Gold Fantasy vs. Hard Reality

On Sunday, among the many comments we received, was one from TruthSeeker which included this paragraph:

“Incidentally I will never forget the day the staff of Joburg Org were called to a Gold photo shoot on the front steps of the Org for the purpose of providing ‘evidence’ to Int Management (later to be broadcast to the public at an Int Event) of a booming, prosperous Org… Well, there simply weren’t enough staff so the solution from the Gold crew was to call over approx 15 or so construction workers/labourers who were busy laying bricks for the extension on the Joburg Org, get them quickly dressed in the new uniforms, and have them stand within the staff group, smiling and waving for the cameras. This nature of false reporting is not only not uncommon, it is rife in the current ‘Church’.”

It is probable that most Scientologists have had a chance to see something being shot (videod) by a “Gold Crew” and had grave concerns for the reality they were attempting to relay.

You may also have noticed that “Ideal Org News” has been on email overdrive the last 6 weeks or so with emails almost every day seeking to convince people that Ideal Orgs are amazing and the best thing since the publication of Dianetics. One such email was sent last night. The subject of the email is “Enough space to train, process and administrate.”

Here is the picture they have offered in support of “having enough space…” This is the Pretoria org academy:


The Gold fantasy version of Pretoria’s academy

Those with sharp eyes will notice a few Johannesburg public in the photo who made the trek to the org to look good for the cameras.

On the 18th of March this year an article appeared on Mike Rinder’s blog which included a photo of the Pretoria org academy taken shortly after the grand opening event.

The actual version of the Pretoria org academy

The actual version of the Pretoria org academy

20 thoughts on “Gold Fantasy vs. Hard Reality

  1. Very interesting. Student on the left front seems to have, I could be wrong, a Command of Theta checksheet. This is a lectures only course. She’s reading a book though. Interesting course room.

    • Good observation. However, I would wager that this picture was taken before the building was even open. There aren’t even any dictionaries in the shot which means they probably hadn’t arrived yet. Everything about this is fake.

  2. Actually the false reporting/PR has been going on since long before ideal orgs. I remember when jhb org won the birthday game around the mid 90’s i think it was. ED int in his congratulatory speech said jhb org sells 500 new books a week. I was PES PTA at the time and i thought what bs -Jhb org was selling around 120 a week and the cont was on about 240- 260 a week per the weekly standings i received.
    Another time crimminon pta was being featured on some or other event – afterwards the ED Criminon pta mentioned to me ” even he didn’t know how good they (criminon pta) were” until he watched that event. A tongue in cheek reference to how “booming” that criminon was.
    The kings of false PR -for me-was Hamburg org in the early 90’s.The story was through “all the suppression the org continues to boom”. Except apparently it was false reporting on its stats like crazy. The pta org used to receive a weekly stat sheet of all other orgs from around the world-for Birthday Game purposes. A person could see most of the planets org stats. Most orgs were pretty dismal. Unfortunately this stat sheet was done away with at some point.
    But perhaps at that time someone at int level saw that the public are buying the PR – and after all its a “PR world” and its an “acceptable truth”.

  3. The way the delivery and income of Scientology is designed each member of the team is expected to increase their stats infinitely, which is impossible. Therefore stats and pr photos have been faked since Hubbard times.

  4. I remember sitting at those boring events and in between falling in and out of sleep I would watch the VM’s travel all over the world to disaster areas, ‘yellow shirts’ everywhere, smiling away and photo’s with important people like the Chief of Police or the Mayor etc. Well, I had the chance to go to one of these disaster areas after an earthquake and gee, were my eyes opened to what BS it all was. Firstly, we were not welcomed and after an impolite comment from the Mayor’s wife I started to get used to her daily death stares. I watched as ‘yellow shirts’ just asked random people (any one with some importance), for a photo.They were just being polite when asked to be in the photo, not because they were super impressed with our rescue techniques! In fact the group were asked to pack up and get out quick smart after an OT alledgedly touched a female inappropriately, (awkward!!). I was absolutely ashamed to be a part of the group when the Scientologists were more interested in getting ‘freebies’, like steal capped boots, jackets, hard hats, etc. It was a free for all! So while some poor person headed into the danger zone without the appropriate apparel, a member of the SO walked around with his reflective vest and hard hat on inside the safe zone. I guess you never know when a ham sandwich might fly through the air and smack you fair square on the head, better safe than sorry I guess!! You can say that I was very disheartened and disallusioned after this pathetic example.

    • Thanks for this Mocking Jay. A huge frustration for these type of activities is the constant effort to get people to say the VMs are amazing so it can be presented as “we have THE solutions!” in truth, when VMs were genuinely appreciated it was because they gave a tent, or some food or helped fix something. Just ordinary, regular help that any person with a heart would do. Not because the yellow T-shirts were bringing the only useful tech in the world.

      • As you noted, a huge problem with the VM’s and Co$’s supposed efforts to “help” is that they do not come fully equipped and prepared. Legitimate rescue supporting organizations come prepared and especially prepared to house and feed their own recovery teams (particularly at the onset of rescue efforts). VM’s show up and become a drain and burden on resources meant for the VICTIMS, as the VM’s are not prepared to support themselves, let alone actually equipped help with search, rescue and medical treatment.

        Curiously, with the tragedy unfolding in the Philippines you do not hear the call to assisst. Could this because there is another more important, all-hands-on-deck event that the Pope of Hemet is hosting in Clearwater?

        Finally, here is an example of what can also go wrong with those not adequately trained and then also decide on their own they are “helping”. In this you tube video, at the 2:50 mark “this scientology volunteer admits to stealing irradiated water used as a makeshift radiation shield, putting people in danger. Water was being used in this case in bags on the wall to shield the other rooms from x-ray equipment. “The water was given to people to drink… however the most danger comes from taking the radiation shield thus exposing people to radioactive waves, etc.”

    • This is an important eye witness account, MJay. Can you add some date and location info of the scene you’re referring to, please? I’m sure doxmiesters would appreciate it.

  5. Thank you for this – a picture speaks a thousands words! It is so great to get local data at long last, this blog is so appreciated by those of us in South Africa, so thank you again..

    It is so sad to see that what could have made such a difference in South Africa has been turned into nothing more than a farce. It is all about PR and money instead of really helping in the areas so badly in need of it.

    Of course, in a country where there is so much poverty, crime and an unhealthy lack of basic education, there is not much money to be made, so I can imagine how the US headquarters consider Africa as worth nothing more than a photo op to attempt to pretend that they actually made a difference here. They are beyond disgusting, absolute vultures.

  6. If someone lies to you they are trying to control you.
    Lies (stats and photos)
    lies (defaming the public who question, wrongly declaring public and staff/SO)
    lies (selling OT IX etc – were not and have not been written up / not even notes from LRH exist)
    lies (selling “cornerstones” on the Flag building which has already been over funded)
    lies (IAS projects)
    and more damned lies (you will lose your eternity)

    • Oh, Dali, you hit the nail on the head with that last one! That is one of their most “successful” lies of all time that people will fall for. And as they tell that lie they send you down the tonescale to FEAR, then implant you with the false datum. Classic!

  7. You are doing a great job scnafrica.Well done and keep it going. We really appreciate your efforts.
    For too long we have bought their lies.

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  9. Thanks scnafrica for picking up on the subject of false reporting in the CofS… Not only is the action of trying to pull the wool over our eyes in this way an insult to our intelligence, it goes much deeper as LRH points out in HCO PL 20 Oct 1967, CONDITIONS, HOW TO ASSIGN:

    “When you find a false graph, you assign anyone who falsified it intentionally and knowingly a condition of Liability, for that action is far worse than a noncompliance.
    “And you had better be alert to the actual area where the false graph originated as it has a tiger in it. Only physical inspection of a most searching kind… will reveal the OTHER crimes going on there. There are always other crimes when you get a false report. Experience will teach one that if he really looks.”

  10. Ah yes. Obviously dictionaries would have detracted from the beautiful marble-topped tables. Incidentally, a whole lot of the furniture for Pretoria was imported from Italy. A 6-man team of cabinet makers came out to do the on-site installations – you can be sure our donations paid for their flights, accommodation and labour. We also paid the shipping bill to get the stuff over here.

  11. Years ago my wife commented “Most of the wins told at events are from pioneer areas”.
    I used to think “Well those areas are the only ones one can get anything done, without a lot of busybodies telling you what you can’t do.”

    Now I think more along the lines of “So few knows what really goes on in pioneer areas that they are excellent to lie about as no one or few knows the real facts, or lack of.”

    Some years ago there was a scientologist in the East Grinstead area that ran a little text message service, where scientologists looking for a room, job or selling a sofa could get a message out to his bretheren. That stopped for some reason.
    Thinking it was a good idea I set up a conference email service that could fill the gap, and mailed all the scientologists I had emails of (don’t remember how many – guess 30 – 40) telling this was not for org business but just a way of letting scientologists network between themselves for non org matters.
    I got two replies. Both thought that it sounded good, but wanted to know if I had OSA clearance. I asked back how they figure I needed it? Anyway, that never caught on and I soon closed the thing down.
    What this illustrated to me is the general fear of the Org or of doing something that may end one up in any kind of trouble or that may affect ones OT clearance.

    If one lets fear and blackmail control ones life, how can one experience spiritual freedom at the same time?
    Does anyone remember the great advertising campaign button “think for yourself” of some years back. I guess that is all good and well as long as one does not apply it to the subject of Scientology.

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