Why this blog?

The response to this blog has been far greater than we expected. Clearly there has been a need for such a platform.

Several people have raised the question of “now what?” or “where do we go with this?” With all the interaction and conversation that takes place daily we feel it important to re-iterate and state clearly what the purpose of this blog is.

This blog is intended for Scientologists. Of all stripes. Whether part of the official church, independent, Free Zone, Ron’s Org or not attached at all. The foundation is built around communication and simply getting back in comm.

All very well but what do we want? And why?

Simply stated the democratization of Scientology. The idea of democracy has gotten a bad name within Scientology. In retrospect the reason seems obvious. We as Scientologists have become used to the idea of a single leader. We’ve got used to the idea that we need someone to tell us what to do, what to think, what to say. Yet democracy is all that will save the subject from complete obscurity and irrelevance in this world.

We believe this is the only option open to the subject, for the following reasons:

  • The subject has already fractured. There are many many groups delivering Scientology outside the walls of the official church
  • Information has been liberated. All Scientology materials are widely available on the Internet.
  • Control of what people do and what information they access is no longer possible. The number of sites, books and general information available on every aspect of the subject has exploded since 2009. With the democratization of information and access to that information people at large have become accustomed to the idea of their freedom to explore and access.
  • Dictatorship and tyranny are ONLY possible where access to information is tightly controlled.
  • Consequently every Scientologist has the absolute right to know what is going on with the subject to which they have subscribed or identified.
  • Scientologists do not need to be protected from entheta. The very subject provides the means to confront and deal with this so-called entheta.

By democracy we do not mean a system of government for the subject broadly. That ship has sailed. However, where Scientologists choose to organise themselves they should, if they are smart, heed the lessons we are learning now and organise themselves around democratic principles.

Rather, by “democratize Scientology” we simply mean open and unrestricted access to information as & when we personally and self determinedly choose. That is a right, an absolute right, of every Scientologist. Each will then have to make the best decisions for themselves based on what they observe.

This, quite nicely, brings us right back to the idea of “getting back in comm” since the only way to attain this grand vision is through communication. Open & honest.

We are not asking anyone to form groups. We are not promoting one group over another. To wax lyrical for a second we wish to form a general brotherhood of Scientologists.

It is possible to be a Scientologist and have views that differ with other Scientologists. It is possible to use the philosophy personally and quietly for your own benefit.

Perhaps then the “tech” will have a chance to be relevant in this world. Where it can stand or fall on its own merit. Not because someone insists it is the only salvage of man or because others insist it is born only of evil.

From the creed of the church:

We of the church believe:

That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.

That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.


38 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. I love what you have written, really excellent. When I left Scientology in 1986 it was very difficult as there was only one other group which was forming but I needed to find a job as I was broke and had a family to feed. The ultimate reason for Scientology was about spirituality. I looked around and found other disciplines about spirituality. Our science, politics, religions,medicine and education was about materialism; the man from mud theory. Today the message from the world at large is materialism.

    However the world changes and belief systems change and there is an emerging new world paradigm which is based on spirituality. Science has even split into two with the discovery of quantum physics. From quantum physics came the discovery of consciousness which gave birth to the Science of Spirituality. Currently there is an ongoing war between the materialist scientist and the quantum scientist.

    Today there is a brand new world in the stages of being born with new belief systems. The old materialist politics, science and religions etc. will die out and we will see something beautiful. The old “Scientology of Ethics & money” will die out and a new Scientology of compassion will come into being as it is already forming. In this new world there will not be any room for the likes of DM and his kind.

  2. Outstanding post, thank you ScSA. It kind of reminds me of PW Botha’s famous “Adapt, or Die” speech, not that we are implying anything by that. 😀

    Information about the Church got out on the Internet as early as 1991, and that was the beginning of the end for the Churchs’ total information control. And indeed, since the early Internet days of the newsgroups alt.religion.scientology and alt.clearing.technology, where the Churchs’ first panicked response was to try and get those groups shut down (More here for the fascinating history of the Church of Scientology versus the Internet: http://www.solitarytrees.net/rnewman/harass/timeline.htm and http://www.solitarytrees.net/rnewman/index.htm ) to the emergence of Forums, Websites, Blogs and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc), the horse of information control left the stable years ago.

    There are those who absolutely hate Scientology, Scientologists and L Ron Hubbard. Many of those people pretend to be friends, but they have a covert agenda to “deprogamme” people and get the subject shut down altogether. So along with freedom of information, good discernment skills also help a lot when interacting on the Internet. Along this line, “the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend”, applies.

    Freedom of religion, thought and speech is absolutely non-negotiable in a transparent world, but so is discernment, and Scientologists are completely capable of that.

    After all, even the Church says: (Source: http://www.smi.org/route/page34.htm )

    “Grade 0
    Scientology Grade 0- Become a Communication Release Do you find some subjects hard to talk about? Are there some types of people you’ve just never been able to speak to comfortably? Have you ever felt tongue-tied in front of a group of associates?

    Communication is an inextricable part of life, and the extent to which a person cannot communicate is the extent to which his ability to live life has been reduced. Man is as alive as he can communicate.

    On Scientology Grade 0, you can become a Communications Release. Barriers to communication are removed from your life, leaving you more able to change things for the better and create your future.

    “He who can truly communicate to others is a higher being who builds new worlds.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    from The Auditor magazine Issue 10

    New horizons of ability open up to you as a Grade 0 Release. You can give and receive information easily, and communicate openly with anyone, with the result of increased understanding. Your interpersonal relationships improve and so does your whole outlook on life.
    Grade 0 handles any blocks to communicating anything to anybody, or any discomfort with others communicating things to you. On Grade 0 you can acquire the ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

    Ability Gained

    Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject. Communications Release.”

    It would seem the Church has an unflat Grade 0, but that does not mean Scientologists do.

    BRAVO, ScnAfrica!!! BRAVO!! (Genuine, unfaked applause). 😀

    • Thank you Phoenix and your point about discernment is terribly important and valid. What better opportunity is there to test and exercise the skill of confront, judgement and actual communication. Communication is a piece of cake when everyone agrees with you. You have to be good at it when not everyone does.

  3. Lovely comm, thank you for taking the time to start this blog and all the work you are doing on it.

    I would have loved to have had this available when I left the church, but its a huge comfort to have a place to refer people to who are confronting the suppression in the church

  4. Awesome! Almost poetic in simplicity! I think the initial chaos blowing off phase of people coming here to just vent may lessen. Hoping that people start posting wins and successes to balance out things. Ile start with a solo session win I had the other day:

    Havingness, the decent of BE, to obsessive DO, only in order to HAVE things you dont really need. It’s one thing to recognise the above concept intellectually, most do, its another thing to actually blow vast chunks of charge and mass associated with it and understand why this trap exists as such. I am visibly altered. It really is a different scene. Experiencing how physically the charge peels away can be a slight shock! To think , I just got rid of some “HAVINGNESS” I didnt ever really need in one fell swoop right there!

    Being able to do all this at home, without arbitraries at a fraction of the the cost only adds to the win. I just dont think it wouldve been possible from the inside.

  5. A very timely post!
    Some of us feel that open source spiritual research is the way to go while others still wave the tattered flag of standard tech and pay homage to a bygone era.

    There is room for both ends of the spectrum because there are millions of people finding their own way without any of the “now we are supposed tos” that have accumulated in the last 63 years.

    A tolerance for different viewpoints and therapies may be too much to ask for, but we who are still delivering find that there are many roads to truth and that we can get results as long as we care for the people we are trying to help.

    This is the 21st century and any person or group which does not take advantage of modern communication methods to stay in touch and to deliver services will lose ground to those who do.
    There are a number of us who already deliver services to public in South Africa over secure video connections. The trained auditors in SA should not feel confined to delivering services in person either. Treat the entire world as your new public.

    Flourish and prosper!

  6. I was always under the impression that Scientology was going to save the planet. I was given this data over and over again. When I saw all the bad things going on in the world, in governments mainly, I didn’t worry because to me it was just a matter of time before Scientology stepped in and fix everything. Since the ’90s, I kept asking myself, When? How? What was the plan and what were we waiting for? I was told that the release of OT 7 is what brought down the Berlin wall. Before that, some other occurrence had brought down the iron curtain. There was this big push to get 10 000 people onto OT 7. This was going to halt the entheta on the planet so that things wouldn’t get any worse. It was comforting and I believed it.

    Nothing has been said about this push for a long, long time now. It’s lost impetus.

    I can see that the church, long ago given up delivering standard tech and/or standard admin tech, cannot pull off such a feat. No new auditors have been made for a couple of decades (I did hear about a CCRD team arriving in Durban at one stage; and then one another time in Cape Town but what happened to them I don’t know. I don’t remember Clears being made) and expansion is non-existent. The Admin Tech seems to have become a forgotten tech and I wonder when last anyone started or completed the OEC? In the ’90s there were several people, staff and public, doing the OEC or completed.

    Funnily enough, acknowledging that the salvation of the planet was a pipe dream, released me! This may sound weird and perverse but I’d been living with this maybe for so long! over two decades! I’d so wanted to be part of the push but it’s now not even a puff.

    • What you say is poignant Outplay. Sorry about that dream but well done of unhooking yourself.

      We can still help the planet. Many other can too in all types of disparate activities. There are an unbelievably high number of very smart folks doing good things across the world to help the planet. Included amongst all those people are some Scientologists, not as “the only ones” but simply as co-contributors.

      This view is not the extant church view unfortunately but is certainly one that fits the modern times and the state of the world of Scientology.

      I agree, drop the save the planet mantra, but that requires very enlightened leadership of the church and there is no such thing right now.

  7. This blog has done a number of things for me. I have gotten a voice, I see that I am not alone and now I know that Scientology can be practiced outside of the org.
    I was at a point where I had NO reach for LRH Tech. Even though I apply it in my life and family, I had no intention of EVER setting my foot back in an org.
    This blog has made me WANT to get the tech again.
    Something I did not expect to gain from a blog. Thank you!

  8. This blog should be read by any Scientologist in the world, inside and outside the church, including the multitudes that left. It gives all of us a new hope that Scientology can yet be salvaged and advance to a new phase. It’s a sane, balanced account, full of theta. SCNSAF is the world standard bearer of sanity in Scientology.

  9. There’s a good article on how to practice Scientology outside of the cult by Steve Hall. I think it’s good as far as it goes.


    My focus has always been on how Scientology hurts people, and if you’re not hurting people then I’m not a critic. There are two main areas that I think are related to the subject of Scientology and not just the Church of Scientology. The first is bait-and-switch. It starts with the initial description of the reactive mind to a recruit, which is basically contradicted by the clear cognition, and continues through the unusual history described in OT3. I think people deserve to know what they are getting themselves into before they are far along the path. Steve didn’t mean confidential materials when he wrote this, but “The only ‘acceptable truth’ is full truth.” I think it was Jeff Hawkins who made the analogy that if you want to, you can read the Book of Revelations first in the bible, but that’s not true in Scientology.

    The second is the purif. I don’t see any way around it that the purif is medically harmful. If somebody is doing Scientology outside of the Church, and they are encouraging people to take 5g of niacin, that is hurting people. I will always oppose that.

    I look forward to talking with anybody about this.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree, the founders of this blog have done an amazing job and are to be commended.
    I think the idea proposed has enormous merit.My problem is that, to me, it seems similar to trying to reform the Mafia. By freeing Scientologists up they are then removed from the clutches of the church. A Scientologist who is “free” will not tolerate the endless begging and threats or alteration of the works of LRH being foisted off on him as “recovered/lost tech” every few years and this stance in turn, would not be tolerated by our little Banker mielie (sorry cob). If this is in fact a correct assumption, then democratisation would only be possible outside the current church. In that case can you imagine the OSA infiltration of this “free group”? So to me that means the only option is that Miscavige has to be replaced.I would think that Diana Hubbard would be the logical replacement not as a leader to whom one has to bow and scrape but as a Reformer in place while standard LRH is recovered and reinstalled with the understanding that the old management system is too prone to hijacking and that a new system be put in place during reform, which system has suitable democratic principles on which it is founded and where there is built in protection of Standard Tech.It’s probably a pipe dream on my part, but what I am certain of is that the product of the C of S is pure evil, camouflaged in silken strands of pretended help.( A piece of glass sold as a diamond) How many times has this been perpetrated throughout history and we are still falling for it!

      • Rod I have been a loyal Scientologist for decades. I am however not so naïve as to believe, in truth,that the church can be salvaged. It would take a miracle for me to even consider that there had been a change for the good within the confines of the church. I am done and dusted. My doubt formula has been well done. That said if by some miracle Dianna did take over then I would consider that worth investigating.

    • Joshua,

      You have some excellent ideas such as: “democratisation would only be possible outside the current church”. It is possible and it is even gaining headway against those who continue to worship Ron. and try to ram KSW down reluctant throats. 🙂

      Have you spent much time following the thoughts of the “free groups” out side of the church? If so, you should know that OSA operatives are uncovered and exposed very week on Facebook and on various forums so I do not feel that “the OSA infiltration of this “free group” is even a remote possibility.

      I am also curious why you think Diana would be a logical choice to replace DM as the head of the COS? She is a decent person but what would motivate anyone to take over the cult at this point?

      • It’s like Dancing With the Stars, you can vote up to 10 times. Vote for the next COB.

        Debbie Cook
        Diane Hubbard
        Greg Wilhere
        Guillaume Lesevre
        He who must not be named
        Heber Jentzsch
        Jenny Linson
        Kurt Wieland
        Lyman Spurlock
        Marc Yager
        Mark Ingber
        Marty Rathbun
        Mike Rinder
        Norman Starkey
        Pat Broeker
        Ray Mithoff
        Rena Weinberg

      • David I have learned a lot about the corruption of the church in a very short space of time. Certainly I have come to believe that dogmatic opinion is the route to entrapment. As such I would not want to fall into the trap of delivering or holding such an attitude myself. That said I believe that Ron developed certain procedures that were probably highly workable, (you mentioned KSW) until used as a tool to suppress and damage. To illustrate my point, but not to be condescending, one could say “good morning” at apathy or at 1.1 of at interest and achieve a vastly different result each time.
        Yes, from what I can see OSA operatives tend to be young uneducated and zealots. This makes them relatively easy to spot. But lets not underestimate Miscavige.He has, single- handed, hijacked a group which had and still has many intelligent and capable members in its ranks. And to deny that the C of S was infiltrated under the nose of LRH and Mary Sue would probably be naïve.
        I say Diana because she is known to be fiercely loyal to LRH.She does not seem to be a glory seeker, it is common knowledge that Miscavige does his best to keep her “minimised”, so he fears her. Yes indeed who would want to take over the cult at this stage. I am thinking more in terms of the many lives that are ruined while this “false” group does its stuff. It does need to be at least stopped from selling slavery coated in the good intentions of LRH and the others who have been duped.
        I think that this type of debate will lead to a solution, eventually, where the influence of the false church is removed and the free practise of the tech, which achieves the results that are possible, becomes more widespread.

      • Joshua, I enjoy your comments.

        It will be interesting to see what role Diana chooses to play in the future, but I do not feel she will choose to play a public part after all that she has been through.

    • I watched Diana Hubbard grow from a school girl in East Grinstead into a woman as a crew member on the Apollo. Should all the pro’s and con’s be listed for and against her “taking over”, based on my experience with Dianna, the pro list will by far – very far, outstrip the con list. She truly is a wonderful person, whose potential has been dormant for many years. . .

  11. Nice OP scnafrica! And pleased you ought to be too!…. The word really is getting out there…and as most of us already know…. the universal solvent –communication–( in the fullest axiom 28, sense, especially) is capable of taking apart, AND fixing, most anything!
    People of suppressive intent/action, can be effectively neutralized, by fearlessly using the communication TR’s alone. Those who don’t believe it, haven’t gotten the full benefit yet!
    At the end of the day, these (TR’s) are just tools for simply handling life. (with confidence!)

      • Oh? (embarrassed ahem!) … (then quickly reaching for a justification)
        So, so sorry, I meant to use the er.. latest abbreviation.. S.P. you Know, stands for a Super Power!!… yes that’s it.. umm, er . apology accepted?
        BTW, sir/ma’m, I don’t ‘spose you could spare an hour or two of TR’s Repair, could you? ‘Seems something inexplicable may have just shattered mine! 🙂

      • No hard feelings Calvin. I was just kidding you, and maybe if you think the new South African SPs are not really suppressive you could take another look at other people the church says are SPs. I don’t think there is such a thing as an SP. There are serial killers, child abductors, all kinds of evil people, but LRH’s definition fits them very poorly. His SP is anybody who disagreed with him, which is not really a definition at all.

  12. Excellent post Scnafrica. The more mainstream the subject is allowed to become, the more it is accessible. And every man/woman must make up his/her own mind on the merits. That’s as it should be.

  13. While we all respected LRH as a great man, what Miscavige is doing he learnt from LRH. It was LRH who created the overboards and the chain locker and the harsh penalties for conditions below non-existence. I experience the penalty of doubt because the ships engine broke a piston. I was denied sleep for 72 hour and had to work filthy dirty and full of oil and given slops to eat. LRH assigned a conditions order of treason to the chief engineer, Dick Winfield, who worked his ass off as we all did under terrible conditions to keep the ship going. LRH further wrote that the chief engineer be comm-eved with the charge of “CRIMINAL NEGLECT TO THE ENGINES OF THE FLOTILLA”

    I was then appointed chief engineer and LRH sent his messenger to me asking when can I have the ship ready to sail as he needed us to sail to Corfu from where we were in North Africa. This was the station ship Avon River not the flag ship on which LRH was on. I had just arrived from South Africa and was only on board for a week and knew absolutely nothing about the engines which were lying in pieces. I told the messenger to tell LRH that he needed to send me someone that knows what is going on as I was not well acquainted with the workings of a steam ship.

    He then got Dick Winfield out of the chain locker and sent him back as chief engineer. In corfu Dick left us and returned to flag but later left the sea org. He was just spitting angry and I never blamed him. I was later appointed chief engineer again and found the cause of why the rings broke and it was due to a ridge that formed at the top of the cylinder shaft.

    In a normal environment one would find the cause of why the piston rings broke not assigning conditions or comm eves or or putting people in chain lockers. It was just crazy.

  14. This is a great blog – beautifully written and very informative! I love catching up with what is happening in ‘Sarf Efrika’. 😉

    Although I no longer call myself a Scientologist, I fully support the right of those who wish to practise the subject without having to be part of a rapacious and malign cult that seeks to dictate every aspect of its member’s lives.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. I spoke to a person yestersay that worked with LRH and very close to him. The person told me that Miscavige was not appointed by LRH and that there have been many attempts to remove him but all attempts have failed. I was informed that he is destroying everything that we contributed to in the 60s and that he is headed for a landslide.

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