A (new) cultural revolution

cultural_revolutionSomeone who is “under the radar” has sent this in. He or she grew up in the Chinese cultural revolution. The parallels to where we find ourselves now with the church are striking. 

And by the way, the very fact that “under the radar” has become a common expression tells us how idiotic and non-Scientological this entire scene has become.

As a child, I lived through the Cultural Revolution in China. It was a very fearful and stressful time.

Our close knit family worked hard to make a better life. We were relatively well-off and well educated. Because of this we were seen as a threat to the revolution. Lesser

(and un-) educated communist party members – who were ardent ‘revolutionaries’ – suddenly held immense power and they proceeded to ‘divide and conquer’ our family in the name of the revolution. These revolutionaries believed that they were doing the right thing in order to protect the majority of people’s freedoms.

The ‘Red Guard’ – made up of young, idealistic, teenagers and young adults with limited education, no experience and no understanding of life had free reign to enforce ‘revolutionary ideals’ on the people. They would act on any report and they seldom investigated. We lived in fear of being ‘found out’.

Our whole extended family was eventually investigated – under threat of punishment for the serious crime of being ‘against the revolution’. Some of my close family were labelled (with a sign around their neck) as being ‘anti-revolutionary’ and made to clean streets and were spat on and mistreated – in one case for almost a year. Many lost their jobs or were prevented from holding an important position. My father was put into a re-education camp for almost two years – although convicted of nothing. He had to write up what he had done that was counter-revolutionary, and do a re-education program until he had admitted to ‘all that he had done wrong’.

My mother was often ‘interviewed’ and was encouraged to divorce him. Other family members were told to have nothing to do with them. It was not good to be connected to an ‘anti-revolutionary’. We were all powerless. Everyone lived in fear. Once ‘caught’ there was no way out of the ‘anti-revolutionary justice system’. Even the proper ‘justice’ channels did not work. There was no real justice – just the ‘revolution’. There was no truth – just an acceptable ‘revolutionary’ version. Common sense and good manners and thoughtfulness were replaced by revolutionary ideals and fervour. The revolution became more important than the people it was supposed to help.

In the name of the revolution our family was sent to different (small) towns around China. Some never came back.

The incomprehensible thing is: that the cultural revolution was meant to be for the people and to improve the lives of the people. It just did not.

Here is a list of things that actually occurred during the Cultural revolution (in no particular order).

Where else have you seen similar things happen? Possibly in your church?

 •             Questioning the leadership will end up in trouble. Do not ask questions. Just don’t.

•             The ‘old’ conservative, experienced leadership is replaced by new leaders, loyal only to the revolution and its leader.

•             People live in fear of being accused of not agreeing with the leadership – so they keep quiet and try not to be noticed.

•             No personal initiatives are tolerated – only orders from ‘above’ have any value.

•             Can’t trust anybody – as anything you say can and will be used as evidence against you.

•             People are ‘encouraged’ to write reports on others – especially for not supporting the ‘revolution’.

•             No personal opinions allowed – just say what everybody else says.

•             No personal thoughts allowed – just think what you are told to think.

•             The State has complete power over you, your family, your life.

•             While there is Mao’s ‘red book’ of guiding policy and also party policy, many ‘orders’ from above are arbitrary and ignore policy, and often are based on someone’s personal opinion or for their personal gain.

•             People too scared to fight it. There is no real justice system.

•             If one family member is labelled as being ‘against the revolution’ the rest of the family is told to disconnect.

•             Many families, friends and colleagues are ‘encouraged’ to split up.

•             Anybody not disconnecting will also be labelled as…. ‘against the revolution’

•             Those deemed as not too dangerous are re-educated (under threat) until they are considered as supporting the revolution. They are made to write up exactly what they did wrong during re-education. This can be used against them at a later stage, if necessary.

•             People not permitted to read / talk about what is happening outside China. Tight control of communication and information to prevent anti-revolutionary thoughts.

•             Only revolutionary books permitted, as permitted by the leadership.

•             Only ‘acceptable’ truths are communicated – bad news or negative reports are not acceptable (even if true).

•             The Communist party and the revolution (group) are more important than individual.

•             Crimes committed in the name of the revolution are perfectly acceptable.

•             The Red Guard enforces party policy (or whatever they want). Harshly.

•             The Leader is regarded as the saviour of China. His loyal followers cheer and clap and cry and faint when they see him at mass rallies. They believe his every word.

Many years have passed and the Cultural Revolution is now long gone but in some ways see a similar story playing in the church – the way that the church operates, and the way that people are treated.

Only once the revolution had passed and freedoms returned did China become successful.

This is my story. This is my observation.

17 thoughts on “A (new) cultural revolution

  1. I think comparing cults is an important step to understanding them. Scientology is not unique, there are many thousands of cults, and they use very similar techniques in recruiting new members, and keeping them in. I really don’t know how the OSA staff who attend cult conferences can ignore the similarities and be affected by that.

  2. Also, if you think the Cultural Revolution was bad, research The Great Leap Forward, which was basically a decade long stat push on a billion people, and killed tens of millions.

  3. Amazing parallells in that story – and political fascisms all over the world have the same characteristics listed here. One other hallmark feature of a political fascism is that there is no laughter, no humour, no joy, everything is deadly serious. (Where is that on the Tone Scale again? – rhetorical question).

    Thanks very much to the person under the radar for sharing this – while there are a lot of studies on the fascist style of dictator leadership, there is nothing like personal testimony from personal experience to really bring it home.

  4. “I don’t care if I pass your test, I don’t care if I follow your rules. If you can cheat, so can I. I won’t let you beat me unfairly – I’ll beat you unfairly first.
    – Ender ”
    ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

    • There’s also Plan B:

      Just stop playing their stupid game.

      Don’t allow yourselves to get trapped in a games condition with CoS. That way lies madness.

      • I enjoyed the quote. It seemed to me to be saying, if we are playing a game and then you try to hurt me by cheating, I will beat you at your own game because cheating to hurt people is not cool. If I see people hurting others, I won’t just step away and not do anything. I will actively try and prevent it. I think I get your point too though. 🙂

      • I re-read my comment, and saw it could like I was dissing yours and brushing it off. Sorry about that, that wasn’t what I intended and I should have been clearer.

        People have different options depending on how they want to react to things around them. Somelove a good fight, some just want to walk away and live in peace.

        It is a great quote 🙂

  5. I had a lot of time today. As some of you know, I am one of the disconnected family members. So I watched “Battlefield Earth”. You know what … there was one message I was thinking about in the last few days.
    The hero lets the Psychlos continue, he did not evaporate Terl (John Travolta) when he had the chance. Why? The idea was simple. The hero had to learn and get ready first.

    What does that have to do with the Cult of $cientology?
    A fight from outside is a small threat. But when you continue staying inside, then you are at the heart of the organism.
    Don’t leave the cult. Stay inside and provide the world with information. Get sensible data and then let it suffer from inside. Don’t discuss anything with one person, talk to an audience.
    It might sound weird, but I am trying to encourage you to take a bit more pain and NOT leave immediately. Get ready to expose many outpoints in one shot when the organism is vulnerable.
    We need leaking Miscavige speeches. Expose what he is trying to withhold from the public!

    It is like in the movie “Independence day”, or maybe remember the Trojan horse.
    This will drive DM mad, he will know that he cannot trust anyone anymore. And we are close to that point already. The ID cards made it obvious.
    You can leave at any time anyway, why not stay a bit longer?

    Don’t open your shirt and ask the Ethics officer to stab you. This strategy is useless.

    • People actually just need to walk away. No public = nobody left to rob and abuse except staff. Those staff who don’t care for abuse can leave, too. Simply withdraw support.

      Whether you subscribe to the PTS/SP theory or not: imagine what the kind of negativity you see, read about and know in your heart to be true does to your life and your happiness, and your friends. Maybe this has gone on so long you can’t imagine life without it. But life without abuse is possible, and it is a willful choice. Just walk out that door and don’t look back. We never have any other time than now. Anything else is fantasy. Do you want the rest of your life to be like now on a dwindling spiral? No thanks, I’d say.

      I’ll end off with two things Eleanour Roosevelt said:

      “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
      ― This is My Story

      “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

      ― You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life

    • BFM: Great comment. The truth is there is no shortage of inside info. MANY people are connected closely but under the radar and biding their time – more are coming on board every day. If the new “management” in South Africa think their Nazi-style tactics will stem the tide of public disaffection, they are deluded. If they knew just how many of us there are, their heads would explode.

      • Oh, thanks for that BP, several Monty Python images arose here. 😀 Exploding heads aside, seriously though, there are far, far more out than in and if they knew how many have left over the years, they would finally be able to fill up their empty orgs with addresso files as a substitute for actual public and staff.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to tell this tragic story. And, yes, it is totally the same.

    The shunners are the ones most damaged.

  7. Yes. Lots of people under the radar.

    The easy access to information is the Achilles heel of C of S. Just think of all the videos of the events over the years. Now available on the net. DM words are immortalized! No where for him to hide.
    His lies are easy to expose.

    With regards to ‘the tech ‘ it’s also freely available, thanks again to the internet.

    In conversations, I was told that the new battle for the church is with the internet. Poor SO members, they could’ve benefited from an education. The Protestant movements expansion was due In part to the industrial revolution. Printing presses began printing cheap bibles which neutralize the monopoly of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Today, the digital revolution is killing the C of S and it’s monopoly on the tech.

    Good luck Sea Org on preventing history from repeating its self !
    Oh dear, it already has and no amount of crisis management is going to stop it.

  8. Thanks, old timer. I see this more and more. We are told the GAT2 event will be shown once only , never to be repeated. I am sure the disks will all be accounted for and returned to the lie factory they came from. In this way, everyone gets brainwashed intensively for 3 hours a night and walks away with the impression all is super good. In a few years when GAT2 has failed they will try and remember exactly what the Poison Dwarf said in the event, they will struggle and seek to watch that again. And of course the evidence is all gone years ago. NO. If it really was so super-fuckin-good they would play it as much as they could and allow showings in the orgs for people who missed the event. Mercedes Benz does not flight the ad for their new model once only and never again. Only the Poison Dwarf could screw this up so badly. It’s so suppressive I think I feel sick.

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