GAT II Releases (Part I)

The GAT Phase II events have just been held at Flag. There were a number of materials releases. In the coming days we hope to detail here exactly what will now be available. These will be released locally at the events next Friday & Saturday (22/23 Nov).

The first: The Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter! Here it is:


There are two astounding facts about this new E-Meter:

1. It is not new at all. It was developed in the first two years of this century (2002) and mass produced (20,000 units) in 2004. They have been sitting in a warehouse ever since. This has been known outside the walls of the church for almost 4 years. Pretty much the only people who don’t know about it are Scientologists who refuse to look at the Internet. Read this article written in February 2010 which included pics and sketches of this new meter: Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter Revealed

2. This meter is being sold at the event weekend for $5000. That’s R50,000! As an auditor, you will be expected to own two of them. With Ken Krieger out of the picture it is going to fall to poor Albert to flog as many of these as he can next weekend.


11 thoughts on “GAT II Releases (Part I)

  1. Ahh Yes the new Emeter making the previous $4000 E-meter purchase invalid and banned.
    I have more to say on this and ask politely if I may just finish my SP definitions. Great post Black Panther ! Two thumbs up ! 😀

    Suppressive Persons ~~ Part 2.
    The declare of “Suppressive Person” has been nothing but a “TOOL” ~~ a political tool to label a disaffected person or a whistle blower so as to separate connection between 2 people so that the wizened up person is unable to reveal to the dupe what is really going on.
    It is meaningless as a label, but it does keep a certain amount of Kool-aid drinkers toeing the line.
    A huge number of people watched my son Alexander Jentzsch enforced disconnection from me from “Office of Special Affairs” and saw to what lengths the “Church” would go to separate a mother and son…even in death, denying a last look before cremation. He died on pneumonia and methadone and my parental rights were severed by the *Church* because I am :::ahem::: a high dangerous Suppressive person ! Trained by the Founder L. Ron Hubbard himself in as much as CSing and TRS pass etc…one of 7 Class XII CSes that made it through the brutal internships, I was more or less and overnight SP, after $250,000 donation in the previous 3-4 years.
    This is “Church” performance against a so-called “Suppressive Person” SP.
    Let’s Continue.

    PROVISIONAL SPS : This is a relatively new invention of Radical Scientology Inc. It means You are already a Suppressive person, but it will not be broadcast if you toe the line and abide by the behavior modification. And if you dare not be “good” voila ! the declaration of your Suppressive Person status will become more widespread. So you see, it is not a matter of whether you are, or not a suppressive person, it is merely a political tool, and the degree of broadcast of your SP declare is used as a threat to keep you in line !

    NEGOTIABLE SP: This is a marketable commodity based on money. Does money $$$$ make you a Suppressive person or a non-suppressive person ? For Years and Years at “Int events” the flock were told how bad, evil, predatory the IRS was. The IRS was the devil incarnate. No one screamed the “Church” had sunk to depths of SPness as the IRS !
    So how did the IRS flip from being a Deep SP to a good *FRIENDLY* agency ?

    $$$$$$$$ Baby, $$$$$$ Show me the money !!!
    501C3 Tax exemption makes a deep SP enemy Government Agency NO LONGER an SP. Overnight. Just like that !
    Does Money $$$$$ make you SP or not SP ????

    a LARGE BIG BIG DONATION has been known to UN-SP certain SPs in a New York Minute ! Giving a bunch of loot to the coffers means you were :::ahem:::not SP after all !
    There was a time when SPs were mostly EXTERNAL. Out there. Psychiatry, Psychology, The World Bankers, the Rockerfellers, the Freemasons, the Vatican, the media, the press, CBS, 60 minutes, ABC TV, NBC TV, the FBI, the IRS, the AMA, the Governments of the world, especially the German Government, the French Government, the Britsh Government, the Belgian Government, Eli Lilli and all the pharmaceutical companies, journalists and authors that wrote books and articles on Scientology, Intelligence agencies of the world, and on and on.
    But DM’s Cult in recent decades has indeed turned inward.

    The new breed of SPs are Long term ex staff members, Sea Org members, Veterans. Especially those who have served decades. Especially those who have donated megabucks and been loyal for decades !
    Especially those who have worked for peanuts with SLEEP DEPRIVATION and hard labor.
    Especially those who have been punched, beaten and assaulted by Miscavige.

    Only two and half ago ago Miscavige told John Brousseau (escapee) how GOLD staff up there were a bunch of worthless criminals not worthy of the food they were given or the bed they had to lie on.
    True story.
    Ahhhhhhh the World of the “Church” of Scientology. Truth is stranger than fiction.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Karen, fantastic. This is why its so hard to get others to really LOOK – especially the average “Joe public” who has not been in staff or in the SO (or not high enough on the rung to experience much). Telling people what is really going on is met with incredulous disbelief. For some, confronting real evil is a “too gruesome” and its easier not to look. That’s why people like you are invaluable in bringing about a positive change so that others can truly go free. Keep up the awesome work you are doing. .

      • So true ……. take a look at Axiom 22 and this LRH quote:

        “Confrontingness is awareness. One can be aware—this is the eight-billion-seven-hundred-and-sixty-two-dollar question answered—one can be aware only of that which they are in some way willing to confront. Some willingness to confront is necessary for the phenomenon known as awareness.

        “One can be aware of those things which he is willing in some way to confront. One, if he is willing—even to some slight degree—willing to confront something, he can become aware of it; but if he cannot confront it and will not confront it and has an idea that he must not confront it, it after a while disappears entirely from view and he is no longer able to be aware of it. And in that is contained IQ, ability, talent and all other such factors.”

        — L. Ron Hubbard

        Excerpted from the lecture Background on Scale of Havingness delivered on 31 December 1956.

        John Dale

  2. 5k US for that???????

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck. It’s assembled in China and costs about 50 bucks to make.

    Oh, and don’t tell the suckers who buy them, but those 9 year old batteries inside are toast – they won’t work anymore. Expect every meter sold to go back for repair. But then again, this gives the Demented Midget an excuse for a new SP type:

    Chinese Industrialists!

  3. This e-meter does not cost more than a R100.00 to make. Having audited tens of thousands of hours on hundreds of PCs on 3 continents including the FLB and the flag ship and having received a VVWD from LRH after auditing a terminally PC I could audit a PC without an e-meter with just 2way comming the ruds and watching indicators for release states. This is just another rip off by DM.

    • Until we figured there was a faulty battery I ran out of juice several times in the course of a week. And as you said: 2wc and watching the pc worked like a breeze. (OK, big cramming afterwards, however the F/N was delivered to the examiner every time.) But my, wouldn’t it be wondeful to have such a beautiful new red artifact? I’d probably share the view with my pc and we would agree on the reads as they happen.

  4. Wow. Great article – thanks for keeping us updated. I can just imagine the hissy-fit DM threw when this story broke in 2010. I see the linked article thanks Tommy Davis for leaving the designs lying around. Wry smile. What happened to the “Special Edition South-African-Only E-Meter” marketing campaign – many people coughed up money but never got their meter (in fact I don’t know of anyone getting it), and now its obsolete! Is Albert going to Yoda them into thinking it all never happened?

  5. I am Karen de la Carriere’s husband. I write online as J. Swift.

    Some things to consider on the new e-meter. First, would you buy a laptop, flat screen, or other electronic device from a retail electronics store that was ten years old? Of course not. You would not buy something that old for three reasons:

    1. Obsolesce

    2. Concern over breakdown of physical components during 10 years of storage.

    2. The sheer contempt of a merchant trying to palm off old merchandise on you — and this at an exorbitant price! What Miscavige is doing to parishioners is slapping them in the fact while he takes their money. Yet, this is pure DM: Contempt and greed because the sheep have given him the right to use and abuse them.

    These Mark VIII Ultra’s have been stored in a warehouse here in Los Angeles for ten years.
    There are several factors that attack and corrode electrical components in long term storage:

    1. Particulates from air pollution including metals, chemicals, and even brake dust from cars and trucks.

    2. Thermal cycling (hot to cold).

    3. Oxidation on solder welds.

    4. The desiccant package breaks down after about a year and will no longer absorb moisture. Moisture in the air migrates onto the electrical components and begins to contaminate them. A film forms that attacks the components.

    The semiconductor industry routinely disposes of devices that have been on the shelf for one or two years. These devices are thrown away and recycled. Per standard electronics industry practice these Mark VIII’s should have been scrapped years ago.

    Too bad no Scientologist in Clearwater called the Florida Attorney General or the Florida Dept of Consumer Affairs to demand that the Church disclose to prospective buyers that these devices have been stored for ten years in a non-climate controlled warehouse in consumer packaging not designed for long term storage.

    The burden should be on the Church to prove that these devices have not degraded electrically in any way due to long term storage. In order to prove that these e-meters work and have not degraded, the Church would have to do a statistically valid sampling of the meters using SEM and TEM inspection on the welds, visual inspection, chemical testing, and performance testing to prove to religious consumers that the pastoral counseling devices had not degraded during long term.

    CoS Parishioners specifically rely upon the E-Meter for spiritual progress. Therefore, CoS Parishioners have a right to expect that these devices have not degraded and will therefore give them false reads in auditing.

    COB’s failure to disclose long term storage and the risks of potential defects arguably constitutes a fraud on parishioners and is reprehensible — unless of course the purchase contract discloses the facts. Given the Church’s legal problems, this might have happened. I would like to see the contract language.

    One thing I would expect is a lot of field failures, However, the Church can keep this all in house and no will know.

    If anyone gets one of these meters, please contact me and I can have it tested forensically in a top notch Los Angeles electronics lab.

    • J. Swift! Thank you for stopping by our blog. Fabulous contribution here. As with everything about these events, it’ll be interesting to see what life is like in 12 weeks once everything is decidedly not different and the meters are breaking.

  6. Oh joy! I have just worked out that if I sell my car I will not have enough cash to buy my 2 brand-new 10 year old mark viii super ultra mega meters. But for the same I could buy 10 or 20 really brand new top of the range tableta and cell phones. With warranty. And actual 2013 technology. AND I DONT HAVE TO BUY TWO IN CASE ONE FAILS! Where can I buy shares in a business that buys a R100 product, stores it for 10 years and sells it for R57, 000.00? I want in on that action!

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