“Joburg is not expanding, Pretoria is failing”

Over last 6 weeks or more the email inboxes of local Scientologists have been regularly bombarded with statements of the glorious expansion as a result of Ideal Orgs. Here are a few of the statements made:

In the 3 years after going Ideal, the Johannesburg Org made double the number of Releases and Clears than the previous 3 years.”

The Pretoria Ideal Org has raised 90% of the funds needed to launch their massive promotional campaign – radio ads, billboards, streetpole ads and much more!”

Since going Ideal seven months ago, there have been two times the number of people completing Basics Books and Lectures courses in the Pretoria Org than the last two years combined!”

The Pretoria Org has 6X more staff than before it went Ideal – that is more staff than ever before in its history!”

In the 7 months since the Pretoria Org went Ideal, more new people have come into the org and started a service than the previous 3 years combined.”

It’s propaganda pure and simple. These emails came from “Ideal Org News”. The message being: “Ideal Orgs are a success, pay money for more of them.”

Contrast this expanding scene with a 10-14 man Sea Org command team arriving and immediately declaring it’s top contributors. Doesn’t make much sense. 

With all of this going on a Sea Org member, making an attempt to handle a public Scientologist, made this, impromptu staggering statement:

“Do you know why the command team has come to Africa? Because in the rest of the world Scientology is doing well but Joburg is not expanding and Pretoria is failing. So there is a problem”.

A problem. Perhaps we should start with the fact that our most dedicated are suppressive.

There you have it folks. An admission from behind the veil.


12 thoughts on ““Joburg is not expanding, Pretoria is failing”

  1. Anyone feel this is a stark reminder of Nazi Germany, mid 1945 as the Allies and the Soviets were steamrolling across the land? Goebels propaganda machine was still proclaiming victory despite all evidence contrary. Historians shook their collective heads at the horrendous human cost. I see an even bigger calamity, thetans who if they were given the chance couldve made much more far reaching impact on the human condition. Instead they channeled their recources into fuelling yet another Hitler. We keep falling for it dont we? I adore LRH but if we expected him and the church to look, control and understand for us all, it isnt any wonder we see the current crisis as it is!!

  2. How come I have not heard any radio ads or seen ads on bill boards?
    The general public think of them as another Jehova’s witness.
    From 1964 to the time I left in 1986 staff never received a livable wage

  3. Scientology turned into another criminal scam because of DM and his friends, of which some were and are in SA. I believe they are there because there are many very powerful and able beings in the country.
    However, SPs make mistakes and sooner or later are being found out. It seems that they are now being exposed and hopefully dealt with and no more good beings get harmed.
    What I would like to see happening is that the C of S would simply be ended and all money still in the bank accounts (after selling all buildings) paid back to the donors.
    Then Scientologists could find a new way of organizing themselves without a person on top who is abusing all members.
    Good luck to all people who are still in.

  4. I saw one TV ad while watching a late night movie on ETV, it was sandwiched between the ads that say: “SMS #### for hot girl on girl action” etc… Cheapest rates no doubt and really bad placement! That was shortly after Pta opened. This ad was also advertised in an email, saying that it was broadly surveyed in OUR AREA and tailored to get a response from the public in our area. Another lie…it was the exact same ad that ran in New York Times Square and during the US Superbowl. Did not realize that JHB and PTA had the exact same buttons as the whole of the USA…

  5. In other words, Joburg and Pretoria are failing.

    This is from an inside source so this is great to hear.

    The utter insanity of the declares, the non-publishing of the declares, the events with an elephant in the room, the new command team that knows absolutely zero about the local scene, the incessant golden age of knowledge tech 2 events, intentionally mis characterized because this is what someone said on a call-in call, it is all a stunning hallucinatory cause level of things inside the bubble. Scary actually.

    And then, to top it all, I see an email saying a new civilization is popping up in SA. Wow. Bubble-speak. I can see it now, with SA govt and education and unemployment and super-enlightened folks, not. geeez.

    Krieger and Faust and Albert are all playing an insane game but they are not the head of the fish.

    Ads and surveys and buttons and marketing is all part of LRH tech, not what is in use today.

    Thanks for the cool articles.

  6. I think that from an organisational point of view Miscavige has no option but to hunt down and declare anyone who can see that he just keeps feeding his public what they want to hear without actually accomplishing anything that actually is in line with the way forward as laid out by LRH (for you newbies LRH is the important guy, not Miscavige).Every grand announcement these days involves some future event or new discovery that is going to fix it all. Well in the 1970,s it didn’t need fixing. It worked spectacularly well in fact!
    So now he puts it all in the future so you never quite get to it, its always coming.You have hope.Then when you do get whatever is being offered it has problems which are your fault, so now we are off on a new thing which is going to fix it all again. All the while we pay and pay and have faith .Goodness me, what would LRH say?
    To keep this all running Miscavige has to get rid of all those who wake up and say”hey what the hell is going on here?No more!” Because that is suppressive—-to Miscaviges purposes. So indeed we are SP,s to Miscavology not to Scientology!

    • Joshua that was so well stated. As an old “Hollywood detective” used to say when he investigated a crime scene, “just the facts, mam”. In the U.S. that phrase has come to mean something on the order of “drop the B.S. and get to the point”. I especially love the way you point out that with DM’s plan you can never actually achieve the goal set out. That would be big problem for him as it would end the game, and his entire game IS the game, of stops and manipulation. You also address the reality that Scientology didn’t used to need fixing, and of course there are fewer and fewer who are on staff that are able to reconcile with that fact. It excites me to read these blogs and see the clarity and focus that can be brought to the confusion made by so many who, while espousing Scientology “datums” have never truly duplicated standard tech. This could be because they only had squirrel tech delivered to them or they were too busy trying to make money to “support” a group that was already self-supporting when unaltered and left to it’s original goals. I can only hope what this “monumental” day of 11-15-13 will bring forth. After so many years left empty and unfinished, the grand building will be now on view to so many of us who paid to build it. Let’s hope this foolish party of lust only hastens the end of corruption DM has laid at our doorstep.

  7. It is of interest that I have recently been talking to a Class 9 and former Grade A (I think they said) Sea Org Missionaire.This person went all over the world and told me they would arrive in each area and tell them that the rest of the world was booming. This particular area was just the odd one out. THIS WAS THE STANDARD STRATEGY,EVERY TIME. Then they would fabricate a reason to get the local field to cough up money to save the day! They would also put a head on the pike(not 18 though!) and just declare someone. The field would nod wisely and say “see we had an SP on our lines” The mission would then move on to the next target.
    So telling an area that it is just them that is not booming is a very old strategy.
    Factually many orgs on the planet are standing almost deserted. Go look for yourself.

  8. The problem with that statement from the Sea Org member is that it is not true. One after another, the Ideal Orgs are shrinking, have no public, no means to pay their staff, barely people only on the ‘Basics” no auditors made, no Clears to speak of and this scene embraces Berlin, Pasadena, Switzerland, London, Paris just to name a few…but the fact is the Ideal Orgs ‘program’ was developed to rip parishioners off their money and acquire buildings under a trust…the purpose of expand Scientology never entered the ‘leader’s mind’ just because he lacks one.

    • I think there is another and much more sinister purpose in addition to what you say MyViews and that is to ensure that no actual OTs are made: take their money for buildings etc. so they cant get up the Bridge, change the definition of an F/N to ensure lots of overrun and BPC, make sure the pc is not the focus of the session but rather that the metering and the trs and the session procedure and the camera are the “thing” to occupy the auditors attention,make sure all OT 7s are kept at effect and knowing they are untrustworthy by sec checking them every six months, make the training side impossible for newbies by creating a loooong runway with all the basics as a first item–the list goes on and on and then He has us paying till we are bankrupt. What a scheme!

      • Joshua, again you are spot on. BANKRUPT is the key word here but not in the normal, expected meaning of having no financial viability. Along with another couple from my hometown I owned a second home just blocks from Flag. I spent more months, years, there watching the declining scene than I can recover. When I say bankrupt I mean specifically what has happened to Scientology and Scientologists. Where public is concerned, the tech is bankrupt, it has been stripped of all of it’s assets, and like an engine missing parts, it does not work without all of it’s components working together. People who think they are Scientologists have either convinced themselves all is well, because they can’t confront evil, or are latecomers who actually think anyone KSWing is an SP because “their” DM version of the tech is what LRH would have done if he’d been as bright as DM! I know some will always believe DM is the “profit”, and that in so many ways is true, by another definition! I only know by the evidence I have personally observed, that correctly trained Scientologist are moving their fields up the bridge at ever increasing volumes (not speed) and long departed public and former staffers are back on the lines of their own determination! Yahoooo!

  9. “Do you know why the command team has come to Africa? Because in the rest of the world Scientology is doing well but Joburg is not expanding and Pretoria is failing. So there is a problem”. The only problem with this statement is that it is not identified in anyway to verify that it is a true statement but in fact could be from someone who wishes SCN to do bad. Where is the name of this SO who made this statement? who was it made to? When? where? time? was it recorded in anyway? It is a little difficult to determine who is telling the truth when one sees all the hoopla and hurrahs, check out Joburg’s facebook, they are saying the opposite is true. PROOF of everything is needed. I have seen pictures of empty ideal orgs, who is to say that this is not taken during off hours, or just in between a very busy time? to do a thorough investigation and expect belief, please request hard irrefutable proof. Stat charts, video, audio with time stamps, court or tax records etc. It will go a long way and can be used to encourage other missions and orgs to disconnect from Cof$. Without it, it really is just a he said she said scenario.

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