It’s happening!!!!!!! For REAL!!!!!! (again)

GATWith the Golden Age of Tech Phase II event happening live at Flag today and the replay showing in orgs around the world next Friday the hype is at a fever pitch: Consider these statements sent in official promo:

“We will make you a perfect auditor. Period.” 

“The dawning of a new age for all Scientologists is here. The skills and knowledge vital to your eternity can be acquired faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible”

“What makes this new dawn possible are three revolutionary training tools that bring a whole new meaning to the words, competence, certainty and “speed of progress up THE BRIDGE.”

“So welcome to the Golden Age of Tech and the era in which your dreams as a Scientologist will come true – for real, for keeps.”

“It will also, very factually, change the face of this civilization, while bringing a whole new reality to the phrase, Let’s clear planet earth once and for all.”

“The new Student Hat Course – Accelerate your study speed with perfect application of study tech.” 

“New lightening-fast courses.”

“We are a new breed of supervisors and word clearers, trained at Flag to bring the Golden Age of Tech to you. We trained long and hard under tough Flag sups as part of the biggest training program ever… We are a technical force exceeding the magnitude and competence of any earlier corps many times over and we are in your org now – armed with the most spectacular training tools ever. We are here to create a Golden Age of Tech”

It might (or might not) surprise you to know that these statements were made in May of 1996 at the release of the FIRST version of the Golden Age of Tech.

16 years later as we stand at the dawn of a new Golden Age we look back at the last one and wonder why between 8 class V orgs in South Africa (including the Foundation Orgs) there are less than a dozen trained auditors on staff and why 2 of the 5 active field auditors  in South Africa have just been expelled and why “speed of progress up the bridge” is hardly noticeable.

The message to those Scientologists who really believe the knight on a white horse is about arrive is this: If you are attending the event, do so with great skepticism. This is an old movie with the same actor. Just better special effects. The story will end in the same way: What is coming NEXT is going to blow you away and Clear the planet once and for all!


23 thoughts on “It’s happening!!!!!!! For REAL!!!!!! (again)

  1. Yip. Same PR, different decade. Just about two weeks ago a success story was sent out by Pretoria that one of their trainees had just finished Pro Tr’s. This means that he took 4 months from Student Hat to Pro Tr’s on a 70hr a week course schedule. This is equal to about 10 months for someone who would study on a full time foundation schedule. Mmm, not so lightning fast after all. I suspect that the guys who finished quickly were already Flag trained Sups and Auditors, and the GAT 2 courses was just a recap for them. Apparently internships have been done away with too. No Class 4 Internship, no Sup Internship. Guys were going straight from Class 4 onto their NED courses. That used to take up most of the training time at Flag by far.

  2. I once did an interesting drill at Flag. though I forget what it was called. One walked around the environment with a twin and observed every damn thing in sight. The drill was that everything had significance attached to it – it all meant something – even a bit of litter on the ground. It’s one of those drills that has always stuck with me – because I now do it all the time, and find it makes the whole MEST environment absolutely come to life and talk to me. The other reason it stuck out for me is that on the Student Hat I’d come to believe that significance was a bad word. “Don’t be so significant”, and especially “don’t show significance on your clay demos!”
    Well I’ve just come back from Jhb Org, and a number of things had significance for me. Although it was just before roll call time, I saw no students rushing to the course room – any Org I’ve ever been there was always a panicked rush for the courseroom two minutes before time. I was between the canteen and reception, and only two staff members walked by.
    Next thing, there was a lot of young people/kids playing around in what looked like staff uniform, while a few meters away the rest of staff were in what should presumably have been muster. Odd.
    I saw two people that could have passed for public.
    The last three times i have been on course there were (apart from myself) 4, 10 and 5 students, at least half of whom were staff or SO.
    This is the result of GAT. I remember 20 years ago sitting in shitty buildings – but you had to get there early to make sure you got a seat. One can almost get carried away by the hype of GAT phase 2 – hell, sometimes I almost wish the promises were true – but let’s remember the product of its cousin GAT phase 1 and remember the same bastard is responsible for both, and his evil purposes haven’t changed.
    One bit of good news – the Corbetts plaque hasn’t been taken down yet from the Ideal Org Roll of Honour. Maybe they intend taking a whole lot down at one time.

    • Yes I remember back in the day when Jeremy Shell and Graham Holm were the Course Sups at Joburg North and Gaelen Southworth was the ED – the place was humming and the course room spilled over into three rooms eventually. I think there were routinely more than a dozen people on course every night and others making it up to 20 or more students a night Then the Sea Org (David Lipsitz) and others came to put ethics in!! Wrong action for sure. I got a pink sheet for arriving on course DURING roll call, but after my name had been called – and I got a few pick sheets for being minutes and second late – after maintaining a full time schedule (five nights a week) for months. A few weeks of that treatment and I was out of there.

  3. This is an excellent post Scn Africa. The hype you posted here from 1996 is the same hype we are hearing now. Those still “in” have been hanging onto “hope” for so long now, and the longer they hang on the angrier they will be when they see the betrayal. Instead of following “be-do-have”, the church follows “money-hype-punish”

    • Must be must do must have, so true Wendy.

      LRH in a policy called Vital Data on Promo, he says once you have a tech and have the clients then you should “offer them something they will buy”.

      The new c of s says “sell them something we know they must have”. 100% reversed.

      This new stuff will tank. We may see a bit of a surge, old demand recycled. Then it will tank.

      Mr Blogmeister, you had me going with those quotes. 1996!!! Goes to show. Problem is too that many recently-in have only known this golden age of knowledge and tech 2 and everything.

      More and more will read this blog and over time, an attrition of members takes place, just as it is happening now.

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  5. Good one. While I was reading it I thought ” Didn’t they say this shit the first time??”
    I love your blog by the way. I’m a good old Yankee from Seattle but I love truth tellers wherever I find them.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this. This is the exact information that is needed to be published out there, along with all the other out-tech, off-policy examples.

  7. Requiem for the Church of Scientology and Common Sense
    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since Falsehoods, Spin Lies, doctored all records and those senior Clergy of the *Church* have the vetted the only copy.
    Common Sense tried hard to give valuable lessons such as-
    You CAN read the Internet !
    You can investigate for yourself !
    You can think all the critical thoughts you want !- –
    You can discuss outpoints glaring like a beacon in the night !
    You can apply “Code of Scientologist #1
    To keep Scientologists, the publica nd the press accurately informed concerning Scientology.”
    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) but IAS regges lying in wait, Ideal org regges and Super Power regges and Library donation scams emptied and raided every last penny without mercy.
    Common Senses health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing cruel atrocities were implemented with threats to UP the punishments at any time.
    Enforced Disconnection from friends only worsened his condition.
    Common Sense lost ground when his own children, carefully manipulated by OSA turned against him.
    Common Sense declined even further when Anonymous phone calls were made to Law Enforcement declaring him to be an Axe Murderer and a re-incarnated Jack the Ripper.
    Common sense became bedridden with severe arthrius when hate pages were posted on on him on the web with specious lies.
    The fatal turn of events that marked the decline of health to which Common Sense would eventually succumb ~~ his dearest friends of a lifetime were all declared “Suppressive Person” in one massive purge.
    The fatal turn of events that marked the decline of health to which Common Sense would eventually succumb, was when everything he believed in all these decades was finally realized to be a runaway money extortion racket.
    Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.
    Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, when colleagues and veterans accepted large pay-offs to be muzzled on the criminality they were about to shed light on. Common Sense was preceded in death,
    -by his parents, Truth and the Whole Truth
    -by his wife, Honesty-with-no-Spin
    -by his daughter, Accuracy-of-Facts
    -and by his son, Reason.
    He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;
    Deception, Greed, and Ignorance.
    Pay Me For Doing Nothing, Pay me for no exchange.

    Not many attended his funeral because so few realized Common Sense was gone.
    If you still remember him, post a eulogy. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

    • Dear Karen, this was so beautiful – here is my eulogy:

      I knew Common Sense quite well – we were good friends a long time ago. Unfortunately when I started becoming successful in life I attracted the attention of others who paraded as my friends. Sadly, the more in touch I was with them, the more Common Sense and I lost touch.

      I was most fortunate one day when a mutual friend put me back in touch with Common Sense. Her name was Look Don’t Listen. I will forever be grateful to her as I managed to patch up the friendship between myself and Common Sense before he finally departed. I apologized to him for abandoning him. He graciously accepted, saying that he never really left my side and was just waiting for me to see that he was still there. It was then that I realised what a true friend he had always been.

      Although Common Sense has departed for now, I know we will see him again in another time and place. In the meantime, I and many others will carry him in our hearts and minds forever.

    • In the words of our dear LRH:

      “For truth is truth and if they then
      Decide to live with lies
      That’s their concern not mine, my friend,
      They’re free to fantasize.”

      Ron always said the one thing he cannot give a person is commen sense…

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