No news is… no news


I’m sure no-one needs to be reminded that 6 days ago a new Sea Org management team arrived in South Africa and detonated a nuclear bomb into the South African Scientology community by declaring suppressive 18 long standing OTs and contributing Scientologists.

They have followed this up with a staggering amount of no information. They have created an overwhelming amount of confusion and have done nothing to deal with that confusion. They invited Scientologists to come to the org and get briefed at graduation and then provided no briefing. We, at this blog, find ourselves having to do the job of providing news as the church is providing none.

Call-in for the Golden Age of Tech II event is going flat out with every call-inner completely ignoring this massive state of confusion and simply telling public how fantastic this release will be. See Don’t mind the elephant. When they call you, ask for an explanation for all the declares!

Because of the ridiculous way they have disseminated this news, we and others have had conversations with people, including Sea Org members, who have asked “how do you know they are declared?” or “are you sure they are declared?”

These are the known facts:

  • 18 declare orders have been issued as detailed in this article.
  • The church has not communicated directly to any of these 18 informing them of the church’s decision. Not a phone call, not an email. Nothing
  • Officials in the church have been telling public that several efforts were made to contact and handle people such as Gaye & Ernest Corbett. This is a lie. Since the beginning of September not a single phone call was made by any church official to even clarify their position.
  • There was no prior ethics gradients applied. Hearings, interrogatories, committees of evidence.
  • Some family of the 18 have been called in to read the declare orders.
  • On Friday night the declare orders were made available under the watchful eye of the ethics officer to be read. Otherwise these declare orders have not been published or put on a notice board. Most notably those found guilty and sentenced (the 18) have no way of reading these orders.
  • Some people employed by the 18 have been told to leave the employ of those declared.
  • Sea Org members continue the character assassination of those declared on unofficial channels.
  • A small number of “hard core” Scientologists continue to forward this line of character assassination.
  • Church officials are instructing those who have been briefed to disconnect. This despite the church being on record as stating that there is no policy of disconnection. The consequence of refusal to disconnect is being declared suppressive.

It is clear that the strategy is to say and do as little as possible and simply pretend everything is okay until the natives get used to the idea and it all “goes away”.

We must not let them get away with this. Every Scientologist has a right to know. Call your local org or the Sea Org base and demand to know what’s going on. Don’t let them get away with not answering.


36 thoughts on “No news is… no news

  1. One of the points of even issuing a declare order to begin with is to handle charge for a group that has been in turmoil. Obviously they know the declare orders will not do that, and yet they continue to robotically attack a wrong target.
    What is the status of the staff that are living in your properties? Have they been told by the missionaries that they need to move?
    I certainly hope the church does not expect you to continue providing free rent. (Altho, it would not surprise me.)

  2. “Call your local org or the Sea Org base and demand to know what’s going on. Don’t let them get away with not answering.”

    Heh. Great one. Maybe call several times a day…say on the orders of magnitude of org call-ins to events and fundraising. 😀

  3. This blog is keeping me grounded. An emotional roller coaster as I treat this time as one of bereavement for my church after long term relations come to an end — and if only in my universe for now. It has taken me a while but I realise now that there is no fixing this church!

  4. Are any members of this commando team South Africans, actually? It rather seems they’ve been parachuted into the middle of a messy and complicated situation with vague orders to “make it go right” but little in the way of guidance or understanding as to what exactly they’re trying to accomplish. They’re terrified of Dave Miscavige and desperate to report back something remotely upstat, but all they’ve got so far are 18 heads on a platter and straight-up-and-vertical chaos enveloping both staff and field.

    The principle of “organization” in its most general sense involves bringing order, structure, coherence, and purpose to a fluid and dynamic situation. You can see that happening day-to-day in the community that’s forming around this blog. You don’t see it anywhere around the orgs themselves. Quite the contrary. It’s like staring at a swirling nebula of countless twinkling outpoints, trying to detect a pattern there. From the inside it must be quite maddening.

    • Yes I have been looking at that Richard.I think it has to do with what the actual VFP of Int Mgmt is.
      The lie is that it has to do with the original goals as set by LRH.So their actual goal is camouflaged by the decent earlier goals and that creates vast confusion. If for instance the goal was to get lots of people up the Bridge, then wasting 18 veterans makes no sense at all as we all assist in getting people up the Bridge
      So the goal must be say, cash collection and then behind that something else. But clearing the planet is long lost. No one really knows or is saying what the C of S is up to.

  5. I wonder what would happen if we all requested to receive our outstanding money that we have with the church…I am sure many of us have paid in excess money for training, auditing etc…and perhaps the church has already spent this money…with so many people leaving…18 declares and others disenfranchised…geez, this will be rather hectic for the church…

    • SK – When money is paid in by anyone, it is used immediately. This is standard operating procedure. Whenever there is a refund claim on the Church it causes a MAJOR flap because they have to find the money out of their current GI.

  6. The realization that there is no “fixing” this church is the first step in becoming free.

    Once you have this realization, you no longer will have to attend events, or tolerate crush regging, or respond to “emergency calls for action”. You can start spending time with your families and even go on a little holiday without feeling you are “deserting” the cause.

    You may lose a few of your robotic friends, but they will wake up eventually or they won’t. They are no longer your problem.

    You will find to your surprise that all of the services delivered by the shrinking cult of Scientology are now available from the same highly trained people who USED to deliver services in the church, except they now have their own practices. What is even more surprising is that these highly trained people have advanced the state of the spiritual processing art from the 1980s version frozen by the COS to a saner, more advanced technology which incorporates much of the lost technology dumped by the cult as too time intensive or too demanding of auditors.

    Whether it is Life Repair, the Ls, Power processing, or advanced NOTs processes, you can find it in the independent field under a variety of labels. You can even find spiritual rescue technology which allows people to solo audit advanced OT materials at no charge. This is where Google is your friend. The door to the Internet is open for you now. Enjoy your freedom!

  7. There you go. All trundled out as expected. More ineffective Mestcavige “orders” doing their rounds in the somewhat more “nervous?” hands of those thoroughly mentally loused up SO
    hangers on. A spade IS a spade, so let’s just call it what it is. These poor remnants of what used to be an elite corp of dedicated, tough, and able missionaires, were (pre-Mestcavige) sent
    out across the planet, to “get ethics in”. That is no longer the case, or possible, IMHO. since “ethics” has been replaced with financial exploitation, lies, indiscriminate destruction and betrayal, at any cost!

    Quite discernably, sanity, among these individuals, has been thoroughly compromised, by prolonged contagion with their equally insane sociopathic mind-controller!

    With their self-determinism in tatters, they obey their master as would any programmed push button robots. The phrase “terminators,” comes to mind in this instance.

    It needs to be mentioned, in mitigation of this unthinking behavior, that Jesus, is quoted as having said: “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do….”

    ie. “Full effect “– the EP of being in contact with anything connected to Depraved Mestcavige.

    As hopeless as all this may sound, for his “minions,” including SO, staff & transfixed public, still trapped with their blinkers on, it’s nothing that some expert auditing won’t fix, once they they are physically free from his influence. LRH provided the tech to fix even that.
    It’s been referred to as “using Scientology to fix Scientology.”

    Please remember, that these tortured souls operate in a valence, and it’s this “valence” that prevents them from recognizing TRUTH and thus are unable to as-is what is happening to them.

    We’re the fortunate ones, let’s extend a bit of compassion to help them out of Mestcavige’s hell hole, wherever we can.


    • Calvin. Thank you so very much, truly enlightening. Even with PTS tech, it’s somewhat different than “living with” the situation we all are finding ourselves in. As a very curious child I was always nosing around on the hunt for something of interest. My world was divided into what was in my purview (line of sight) and what I’d have to get a stool or chair to check out. The day I was tall enough to see the top of the kitchen counter (where the cookie jar lived) was a water-shed moment, as a whole other universe fell easily into my view. In studying Scientology I often struggled with the concept of awareness levels and why someone couldn’t “SEE” something that was seemingly obvious. I rarely applied this thought to my own inability to see or understand things that fell outside of my own awareness level, however. It helped me to think of it as my own familiar childhood dilemma of simply being too short to see what others easily could. Until my “viewpoint” could be altered, it just wasn’t “there” in my universe. I’m somewhat familiar with the concept of valences and honestly don’t think I am truly in my own, even yet. I do however, know how easy it is to “fall prey” to another’s personality/characteristics when that person is suppressive. It’s easy to see the contagion of aberration spread like wildfire once fear and agreement take hold. I often find myself thinking what will become of our friends who are still cowering or worse, committing more overts.
      I guess the short answer is: NOTHING. That is, nothing until they themselves do what each of us has done, truly investigate and DECIDE what they are willing to support. Ron said much on the subject of loving mankind, especially when it’s difficult. Granting beingness is quite the power-tool we so often forget we have been given. Thank you again for such a useful reminder. J

  8. You are right Savanna.If you had told me a few years ago that I would one day be declared and actually be relieved ,I would have thought you nuts.And yet this is what has transpired.I have no desire whatsoever to discuss whether I am declared or not with the church.I have disconnected.I do however have great interest in the survival of the tech and its standard application as well as for the welfare of the many fine people trapped in this false church

    • Rod I know most of the 18 pretty well and most of the others still likely to be declared. There is no way they will be doing steps A to E. I only heard rumours of what my golden rod said and believe me they got it all wrong. I am a Scientologist an auditor and always will be but i am now fully independent and free.

  9. It would be interesting to put together a list of people definitely declared in say, the last 10 years, by the Church of Suppression and see how many there are. People are getting declared these days for farting incorrectly, and 90% probably don’t even know it. Perhaps another avenue to find this out?

  10. Irrefutable evidence the “Church” has devolved into a tyrannical cult. I have heard the despicable rumours being spread by senior SO and org terminals – as if the declares are not enough, they are now embellishing them by putting their own personal “spin” on the whole affair. Elmien Lochner, Peach Bokelmann, Sandra De Beer and some “choice” public (some of them OTC members) are having a field day behaving like rumour mongering chaos merchants. Smacks of justification for something they KNOW is off–the-wall.

    Similar occurred in ’82 when the Jory Franchise went down in flames – the dazed field stood around like zombies and let it happen, trusting that “management” knew what they were doing. And now the Jory girls are sadly 100% in lock-step with the regime.

    Little did we know all those years ago it was the beginning of the end, and here we are today even more “zombified”, standing aside while DM and his minions continue to rip up our Church and fellow Scientologists

    When is enough really enough? How many dead bodies do we have to sacrifice “in the name of freedom”? I am starting to understand how Hitler got away with it – if you keep people PTS for long enough they will eventually support and even contribute towards the gassing of millions “for the greater good”. DM and his foot-soldiers have been committing genocide on the SCN public for years – when is this going to stop?

  11. Daves stats are vertical, just in the opposite direction. He does get people up a bridge, over and over and over again. He is making Scn a household name, but not a good one.
    I can admire dave for getting away with it for 30yrs, like I can admire Ghengis Khan for his technique in lopping off heads. His intimidation ability has got to rival Al Capones. As con men and liars go he has got to be up there with the best.
    But as to being a leader for Scientology, he really sucks!
    I can hear his thinking now, “the way to expand Scn in SA is to declare the most upstat, experienced, contributing members there, that will bring the people in” yeah, right!!!
    Dave, the object of Scientology is to help people expand their dynamics, you do make great, attractive buildings, I cant deny that, but they just dont get people up LRHs bridge.
    The only power dave and his rabid dogs have, is the power we give them. I figure he should be treated the way anyone who threatens ones dynamics should be treated. You dont pussy foot around with an enemy!!

    • Cotch, what you say here is so true: “He is making Scn a household name, but not a good one.”

      There’s an interesting data point on Mike Rinder’s blog to confirm this. Dani Lemberger, who led the Dror Mission in Israel to split from the official COS last year, reports that the biggest problem they faced getting new public into the mission was the word “Scientology”. As soon as people heard it, they turned away. I don’t remember how Dani’s group now describes what they are offering, but they are successfully (though slowly) building up the membership of their newly independent centre and just ended their first year in, I believe, a condition of affluence.

      I suppose by now everyone has read about Tom Cruise getting booed by the crowd at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles when the cameras found him, alone in his skybox, and flashed his image up on the big monitors. Presumably it wasn’t because of his recent film roles.

  12. The way I see it, there’s so much hope out there. I am so relieved as now I know the truth…there were always out points that I noticed over the years that I could not reconcile yet somehow accepted as it was for the greatest good. Now that I know the truth I can finally get the real deal…Scientology in its truest form…there are so many people wanting to make a difference in this world in a real way…and I suppose the people tuning in to these blogs would be the biggest concentration of such people. So at the moment, I am very relieved, grateful for finding out the truth and very excited about Scientology….in its truest form…just had to share…

  13. Dear Sandra (LC)
    I was not pleased at all in the way you handled me on Friday.

    When you called me and the other lady out of the auditorium on Friday, you were probably pleased as you could show everyone that you are in-Charge.

    You did make your point and am sure you were able to sleep that night. I understood that Ann Hogarth did not even know me, as she was not up to kicking me out, but you used her to do your dirty work.

    As I have explained to her, while waiting outside:
    1. The Joburg org belongs to those who put it there, not the management. I have put it there, I have contributed monies that I do not have to the movement of building that org where people can come achieve freedom and my children have a stable datum of a religion that was created by L Ron Hubbard
    2. I have been on staff, working long hours for 8 years, while holding a day job and being a mother.
    3. I contribute monthly to the IAS again with the monies I do not have, but hopefully to keep Scientology alive.
    4. I have brought a lot of people into the org and got a lot of people up the bridge, whom are still thankful today.
    5. I have a lot made a lot of friends in my church

    You have no right to kick me out of my org because I work with the person who has helped you so much and kept most of your staff on staff by helping them stay on staff, including helping you by de-bugging the pcs that your org could not de-bug.

    This person you have been wanting to declare as suppressive for so long even if she has helped you so much, you are staying in her house rent-free. The only thing this person wanted in exchange was to see Scientology being applied all over the world, including parts of Africa that people did not know exist. A person you have been spending so much of your time, instead of building an org, getting the friends to disconnect because of your false accusations. The person whom you have been lying about the brother disconnecting from his “Suppressive Family” which will never happen, by the way.

    How could you even think that the house was supposed to be in your name? mahala?

    There is nothing in writing that declares me as a PTS type A, I am talking about the golden rod that is official per L Ron Hubbard policies, which I hope you get to use one-day to make the org stable.

    How do you just take lies and speculations that other people tell you and just declare good people? have you ever thought of the reason we have so many people introduced to Scientology, yet not many of them are on the bridge? It is actions like this that makes people not want to come to a graduation, let alone an important event, but still love L Ron Hubbard.

    In-case you did not know before you started this “declare the most up-stat Scientologists campaign”, you have taken away many members of the church from your Call-in list, and taken Scientology away from the people who really need it, like those in Far-away African countries.

    I am not sure if anyone has told you before, but you are busy creating enemies for L Ron Hubbard. Other staff also work and has worked so hard to keep an org there, but you are busy destroying it internally.

    Wishing you well in your Declare Campaign.


    • Brilliant letter Fire! I have known Sandra to do this to staff who finished their contracts and then attended an event as a public only to be ordered to leave. Despicable! How lucky we are to not have to deal with the likes of her!

  14. I’ve been waiting for South African Scientologists to wake up for more than 10 years now. Have a glance at how many old Saint Hillers have been declared:

    MODERATOR COMMENT: Martin, thanks very much for visiting our blog – we welcome you here. We are aware of the list but have an issue with the voracity of it. For this reason we have decided to delete the link.

  15. Joburg day LC Sandra De Beer! A sure fire case for reverse auditing and black Dianetics! Her almost reptillian glance can run the blood cold. What makes her even more scary is that she truly believes that she is doing everything to protect the org! The saying “There is a condition worse than blindness and that is seeing something that isnt there!” Its just too apt! Pure unadulterated delusion! Those staff and public who have attracted her ire know what I’m talking about! When all the good guys are gone will the nuts eat each other? Hope so because that island dumping ground LRH talks about for true SP’s may turn out to be theC of $!!

  16. Let’s play spot the tone level of your “church”. I would call it 1.1. The level of domination by nullification. No sane person would do this to an area. Don’t q&a with these suppressives. Fight back. Don’t fail to assign and enforce the correct condition to this “church”.

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