Decide who are one’s friends

facebook-policeEfforts to disconnect Scientologists from declared Scientologists is well under way. This is happening in various way – emails, personal contact and threat.

Keep in mind there has still been no official announcement from the Church about WHO these so-called SP’s are or WHY they have been declared. Very few people have been allowed to see these declares and they are not publicly displayed.  Some people requesting to view them have been told “they are not available”.

Which begs the question: “If the Church is not publicly acknowledging the declares or the names of those involved, how can they be condemning anyone for being connected to these people?”

One of the ways used to determined who is connected to whom is through Facebook. Most people wised up to this and have hidden their friends lists.  However a person can still see what friends you have in common with another person.

So if you are friends with an undesirable, one of your common friends would have to rat you out.

We did our own little investigation and came up with some interesting data. We have found 3 Sea Org members that are Facebook friends with declared SPs. The only reason these people would still be connected on Facebook is to look at the “Friends in Common” to determine which Scientologists have not disconnected. 

We issue this info as a public service announcement. Do with it what you will. If you are friends with any of these SO members they are likely reporting on your friend activity.

  • Dricia Dhamija
  • Natalia Nemes-Choukri
  • Kimberlee Howarth

Facebook policing of Scientologists is not uncommon around the world. However, in line with the purpose of this blog do not allow these efforts to curtail your communication. Communicate further!

20 thoughts on “Decide who are one’s friends

  1. Even though volumes and volumes have been written on Communication and how Communication is the universal solvent, there are vast OSA “assets” OSA operatives who watch Facebook and see who’s friending who…to get them to disconnect. Embarrassed and needing to hid actual Internet sites, they use surreptitious phrases “So and So has gone over to the dark side” “So and So is disaffected, and I am letting you know for your own good and your own *Elligibility* ”
    I mocked Facebook police here ~~

    • You are such a treasure, Karen, thank you for this excellent laugh!!! 🙂 (I have seen this before, but it really is perfect for this blog article. Much Love to you from someone you know by another name. 🙂

  2. That’s pretty straightforward to do! So then, WHO sticks by you, and is NOT afraid to help when the going get’s tough? The answer tells all!

  3. That would not be the first, as I was once contacted at 3am by a Flag MAA office to unfriend someone on my friends list on fb. 3am! Such an effort.

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  5. I know of a number of people that were asked to spy on their SCN facebook friends by Sandra de Beer (LC JBGD). I have personally been offered up to HCO on 2 occasions relating to facebook issues. It amazes me how their arrogance actually makes them think they will EVER be able to control Scientologists’ internet activity.

    It really pisses me off that while they fart around with internal witch-hunts, declaring good people and trying to “control” their flock, there are thousands of illegal PC’s being made every day. They have lost the plot.

    But I had to smile yesterday when I saw that Gaby Ryan (D/ED JBGD) had linked to an “entheta” article about the new Super Power building – not even I would disseminate the article because of how it denigrates LRH – and yet she linked to it, and 24 other Scientologists “liked” it!

    • LOL!!! Shows they cannot evaluate data, and really are sheeple blindly following whatever their “opinion leaders” put out, as OK. It is really astounding that people can still be so robotic in this age of information.

  6. If I am not mistaken, it was L. Ron Hubbard who wrote the policy as to what consisted of a Suppressive Act. The cut communications with persons who have been declared is a correct action if you follow LRH’s policy. Isn’t it a Suppressive Act to remain connected to someone who is setting up squirrel activities?

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  8. This would make sense if it were a real SP and not a so called “SP'” as per the church definition of SP, this being a person who asks questions that may be a bit too difficult for the church to answer…

  9. Dear all,
    I have been following this blog and a lot of others on the www for a while now. I left a few comments. Thanks to the person who sent this blog address to all the Scientologists in
    his/her book, I then got it from a dear friend.
    Today, however, I want to state what I think of this game that is being played.
    What do you think these not so good people (all those that are still on DM’s “good” list) can
    do to us? Is anyone of us hiding a crime (in the real world)? Only then would one have to
    be afraid, because OSA would use its knowledge against you, should it be in any of your
    PC/Ethics files.
    All those who are out have the worst behind themselves, those who are still in but have
    seen the light can just get up and walk. Who wants to stop them? DM? Albert de Beer?
    I have a smile on my face right now, because the only thing one needs to do is have
    intention and they will loose their (so called) Trs. I’m through all the sh.. myself, so I
    know the drill.
    Perhaps we all should learn from history. Do you know how the Germans of the DDR
    got rid of their SP government? They started talking to one another (which was
    forbidden by the government), then they agreed that enough is enough, sat down and
    said aloud, “We are the people!” Many just left the country and found refuge in Eastern
    Block states. No one listened to that government any more, the government was disabled –
    there were no people to govern!
    Well, Scientologists all over the world have started to talk to each other openly and quite a
    lot of communication is happening. Now they just have to let these bastards know who they
    are, simple, isn’t it? “We are the true Scientologists, because we are using SCN (as written
    by LRH) in day to day life.” And then get up and walk out without looking back, because
    nobody is loosing anything by walking out of that so-called church. It isn’t what it’s
    supposed to be.
    It has become a disgrace of which I’m rather not a part.
    They, Jo’burg org, can call comm evs or declare people as much as they please, if no one is going effect to it, what do they achieve?
    Flourish and prosper is my wish for you.
    Love to all of you
    Karin Adolf from Germany.

    • Dear Karin,

      I am glad you (too) open your mouth.

      The truest part of your letter for me: we have nothing to fear. Will they maybe declare us? Hahaha!! On what ground and in the name of what law or what rights?

      In my opinion: the original definition for Scientologist by and from LRH stand for me as a guide – A Scientologist (as seen in late green dictionary) is someone who betters other people’s lives by using the knowledge and technology of SCN. And if they declare me? Hahaha. It will not make me a non-SCN, referring back to previous definition.

      Stealing my money off my account – which as you well know has happened (starting with the first amount of 16 000 SAR being withdrawn) – is a crime.
      Me doubting rewritings of original LRH – is a sane thing to do.
      Preventing me from seeing my son – is a crime.
      Me following LRH policy “What is true for you is true for you” – is an on policy SCN behaviour.

      I am trained. Never well enough, never high enough. I always crave for more.

      But one thing is for sure: my duplication of original LRH is really very good (Thanks to Jeremy Shell, my dear supervisor, who has bullied all the hell out of me).

      When I was the ED of HCA Johannesburg, I had my fights against so called WISE ED-s overwriting LRH policies.
      Squirrelling has started already way down the line. It is not new. And it always came from the very top.

      I am out and off all Org lines, whilst in the middle of my CCRD my Snr C/S Tracy Corbett-Henley has been suddenly removed from the Org overnight (Note: check LRH policy for High Crimes, khmmmm).
      But I am using THE technology every day in my life and achieving thrilling-sparkling results in each field I enter.

      Thanks to THE LRH TECH – starting from being a fast flow with superb duplication not ending (never ending :-)) with the Ethics Specialist and PTS/SP tech, including my trainings on the Admin Tech.
      Woha! If anyone wants to declare me, I only can be grateful. This is just the proof of they are being afraid of me, because I have ethics presence and I hold my space.
      I am not afraid.
      I have nothing to hide.

      And once there are so much mentioning of “the basics”, may I kindly remind us of those.
      – Any mistakes I made, I am happy to be responsible for them. (LRH – KRC)
      – Never forget the LRH writing about “What is greatness?” There is no need for entheta – theta is the best weapon. (LRH – ARC)
      – Life is a great game – with good purpose, with its barriers, yes, but with freedom 🙂 (LRH – game triangle)

      And once those triangles (ARC, KRC, game) can be restored – SCN will win again. Never without those…

      Love. Always.

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