Golden Age, Day Four: Same as Before

the golden age

We are working to get the exact details of what GAT II means to existing auditors. There are still some unanswered questions but what we do know is that implementation is running along very similar lines to GAT I:

  • All staff auditors have to retrain from the bottom up.
  • They will not be taken out of the chair. Rather they have to study 5 hours a day
  • Every procedure run on existing PCs has to be “high crimed” before continuing.

Based on this we assume that ALL auditors of whatever stripe will have to retrain on a similar basis. What we don’t know yet:

  • How field auditors are to handle retraining
  • Is there a time limit for retraining?
  • Will existing certificates be cancelled if retraining is not done?
  • Is it compulsory to use the new Mark VIII?

If the model of GAT I implementation is going to be used then it will follow the path of retrain or certs cancelled within a time limit.

Ideal Org Facts

The church has been fond of sending out emails extolling the brilliance of ideal orgs with statements like “In the 7 months since grand opening Pretoria Org has serviced more people than the previous 3 years combined”

We thought we’d throw in an Ideal Org fact of our own: “In the last 3 years Scientology in South Africa has produced more Suppressive Persons than Auditors”

At this rate the planet will sooner be uppressed than cleared.

Committee of Evidence

The Committee of Evidence to “find who is spreading rumours” is in full swing. Many people have been called but not as many are cooperating. But certainly some have. And, as we indicated last week, names have been coughed up and we expect further action.

One reason given for this comm-ev is a quote from HCO PL Indicators of Orgs. (16 May 1965) We found the quote which states, under the heading of “SUPPRESSIVES!”:

“AN ARC BROKEN FIELD– The Johannesburg Comm-Ev Order of last week is a perfect method of handling the situation. Appoint a Comm-Ev chairman to inquire into matters and form a list of interested parties based on reports he will now receive.”

Just so no-one is under any illusion as to what comes next this policy goes on to say

“Locate your potential trouble sources by locating passers of rumour, etc. Then locate the suppressives and shoot.”

In today’s climate rumour is redefined to mean “any statement that makes us look bad. Truth plays no part”

It must be said that they are on the right path but in the wrong jungle. This very same policy says:


Pretty sure we can all agree on that.

The above policy, in its totality, can be found on page 141 of this link. Thank you WikiLeaks.

22 thoughts on “Golden Age, Day Four: Same as Before

  1. Let me see if I am understanding this; so all auditors have to be retrained, clearly auditing is crap up until now, right? So basically that means anyone who has ever received auditing in the past has received crap auditing. Therefore we all need to go back to the start… Ok sounds fair!

    Seriously anyone that can’t see something wrong with this picture deserves to lose all their money for being an idiot!!

  2. If I may just slightly alter and add to a comment made by our perceptive host on this site:” More SP,s have been made in South Africa in the last three weeks than auditors in the last three years” “More SPs have been made in SA in the last three weeks than OT8’s in the last ten years” “The SP’s made in the last three weeks in SA have more combined contribution and training than all the staff in Africa lumped together and multiplied by five “. Oh, of course, that’s why they have been declared, they can actually see what’s going on and therefore pose a danger to the real SP..

  3. I heard that EVERYONE has to redo their training courses from Student Hat upwards and including PRO TRs clay table.

    What will be the effect on orgs, a flooded org with excited and overjoyed people rushing in to redo everything or the opposite when they hear they cannot continue with anything on their Bridge until they redo? This must surely include those on OT 7 as well. What of existing OT 8s? Phew! It’ll be interesting to see the effects of this.

  4. The one thing that stands out as a huge out point is how DM keeps going on about “clearing the planet”. From what is going on in the church, it will appear that this phrase is used to get people motivated to follow his orders. After all, it is each one of our greatest wish to go clear, help others go clear and untimately have a cleared planet. The social betterment project DM talks about, is all fodder for his canon. The church has not really done much in these areas for a long time, and much of the Voluteer Minister stats are fabricated.
    DM uses the church to make money and line his pockets. Thats the long and the short of it. He has not intention of clearing the planet, and I doubt he wants to because then no one would believe the bullsh#@ he sprouts at every turn.
    The Hunt for SP’s and the declaring of them will do no more than reduce the membership, weaken the church and alienate even more people.
    GAT 1 and 11 have been designed to prolong the evenual outcome of all this in a manner that we, the people, do not realise the actual game being played which is money accumulation without any EP. By the time the church crumbles, Miscavaige will have accumulated a fortune, (he’s already worth $50 million dollars according to, and so give or take a few years, and the loss of many high contributors such as the Corbetts, his wealth might grow to around $70million by the time that happens.
    The best thing to do is to know the truth. Know what his game is and then, get on with your life. Do well, florish and prosper, join a group tht can give you the real tech, affordably and with the intention of fulfilling your postulate – a cleared planet. Forget the SP COB, he really cannot bring any form of prosparity to your life. Lets hear some good things about the independants, the field auditors and those that are really contributing to our survival! What do you say!!!

  5. They are carrying out the orders of their supreme psycho.
    You do not need the official church there are other groups that can do the job.

  6. The insanity just grows and grows, wherever not-isness “kows!” Fortunately, the wide-eyed among us, prevent that from happening more broadly, than it has.

    This entirely balled up maze of lies, bait, & treachery, has strayed so far from the original Scn purposes– basically training Auditors, en-masse, — that it has become an obvious anathema to anyone, still possessed of the powers of differentiation, and therefore, sanity.

    Nice work, scnafrica!

  7. For those that may get disconnected from their money remember the first law of LRH’s finance policy: “Don’t Spend More Than You Make”.

  8. I think many astute comments have been made about the state of the church and its latest shinanigans! I look forward to GAT 3 where auditors will have to audit one handed and have a credit card machine in their desk draws.

    Jokes aside, other fish to fry may also include mass distraction. Us on the outside, myself included seem to be glued to this blog and the wacky reports about the church in a soap opera-ish maner. Call it morbid facination if you will. Not challenging the data presented here, I feel its very valid. Its just the fixation on having to know the latest nonsense coming out of that place that gets a bit too much!

    My point is despite all of the noise i hope all yall as they say in the States are either planning for bridge, or moving along nicely on the bridge outside. There are good options. For the newly aborted churchies, it takes time to get your groove on but its very, very worth it! Soon you will enjoying the tech benefits magnificently.

    To the jaded all I can say is take up any activity that keys you out and find nice spaces and people to be with untill you feel ready to get back in the fight for freedom. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water as the saying goes.


    • You’re point is taken Sheeple Bane. It is the over riding purpose of this blog to get Scientologists “back in comm”. We do not wish it to degenerate into a tabloid of all that may be wrong with the Church. We welcome the contribution of those who find themselves here, for whatever reason. For those struggling with what they see happening within their church the stories of what is going on validates their own observations – an important step. But outside of that there is so much for us to talk about. If you would like to write something we would welcome it. Or perhaps just suggest areas we should be writing about, we would welcome that. Once you’re communicating there is no end! Fire away.

      • Thanks kindly for you response Scnafrica. I have a few suggestions in line with the purpose of this blog. Since scientology by its very nature a hands on applied religious philosophy why not get people to put forward their personal experiences out in the freezone. Real experiences, wins, successes, bad experiences if any. Basically a go to point of reference for newly exiled, recently declared or curious church scientologists. As an idea, freezone websites could be listed and a short description of what they offer etc.

        The overall purpose being the orientation of scientologists to the wonderful world of freezone tech. However cautionary warnings should also be given too. There are Idiotic LRH hate sites and advanced materials floating about that will do nothing but key you in and make going up the bridge near impossible. I know a few victims.. As a freezoner one has to keep sound judgement on whats ok to research and whats not. Yes its freer out yonder but dont get too cocky cause there aint no thought police HCO to drag you by the short an curlies to the dungeon if you take my meaning.

        The above endeavour may get those disenfranchised ex church scientologists to see a whole new positive light and ease the betrayal. Workable solution? It was for me, adventurous and not without hiccups but I ‘m as certain as certain can be. I hope more ex church Scios can do the same! Heres to that!

  9. I was just thinking today how nice the ARC and KRC triangle is and how I use them all the time in my life. I was talking to another veteran Sea Org member who left the “church”. We both realized how important it is to be able to discuss things including the tech itself. The more you can communicate about the tech the more real it could be made and your own affinity could be strengthened at least for the parts that you agree with. Then you could control and take more responsibility for those things that you found true. The “church” want’s you to NOT communicate and wants you to pledge false realities and false communication and they get false ARC. They get people who take NO responsibility for the group and cannot control the group and they will surely drop down the tone scale and arrive in one big FAIL as we have already witnessed them doing with their “Idle Org” programs. What a catastrophic FAILURE.

  10. The notion of studying the tech outside the formal church was previously an unthinkable thought. Now I’m afraid I feel it is my only option. The org is no longer a safe space for me as we are essentially being forced to rat out our friends who dare have an opinion, my connected friends are no longer two-way comm terminals as they are too afraid themselves to think a negative thought and it has just become too expensive. Thankfully I am not without hope as I travel this truth-seeking journey. I don’t really take to the over the top critics but at the same time I know that we have not been told all. It used to be that the org was the auditor and the public the pc but with the open comm lines on the internet it seems that the pc’s awareness has been heightened to a sufficient level to go solo. No threat can be leveraged at me now to force me to stay and with that thought I sense freedom and breathe a sigh of relief.

  11. The corporate church has adopted all the traits of a nasty, controlling cult. I applaud all the brave, genuine people on this blog who are seeking a way to live a more rewarding and meaningful life. Whether a person chooses LRH tech or a bible; the freedom to apply the wonderful human mind to the big issues in life is one of the greatest gifts we possess. To throw this gift away or allow another to abuse it is an absolute tragedy – well done to all who seek freedom!

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