Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble……..


Further to our previous article, we are able to confirm there is indeed a comm-ev underway. The Chairman of the committee is the newly-arrived Supercargo (HES) CMO AF. The Secretary is Hillary Eenkhoorn.

Initial rumours indicated that it may be a forum for people to address their upsets. However, new information is that their purpose is to “locate public who are disaffected and spreading rumours in the field”. People who have heard rumours or know of anyone spreading dissent are being encouraged to submit reports on this to the committee.

In practice this means they want to know who’s on board and who isn’t. We predicted that the 18 declares were just the beginning. It would seem we were correct.

In short it’s an effort to quell dissent by finding out who is dissenting. The new brooms wish to sweep clean.

And talking of sweeping, this brings to mind brooms. And witches. And hunts.


“In modern terminology ‘witch-hunt’ has acquired usage referring to the act of seeking and persecuting any perceived enemy, particularly when the search is conducted using extreme measures and with little regard to actual guilt or innocence”.

“The term is used when a hunt for wrongdoers becomes abused, and a defendant can be convicted merely on an accusation”.

“An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views”.

If you or anyone you know is called before this committee or is asked to submit reports they will be expected to give up names. Everything you say can and will be used against you or others.

Tread cautiously.


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  1. Great post! As usual!

    The Church is almost like a corner cafe in a small town that everyone buys from as there are no other shops around. The cafe owner demands ridiculous prices for his goods as he knows that customers can’t do their shopping anywhere else. This monopoly continues until another shop suddenly opens up and delivers the same products for the 10th of the price. Now the first shop owner is DEMANDING JUSTICE for those that don’t want to use his services anymore. Not once does he hold a comm ev on himself to see if he perhaps created the antagonism himself. Wow! Incredible responsibility being taken here by the Church.

      • I worked at Office of Special Affairs International for 5.5. years of my Sea Org Life. In my 35 years within, I can say that all justice procedures and intelligence outcomes will support and favor the head honchos and regime it is working for, in many cases the comm ev results are already pre-determined.

        Comm Ev data gathering as in “Knowledge Reports” are fishing expeditions for Intelligence gathering and have no thought whatsoever to put in justice.

  2. My thoughts…

    1. A comm-ev after the declares.
    2. I’m not going in to rat on people I consider friends. I’m not even going to entertain the concept of “appearing” before this committee.
    3. They can declare me if they like. I’m not really connected to anyone who is “in good standing”. There is only one person who may disconnect from me, and I’m pretty sure that that person probably won’t because I think that that person will agree with me in my thoughts anyway.

    Are we back in the dark ages where anyone who has his/her own mind and thinks differently to the agreed upon “norm” is “put out”?


  3. Witchhunt indeed. I fully support the “tread cautiously” caution, having fallen prey to that one myself years ago. They may seem like they care about you, they may seem like your friends, they may seem like nice people, but no matter how well they match your own Tone Level to get a comm line to you, they are only following orders from uplines, and ultimately David Miscavige, who is most definitely NOT your friend.

  4. Quick ,quick attack, attack is all they are thinking! Can almost imagine the torches being lit and a lynch party mustering! But who? Who shall they attack first? Nay sayers, poor donators, ex staff who refuse to resign their contracts, persona non grata SO members, maybe the local psychologist up the road perhaps? Paranoia delux! Why? Because they sense a precedent has occurred. There is no justification for the 18 recent declares. People are waking up! Time to start shooting, doesnt matter who too much right now, just empty those rounds onto the crowd. Public will be ducking for cover and maybe stop asking those pesky qustions ie. How come Ernest Corbett was always an SP, he was the orgs biggest contributor?? Shush, worry about your own skin, forget about the Corbetts and be a good scientologist, go rebond your house and be quiet!!

    Somehow I dont think it’s gonna go the churches way..not this time.

  5. They are just digging their grave even deeper for themselves. I think the second wave of declares will be the soil on top and the third wave will be the tombstone. At which there will no longer be a Church for anyone to go to.

    They may as well save themselves the effort and close their doors now.

  6. CoS is agian drametizing the spanish inquisition…. Gosh thay are PATHETIC losers… So glad i am disAffected!!!!!! Love being free to think/say/do whatever i want!!!!

  7. The first step was to slam you with the numerous SP declares and throw the field into fear.
    The next step is to get information from those who are afraid for their own necks. They put some heads on a pike and now they will show others if they don’t rat out others then they might be next.
    There will be the people that are afraid of being declared an SP. It’s a wrong item, they spent a lot of hard work helping and they don’t want to see all of that go down the drain, they don’t want to lose friends, etc. So some people will cave in. At that point the person loses his personal integrity.
    Scientology was supposed to be the road to truth. Not a philosophy of bullying people into staying quiet. Stay uptone. Realize that this is just a battle of suppression versus goodness. But don’t take it lying down. This group has no power to do anything against you unless you allow it to. My recommendation is to not cooperate with this “comm ev”. This is a pretense of justice. If it was true justice then they would have heard these people out and corrected the out-points they were observing. Remember the tone level of Scientology management is 1.1. Watch and see.

    • People,

      Everyone reading here should listen to Tony carefully. What SA is going through now he already endured three years ago in Seattle.

      I’m sure Tony won’t mind if I briefly summarize a few things (he’s already told this story a zillion times on the the internet): big donator, true blood scientologist, on OTVII, getting on with training and just generally working hard at getting up the bridge. Until one day he couldn’t contain the doubts anymore.

      And then the heavy ethics started. And the Comm-Evs. And the brutal attemtps to tear him to pieces. And the silent declares. And the third party. And OSA trying to destroy him for daring to look.

      This story has played out so many hundreds of times to so many people already in the US and EU and every time the details do not change. Good people thrown to the wolves for daring to look.

      The chances of a fair hearing at a post-declare CommEv are precisely and exactly zero, the findings and recs are more than likely already written. The Chairman is Supercargo CMO AF, a complete stranger to everyone here and he will be here on Mission Orders to ram heads on pikes, starting with the named 18. Where do you think his loyalties lie? With Ernest? Or with Miscavige? If the new Supercargo CMO AF deviates from his M.O.s in this by even one micron, you know he will be headed straight to where Ken and Alex already are – a deep hole called the RPF.

      We all know this is true, we have all seen it so many times before.

      Best thing that can be done right now against this Church that has turned into a monster is to stand up against it and tell them to fuck right off, they have no answer for that. Besides, the days of the CoS as we know it as numbered – the precious COB milked Super Power for all it’s worth for 20 years and over $200 million and last weekend he opened his latest edifice – the Flag Building. About 2,500 public max from all over the world even bothered to show up, the masses being highly conspicuous by their absence, including the entirety of management. When did anyone last see Ed Int?


      • Well said Splog. This is good advice. When confronted with a widespread dissent, one thing you could do is use PR before legal. As suggested by LRH. That is the sequence. Call people up, talk to them, find out the data. Work out what is happening. Try and do something that handles this, at least to some extent. But no. Dive in a start a committee of evidence.

        What about a Board of Investigation to collect facts, if you must go ‘legal’ first? But no. The intent is what is suspect here. The Intention is not to actually handle the scene here. Not actually.

        From the above I suspect these folks who have arrived, the ethics mission or CLO mission are here on orders. Orders. If they are here on orders, then reason and logic and a broad and sane and all inclusive solutions based approach is not possible.
        If you visit the comm-ev people, know they are now allowed to reason, or talk, or exchange views. They have orders. They obey the orders or they are recalled.

        They should have a PR style find out the facts collection of data or if they are bone-headed, they should have a Board of Investigation to collect facts. A comm ev has a bill of particulars listing offenses. Evidence is heard. So this is suspect even more. Squirrel in other words.

        Fluffy-tailed comm-evs should not be attended.

        They will want to know what you think and they will want names of those who have spoken to you, or vice versa.

        I rant. But that’s my 2 cents. Stay away or let them put it in writing to you. Let them commit what they say to you on the phone to writing. If they have ‘evidence’ let them write it down and give it to you.

        I have heard it now from a few sources, that if they have direct evidence, they can declare without a comm ev. LRH on the other hand says to be very fair, to show the evidence, to look at the persons value to the group even if guilty. (OEC vol 1 “Justice”).

        No, they are not doing this. They are operating on orders, unthinking.

      • Thanks St. I’ve listened to and read so many heart wrenching stories over the years; the ones that cut the deepest are families ripped apart. What possible justification can there be for forcing a parent and child apart to never speak again simply becuase they don’t agree with you, when you are neither the parent not the child.

        I should state my position though. My name is Alan McKinnon, some readers here might know me – I sure recognise many of your names. I called myself a Scientologist for 27 years and one day I walked away from it. I no longer consider myself a Scientologist at all and want nothing to do with it or it’s founder. And out of respect for the feelings of my friends here, that’s all I’ll say on that matter.

        But I do care a lot about people around me; I was lucky in that the CoS never had anything on me so I had nothing much to lose. Other are not so lucky. How many S.O. members are in the berthing right now and have nowhere to go?

        My real message is for the lurkers, those who read and don’t post. Especially SO members.

        There are places you can go, there are people you can trust and there’s a bunch of them right here. If you walk out the door and don’t look back, you will not pull in personal disaster. You won’t be condemned to flipping burgers for the rest of your life, you probably won’t become a drug addict or blown your brains out or lose your eternity. And the SO cannot at all in any way enforce a freeloader bill. If the Bridge is what you really want, it’s available out here mostly for free! Imagine that.

        I can help. No conditions, just good old-fashioned ordinary help. Most likely what you need most is a quiet space, no Thu 2pm, a phone to call home and talk to your family who still care, and bus fare to get there. The blog owner knows who I am, get in touch and I’m sure the message will be passed on.

        You can take your life back, for real. And there’s a whole awesome world out here full of people who care.

    • The price to pay for not caving in can be too high too bear for some.
      You have to endorse your own pain and the pain of those around you , especially close family .
      And yet you know in your bones that you cannot even begin to cave in.
      Disconnection is the killer.

      • It can be a tough choice in some cases. I just find it ironic that the reason a lot of people got into Scientology was to be better Beings. To find the truth and have the power to confront and better conditions. Then when they find their own religion hijacked by a mad man they get all careful and complacent and throw away their goals of being noble Beings. In my opinion, if you sell out then to that degree you are PTS to mismanage and his evil henchmen.
        Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Dhali Lama

  8. Oh how exciting, hope my name is on that list, I am guessing I am a sure thing after I sent the link to this site to every Scientologist I have ever known lol!

    I have come to terms after so much ignored com for the past two years that I will never see my money on account again so CoS, kiss my arse!!!

  9. Here is my unofficial report to the committee (for them to use or lose)

    I (for one) deny spreading rumours. I am spreading the truth. If that equates to “dissent” then so be it.

    Rumour: About 46 staff members in a photograph
    Truth: About 30 staff members and 15 construction workers in a staff uniform.

    Rumour: OTIX and X will be released when the Ideal Org campaign is done.
    Truth: There is no OT IX and X. After LRHs death, Miscavige and Rathbun looked for the upper OT levels and did not find them. They thought that Pat Broeker had them. He did not. They spent years looking for them and came up empty handed. If they exist, Miscavige does not have them.

    Rumour : We have experienced the greatest expansion in the last ten years since the Ideal Org programme started.
    Truth: The church is shrinking (“Joburg not expanding, Pretoria failing”)

    Rumour: Whispering campaigns and declares of 18 people (at least) as SPs because they agree with LRH and disagree with Miscavige about Ideal Orgs.
    Truth: 18 people (including 12 OTs, and several trained auditors who have contributed to the church in diverse ways for (collectively) over 500 years, are NOT SPs. See quotes on Mike Rinder’s blog regarding what LRH thought about Ideal Orgs (Ideal in respect of the people and the delivery, clean enough not to repel people – not Ideal in respect of decor foremost.)

    Rumour: LRH was/is perfect.
    Truth: LRH was a multidimensional force of nature – NOT perfect – he certainly did not laim that.
    Look inward. Not at the public. The church has been turned into a cult by virtue of these “investigations”, the quelling of the truth and the “mushroom” treatment dealt to the public.

    To anyone called to a committee:

    My recommendation if you are called to such a committee (and you decide to go) is to go armed with LRH – take the full quote because they will tell you that you are quoting out of context. Also, ask them for their reference and demand to see it or hear it – and look at it/listen to it in ITS context.

    If they ask you what your crimes are (because you are being “critical”) you can tell them : “Being here and communicating!!”. Just because you can spot an outpoint (or many) does not mean you
    are a criminal.

    You are welcome to give my name. Beware the heart-ache of disconnection for those under the radar, and don’t give up anyone else’s name if you can help it. It is not your name to give. They can give it if they want to. Maintain your courage and integrity. That’s what LRH would do in my humble opinion.

  10. The “justice” being used and dealt out in Co$ is a farce. A comedy of fools. Keystone Cops and indoctrinated minds puffed up on love bombing and BIG titles, with lots of false importance piled on top like whipped cream to dress up a tiny biscuit for dessert. There is no power there.

    So many are watching and supporting all of you and this blog. Brighter days are ahead, and each journey will be unique rather than “lock-step”. Freedom FROM the insanity that is the Scientology organizational model and opperendii. Freedom TO no longer wear their mental shackles.

  11. Well this evokes a response! Initially I was indignant at being declared without being accorded my comm ev and shown how wrong I was by this group that had had my utter loyalty for decades, but hey, once I truly realised that I want nothing further to do with this Miscavige driven begging machine, it all looked very different to me.So thank you Davie for truly waking me up!! They can com ev while hanging upside down in a superpower machine. I really don’t care! These guys no longer constitute my group. Most of the contributors to this blog ,I believe, do constitute a group I care about. And boy have I made some awesome new friends in the Independent Movement. I am not just being bloody minded here.The C of S no longer holds a monopoly on your and my freedom—that’s what hooked us, fear of losing the Bridge. The Bridge according to LRH exists in many places. We have to think in differences, similarities and identities= sanity. The C of S,RTC,the SO, the Orgs are different from the tech and the philosophy. Original LRH tech is what is important. This is why we all protest because we know things ought to be per LRH and they are not. If the current C of S is different from the group you joined then do not support it and start by not granting its devious com ev any beingness whatsoever. I know most of you know all this well ,but I thought that if I could save one person from being overwhelmed in any way it was worth making these points.

    • As one who has been out for just short of 2 years, and having reached OT VIII IN the church – if you haven’t reached that point, I’d like to congratulate you on the prospect of being able to reach that level in the independent field where you WON’T have the suppressive tech of the COS applied to you!!!!

  12. Would like to take this opportunity to share my experience recently. When I found out the truth about the church I met with a staff member of the church and told her that I longer want to be part of the church due to the reasons, as per the shocking discoveries. I disconnected from the chuch on that day. It was difficult and heartwrenching to leave good people behind whose only fault is that they care too much but are unable to look and discover the glaring truth. I am fortunate in the sense that i do not have family in the church as I know this can be so difficult and makes it harder to disconnect easily.

    I was later contacted by a sea org member. I told him I no longer wanted to be part of the church and he knew i could not be convinced otherwise. I was later contacted by a more senior staff member telephonically. She insisted I come through to the org to chat. This was not to hear my viewpoint however but to handle the misinformation and “enemy on my lines “. The staff member is good person however was unable to listen to my viewpoint. I advised her that I was happy to chat to her telephonically but not to come in to the org. She mentioned some reference regarding overts thus invalidating and evaluating me. I ignored this. Unfortunately many SO and staff members make use of this as their staple diet to control people. Its become so common place in the church that people do not even realse they are doing it, i suppose. I tried to tell her what I had discovered on the net but she refused to listen to any of it as it was “entheta “. She quoted references to the effect that scientologists should not read such entheta to which I responded that when the church is being attached from within this is indeed the thing that one should do. I also mentioned that i always noticed outpoints in the church and when i found out the truth about the happenings at the church it all made sense to me. Everything came to light and it does not require another to convince you of something when you feel it at the very core of your beingness. You know instantly, this is the truth…

    My feeling is that they do not have power unless we give them the power. If they request our presence we are not compelled to attend. And if they want to communicate, communication is two-way street. Talking and listening to what you have to say. So many Scientologists are afraid to look at the information as they may perceive it to be an overt and also it is a barrier to them progressing on the bridge. Imagine the number of intensives it would take to get off these “overts”….well if they want a real comm cycle why not give it to them. Why not request for them to respond to each of the offences committed by the church as per the testimonials, video clips and the like…..perhaps in this way staff members would be enlightened as to the happenings at their church….

    As for me, if I am contacted my thoughts at this very moment is to enlighten them…I will be open to providing information about the violations of the church telephonically and will request for their detailed feedback. I will not entertain any form of invalidation and evaluation and will advise that my assisting them with revealing the truth is limited to one call. I understand that their intention is opposite to mine but as they want to communicate with me, listening is part if the deal…i know that i may not get far with this approach and if they want to offer me a badge of honour I will gladly accept…and be very proud of it and the esteemed company that I would be part of…
    I do hope that more SO and staff members see the light though and make informed decisions…many of them are such good, hardworking, dedicated people. All it would take is for them to see what is out there and the overwhelming information would speak for itself…perhaps this is the ideal opportunity where they would have to look!!!

  13. Hi guys, I don’t know who of you remembered that this is just another repeat of the C of S “war” in 1982. when Miscovology took over the reigns and declared over 400 friends and class viii’s of Ron. When the Ability Centre was set up in South Africa by Class viii’s from the States. And I am afraid to say they were all closed down and wiped out by your lovely Church. They now use OSA and RTC tactics that are similar to what the CIA and FBI is doing. this time around it is not as friendly and overt attacking, it is way more subtle and devious. so a friendly warning. Do not give names, do not give any data of anything you know, trust me the attacks they do is not just in the physical universe it can be far worse. LRH’s tech is very powerful and if used as black dianetics or black nots the ramafications are not a pretty one. I have been through the 82 one and they are starting to follow the same tactics than then but in a more covert way. as per LRH
    The price of freedom is Constant alertness and willingness to fight back. but know what you are fighting before you do.

    • No worries, as of PT, they are ineffective.
      As for the C of S, just remove your support. It will cave itself in without your help.

      As for your future, Tony’s advice is wise.

  14. Just my 2 cents for those thinking of going along with the Com Ev: anything you say will be recorded (if you’re speaking on the phone) and you’ll be on camera if you’re in the org (the cameras are hidden). If you say anything C.I. to COB’s command intention, then that is all the “evidence” they need to declare you. They may tell you that they’ll just dead-file you (which is the first thing they will do) but subsequently there will be a sooper sekrit goldenrod written up on you that, if you’re lucky, you might find out about on the grapevine one day. Then again, if you don’t give a damn about a declare (which you oughtn’t to, really) and still want to go in and say your piece, then go for it and slam it in really hard to whomever you’re talking to. Don’t bother asking questions, they won’t be answered. Take NO verbal tech and call them out on it every time they try and give it to you.

    • Hi Roxy SPOT
      (Credit J Swift : A SPOT is an SP who is OT)
      I like your attitude – sounds like Tone 40 to me. Decide, do, and take no B/S.

  15. I think it’s better to be totally overt against them or if you can’t confront that then just go out of comm and fly under the radar. This drives them crazy not knowing who is with or against them. I have even seen them use the ploy of ordering people in for a metered ethics interview. You can just refuse and say you don’t want your case messed with. They will try to bully you into compliance. Just be ready for it and find a way to wiggle out of it or just be overt and say to them that they are full of shit.

  16. Maybe it is smarter to just play the game their way. Then you have the chance to collect data and prepare a real big strike … maybe on stage when you have many people listening to you. You are declared anyway. They don’t play fair, why should you?

  17. Hey gang of rebels, especially Tony, Alan (Splog) Wendy M and other unknown squirrels, SP’s & verrry bitter twisssted apostates.

    Well, well, well, looks like the proverbial chickens have come home to roost, only to find the above have moved into the coop! A lot of squawking and clucking going on, and assorted scraggly feathers flying all over the place. Oh, and don’t get up too close and personal with said chickens, since they seem to have let go of their bowels too!

    Gee, my wife has been in business, doing professional debt collecting for years, and was approached to recover some advanced payments (unused) for some very successful scns who had left the (now) pseudo “church”, some time ago.

    It is common knowledge, that the “refund “policy, was designed ( post LRH ) to completely frustrate those attempting to have their money returned. Being forced to jump through an impossible number of hoops, of course, is the stock-in-trade MO of a 1.1 management!

    Never-the-less, co-operation in the above case was followed, for a reasonable time.
    After a frustrating experience with Hillary Eenkhoorn, (resulting in the predicted run -around,) the OSA (Africa) “director” Anne Hogarth, was approached purely in a civil and business based series of e-mails, and telephonic conversations, trying to effect the requested re-payments being withheld. Incidentally, this act, of withholding returns of unused moneys, by the CO$ to the persons demanding it, is in direct violation of standing policy according to L Ron Hubbard. He required MANDATORY repayments to be done within 24 hours of the request being received. The only proviso being that ” the person requesting the repayment may not be trained or processed any further.”

    Of course, as mentioned above, the new scn regime of Miscavige, has an entirely different set of values in operation, none of which include doing the ethical/moral thing expected, especially from an institution calling itself a “church.”

    My wife in fact has,. given repeated ultimatums to the respondents, that she was prepared to go public and expose this fraudulent activity for the entire country to see, unless the moneys were returned forthwith! and without ANY further delays!

    Anne Hogarth’s response was to engage in the tactics outlined in your “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble” article above. My wife was told, by this “church” official, Anne Hogarth, that “We have been watching your fucking husband” “We have an OSA file on him! we know how many fucking times he has posted on what fucking blogs. We have data on him”.

    Wow, I feel so honored! Can i invite her & her guys around for a meal and a beer? it would make a real change from the actual hardened crims, my wife used to deal with, as SA’s one time most prolific Criminon counselor. Heck, and I’d like to share my often daily experiences dealing with real street gangs, where spilling blood is par for the course!

    C’mon guys,( OSA) don’t be little cowardly 1.1’s. Show your faces & names, so we can see how brave you are ….. We’re waiting for you.

    • Calvin

      I guess that those of us who have been vocal should not expect any civility. That’s fine with me and I can tell that’s fine with you too.

      If they have a file on you they have a file on me. (I just want to say at this juncture, that I would hate for any of my posts to have been glossed over, and that OSA should look for posts under “Picanin” and “Dali” as well – they are mine). This might seem like in-your-face-disrespect to them …….and that would be correct! I feel horribly betrayed. I have been horribly betrayed. Many people have suffered the same fate. If the church had an answer to our questions we would have heard it. Nothing is forthcoming other than verbal abuse.

      I get what you say about the screaming Calvin. I think of senior execs who have escaped – and after a little time breathing the same air as the rest of us – they come to their senses. I hold out hope that at least some of them still in will have that opportunity this lifetime still. Some of them are under duress to conform, and cannot see their way out of the maze.

      In the meantime Calvin – they “have data on you”. I can tell you are trembling (NOT!). Your help has been forgotten and the betrayal of you has been swept under the carpet. Some days I think about litigating, and some days I think about letting it go. What happens in the future might depend on which of the “some days” they cross my path again! Let them unleash the ‘data” they have on you and me and everyone else. Makes for an easy “cause of action”. The data is worth nothing to them. They won’t even publish the SP declares for fear of litigation.

      • So we are not alone…welcome management to this forum. I am glad that you are able to see firsthand for yourself the reports of gross atrocities committed by church via many, many testimonials. Scientology is about improving ones abilities, becoming more self determined, becoming more ethical, having more integrity, being more at cause, expanding one’s beingness, increasing ones responsibility and so the list goes on. It is powerful and amazing. I wish this for you as well. The fact that you are a staff member/SO member demonstrates that you started this journey with such amazing intentions…to help mankind…to reach a higher state of beingness. I implore you to have a look at what is happening in the church at the moment. Look within yourself and see if all makes sense to you…if all is as it should be. Consider the 18 people that have been declared… please do your own assessment of the situation. In your personal view with your knowingness and from your heart, do they resemble the qualities as mentioned above or otherwise. These are highly trained individuals that have given much to the church in terms of time, financial resources and the like. They have amazing intentions to make this world a better place. Now look also to the other people that have been declared. Are you aware that many of the highly trained people working with LRH were also declared. Have you heard the testimonials from key people within top int management talk of abuses within the church. Are you aware that some of the top executives are publicly accusing DM of physical abuse and that the response coming from the church is that it was not DM committing the abuse but the senior execs who are making the accusations, Do you realize what this means. This is an admission to all that there are indeed physical abuses in the upper echelons of the church. This from a church….how is this possible. How is this possible given the amazing tech that we have including ARC, no evaluation, no invalidation, good roads good weather, the way to happiness, what is greatness to name but a few. We have to ask the question…What is happening…

        I hope that you too will see the truth for yourself. I hope you find the courage to look and to seek the actual, real amazing benefits that LRH had intended for all of us…i hope you find real, genuine Scientology because nothing can beat it….i hope you find your way…

    • We too have jumped through all the ridiculous hoops in an attempt to have funds on account repaid. It has been 18 months since we started the entire process; still NOTHING. The delay tactics and zero communication is designed to cause frustration and create enemies. The CofS simply had to repay that which is ours and we would have walked away. Instead it has chosen to deliberately withhold our funds and not communicate, thus creating enemies.

      Furthermore, we were informed (in writing) by the LC (Sandra De Beer) that we too would be declared simply for communicating to others of our decision to leave the CofS.

      “Also, you have publicly departed the Church and have informed others of this decision, this being a suppressive act, will also result in Declare once this cycle is complete.” – LC JBGD

      All we did was tell those closest to us (family & friends) that we were no longer part of CofS. The result = DISCONNECTION. They (being family & friends who disconnected) are so afraid of losing their “freedom” that they ducked and ran as if somehow our disaffection would rub off on them. I wish them all the best on their journey to “freedom”. Remember, you will only be “free” if you do and say only what the CofS says you must.

    • Wendy, thanks for the legal eagle inputs, as well as your sincerity, they are all appreciated. ‘Mind control’ as a ploy, as you know only too well, only works on the fearful….Being faced with death from truly dangerous situations, on a regular basis, quickly puts things in proper perspective!
      I welcome our erstwhile ‘brethren’ of OSA, to my ‘version’ of a grand tour of
      ‘off limits’ areas, to jack up their ‘confront,’ to see how they ‘do.’ You dig?
      The invitation stands….

  18. If LRH was still around, he would be furious to see what he dedicated his life to being reduced to a punch line. After all the sacrifice and sweat, tears and blood and a failure to evolve and catch up with the new times and the advent and surgence of the internet will eventually make it a taboo to even talk about this “religion.” He would have figured out a way to maximize the benefits by incorporating the new media into his endeavours.

  19. Why not take them to Small Claims Court and see how that goes. It is a simple process without lawyers. If a whole bunch of you do it, it may even make them realize they are not impervious to justice.

    Personally I would sue them for Breach of Trust – a much more serious crime, in a higher lawform that statute law.

    I also suggest everyone demands at least their PC folders back under the South African Data protection laws. http://www.dataguidance.com/news.asp?id=2104

    The org was entrusted with the complilation and safekeeping of these folders for which you paid them. They are the trustees of this confessional material. You are the Settlor/Trustor/(Creator) of the trust, and as such the ultimate authority on the matter. What you say is the law. You are also the beneficiary, which gives another angle to push as well.

    If the org does not want you around any more and declares you an SP, then you have all the right to ask for any files back (except possibly some pure accounting which they may be required to hold for a certain time). I bet if the 18 and any others in a similar place did this they would shit themselves and switch from attack to defense in a hurry.

    Or you would just give them a great excuse for further fund-raising 🙂

    Do not believe the enemyline that Court have to be expensive and you must have a lawyer. You don’t and if you have done a bit of homework and have a bit of logical or reasoning ability, you are better off without one. A Lawyers first duty is to the Court and the Law Society, not the client. Ask one if you do not believe me. If you have a lawyer he/she is in essense like your guardian and you have declared yourself a minor who is incapable to manage his/her own affairs.

    When in Court, stick to the main point and do not Q&A with anyone on that – not even the Judge. Avoid making statements and instead say anything you want to say with a question. Like asking the Org representative things like “Whos name is on the folders?” “Who paid for the compilation of them?” “When you refer to these folders internally, whos folders you you say they are?” etc. Put the burden of proof on your opponent. Watch them squirm and sweat.

  20. Hi
    The good worker? One that does exactly as his senior tell, then you as a outsider look at this worker and see strange and odd actions.

    Then you look closer and find the worker is doing exactly what his senior instructed,

    Fruit cake found

    Now a worker that does not follow exactly his senior tends to
    cover up the fruit cake ( mad person) so it can’t be found.

    18 declares by senior order , they got some good workers.

    Ok so now say Cob steps down and mistakes are admired and forgiven what would we vision would hold fast from now on out.?

  21. Pingback: Rounding up the dissidents | Scientologists getting back in comm

  22. LRH OODs item of 22 June 1974 entitled ‘TECH’ ,See Exec Series 30.
    “When one adopts false tech he will then wind up with confusion as false tech will not deliver a product. It delivers a confusion— like psychiatry.
    The more false tech you hold onto or apply the more confusions you will get.”
    True tech as developed by L.Ron Hubbard is the workable tech which we know works. The confusions being evidenced in all directions are due to alterations and false tech being adopted. KSW is out.

  23. JUSTICE – Org Series 19 “ Group Sanity” by L. Ron Hubbard

    10. JUSTICE.

    Without justice there can be no real organization.

    Even a government owes its people an operating climate in which human transactions and business can occur.

    Where insane and criminal individuals operate unchecked in the community, justice is uncertain and harsh.

    The society in which the insane rise to positions of power becomes a nightmare.

    Justice is a difficult subject. Man handles it badly.

    Justice cannot occur until insanity can be detected and cured.

    The whole task of justice is to defend the honest man. Therefore the target of justice is the establishment of a sane society.

    The inability to detect or cure the insane destroys civilizations.

    Justice is an effort to bring equity and peace. When one cannot detect and cure insanity then sooner or later justice actions will become unjust and be used by the insane.

    To us, justice is the action necessary to restrain the insane until they are cured. After that it would be only an action of seeing fair play is done.

    It is very worthwhile to study and read the entire policy above, as injustice is created by many contributing factors.

    Ethics actions without ethics orders, and justice actions where the right to face ones accuser/s is denied. Rumours and unexplained actions all create an atmosphere of uncertainty and injustice. This is contrary to KSW. If it is not written it is not true.

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