Roundup of news

Following are a few items of news which are not posts in their own right but which we think everyone should know.

Venue for GAT II events:

Both Joburg and Cape Town have changed the venue for their events. Cape Town sent out an email saying they have changed the location of their event due to high attendance expected. However, the new location for the event is the building out of which they have just moved to occupy their empty ideal Org building. We suspect therefore that they have a lease that runs until the end of November so they are making good use of it while they still have it. If this is true it makes logical sense but we just wish they didn’t feel compelled to pump out the PR that they are expecting huge numbers.

On Friday evening Joburg Org experienced some flooding (sadly not with public) due to heavy rains and poor drainage systems. Word going out is that the venue is changing because of the flooding which doesn’t make sense since the auditorium was not flooded. SMSes were sent out over the weekend stating that the venue has changed to Fordsburg just outside the city centre. The SMS came with assurances of parking and security but we still think they will be very hard pressed to convince a large number of people to head into Fordsburg at night. Given the short amount of lead time for these events, this has created some confusion and by Monday morning some Joburg staff still did not know where the event is being held.

A field in turmoil:

The devastation created by the 18 declares is not settling down. An inner core of Scientologists have accepted these and have justified for themselves why it is all okay. But a broader number continue, mostly quietly, to believe that the church has made a mistake from which it may not recover. In an attempt to quell this upset a few people have been informed that a “comm-ev” is being called to allow for Scientologists to write in with their grievances.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who has been contacted about this. We have collected a fair number of reports that may be of interest to such a forum.

It is interesting to note that management is well aware of the existence of this blog and the consequent airing of many grievances by it’s commenters but, as is their want, they refuse to engage here and, publicly this does not even exist.

It has long been our contention that this sort of forum would be exactly the place to begin the healing. Openly & transparently. but, alas, too many difficult questions demanding answers.

We’ll keep you posted on any further news on this committee.

“They could sue for libel”

Probablly the biggest mis-step by the church with regard to the 18 declares has been to fail to issue these broadly. This has created further confusion, frustration & upset. People have asked why. We have heard from 3 separate sources that the answer given to this question has been because if they are published “they could sue for libel”. Say what? That’s a massive dangling outpoint isn’t it?

We should just change it’s name to a “lie-bill”

Fundraising continues unabashed

wiz & witch

Many of you will have seen this picture already in an email sent from “Ideal Org News”. This fundraiser took place in the Joburg auditorium just days after the now infamous declares. Everyone pictured was quite happy to gloss over this massive elephant and carry on like they’re winning at this.

Stay tuned for the next bulletin.


16 thoughts on “Roundup of news

  1. My experience was that when an OSA person came to our house. (She flew to our area in Seattle from Flag) She and the Chief MAA from AOLA “appeared” to be interested in “handling” us. They asked us what were our grievances. They listened very intently. But once they knew that we had opened our eyes and ears and were reading and listening to what has been going on across the world they only had one plan. Once they know that you are aware of cob beating others and that the whole Idle Org program is a charade and all the other issues, all they want to do is to shut you up. They will do this by either A) Getting you to admit that you are in lowers and that you need to get off your overts and do amends. Or B) Failing that they will declare you an SP.

    This ruse of a Comm Ev is mostly to find out who is off of the reservation, so they will know who to target next.

    Personally I think your best course of action would be to actively expose the crimes of the “church” to as many people as possible and to break away from the “church” and try to get your property back from them and then keep delivering Scientology as an Independent group. Then you would finally be able to flourish and prosper without interference from the imbeciles uplines.

    Best of luck.

    • I agree Tony. Their integrity in this area of ethics and justice is zero. I would not go near a comm-ev set up and run by this regime.

      They don’t have the rank to hold one!

      They choose not to apply all sorts of policies, dozens of them, but choose to attempt to apply the comm-ev policies, this time? I think not.

      Let’s see the comm-evs that were held on the declares.

  2. One things for sure this has become the new game show for churchies ( It never seems to get old)! In a way it can be fun, free food, dress up an give away more money than you have gleefully! The following weeks hangover as Peach or any other of the collectors try to cash in on those pledges must be VERY sobering after all the clapping and Rah, rah! If I’m cynical sounding, bare with me, that money given away could have gone towards training packages and auditing intensives. Remember the actual reason why people should be in scientology? Spiritual enhancement, freedom, increased awareness an perception anyone? Who gives a damn about another fancy building with overheads so large you have to fundraise weekly just to keep the doors open! Only COB wants them, his command intention created the biggest sieve of funds, manpower and wasted bridge progress! Now who’s the real SP?

  3. Am glad that management is aware of this blog and the issues that people have…perhaps they will also wake up to the glaring truth…

  4. An interesting legal point that is raised is that a written “declare” means that the person so declared is being accused of having the characteristics as laid out in HCOB 26 Sept 66 The Antisocial Personality The anti-scientologist. I want to see them explain how contributors of millions of Rand,time,personal effort and accommodations can be thus classified. What a field day the press could have with that one and what an absolute invasion of privacy to have this broadly publicised. How do they explain servicing these people for years and not noticing they were SPs? Please oh please OSA let us have it in writing. My attorney has asked me to rush it to him as soon as I can lay my hands on it.I think he wants to set all sorts of legal precedents in South Africa where invasion of privacy is not well received.
    With regard to the mooted comm ev,I am done with this (in my opinion )off policy ,out tech and off LRH organisation. I no longer want to have anything to do with it, It has no authority and in my opinion no moral basis (ethics being an unknown concept).It does not represent the group I joined when LRH was alive in the vaguest fashion other than as a pretence

    • I feel your anger and dissapointment Joshua. Betrayal is a real key in! The church has made it into an almost reverse rundown that possibly undoes most of gains one did get in the church!

      However I urge you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. LRH tech and RTC are 2 separate things. Keep them away from each other and its like a fresh sea breeze that wips away the stench of money grabbing hypocracy! What remains is what we all want, pure untarnished good stuff. It exists right here in SA. It is flourishing without the corporate insanity of the church. Ive had a taste and this is what LRH intended.

      KRC to you.

      • Yes I am saying the same as you, Sheeple Bane.I have had fantastic gain. These idiots cannot take that away from me and I am aware of what is available outside the church. I am disinclined to be magnanimous in my views of the betrayal perpetrated in the name of LRH that’s all…but thanks for taking the trouble to make your point.

    • Great point Joshua!
      I was on Solo Nots when I was declared an SP. An SP is a no case gain. How is it that they had me on auditing lines for YEARS and let me attest to all of my OT levels and Clear if I don’t make case gain?? Either I make gains or they are total rip off exchange. If I make gains then I can’t be an SP. They really can’t have it both ways can they?? Even in the middle of OT7 they told me I wasn’t Clear and then they “re-audited” me to Clear again and I attested again. This was only months before they declared me an SP. How can this be?

      • Exactly! You cannot be an SP.The “declare” is Miscaviges assassination tool and its really important that we do not take it as an item. Historically when a group is taken over (especially an hostile takeover) the usurper uses assassination to secure his position. You can be sure that there is a list of criteria or indicators that allows them to identify anyone that is a danger to MIscavige’s intentions and assassinate ( read declare) them.NO doubt you stopped propitiatively giving them every penny you earned or allowing yourself to be bullied into spending every weekend at events and heaven forbid that you pointed out any violations of Standard Tech as LRH mandated you to do.

  5. As an additional comment–my opinion–I do not see how there can be a healing when the product of orgs is no longer standardly audited pc’s and well trained students– on standard LRH tech (.It is money professionally begged.) Talk about suppressive! LRH was far smarter than Miscavige.I do not want Miscavige’s version of the tech. While he is in charge there can be no healing.

  6. The idea, remember the one originated by that guy called LRH? The idea is to run out a third dynamic engram by the standard process of a committee of evidence, done fairly, and made know to all, so as to nuke this incident from the common psyche.

    This idea is pretty overt, open.

    Nowadays? It is covert. Hidden, whispered, implied, secret briefings. This is the EXACT opposite of the authors original intent.

    Scared of libel? Probably. The 21st century is a world away from what it was when LRH first wrote the policies covering this subject. The basis of what is in those policies is fair, but times have changed. I assume if LRH were around, he would have adapted to modern times. Imagine him announcing the tech for the first time now, with all this media tech around? It would be different.

    But current leadership is low IQ, robotic, fanatical, untrained, or just stupid and cannot lead a movement like this into modern times. It will continue to refuse registered letters on day one but accept a Fedex parcel the next. It is unthinking and plain ole stupid.

    There went the dodo bird…….

  7. Oh yeah. Forgot. The wizards and witches. To go back to that guy we once knew, LRH, he said, in short, don’t do fund-raisers. You know like barbecues and sing a song and wizards and pirates and these embarrassing things.

    Ah. But current management knows better.

  8. What downstat venues for the JHB and CT events! In South Africa, because safety and security is always an issue (crime rate), especially at night, choice of venue is key to getting people there.

    In Cape Town, the Waterfront would have been a far safer location for an evening event, with plenty of security and parking. But then again, since probably only 15 people will attend (including staff), the cost of that is out of the range of the local orgs, and now that the Corbetts have been ejected, there is no-one left to bankroll the Orgs in South Africa.

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