett, Henley, Goosen family have uplifted my life in every possible way!
    They have been there at times when I felt there was no hope, both in my personal and family life.
    They have afforded me opportunities in my life and career that brings security to the survival of me and my family.
    They are always caring and thoughtful of me and my family, including us and making us feel like part of the family.
    Does this really sound like SP’s?
    Did i miss something in the SP tech? They don’t even portray one of the antisocial characteristics!!!!!!

    And regarding the “Ideal Org” bulls#%t, my friend LRH said it best.
    ” We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth.But that’s not important.l

    When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will yo9u please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

    Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”
    Tape: The Genus of Scientology
    Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress
    31 December 1960

    In my view Ernest, Gaye and family are putting in KSW1
    Let me remind you:

    Keeping Scientology Working Series1
    “Note: Neglect of this PL has caused great hardship on staffs, has cost millions and made it necessary in 1970 to engage in an all-out international effort to restore basic Scientology over the world. Within 5 years after the issue of this PL, with me off the lines, violation had almost destroyed orgs. “Quickie grades” entered in and denied gain to tens of thousands of cases. Therefore actions which neglect or violate this policy letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in COMM EVs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES. It is not “entirely a tech matter” as its neglect destroys orgs and caused a 2-year slump. IT IS THE BUSINESS OF EVERY STAFF MEMBER TO ENFORCE IT.”
    Sound familiar?


    ” Getting the correct technology applied consists of:
    Two: Knowing the technology
    Thee: Knowing the Technology is correct
    Five: Applying the technology
    Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied
    ” Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten are the only places Scientology can bog down in any area.”
    ” Thus, we as Scientologists and as an organization must be very alert to Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.”

    Come on people, really look and open your eyes!!!! We all Scientologists, Staff and SO members owe it to our friend LRH, who dedicated his entire lifetime to give us this technology to become free! Stand together and get rid of the REAL SP’s hindering our path to freedom!!!!!

    Its YOUR true spiritual freedom they messing with!!!!

    • Exciting times – Thanks so much for posting this:
      “And regarding the “Ideal Org” bulls#%t, my friend LRH said it best.
      ” We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth.But that’s not important.

      When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

      Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”
      Tape: The Genus of Scientology
      Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress
      31 December 1960”
      Ron couldn’t have been ANY CLEARER.
      Why don’t people think that these references apply TO THEM?
      It’s the same blindness that keeps the sheeple from seeing the government coming at them with shearing equipment. “Oh, they wouldn’t do that to ME!” Oh yes they would; and they are.
      Thank you to the Corbetts. I’ve been in since the mid 70’s so I feel like we’re brothers and sisters in this thing. I’m sorry you had to lose all that cash. So glad you’re out so you can actually USE your own money and so you can help others see what’s really going on here. Hope to talk more with you later.

  15. Hello from California! Welcome to freedom. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Mary Freeman, an auditor who trained under Ron once said that the church veered off. She stayed on the path. How true. She still audits today in the free zone. I want to acknowledge your great confront and courage to see the truth and act.

  16. Ernest & Gay, hello, hello, hello from Athens, Greece. I salute you in the field of Indies. Life is great when you have your Integrity and that’s what you are getting back now with this announcement.

    Things aren’t easy out here either. Too many people are scattered around the world. But I think that at least we can get to know each other and take it from there.

    Thank you for standing up against the suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

  17. A damming indictment to the suppression of the only route to freedom in this universe indeed. Talk about biting the hand that feeds one. This is truly the actions of an insane person. Corporations do not ban their clients or customers in any industry. They may, in some cases charge more or get heavy handed in their over abundance of enthusiasm to keep them but to declare them? That is insanity.

    I am surprised these guys lasted as long as they did. Their certainty and commitment to the technology much be tremendous!

    So bulk suppression orders are the order of the day now. Soon it will be a fornicatingly great golden rod for the whole planet! What will he do then when everyone is declared and banned?

  18. great story, and your leaving the orgs is a big blow to miscavology.
    What about your sister and her husband Tony Brown in the UK? They too were big donators and contributors, are they also out?

  19. SCIENTOLOGY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN IN SOUTH AFRICA! I will NEVER disconnect from the Declared 18 and I completely withdraw my support from any CofS activity.

    I have shed too many tears over the decades playing by the rules and making untold sacrifices for the “greatest good” – even when I questioned the things that didn’t quite add up! But hey, they were the bosses and surely they knew what they were doing. WELL, N O M O R E ! I personally know we have been blatantly lied to about what has happened.

    If Mandela could do it without the tech imagine — just imagine! Amandla THE AFRICAN SPIRIT IS STRONG, THE REVOLUTION/evolution HAS BEGUN – in “Ernest” with Gaye! “Mark” my words, the CofS has lost and WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE VERY ABLE PEOPLE!

    • Brava, Savanna!

      I wonder if everyone is aware of the Indie 500 list?

      As I understand it, the number 500 was chosen rather arbitrarily, with the general notion that by the time that many Scientologists were willing to publicly declare their independence from the Miscavige organization, a “tipping point” would have been reached. Nothing magical about 500, but it will stand as a significant milestone, marking just how far the religion has shifted out of COB’s tight-fisted control. (It’s also a handy way of seeing who else is “out here” — how many names do you know?)

      As of this moment the count stands at 471.

    Hello Ernest & Gaye,
    How good to share your story. I knew in 2008 already that you all would wake up to this ‘unknown’ SP in the CoS. For 22 years I have not been able to get anywhere in getting up the Bridge but staying with the Tech and LRH certainly kept me sane.
    For you and all our ‘SP’ friends I wish to point something out and do so with you prior permission. It is amazing how so many of us, for so many years, has been waiting for this to happen. Frankly, the rot was amongst ourselves. If we, in those years, but ignored the hype and PR on ‘The Ideal Org’ and cleared just the word Org or Organization in the Admin Tech Dictionary, Def. # 8, we would have seen the truth LRH gave us. ‘An Org is not a house or a Building’. And our MU came from there. From there we were being led instead of leading. No self-determinism.
    Similarly we were not willing to sacrifice our own Bridge or Eternity and ate all this Golden Age of whatever we were PRed with. Thus we created our own must-have. In dealing with Ethics it is necessary for us to change sides and announce it publicly when certain of what we found. Instead we are waiting for them to declare us SP. And what do we sit with? Their label. The solution or as-issness is to disconnect and tell them and the world from our side, not receive it from theirs. This is the real freedom.
    After that we do not have to deal with them. Sure we have lost a lot. Sure our time was spend with them and wasted so. For all of us, we should concentrate on getting up the Bridge, not try to correct them or get the CoS back. They are SPs. One don’t deal with them or hang out with them, period. Freedom you can only take for yourself and when you disconnect you are free. And disconnection is just that. Freedom of their ideas, declares and opinions. Now it’s time to leave them alone and just go forward per LRH’s Organization definition.
    Please add me to your list of people out of Scientology but add to it that I have disconnected from them. I encourage everyone to do the same if they have really done the Doubt formula correctly and discovered for themselves who the real SP is. That way YOU declare and are SELF DETERMINED instead of being declared and at effect.
    Hope to walk the mountains with you one day. Bare feet, no shoes attached. Lotsa ARC

  21. Just goes to show where Miscavagism has their importances. They have declared Tracy Henley, a highly trained auditor, for associating with parents Gaye and Ernie but not their son Mark, he is too big a donator!!! So money or the box!!!

  22. Pingback: Ideal Org predators and R2-40

  23. Thought for the day!
    Public are being called in to DISCONNECT – from the 18 SP’s
    Some of the Org staff and the Sea org staff have NOT disconnected.
    They are still living in the staff houses provided by Ernest and Gaye this also
    includes Guy and Tracy Henley and Warrick and Lisa Goosen!!!!!!!!!!
    Their Landlords who by the way have never charged them rent are SP’s!!!!!
    I wonder what policy their are working on to justify NOT DISCONNECTING and NOT MOVING OUT!!!!

  24. Hi Ernest and Gaye,
    I am truly moved by your stats.
    Your love and contribution to what you believe in has been beyond belief.
    Well I guess that’s how you live your lives and will always give your all to whatever you do and that’s why you are what you are. Your products and persona are self evident.
    Having withdrawn from the COS in 1996 I understand there comes a point when you have to make a stand about who you really are and need to treat yourself with self respect.
    After all who wants to be a victim?
    Ones power ultimately is about oneself and who you choose to be a part of.
    Sadly this COS hasn’t got it.
    You are FREE. Free of repression, manipulation, fear and all that crazy complicated stuff that makes real men doubt themselves.
    I look forward to seeing you soon again. You are wonderful people and a team I would go to war with.

  25. CORBETT to you and your good lady, a life well lived. If you need someone I am in Durban You have friends you haven’t even remembered .The best is yet to come . Ben Roets

  26. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been out of Scientology for so long and yet it still feels like yesterday. Last year I discovered that I have been a declared SP (HAHAHAHA) for the last 20 years of my life. The few FB friends who are still practicing Scientologists all unfriended me when it was “discovered” during some thing on the ship one of my ex Scientologist Friends was doing. Regardless of my short 10 years in the church, it still haunts me on some level what I went through in the church and what I went through to leave the church. Your story helps confirm that there is good in what he wrote and that DM is a true SP dooming a once good thing and turning it to ugly.

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