New South African Training Prices

Rates cardGolden Age of Tech Phase II rate card:

Above is the newly issued rate card for training. These prices do not include materials. You’ll also notice that this training is “only available to annual or lifetime members of the International Association of Scientologists”.

Just about everything is R10 000. However it is most likely that training will be sold in packages so we’ll highlight those:

Auditor Fundamentals Package                                 R40 000

(St Hat, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, Metering, M1)

Level 0-IV Package                                                     R40 000

(Level 0, I, II, III, IV)

Class V Auditor Package                                             R90 000

(Student Hat to Class V)

To reiterate, this doesn’t include materials. The costs of materials we don’t have yet. However we can confirm the Class VIII Ultra E-Meter is R57,000 and auditors are expected to have two.

It was reported on Mike Rinder’s blog on Friday (Miscavige’s Golden Age “Ridge on the Bridge”) that ALL auditors & C/S’s will be required to redo their training on this new material. However, we are working to verify this information locally. We will keep you posted.

We also hear that the Purif is now R10 000 but it includes a gym bag, shorts, T-Shirt & flip flops. A Purif uniform of sorts.


29 thoughts on “New South African Training Prices

  1. R90K to Class V, without interneships. I paid R5K for the same package in 1995.

    Plus two meters (R114K) plus basics if you don’t have them – estimate R40K with lectures. IAS membership too, but I can’t be arsed looking up how much that is.

    R244K to train one auditor to Class V. Let’s put this in perspective shall we? R220K gets both my kids through 5 years of high school to Matric, plus books and most of the sports kit.

    Total training sales from this will be something rather close to zero. I suspect that’s how Davey wants it, he prefers status upgrade donations anyway.

  2. Well put Mr Splog!

    Apart from the money, let’s not forget the actual time that the trainee will need to put into his training. A few evening’s a week and weekend’s.


    • When I was on staff in PTS, the quickest anyone ever got through Div 6 to NED while dealing with real life was 3 years. I heard a bunch of students from Hungary did it rather quicker around 2000 or so, but I was long gone by then.

      3 years and a quarter of a million bucks, to learn how to deal with life better (borrowing from the old training tagline)? Yeah, I don’t see many buyers.

  3. Oh boy… this brings back memories of me sitting with the reges. Them telling me how much I have to donate to get on to course, and me telling them that it was too much for me to afford, and them asking/nagging/insisting that I borrow the money to buy the course. Oh, and don’t forget the IAS membership, that on it’s own was too much for me to afford.

    I’m so glad I did soooo much TR’s that it came out of my ears and I could stand my ground and not cave into the bullying.

  4. Thanks for the clarifications, ScnAfrica. More of the extraction processor (loot from sheeple) instruction manual! How blessed we are to look up above, and see the circling
    vultures in their agonized starvation (excepting the lavishly fed one high above those, of course, who constantly screams instructions and threats of punishment, to any of his scraggy feathered bonepickers, now hard-pressed to deliver the now hard-to-come-by-scraps, for the amusement of His Loftiness!) How cursed are those who can’t! Even with the keen eyesight of said vultures, surely they see that there’s hardly ANY meat worth fighting for on the remaining bones?

    It’s inevitable though isn’t it? WE will be “cleaning up” the field, so to speak, when all the vultures are finally starved to death.

    As the current hit song goes, (by Avichy,) — “Wake me up!” .. (when it’s all over!!!)

  5. Wow, I can’t believe how elitist this spiritual game has become! Sure, Scn is meant to be for “the able” – but when did LRH do an A = A and say “the able” = “millionaires”?? These prices put training, which was intended by LRH to be the most economical route up the Bridge, out of reach for a lot of very able people. R10k for a Student Hat alone is ludicrous!

    • It is also sad that what was once intended to help people become better, and to better conditions in society as a whole, has become nothing more than a celebrity cult for the rich and famous (public), and an abusive cult for those who cannot afford to pay their way (staff).

      For those of us who have been out for a long while now, the Church itself has become irrelevant to society, as there are hundreds of other groups who are now wearing the hat of working to actually better conditions in society (as opposed to manufacturing photoshop PR to give the impression they are).

      But the good news is, for the good and decent and sincere people in the Church who love the Tech – precedents have been set, and it *is* possible to still be a Scientologist if one wants to, outside the Church. Independent Scientology has had a massive resurgence over the past five years, and there are many willing to help those wanting to pursue this option.

  6. Holy crap!!! One can put oneself through University up to Masters’ degree level for that amount!!

    And another reality check – lets not forget that the vast majority of our population still live in utter poverty,and it is only a very small minority of the population that can afford these kinds of prices – only 4% of the South African population pay taxes, for instance. And these prices have probably been adjusted for the Rand-Dollar exchange rate as well. (Currently in the range of ZAR10 = US$1.

    And, on a final note, it still cracks me up how these tariffs for products and services are still called “donations”. If they truly were voluntary “donations”, then one should be able to access at least the training services for free if one cannot afford to donate. Right? 😀

    All that is left is to quote LRH himself:

    “If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further. […] But before you go, whisper this to your sons, and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.”
    —L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology: Clear Procedure – Issue One (1957)

  7. An interesting implication is that in fact, auditors are not deemed the ‘most valuable beings on the planet’. IAS Lifetime Members and higher are.

    It’s been like that since at least GAT 1, but it’s nice to see it in print.

  8. These new prices have probably also been touted (internally) as the solution to lousy staff pay. It does not take a marketing genius to know that if you price yourself out of the market – well……there goes the market. No customers – no staff pay. Let’s see what happens……..

    • Thanks for that, Wendy – so there is a recognition that staff pay is lousy, and as always, there is the promise to address that with each new solution, but the goalposts just keep on shifting. It will be indeed be interesting to see what happens.

  9. In my reading, it doesn’t say TRAINING is only available to members, but rather that the training PACKAGES are only available the IAS members.

    • I also notice the heading is “Training Requested Donations”. Note that word requested.

      I hope there’s a real sharp lawyer going around collecting many data points like this and building a consistent picture out of them. One day someone is going to prevail in a court of law.

      • Good one splog. Doesn’t “requested” imply that is what they would LIKE to get but if you pay them less they will accept it??? Otherwise why don’t they just say : Training donation price=

      • Tony,

        Yes, I see it that way too. I believe it’s important to document all these little inconsistencies where CoS promotes that they are (and thus binds themselves to being) a benevolent charitable religion, and then behaves like a rapacious corporation.

        No single event will take CoS down, it will more likely be death by a thousand paper cuts.

  10. A few points:
    1 – versus the US $ rates, the Rand rates are not $1 = R10, The US rates for example for the academy levels is $2500, which would be R25000 if it were at equal exchange rates. Instead it seems to be $1 = R4 or so.
    2 – I recall when my wife was being audited in Joburg circa 2008 and an intensive was R2500. So these training rates are now many multiples of what an intensive used to cost…outrageous price increase, and not the way charged in the US. The new US rates are $2500 for SH, Academy levels, etc, AND an intensive is $2500. The South African rates are an outrageous rip off.

    • I have just done a check on the international currency converter, and the current exchange rate is: 1.00 USD = 10.0708 ZAR (you can check for yourself here:

      The point is that because of the weak value of the ZAR against the US dollar, they have to adjust the prices down in any case, but even with that adjustment, the prices are still WAY out of range for the average South African

      • yes I know, I wasn’t clear. I was just trying to say that the SA rates aren’t the equivalent in exchange rate to the US rates. But still, way too much.

      • Starman8 – sorry, there is no “reply” button below your last comment:

        “yes I know, I wasn’t clear. I was just trying to say that the SA rates aren’t the equivalent in exchange rate to the US rates. But still, way too much.”

        so not sure where this will land up on the thread, but just wanted to say, gotcha, and thanks for clarifying.

    • 1 US Dollar is currently 10 S African Rand (give or take some cents). So, if you were American earning USD and you came to SA to do, say, Student Hat, it would cost you about $1,000 for the course (plus extra for the materials) rather than $2,500 if you did it in the USA. This has been quite a common thing to occur: foreigners coming to SA to get auditing and training muuuuuuccchhh cheaper than getting it in their own countries.


    Here some of the now fully on-Source materials:

    Study Tapes & Student Hat Dictionary

    In the legendary Study Tapes, originally delivered to students on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Ron gives his definite presentation of Study Technology.

    You gain the ability to obtain and retain information you would never otherwise have. It opens a new world of knowledge.

    Additional to the lectures, you have the magnificent new Student Hat Dictionary. This is your ultimate tool to speed study comprehension. Complete with detailed explanation of historical references, the dictionary contains definitions of every specialized word, phrase or idiom used in the Student Hat Course. Gain instant access to more than 4,500 definitions and over 500 photographs and illustrations
    8 lectures on CD, including Transcripts

  12. I quite like the Student Hat Dictionary – it is long overdue. BUT THOSE TRAINING PRICES! I’m shell-shocked. The ability of this organisation to hurt itself is beyond belief! And yet I still have friends who try and justify it all. Well given time and continued no/too few results, if you can push past the PR BS, we will eventually learn from our mistakes. Hope it’s not too late.

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