Cape Town’s Ideal Org Conundrum

CTTwo days after Joburg Ideal Org opened on 3 November 2003 the COB himself gave a briefing to Joburg, Pretoria and Sea Org staff in the Joburg auditorium. A briefing that was videoed and which would be viewed ad-nausium by staff for years afterward. At this briefing he said “I’ve been asked which org should be next. My answer is: All of them!” The instruction was clear. All other South African Ideal Orgs would have to be opened NOW(ish).

As it turned out the next to be purchased was Cape Town. A set of 3 buildings was found in the Cape Town city centre in 2004 but they had just been purchased by someone else for R9 million. The church just had to have them. The new owner threw out a ridiculous offer of R18 million, double what he had just paid for them. The church jumped and accepted the offer. The deal of a lifetime, the guy made a cool R9 million on a property that was never even transferred into his name.

However, there was a catch. The church only had R9 million from fund raising. So The plan was to take a bond with the bank for the remaining R9 mil. The R9mil was paid as a 50% (non refundable) deposit with a time limit to pay the balance. Note: At the time this money was paid the remaining balance had not been secured. They simply coughed up this money with a hope they would get the rest. The church was then unable to secure a bond for the balance. They went running to the only people they knew would be able to help: Ernest & Gaye Corbett. They put up security for the balance so they didn’t lose the building AND the deposit. Over the next 18 months the balance of the money was fund raised.

And from an ideal org standpoint that’s where it all ended. Since 2005 the buildings have stood there as non orgs. Gaye sent up several requests to sell the smaller of the 3 buildings. This would have raised enough capital to renovate the remaining two buildings and move in. These requests were ignored or turned down.

In the meantime Cape Town Org in it’s un-ideal building was struggling to pay it’s rent. Often utilities and rent were fund raised from public under various guises. Cape Town was (and is) an operation unable to pay its way.

In 2006 the OT Committee had a bright idea: Why not put the org in it’s paid-for building so it didn’t have to keep struggling to pay rent. They raised a further R225,000 (or thereabouts) to do basic renovations on the top two floors of the big building and they moved in. A pretty good solution one would think. It lasted about 12 months when an edict came from management: You cannot occupy this building until it is Ideal. Get out. They moved. And then moved again when they couldn’t keep up with their rent.

In all they’ve moved at least 3 times due to viability problems.

Finally, in late 2013, someone had another bright idea: Why not move into our unoccupied Ideal Building so we don’t have to pay high rent? That’s right, the Org has just moved back into this building.

Consider this: This Cape Town Ideal Building was purchased for R18 million in 2005. 8 years ago. If R18 million had been placed into an high interest bearing account of say 6%, after 8 years that money would have grown to R28 million. More than enough to purchase, renovate and move into a building.

Now rumours are circulating that the building may be sold as there is not enough parking nearby.

It makes you want to weep. Such foolishness borne out of arrogance.


27 thoughts on “Cape Town’s Ideal Org Conundrum

  1. Ridiculous! Management evicting an org from its own property!! And they comply!! No doubt history will repeat itself. Is Greta still the ED there?

    • History is indeed repeating itself Roxy. I received an email on 30 October to say that the Cape Town Org is moving at the end of November to a building next door to the future ideal org! The 7 Man Sea Org team from Int Management are busy it seems.

      • Correction: I have heard that the “building next door” that they are moving to is one of the three new buildings purchased. Still, its a waste if the place they are in has been set up to operate and now they have to move. Musical chairs again.

  2. Arrogance indeed. It’s not their money, so what do they care if they lose a couple of million here and there? Once they have your donation, they can do what they like with it. Just TRY asking them why they’re squandering YOUR money in such an irresponsible manner – doing so is guaranteed to get you declared and fair-gamed (as they’re now doing to the Corbetts and others).

  3. So Durban and Cape Town have sent a few million of the field’s money down the drain! This story is interesting to me because when fund raising was going on for a “deposit” for the Joburg North building, and there was a “deadline” for the deposit, I asked Elmien about it and she said the seller (who actually wasn’t thinking of selling) had to be shown that we were serious. When I complained about this later, she denied ever have said anything like that. She told me they would never do anything so stupid!. Hahahahaha.What she meant is they would never do anything so stupid AGAIN.

    Also I know that area in Cape Town very well. I used to work on St George’s Mall where the buildings are situated. Parking was a nightmare. I used to have to put my car on a lift, run up a flight of stairs to bring my car up a level and then park in a queue. Everyday I had to co-ordinate with at least one other person as to how we were going to get out again. How they didn’t see that coming – I will never know.

    So here is the tally:

    Joburg Org in place – not expanding – failing – bricklayers in staff uniform to fake a stat.
    Pretoria Org in place – after money culled from other ideal org funds – failing – staff numbers 80 to 30 since opening.
    Cape Town Org – bought at double market value and may now have to be sold. Cannot be occupied – not even by the people who paid for it – parking inadequate
    Durban Org – demolished – millions down the drain –
    Port Elizabeth Org – public want to sell it because of its unsuitable location – not renovated.
    Joburg North – no building yet – but they do NOW have permission to get a building only 75% of the size of other ideal orgs.
    AO Kyalami Castle – public have to pay R60k hold an event in their own building.
    Harare and Bulawayo – buildings purchased – nothing happening there either.
    That’s it for Africa!

    Stat trend – freefall in downfall.

    • Wendy – fantastic summary! One more is the Test Centre – another horror story of money poured down the drain – not to mention the siphoning off of funds donated by unsuspecting Joburg public to purchase the Durban building/parking lot.

      • O h yes – the Test Centre in Braamfontein. Haven’e heard a peep from there since it opened. To the author of the headline post – nicely worded. Its a
        CON-undrum indeed!

  4. That is totally insane. Similar stuff happened in Seattle, which I won’t bore you all with at this time.
    The point is that the “church” lead by the suppressive cob doesn’t care about wasting parishioner’s money. He is interested in being as destructive as possible and trying to bamboozle people into believing that he is “saving the planet” and soaking them dry. He isn’t saving the planet. He is VERY busy creating enemies and screwing over some very dedicated people that were really interested in helping mankind. There is the cancer (cob) burn it out.

  5. I would like to address the subject of SP doctrine. I define “Real Estate” SPs at the bottom. I invite others to add to list…
    Of course I cannot speak for all Indies, heck I have hardly spoken to all of them, how could I know what they think ?
    But I think I can give a common general feeling.
    The SP declare as used by the Church in the last 30 years or so is simply a political tool to shut down a dissident
    and cut him off from the rest of “Church” members.
    The SP declare is a piece of hogwash often flooded with tissues of lies to placate David Miscavige and has little reality
    of Truth.
    I am aware of LRH’s writing on SP declare, but the utilization of it and original intention are far apart.
    There are references that LRH said a true SP were few and far between ~~ almost a rarity.
    What the Church has done is use the policy to sledgehammer just about everyone who does not toe the party line.
    The Indies mock the SP declare and look on it as a Badge of Honor.
    With some humor we have names the “Types of Suppressive Persons” (SPs) supposedly an Anti-social Personality, A sociopath)
    I hope that some of you will laugh.

    Good SPs: SPs that received their SP declare (ex-communication) but and they don’t make waves. They are quiet. They may read the chat groups and internet sites, but they don’t post under their own names. They don’t make any trouble for the Church, at least not openly. They are nice and quiet. They may be reading and looking and thinking and talking, but they keep it “under the radar.”
    They write to Indies like me and share their stories privately.

    Bad SPs: These are the ones that make trouble. They write about the atrocities within the RPF, the sadism of David Miscavige. They are posting on the Internet
    They reveal the abuse, the lies, the fraud. They talk to others. They post the TRUTH, making the Church look *BAD.* They demonstrate. They speak out. They are not quiet. They are not under the radar.

    Flip Flop SPs: The flip flop SP is a declared SP who agrees to do huge amends for OSA such as poster “Louanne” spamming the web with her lies on the goodness of Miscavige and INT base (GOLD) In exchange, her SP declare will be lifted. She is one day an SP, one day not. Missions have been sent out to retrieve RTC staff who are with Marty and Mike. If they renounce Marty publicly and say terrible things, their SP declare will be lifted. So one day they are announced to the world as an Anti-social personality ~~ an SP, but for working with OSA and doing dirty deeds, they can be undeclared.

    Tame SPs: These are the people who, although declared SP, are ‘working on their A to E steps’ and paying off their Freeloader Debt. They are quiet, compliant, and don’t make waves. They are often recruited by OSA to spy on Facebook to see who is befriending who. They infiltrate the Indies and report back to OSA who reports to RTC who reports to “Office of COB” Tame SPs work at certain chores, like spying on other SPs and reporting to OSA. Some of these have been bought – they were paid cash settlements, or allowed to see their previously disconnected relative. They are timid and strictly under the thumb of further threats and permanent SP declare.

    Int Base SPs: Most of of Int Management declared SP. Yet they can’t leave the Base. They are on total lockdown, spending their time “applying their A to E steps,” doing physical labor, in SP HOLE or SP Hall. My ex husband Heber Jentzsch is one of them. This has been going on for Years. It would appear that in their overwhelm of INT BASE atrocities and sadism that many of them have Stockholm Syndrome. INT BASE SPs are not permitted to speak with other SPs. They can’t communicate with anyone off the Base!

    Borderline SPs. This, apparently, is a Scientologist who does not go to the “mandatory” INT events, or, if they do, are a little slow standing up for David Miscavige’s standing ovations, or a little too quiet with their “hip-hip-hoorays.” And yes, they have OSA staff at the events, looking at the attendees and texting their seniors if anyone shows “bad indicators.” That’s right, they spy on attendees and report in real time. A “borderline SP” is a Scientologist who does not cough up[ $$$$$ when being regged by the IAS. They are witholding funds !!! They are refusing to attend YET another TOUR and disconnecting their phone and moving locations to hide from the Church’s vulture campaigns for $$$$.

    Irrevocable SPs. These are SPs who have spoken out on major media, CNN, BBC, gotten into major litigation, written books on the internal insanity and abuse.

    Verbal SPs The “Church”, in their embarrassment of the never ending stream of SP declares especially on those who have contributed their lifeblood and been contributing for YEARS if not decades now HIDE their SP declares – they are “confidential.” It is locked in a drawer in HCO and discreetly shown here and there.
    Since they can’t show anyone anything in writing, it’s usually verbal: “so-and-so is an SP,” or just “You shouldn’t be talking to so-and-so.” There are a whole bunch of code words and phrases:”So-and-so has gone over to the dark side.” “So-and-so has been in comm with squirrels.” “So-and-so is disaffected” (or, as we say, “disinfected”). A good Scientologist is supposed to take the hint, disconnect from the person, and never, never ask questions or ask to see it in writing. Verbal SPs are declared by finger pointing with no Comm Ev or justice procedure, just on-the-spot.

    REAL ESTATE SPs These are SPs as covered by the Essay above. They give monumental sums of money to help the Church and make sacrifices to help with Ideal orgs, but later, oh-oh it is *discovered* that they were SP all along !

    • Hi Karen,

      I loved this! I agree utterly that the RCS has created a mockery of LRH’s Ethics, Justice and PTS/SP tech – in so doing; they have brought the entire subject of SCN into disrepute – something to be nullified and scoffed at.

      With that being said, I am all for a bit of humour and would like to add some of my own definitions of SP. Maybe funny, but tragically they are true and all the cases below took place (or are in progress) here in South Africa:

      1. Instant SP. Just add water & mix. The Church has a myriad “secret” crimes for which one can be declared “instant SP”. Unfortunately, these crimes are not listed in Church scriptures as they change from time to time and can also be made up on-the-spot by any Sea-Org or Org Exec. Once the exec has decided “so and so” is an SP, it’s just a matter of protocol to get the declare issued. It is an instant declare because on Monday the person made a HUGE donation to Library Campaigns and 4 days later is informed he has been declared (true story). He never gets to see the declare, so he doesn’t even know what “crimes” he has committed. For all he knows, he could have been declared for throwing bubblegum in the street!

      2. Natural SP. This is when it suddenly transpires someone was an SP all along, having gone undetected for many years despite SCN claiming to have the “only tech on planet earth which can confront and shatter suppression”. And “everyone” knew it. The bubble-dwellers/sheeple/kool-aiders all agree there was “always something off” about the newly declared SP, nodding their heads in unison and congratulating each other on having known this all along. Of course it is immediately forgotten that these “Natural SPs” were just yesterday regarded as pioneers and MAJOR contributors to the group – many of them having made it all the way up the bridge (in some cases more than once), are highly-classed auditors, have donated disgusting sums of money to the Church and have a history of decades of selfless support and service to the Church. And they did all of this while being a hidden, raving SP!

      3. The DSM SP. So-called because it’s fashioned on the DSM – Psych manual of mythical mental illnesses for prescribing drugs already manufactured. In RCS, an Org or SO exec decides that he/she doesn’t like a certain public, staff member or ex staff-member (victim) and they should be declared. The exec then identifies crimes that he/she thinks might stick. An undercover investigation ensues where these crimes are “found” and in some cases even manufactured (its surprising how inventive one can get with that list). The victim may even find himself being baited into committing a crime so that he can be bust (such as being harassed until he freaks out). The exec may even approach friends and family of the victim and ask them to spy on the victim or suggest they write KR’s – even going so far as to suggest which crimes they want reported. In other words, crimes are “made to fit” and the victim is then justifiably declared. Much like manufacturing a mental illness and then prescribing the applicable drug!

      4. Whispered SP. Called a Pre-SP before he graduates to a Whispered SP. Once again, SO Exec or Staff Execs decide they don’t like “so and so” (maybe he’s asking too many uncomfortable questions about where the IAS donations go to, where are the stats to back up the “expansion”, maybe he wont take out a 2nd bond on his house and maybe he’s encouraging others to apply LRH policy – and he’s doing this overtly). . This guy is dangerous – he needs to be shut up. Permanently. He “needs to be labeled”. He is now a Pre-SP. A whispering campaign is started by the SO staff and execs. The OTC and other choice public are given alarming data about the Pre-SP with a hint that something’s amiss with this person. Certain field “agitators” are sent off with an arsenal of vague disinformation on the Pre-SP – which goes something like this “gee, you know, I heard Joe was involved in bad business dealings ……. Did you hear anything like that? Mmm…..there’s definitely something not right. And have you noticed he hasn’t been at the last 3 fundraisers? And I heard someone saying that his wife doesn’t like Ideal Orgs – something’s going on – maybe you should talk to Irene because she works for him and could give more data – maybe she’ll even write secret KR’s on him – go tell her what you want to know and ask her if she has data”…………. And so it goes. And Irene agrees to write secret reports in addition to telling her own stories to others like he has been gambling and drinking with other SCN’s, his wife wont allow him to donate any money and they are anti-Ideal Orgs. Within short order the whispering campaign has spread like wildfire and predictably, the stories have now turned into embellished, alarming and irrefutable facts (Ever heard of broken telephone?). Having stirred the field up nicely, an interrogatory may be published but only given to those involved in the whispering campaign. Of course the Pre-OT is now guilty of MAJOR crimes, and with the secret reports from “Irene” this is “irrefutable evidence” thus no comm ev is necessary, and a declare can be issued without further ado. BUT it’s not publicly published and the declared person is not told about it – once again the whispering campaign committee set to work telling people he is declared, and each embellishing and adding to the declare with other “crimes” that are not even listed on the declare! The SP finally has someone whisper in his ear “don’t tell anyone I told you, but you’ve been declared” – often by a completely off-source person and not even an Org or SO exec! He’s now a Whispered SP!

      And in real three-ring circus situations, a combination of all 4 SP declares can happen so you can have an Instant, Natural, DSM, Whispered SP – this is one MIGHTY SUPER SP. 🙂

      • Black panther OMG! LFBD, LFBD, LFBD BOOM! The way you described it was so bang on I almost cried, wet myself and bore my breast to the gods! Thats how spot on your analysis was! I mean how do you take the tech and pervert it to the point of lunacy where by any and all are targeted, labelled and destroyed? In precisely the way you outlined! People should study JGBD and empower themselves. Thank you for sharing!

      • In the last years emerged a new type of SP. He is reading forbidden information which is on the blogs on the “fringes of the Internet.” And the most dangerous of them are not only there but are also communicating and sharing their experiences.
        It is the Fringe SP.
        This unpredictable SP is a supporter of the dangerous statement: “All men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

      • BP – well articulated. I made a point of leaving before they declared me. Its one way to be at cause over the situation, and I encourage others to consider it (if this is the route you want to go – not for everyone I am sure.)

    • You missed one Karen. Its the LRH SP: this is anyone who would dare to adhere to the writings of LRH, or mention that others may not be adhering to said writings and try to insist they do so.
      This leaves one wondering if in fact LRH would not himself be declared were he a member of the C of S today.

      • Wendy, what was your method of leaving before being declared? I think this is important as so many of us out here need to say goodbye. Or piss off or whatever your tone level is in that awesome environment.

  6. I once heard that DM’s personal stat was number of sq ft of property owned by the Co$. His paycheck is based on that stat. Can anyone confirm that? If so, it might explain a lot….

    • LOL! Nobody but DM has the “f**king rank” to regulate DM’s paycheck. Besides, a “paycheck” is inconsequential to someone who signs all the checks.

  7. Having just read Mike Rinder’s website regarding GAT 2 (bit off the point here, I know) I find it hard to come to any conclusion other than this weekend we are witnessing the greatest fraud in the history of Scn. There is just nothing to it, and especially nothing to justify the extreme hyperbole. The thought immediately leaps to mind that GAT 2 is nothing but a magician’s ruse to divert our attention from where the real action is. Either it downplays Superpower (so nobody notices its the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time) or it’s about selling utterly unnecessary materials once again. It is truly impossible to believe that anyone even fall-down drunk can fall for what’s going down. A GLOSSARY for Student Hat, so you DON’T have to properly clear all those pesky words??
    The deceit is so nauseatingly obvious that I am now truly embarrassed to admit to ever having been a scientologist. I really feel suckered.

  8. The worst of it all is, that with no Orgs, you have no Clears and no auditors. This is intentionally done, besides the ripping off money, the destruction of delivery occurs at the same time. Believe me, is not accidental, it is carefully planned.

  9. So, how does that work given that Damelin College are the current tenants in the building in St George’s Mall? Has the College been given notice? Or is the Org moving into a spare broom cupboard in the building? 🙂

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