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The last few days have been turbulent! From the phone calls, emails and messages we have been getting it is clear that our local South African community has been rocked by the indiscriminate expulsion of some of our luminaries. The amount of traffic to this blog from countries outside South Africa tells us that the shockwaves are going around the world.

Many Scientologists are outraged at this but are not sure of what they can do. Every Scientologist has different circumstances which makes their plan of action unique. There are several things that all of us can do. We’ve put together a short list of some actions to take. Each of you can do one or more of these depending on your circumstance and what is right for you: These are just our ideas (spit balling as the yanks say), we’d love some input and suggestions in the comments.

  • Do not go to any more events. Whether fund raisers or International events.
  • Do not pay ANY money to the church
  • If you are in the position to do so speak up. Let the church know that you will not disconnect and that you disagree
  • Send an email to your list of Scientology contacts (anonymously or not) and let them know about this blog.
  • Every Scientologist has observed outpoints. Talk to other Scientologists. Let them know they are not alone!
  • Make contact with those that have been declared. Let them know they have your support.
  • List out the Scientologist friends that you’ve lost touch with. Get back in comm.
  • If you are aware of abuse, corruption or general out ethics on the part of the church send the information to this blog so it can be exposed. Your confidence will be respected.

A line that was pushed quite a lot on staff some years ago was “this is your Scientology” meaning we all have to be responsible for it. The joke was that when you took action you thought was right, like reporting the off policy of your senior, you were promptly and heavily “corrected”.  But let us own this concept now!

39 thoughts on “What you can do

  1. Wonderful post. I would suggest that all Scientologists threaten the official church with “Joining a Squirrel group such as Ron’s Org or Independent Scientologists or whatever. The rule in Scientology as stated by LRH is attack. Do not give in and obey. The Corbett’s are friends not enemies.

    • What if the church turned out to be the ultimate “squirrels”?Only obnosis of comparison will unlock the answer. Having had the luck of experiencing the tech in and out of the church this is my observation:
      1. Without the pressure of money collection pillaging there is less distractions.
      2. Mangement command intention unrealities are nexistantand therefore the environment is calm.
      3. General suppression and resultant PTSness practically vacant outside the church.
      4. The support feels real and loaded with genuine ARC and KRC.
      5. The tech yeilds far more effective results and is much more affordable.

      Too good to be true? Dont blame you for thinking this. After ones experiences in the church of David Miscarriage it may take an initial leap of faith. After that, good adventures and massive gains the way LRH intended! Happy hunting.

  2. You might also add to your dot points:
    Read the things you aren’t supposed to read, look at the things you’re not supposed to look at, ask the questions you’re not supposed to ask.

    If you guys are really serious about reforming your organisation, you really need to know what’s going on out here.

  3. Great work, scnafrica! A possible useful but bold step, ( luv being BOLD btw,) is to immediately set another precedent for others to follow. I’m talking about a South African Independent trained Auditors guild / list / association, which can pave the way for those capable individuals to get back into the chair. The independents and Freezone have already absorbed the very best that have gotten out of Mestcavige’s ravaged mindf—k!

    Doing so on the backlines, for the presently skittish, will at least give some sort of indication of the potential action available.

  4. This is a great list, scnafrica. If just the first 2 are done by all (sounds like a line from KSW1) the orgs will fail. They are not delivering enough services to keep the lights on; they rely on rich donors just to keep the doors open. If the basics completions are the best news they have, they are bankrupt! Those packages were sold years ago and paying for a basics course does not contribute much to the gross income.
    We all really need to understand that supporting the orgs means supporting the abuse that staff suffer. If you think staff are not abused, I urge you to take a good look at their eyes the next time you talk to a staff / Sea org member. You can see the misery. Life is a torment for them. I know, I have been there – and back then things were not half as crazy as they are now.

    • You are dead right about the Basics and their income factor. I know about the misery of being a staff member, too.

      There are very many people who do stay away from the events and fundraisers but there needs to be many more. The sheeple need to be reached and enlightened. I agree.

  5. Thanks for the tips!!!! I would add that Scientologist should not be in FEAR of the Corporate church. That I am quite sure was not LRH’s intention. We are all free to communicate!!!!

  6. If one is afraid of losing one’s “eternity”, bare in mind, it can never actually be lost, that’s why it’s called ETERNITY.

    • The problem is not “losing” eternity, it’s “spending eternity as a black cinder in space”. Anyway, before eternity comes loyalty, which I think is harder to call into question.

      • I think even “spending eternity as a black cinder in space” will effect only the gullible. Where’s the precedent of this? What thetan where has spent an ETERNITY as a black cinder in space for saying NO to Scn? Let’s not forget what’s in the Church’s Creed (which I suggest is read in full): “And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.” Our eternitys are the ones we make ourselves and I plan to make a beautiful one.

  7. My suggestions:
    – Civil disobedience
    – If possible, the 18 and any other recent or formerly declareds should visibly and publicly show up at a major event as a group and see what happens. After all, if it isn’t written it isn’t true. Address the allegations made in the SP declares if cited by the org staff as a reason to keep you from entering.
    – Do not attack the church or blame it all on DM when talking to other church members. This just switches on their automatic defense mechanisms/thought stoppers/blinders. Instead, ask reasonable questions, if they are on staff, ask for clarification on a reference compared to the actual scene. Realise that anything else may get a staff member in trouble. Make sure, whatever else you do, they know you will always be their friend and a safe terminal.
    – Test the waters by doing the former (asking tentative questions) and see who goes on partyline overdrive. If you are under the radar yourself, such people may not be safe to talk to at present.

  8. I think the C of S is doomed, but Scientology is not, LRH’s tech is available at least up to Clear freely and we don’t need structured organizations to do Scientology, all we need is to keep KSW1 in and rebuild our scientology somewhere else, DM has tampered with the actual tech and changed it so much that it is no longer workable. We need to preserve the real original books and tapes before DM put in “new ideas” such as “Golden age of lies” and “golden age of lets resell you everything agian and make more money pahese 2”

    Books and materials from before 1996, must be preserved and we need to rebuild the bridge back to original like it was in 1980’s before the Little midget came along and destroyed it all!!!

    Every Scientologist will eventually WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE… Let go of the Cos, all that is left there are shadows and ghosts of what used to be our home… But the hart of the tech is not the locations and buildings, it is the TECH, so instead of trying to fix things by KRing to RTC, realise it is like reporting to Al Capone that his men use violence to sell alcohol during Prohibition…..like duhhh! RTC so knows about everything that is going on.. thay are no diffrent then Al capone’s Mafia bullies
    Let the CoS go… Thay are now the squirrel group and the indies are the true scientologists… Lest rebuild our dream and let the CoS sink intelf

    • “Pissed of at DM”, It requires a little bit more than that. It takes a while to see that Ron was a human as well. He was not perfect, and for sure he was not the person as praised inside the CoS. DM IS A PRODUCT. There are certain policies that need to be squirreled away. At least you have to be far more relaxed about some policies.
      I know that this is a critical aspect. My point is that Scientology can survive, but it will not survive when you take all of what Hubbard wrote. Otherwise you will repeat the current history. DM was one big factor in the last 30 years. Nevertheless there have been other factors as well.
      I think the Dror Center in Haifa is doing it right. The progress is good. Follow that path until you have a broader view.

      Fundamentalism is toxic. So you have to be vigilant and you need to have rules in place to avoid this danger in the future.
      What do I mean by squirreling? I am not necessarily talking about the HCOBs (auditing techniques). I am talking about some historical aspects that do not fit into the mindset of the current society.
      Let me give you some low gradient ideas: You don’t need to clean your windows the way it has been done in 1960s, just because Hubbard wrote it at that time. And you don’t need mimeographs anymore, we have tablet PCs and electronic dictionaries. And maybe women are not suppressive, because they burned your lunch. Also gay people are accepted these days. You cannot declare them all being “covert hostile”. We know that Quentin Hubbard was gay. So what was the point in saying such? All that Hubbard got was that Quentin commited suicide despite being a Class XII. And he also had problems with his other children (besides Diana). Thus you have to be a bit careful when promoting that he was perfect and had solutions for everything. He was a human, like you and me.
      If you promote a technology, that should be fine. You get results and people are happy. But let’s do it with an open dialogue. ARC, people need the right R. And this R has to be as close to the history as possible. Otherwise Scientology will die. People don’t like being lied at. This has caused attacks in the past and this will cause attacks in the future. Hubbard was more right than wrong when he said that you must have done something to get attacked. And it was true for Scientologists as well.

      The cult will fall. And we all should be prepared. There are certain problems that I can see already. I guess the best way to survive is to have many independent Orgs. There must not be an international leadership. And if one Org goes wild, then members will leave that Org and go somewhere else.

      Sure, I have far more to say. I leave it open. My view is closer to Marty’s view and I know that this can be toxic as well. I do respect people, who want to keep on practicing. Therefore I support this even though it is not my personal direction. I am happy seeing Dror flourishing and prospering. It makes me feel good. These are all HONOURABLE people, who are improving the world we live in.

  9. Why not also write the org(s) a letter putting your points across. Make it anonomous if you like.
    Remember that it will be opened by one of those harassed and pressured staff members that already is aware of lots of outpoints.
    Remember too that the world of Scientology is built upon ARC, so keep your comm on a friendly level. An antagonistic message would just confirm that you are an enemy.

    .If they get a great inflow of disapproval, that must be having an inpact – especially up lines when it is clear the “Shock and awe” strategy of putting upstat heads on pikes, did not work, but backlashed.

    Ask questions that forces the reader to think and look at what is going on in reality – not in the imaginary world of “straight up and vertical unprecedented expansion” that is pushed down the line by DM, while he empties the coffers and leaves the orgs empty and broke.

    Quote LRH. Ask if they believe LRH would approve if he came back today and saw what has happened to his creations and tech.

  10. We independents come in all flavors so you can always count on finding a group that is aligned with your current views of the church and of Scientology as a viable technology. Many of us rely on the tech as it existed in the fifties and very early sixties and have continued using and expanding it as Ron originally said we should. Whether you are pre KSW or post KSW in your viewpoints, you will find practitioners ready to deliver what you need and want.

    For those of you who live at the “ends of the earth”, there are those of us who offer sessions over Skype video connections and have been delivering everything from Life Repair to the OT levels since 2010. More and more of us are coming on line as time progresses so you will have no shortage of auditors as long as you have access to high speed internet or a smartphone.

    I deliver services 7 days a week to people on five continents and some of my clients receive their sessions on their smartphones or on their Kindles or iPads.

    A better Bridge awaits you and all you have to do is check it out and choose a practitioner who provides the services you want.

    David St Lawrence
    FreeScientologist: https://www.facebook.com/groups/241598162577594/

  11. I am a Scientologist and I do think for myself and what you are doing is basically helping the enemy of Scientology. You are certainly no friend of Scientologists and no friend of LRH. It is enough to see what kind of people you are connected to, the links you have etc. I would say to you, wake up. You are being duped, I feel sorry for you. You are helping Scientology as much as a snake venom in a coffee. Real Scientologists do not need to be getting “back in comm” they are already in comm. The fact that you need to get “back in comm” it tells me how much out of comm you are!! Greetings, Bob

    • Hi Mark, understood. Those who are participating on this forum feel that their church has left them and has put them out of comm. To say that Scientologists are in comm is more hopeful than anything else. With the response we have had to this blog – over 17,000 views in just 14 days – tells us that this is a desperately needed forum. We recognise your view and thank you for dropping in and taking the time to give us your view.

      • 17 000 views! That’s it. I’m making T- shirts! Seriously though this blog is really helpful and vital I believe.

      • Thank you scnafrica for this blog. I find it tremendously therapeutic to comm what I have not been able to for a long time on org lines. I am tired of the PR and just seek the truth no matter how tough the facts. I believe we can fix anything with 2wc as it is the universal solvent. But I also realise that we will get differing views. This is okay too. Mark, I dont mind your comm as I once held your view, for many years. I know the Joburg Declared 18 and while none of us are perfect I have sadly found out neither is the org. I have applied look dont listen and hope you will allow this for yourself too. I wish you all the best.

      • Who is behind ScnAfrica? I found out about this blog yesterday. It is so obviously needed – as with all the Alias’s seems many of you/us Scientologists are worried as to who will “spill the beans” if we speak freely.
        As it is being recommended that we all go overtly and speak to our orgs – hopefully thereafter we will all feel safe enough to drop our disguises. Its lovely to know we are hearing from Lisa Goosen and our concerns for her brother and reading Ernest & Gays story. (And Wendy of course). Instead of being kept in the dark – wondering if we are allowed to phone them to see how they are doing and hear if these accusations of 18+ are true or not. These are our friends for years. And this blog allows us to speak to them and them to reply – without invading their space.

    • Looks like Mark took a sip of the snake venom and went blind!! Pity there is no standard auditing to help him. As he goes round and round the new circular Bridge the venom may come out after about his third purif of maybe he will have to wait until the second set of Objectives while he waits 30 more years for OT 9 to be released…oh wait he have to do OT 8 twice and be at least a Patronised Pussy before we let him do the new set of confidential, newly discovered purif releases corrected by COB himself ,so clearly better that the original LRH releases.But of course these releases will comprise the most momentous moment in Scn history!!

    • Mark ….or Bob (?) Keep looking. Look at the products and track records of the people who have been declared and who have been deliberately put out of comm. Disconnected. If you think that real Scientologists are in comm, perhaps you do not know the whole story. Keep looking. If you are angry with me, please know that I am NOT angry with you because I have been where you are now.

    • So here’s a question for you Mark/Bob: if you’re such a good standing Sciebtologist that is very “Pro-Church of Suppression”, then what the hell are you doing on a website that has not been approved by the church – that’s APPARENTLY a suppressive act and good people have been declared for less…..???

      • The only other possibility is that he is an OSA recruit. In my distant past, I did get recruited to “help” with OSA as a public and it wasn’t beyond doing just this.

        Otherwise you are right, what is he doing here.


    • Your sleeping man…. Oh my god do you really think freedom includes becoming less in comm, less self determend and more of a yes man? Any disagreement with the CoS makes u an SP…. This is not LRH’s vision. This is supression, sad you cant see it. But as the old man siad evil is hard to confront

    • Mark, your organization DOES have enemies, but they are enemies it has created itself because of the hateful policies of disconnection and fair game it adheres to and then by lying to the general public to try to coverup the fallout from those policies so as to avoid bad publicity. Your organization can reduce its enemies not by attacking them, but by getting rid of those harmful policies.

      If you care about your organization, raise this issue with someone more senior than yourself. If you are too afraid to do so, what does that tell you about the freedoms you have right now?

  12. When the topic of OTs being declared comes up, I would suggest that one read and forward LRH’s one-page essay entitled “OT LEVELS” which can be found on page 264 of the Ethics book. For ease of reference this is a short excerpt from it:

    “But when it gets to Clears and OT levels, phychos go beserk!
    “They are, it happens, terrified of punishment for their own crimes.
    “The thought of someone being sensible or powerful enough to punish them (the way they would do) is more than they can stand.
    “You can, with the utmost certainty, identify a criminal psychotic by the way he vilifies or degrades or seeks to stop Clears and OTs from coming into existence.

    Declaring Clears and OTs is the same as degrading OTs and the state of OT, IMHO.

  13. Looks like Mark there is a poor attempt to fight this latest Latam-type SO mission OSA-style like back in the good old newsgroup days of the 1990s.

  14. Opening one’s eyes to the true, current criminality, off policy and out tech within the church is not an overnight process. It peels off in layers, with a lot of emotion and reactions attached as you see each layer.
    My best advice is to keep looking, keep unpeeling those layers and enjoy getting back your true selves. Move on and love the fact you have a real freedom now. Ignore the likes of people like Mark, above, who are not even willing to look. At the most, all you can do is hopefully give them some words of LRH as they will not listen to yours. If you have not seen it, there is a great website called “Friends of LRH” and in there you will find a section of LRH vs. COB. It is a great resource for spelling out the differences and references.
    As long as an insane lunatic is running the church, it will not get better. It will only get worse.

  15. Great to read the articles and all the insightful comments. Thanks for doing this.

    Reading these comments makes us more informed than if we were only ‘inside’. Amazing isn’t it.

    Lisa, thanks telling us your point of view. Very important to us all. And Wendy and Alan and Kim and Shirley and all those with cool new names.

    To those who are not sure about all of this. Are the 18 right or does the church still have a point? What we do know, as an absolute minimum, is that the strategy being followed my current management is massively divisive of the support of the members. This is an observable fact.

    If we pull that string to see what else is there, and why this divisiveness is present, we see the litany of gross distortions of what LRH envisioned. From here onwards, pulling this string further, we see all the insanities described in this blog and in the linked blogs as well.

    When I first experienced this, I ‘found’ myself withdrawing, almost without thinking it through properly. Too much jarred with what I knew.

    I sat down and dug into the green on white, extensively. Reference after reference including all tape references I could find to get to the point where I , privately, could see for myself what the scene was. What was happening.

    One simple observation is that ALL policies are premised upon readers applying them to orgs to make orgs expand. Set aside for you own buildings. This to written to orgs for orgs for them to deliver service and in so doing, set aside funds to have your own building. And so it goes on, policy after policy. Written to make auditors and to audit PCs.

    I eventually had to step completely outside any green on white to make sense of any current program. It is a whole new set of ‘policy’ invented by the current mob.

    Now, by using this invented policy, the current mob has to dip into the actual LRH policy to find quotes to use, to justify their new stuff.

    This is the operating basis being used.

    As they continue to do this, with ideal org, IAS, planetary dissem, special edition books to pay for promo, library efforts, basics, GAT this and GAT that, and more, they find more and more savvy people, like all of you here, seeing the effects of this new ‘trick’ or third dynamic sleight of hand.

    We see a simple distortion of the classic Scientology you were taught or you studied, and you compare it to all of this, and you go under the radar, withdraw support, get declared, and sometimes worse, all because you observed what you observe.

    This article suggests some actions we can do. I concur wholeheartedly. Read the new basics outside, Amy Scobee, Jenna Miscavige Hill, Marc Headley, Jefferson Hawkins all have books as a must-read. Thereafter, there are heavier books you may wish to read, but these I recommend first. This is besides the blogs, this one, Mike Rinder’s and then Marty’earlier posts.

    I am going on a bit.

    The unadulterated trashing of such immense talent as has been done this last week is something to behold. Strength.

  16. ScnAfrica, I think it’s worth revisiting a statement you posted here on 31 October:

    “What has been particularly startling is receiving comm from people that left the church 20, 30 or more years ago. They have found this blog and have reached out. It is a stark reminder that whatever our feelings this philosophy has a role to play in the world and it will have a chance to be relevant ONLY if we can all openly, honestly and critically communicate about it.”

    This is so important: Bad things have been happening for a long time now. People have been leaving the corporate church, getting declared, being ordered to disconnect and all the rest of it — only to seemingly vanish into “night and fog”. Nothing more is heard of them, either by those still “in” or by others who are “out”.

    Well, that has changed now, thanks to this blog, and to others like Mike Rinder’s. But only because so many heroes in Africa and around the world have found the courage to come forward, tell their stories, or simply register their presence and their acknowledgement of one another. Every voice no matter how soft is so precious, so valuable. No one needs to feel alone and afraid any longer. As the videos say, “It gets better.”

  17. I think Mark needs to take a breather. Coming up too fast can lead to decompression sickness. Deprogramming takes time. Leaving your comfort zone to really see what the church scene has degraded itself to be is almost impossible to confront for some. At least initially (gets easier).Who likes to admit that we gave away our own power of choice to something that was supposed to increase it? The tech works for sure, but how well can it under the yoke of oppression? Selective application of what we have drilled and discovered through auditing leads to inval of self and the rest of the dynamics. It isnt any surprise afterall when many decide to move on. We want a better organisation that delivers what LRH promised! I believe it exists beyond the veil of die kerk.

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