An Open Letter to Sandra………..

Below is a letter addressed to Sandra de Beer (LC Joburg Org and wife of Albert de Beer). It was published on this blog a few days ago in response to one of our articles.

Sandra is Joburg Org’s self-appointed judge, jury and executioner. She is obviously in her element with the recent declares – this letter highlights this beautifully. The unceremonious public removal of 2 people from the auditorium at graduation last week speaks volumes about the tyrannical rule that has taken over our Church.

We know who “Fire” is, and can testify to the continued, unwavering support she has given to Scientology and all its activities in South Africa.  


Dear Sandra (LC)

I was not pleased at all in the way you handled me on Friday.

When you called me and the other lady out of the auditorium on Friday, you were probably pleased as you could show everyone that you are in-Charge.

You did make your point and am sure you were able to sleep that night. I understood that Ann Hogarth did not even know me, as she was not up to kicking me out, but you used her to do your dirty work.

As I have explained to her, while waiting outside:
1. The Joburg org belongs to those who put it there, not the management. I have put it there, I have contributed monies that I do not have to the movement of building that org where people can come achieve freedom and my children have a stable datum of a religion that was created by L Ron Hubbard
2. I have been on staff, working long hours for 8 years, while holding a day job and being a mother.
3. I contribute monthly to the IAS again with the monies I do not have, but hopefully to keep Scientology alive.
4. I have brought a lot of people into the org and got a lot of people up the bridge, whom are still thankful today.
5. I have a lot made a lot of friends in my church

You have no right to kick me out of my org because I work with the person who has helped you so much and kept most of your staff on staff by helping them stay on staff, including helping you by de-bugging the pcs that your org could not de-bug.

This person you have been wanting to declare as suppressive for so long even if she has helped you so much, you are staying in her house rent-free. The only thing this person wanted in exchange was to see Scientology being applied all over the world, including parts of Africa that people did not know exist. A person you have been spending so much of your time, instead of building an org, getting the friends to disconnect because of your false accusations. The person whom you have been lying about the brother disconnecting from his “Suppressive Family” which will never happen, by the way.

How could you even think that the house was supposed to be in your name? mahala?

There is nothing in writing that declares me as a PTS type A, I am talking about the golden rod that is official per L Ron Hubbard policies, which I hope you get to use one-day to make the org stable.

How do you just take lies and speculations that other people tell you and just declare good people? have you ever thought of the reason we have so many people introduced to Scientology, yet not many of them are on the bridge? It is actions like this that makes people not want to come to a graduation, let alone an important event, but still love L Ron Hubbard.

In-case you did not know before you started this “declare the most up-stat Scientologists campaign”, you have taken away many members of the church from your Call-in list, and taken Scientology away from the people who really need it, like those in Far-away African countries.

I am not sure if anyone has told you before, but you are busy creating enemies for L Ron Hubbard. Other staff also work and has worked so hard to keep an org there, but you are busy destroying it internally.

Wishing you well in your Declare Campaign.




29 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Sandra………..

  1. My heart goes out to you Fire. Your words are those of a social personality. Sandra be Beer, it seems to me, delights in actions such as the one you were the adverse effect of. She is the perfect Miscavige employee. I have known so many Scientologists who’s purpose is to nurture and assist people and see people winning and moving up the Bridge. Compare that to the many stories told in the field about the exploits of Sandra de Beer and you should realise what you are dealing with.
    LRH talks about the low confront of evil in so many of us. We need to start knowing our PTS/SP tech and applying it.I believe you are wasting your time trying to appeal to Sandra de Beer’s better side.

    • You are so right Kevin, I agree whole heartedly with all that you say.

      And Fire, I know exactly what you are talking about … Some years ago, due to being connected to a family member who was unjustly declared, I and my husband were told to leave an event on Ken Krieger’s instructions – his confront was not up to doing I himself so he sent one of his lackeys to do it for him.

      Also, I too have experience the rough end of Sandra de Beer’s whipping rod on several occasions.

      One occurred after an extremely successful event that the OTC had put together some years ago, in which many public would be speaking and for which I was the planner. Prior to the event Sandra had demanded that I give her write-up of a complete breakdown of each speaker’s subject content, to be approved by her before the event. This I did. Unfortunately one of the speakers unexpectedly via’d off into another rather off beat topic and didn’t adhere to her originally planned speech. This incensed Sandra and immediately after the event she viciously attacked both the OTC Chairman and myself for allowing the speaker to bring up an unacceptable subject, and threw out considerable enturbulation into an otherwise an utterly successful theta evening.

      But she has not been able to leave it there … recently I discovered she was still enturbulating others with how bad I was … only a few months ago a staff member phoned me to ask what had really happened at that event. I informed her and then on asking why she was inquiring she told me that Sandra had come to her with further Black PR on me and that she was still harping on what a terrible disaster that event was and how I had been responsible for everything bad within it!.
      She has proven herself to be both vicious and vindictive and she appears to delight in unmocking really theta activities by either directly accusing and/or by spreading slanderous rumors about the target of her displeasure to make sure that she black PRs the target terminal to all in sundry.

      All the best, Anna

    • I too saw witness to Sandra’s wrath whilst on staff from 2004 to 2006. The Purif I/C, during that period for JBGD, was a target for Sandra. Unfortunately, the Purif I/C could not take the ‘management by shouting’ style of leadership & blew in December 2006 instead of routing off standardly. Naturally, Sandra put together a comm ev & tried to have this poor, once dedicated staff member, declared. Fortunately, the comm ev recommended an amends program which the former Purif I/C did. Only later did she go off to ANZO where sanity prevailed & the whole comm ev was over turned.

  2. Sandra certainly has an interesting way of handling people. I too have also experienced what may possibly (hopefully) be the worst of Sandra and I have witnessed many others go through it.

    She has a terrible tendency of leaving behind a wake of absolute destruction and enturbulation that leaves people distraught, spinning and completely caved in.

    It will catch up to her one day, and she will find herself very lonely as she will eventually piss off her little minions too…

    Fire – I sincerely hope your open letter somehow finds it’s way to Sandra. If it doesn’t open her eyes, even just a little, then there really is no hope for that woman.

  3. Fire; well done on an extremely well -written and accurate article. Sandra wants to help the church to expand by getting rid of staff, and especially, old-timers and top contributors. Is she aware that she would have no org to ruin unless these staff and top contributors had held the form of the org for so many years before she could even spell Scientogologology?. I hope your RPF is both long and painful. Poor old Albert has no chance with her running/ ruining the Org.

  4. David Miscavige is a sadist. Yes, he is. He enjoys inflicting pain. It makes sense to me that through him, CoS has become a breeding ground for sadists. It is a place they can thrive. Hard to find institutionalised in the west nowadays. Don’t stick around waiting for Sandra to ‘wake up’. I’m sure there are way better things to do with life.

  5. OMG – don’t get me started on Sandra. I could fill a book with the amount of devastation I have seen her inflict on staff and public. In a way I have her to thank for setting me on my quest for the truth. When you see someone like her in action, you have to ask “where is this coming from and why is it condoned – it must be coming from higher up the org board” – and then you start looking………..Talk about the enemy within! She is doing an excellent job of chasing people away from the Church. Go Sandra!!!

  6. wow! I am at a loss of words here.
    Great letter, Fire!
    And seriously, are they still living rent free in the house that belongs to declared SPs?!
    Please…give them their walking papers.

    • Well the SP,s who own the house cant be so bad then can they? If I was the owner my SP characteristics would have come right out and Sandra de Beer and her storm troopers would be on the pavement already. But the real owners, declared SP,s are being compassionate. Interesting hey?

      • Yes, they are compassionate. I find it rather hypocritical that the church is demanding everyone disconnect from them…oh, except for the free rent part.
        It’s criminal.

    • If they are still letting these people live rent free then they need a wake up call. I would never allow an enemy of mine to soak up more of my grace to use it against me. It violates rewards and penalties in my opinion.

  7. To be posted at mediator’s discretion……
    The hard choice.
    Every SO member, staff member, public, mission holder, indie, outie, never-innie, and blogger here could be challenged to make the following choice:

    Assumption for this test is LRH TECH is correct.
    Option 1:
    The church is wrong to declare the 18 because they are largely top OT’s. The ethics tech is wrong because by definition, and by the grade chart as backed up by the marketing hype, these OTs cannot be suppressive persons. The case involved is handled on grade 5. Way below their level.

    Option 2:
    The church is wrong that they were OT’S and therefore they can be suppressives.
    The tech is wrong because after way more than about R1.5M they are still suppressive. All the withold writeups, sec checking and auditing in the world (literally) has not had the desired effect.

    Option 3:
    Unconfrontable option. Ethics and tech are both right. These are extremely powerful beings who can cause anything they want. And they are suppressive. So actually they are like SP’S on steroids. Scary people!

    Thankfully I know almost all of them and I for one reckon they are fine people. I would be happy for them to receive Kha-Khan status (permanent ethics protection). Then let them go about their jobs. Which without church management intervention would probably be to do some good somewhere. As they always have done.

  8. There was a time, a while ago, when I did observe and experience the lighter side of Sandra. She was approachable, understanding and helpful but it wasn’t consistent. I think pressure changes a person’s behaviour and I’m reminded that she would have been easily restimulated as she spent between 5 – 7 years on the RPF in the States after being in the S.O. for just 6 months. The RPF by all accounts is a living hell but this does not justify her actions which I have experienced over the years too.

    The stories I have heard (and experienced) of the nasty side of Sandra are plentiful and as such she has earned her reputation. The only explanation that resonates with me is that Sandra has “learnt” numerous false stable datums over her many years. If I had to plot the church on the tone scale it would not rate very high. The column “Method Used by Subject to Handle Others” is a good yardstick. Anger/Fear/Grief seems to be where our org rides. Reading that column and seeing where this org is at with the recent Joburg 18 declares I place it at 1.1. It seems to fit word for word. And that is probably why we see some of our friends and family buying the BS the org is putting out on these declares. It’s confusing dealing with a 1.1.

    Fire, for now you are better off outside the org and you have many friends here. May we continue to push back!

  9. Well said Fire!
    I believe that I could actually write a book on the ongoing attacks that Tracy and myself had to endure from the likes of Sandra De Beer regards our Field Practice.
    She could not stand the fact that we as Tech Terminals actually got results. An interesting dichotomy is that, she and the Jobur’ Org (Continental Org?) would send us the bogged PC’s to crack whilst at the same time she was insidiously and continuously trying to find fault with us and stop us at every turn.
    From what I have been told, (we still have not been privy to our accused crimes) Tracy and myself were declared as we refused to open a mission because behind the scenes we were delivering a Squirrel RD. Our Squirrel RD I am lead to believe, was actually the wonderful Basic Purpose handling that I have often used with incredible results, all based on actual LRH references.
    And how did I learn to deliver this? From a days workshop delivered by Patrick Valten (A Top Wise Consultant on the Planet) in the Johannesburg Org!
    Sandra De Beer is without a doubt an SP and does not want Auditors or people being audited.

    • Isn’t it interesting how exactly Sandra de Beers actions line up with the relevant PTS/SP HCOB,s.The tech on SP.s exists in abundance and yet they and their PTS friends rule our past group and declare those who will not be cowed by exactly reversing the tech of PTS/SP on us. The mechanisms built onto the C of S to protect the group are the very mechanisms that are being used to destroy it.

  10. When going into Pretoria Org for a recruitment interview, one of the missionares mentioned that they are running into trouble as none of the ex Jhb staff was willing to ever be on staff again. Their hope was that they could convince the ex Jhb staff to join Pretoria Org. I think someone like Sandra De Beer played a much bigger role in the failure of the Gauteng Org’s than what at first meets the eye.

  11. Well, I, for one, can certainly attest to the standard tech delivered by the PAC [Personal Achievement Centre, Tracy Corbett’s now closed practice – Moderator] after being stuck for approx 6 years whilst on org lines. It was at the PAC that I discovered the power of the technology and FINALLY understood auditing…Shirley and Tracy, thanks once again (and always) for your ability in delivering such standard tech, for your help, for your wonderful ARC and for being Scientologists in the true sense of the word. You have helped so many people over the years. The Church is harming people of goodwill and this is certainly not “the way to happiness”. And as LRH also brilliantly states in the Way to Happiness: “the real handling of such a situation and such people, the real way to defeat them is to flourish and prosper”. What a great handling and you are certainly examples of beings that are flourishing and prospering. May you and yours continue to flourish and prosper and may you continue positively influence and have such an amazing impact on people around you!!! The world is a better place for it…

  12. I noticed a very interesting thing one day when I was looking at past stats of Joburg Org… I couldn’t understand how this Org had been so successful in its first 4 or so years, and I was keen to find out what had changed to produce a decline in the stats from 2007-8 onwards. Well it seemed to me that the decline started from the point Albert married Sandra. This was by no means an exhaustive evaluation – but the thought occured to me at the time and it made a lot of sense…

  13. I was in Joburg a few years ago, i am not form SA, i made the mistake of arriveing at Joburg for auditing
    ( dont even get me started on that Talk about OVERT PRODUCT)
    I remember Sandra very well… I was shocked that CMO dont check for R/S when thay recrute…. This lady is a walking talking R/S personalty… Well also at the time was Sabina and Vennessa… Sandra’s Mini me’s… Thease guys made me run for my life from Africa… My god thease girls where full of venom insted of ARC… So far from what LRH intended… And to think thay are sure LRH is of proud them…

  14. Well said Fire!!
    This same kind of thing has been happening for years all over the planet. The truth is that David Missmanage is behind all of this irrationality and these Sea Org and staff members are for the most part just PTS to him. I have spoken to many senior ex Sea Org who have reported being attacked by the “cob”. He is a vulgar little man who must be stopped at all costs. He was the “genius” who created the “Idle Org” programs and subsequently has crashed the church of Scientology’s stats. One could consider him just incompetent, but to level the destruction that he has I think you have to go a bit deeper and call a spade a spade. He is a dyed in the wool SP, anti-social. No sane Man or manager would do the things this idiot is doing. The only thing that he and his PTS minion do expertly is to create ENEMIES. And Lord knows he has enough of them.
    This too shall pass at some point and order will be restored, once the cancer has been burned away from the dying body. Stand tall and be counted is the recipe for success. Do NOT be afraid. The only power an SP has is the power to enturbulate. And when you handle or disconnect from that SP you will have case resurgence beyond your wildest dreams. Well, at least real good wins. I don’t want to be guilty of the hype that “they” use. Lol.

  15. Regarding this Terminal Sandra De Beer it may be a good idea to start a blog topic whereby people are invited to share their stories in full. It may begin the healing process for some people to come out who were too afraid previously. Sandra’s legacy of carnage affected the whole of Joburg and beyond! I still remember my first comm ev that Sandra initiated like it was yesterday. The character assasination whisper campaign she incorporated was so masterfully executed even I nearly believed in the charges levelled at me. I actually felt like I was wrong, evil and not worthy of being on staff. My best friends , 2D and fellow staffmembers were called up as whitnesses in an attempt to glean extra damning evidence. It left the most bitter taste in everyones mouth. The committee knew what that what was occurring here was a vindictive farce. My stellar production saved me as well as their pity. I was broken seeing the betrayal. Nothing made sense. Yes I left staff but for a good reason, to provide for my new family. Sandra cared not. I was to be the head on a pike to be openly displayed as a deterrent against others who thought they could leave Joburg day too!

    As it turns out, despite assurances to my 2D that I was to be declared for sure and that she should convince me to give up my parental rights to my son( she was still on staff), I was cleared. No findings of my comm ev were even posted!! My 2D had moved out for a while with our son believing in this madness for a short period due to uncertainty created by this guillotine convention. It must have been a real let down for Sandra to see her intention fail. I did not get declared. My 2D became my wife, my friends stayed my friends. But there was damage. Emmotionally that was probably the worst experience Ive ever been through. I think just about every past track lynching, execution and court experience went into full blown restimulation! Ghastly!

    Years later, after St hill size had come and gone and the mayhem had taken its toll and Joburg day had whittled down to 30 or so staff I made the single most idiotic choice once again!! I rejoined staff!! I gave up my training as a public, felt sorry for the org on having shrunk and decided to help once again. Guess what happened? They lied to me. I was put back onto my old post and expected to boom the area like i did those years ago! There went my training right out of the window just like that!! To top it off Sandra De Beer was reintated as the LC once again. I mean how fortuitous can you get, I ask you??

    Needless to say once this lady picked up her old reigns, the reign of terror reignited in all ernest. I decide to leave again. A second comm ev was not long to follow.. I mean its just too insane to think someone like this is given a post which is there to ensure the org expands! She does the opposite! If she looked at my stats she would have seen that I was an upstat! This means that as per LRH Hcopls & Hcob’s she must fall under the the 5% bracket of suppressive personalities. Its that obvious! What scares me cold is that she honestly believes she is helping the org. But I digress.. the 2nd comm ev fails, no findings are posted this time either. I do my lowers and continue with my training but not in Joburg org.

    One day I decide to do some extensive research into scientology. Independant research that is. The pennies drop. I recognise the true source of suppression. My bridge continues outside the church, I go clear and then onto solo. Life is awesome!

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