Some real stats

Yesterday we received this notification from WordPress which caused a giggle for all of us. This refers to the volume of traffic we are getting to this “African Scientologists Getting Back in Comm” blog


The stats certainly are booming. The idea of this blog was born some months ago. Numerous people had said that we need a local forum. Somewhere to get news about what is going in our own area. When we finally launched on the 25th of October.  We hoped that over time we would grow into a stable place for people to get some local info. We’ve been blown away! Here are the stats as reported by WordPress. Clearly this is something needed and wanted. Scientologists love communicating and this proves that given the opportunity they will do so in volume.

While we have been impressed with the visits we are getting from around the world (and we thank you all) it has been particularly gratifying that South Africans are finding their way here in droves.



For those who don’t know the terms used: “Visitors” reflects individuals coming to the site while “views” represents the number of times the site was viewed. So one person visiting the site could view several articles or come back to the site multiple times. In the picture above we see that so far today we have had 305 visitors and the views are 834 which means each visitor viewed 2.7 pages or returned 2.7 times.

The “best ever” figure was from yesterday. We had over 1600 visitors yesterday contributing that many views.

In short we are getting back in comm.


15 thoughts on “Some real stats

  1. Wow! Amazing stats. After about a decade of being a Tech terminal in Africa I find this blog incredibly therapeutic! Thank you…

  2. Brilliant!

    The more blogs there are and the more information can be shared from different locations, the more we will see we are actually a group and not alone at all. Ha! The islands are becoming the sea 😉

  3. Thanks for joining the chorus of sane blogs bringing truth to those that sought it in Scientology.
    The cult may be winding down, but the people who helped build a dream of a better world are now linking up and will see it through.

    Please continue!

  4. This is great and so impressive…I can’t believe the number of people that are tuning in…and from all over the world…thanks for the stats…

  5. Amazing stats indeed. I think that Mike Rinder’s support of the blog and his audience were also a factor in attracting especially the foreign views, and in turn it was Marty’s blog/audience which gave Mike a head start. Then there is Steve Hall’s blog, and so many others……. My point is – this movement is “on fire”. It looks like a sizeable chunk of the SA field has looked in on this blog. More people are concerned about the problems in the Church than those who are not. Change is inevitable.

  6. Congratulations! Not surprising, these numbers, as the blog is a very good window into the Scientology scene in Africa. And not just Scientologists are interested. Splendid, splendid!

  7. Nice!!! We’ll done to the creators of this blog!!!!! These are fabulous figures and they’re only going to get better!

  8. I love the way you are presenting your information and coming forward with new posts frequently. Clean, clean and cleaner. For SP’s you guys sure are sparkling clean!

  9. Awesome to see how many of us are there. Formally restricted to rhe shadows now coming forth, bubbling out our personal stories, healing and reforming! DM retreat into your castle of lies, we come for you!!

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