Straight across and horizontal

Here is a link to a CLO Africa Executive Directive written on the 19th of January 2010. It is addressed to all African Scientologists. You can read the whole thing here: CLO AF ED 768. It was written by the now deposed Ken Krieger who has been a most efficient soldier for current Scientology culture.

Firstly, thanks to the person who found this and sent it in.

Everything inside the church is push push push. It must be done now, we are the brink of success, just a little further. It’s right there. This document is nearly 4 years old and for all the push and rush almost no further progress has been made. Yet it is still pushed today like it is urgent, rush and right now. Straight up and vertical! When viewed over time we see progress is nothing but horizontal at best.

Here are some notable excerpts from this document:

“It is unshakable Command Intention that we put Ideal Orgs everywhere across the globe. In order to get enough people onto and through new OT VII, it is a must. In fact, this is how we are going to clear the planet.”

“Unshakable command intention”. Cannot be changed, discussed, disagreed with. We should all have learned by now that there has been a subtle process of changing what ‘command intention’ is. This is David Miscavige intention and has nothing to do with L. Ron Hubbard, lest there be any doubt.

There is a two paragraph LRH quote about buildings. No reference is given, just “LRH”.

“As things stand today AF Cont delivers well over 200% more training and processing than it did in the 1970s.  We send more people for OT levels, we make more auditors, we have larger pools of people in training for orgs and we have more public in orgs receiving the tech than we did in those days to such a degree it is not worthy of comparison. JBG Org, after its grand opening as an Ideal Org in 2003, expanded by 500% in the ensuing 18 months to become one of the largest CL V orgs in the world…”

Even though Joburg expanded by 500% it was still only 200% bigger than the 1970s? While we dispute the figure of 500% expansion there is no doubt there was expansion in those 18 months. What is not mentioned is that by early 2006 growth had stalled and reversed. The org was now running at the same levels it had in 2002 to 2003 before the grand opening. However, it was now running at far higher operating costs.

“We buy and own our own church buildings so that we remain free from the economic follies of planet Earth. Ideal Orgs are the sole guarantee we will always be able to operate.”

“Economic follies”. See Cape Town Org Conundrum, The Great Dissemination Rip-off & Durban’s Ideal Empty Lot

“There are those misinformed few that don’t truly understand why we must make every org an Ideal Org right now. Sometimes they make it difficult for others to participate in the program. Sometimes they preach defeatism or that it can’t or shouldn’t be done. Sometimes they say it should be done differently or it could be done better. But in most cases they are critically commenting upon the hard work and contributions of others without putting their own shoulders to the wheel. And worst of all they misquote policy out of context appearing to be expert about something they know little of.”

What? On the first page of this issue there is a two paragraph LRH quote with no reference to where it came from and which appears terribly out of context.

Secondly, any presentation of facts or logic about ideal orgs is viewed as “misinformed”, “critical” and “defeatist” even when presented by successful business people. People who might be considered expert by the rest of the world.

And just for laughs this gem at the end:

“Together we will complete funding the renovations of all our Ideal Orgs by Mar 2010 and by this time next year we will start opening these orgs one after the other as fully ideal in every way.”

It would be a further three years before another ideal org opened with no sign of any others in the foreseeable future. 


9 thoughts on “Straight across and horizontal

  1. Correct me if I am wrong but each org gets paid for by the public and then still has to pay rent too? Isn’t this a little strange!!!

  2. Have you seen the site

    Search it

    If people are asking where to from here this has all the materials on it for use as a religion. It’s a wonderful source of SOURCE

    Lisa Goosen Sent from my iPad

  3. No Ken, I’m not misinformed. I know exactly why it’s command intention that all orgs must be Ideal and it has squat to do with anything Hubbard said.

    It has everything to do with what Miscavige said. So, just for fun, some uncomfortable questions:

    Why does Int Landlord own the Ideal buildings?
    Why do *public* have to pay for them by crush regging only to have a building that their church does not own and for which their church has to pay rent?
    How can you justify price tags of R6million+ for an org serviving 500 people MAXIMUM?
    Why are the Ideal Orgs all over the planet empty?
    Why has the church made more SPs in the last 10 years than auditors?
    Joburg has been Ideal since 2003, where are the floods of people that didn’t arrive?
    Where are your tech terminals in Joburg? You don’t actually have any right now.
    Why is the Durban Ideal org actually just a vacant plot of land with a bulldozed building?
    Why, in the only published photo of PTAs course rooms since going Ideal, are the students in the photo not really students by people bussed in from elsewhere?
    Why did your fearless leader feel the need to phtotshop an extra 1000 crowd into the photo of Portland’s opening, people that were never there?
    Where is Miscavige’s wife? Her name is Shelley just in case you forgot.
    Where have the president of the church, Ed Int, Snr C/S Int, WDC, Inspectors General and all other high ranking posts of Mgmt been for the last 10 years? They must be on post as the fearless leader says in court documents in Monique Rathbun’s case that Miscavige runs RTC only and has nothing to do with the daily running of CSI. If so, where are the execs?

    There’s lots more where this came from Ken. Wake up and smell the bullshit. Ideal Orgs is a fraud – y’know the kind I mean – the criminal kind.

  4. This crush regging tactic of “it must be done NOW” keeps people in a frenzy of PTSness. And its being perpetrated by a bunch of conceited Clergy-Cloaked-Chaos-Merchants. How exactly is a Million-Rand building helping to clear the planet? Talk about having to HAVE before you can DO………..

    Just try explaining this to a never-in : “Well you see, our parishioners have to donate hundres of Miliions for state-of-the-art luxury buildings so that we can bring new hope to mankind and reverse the dwindling spiral on this planet”. Say what? “Well if you just donate R500 to the orphanage up the road, they can feed a starving child for a month – might serve better than the marble-topped tables your people need to build their little clay men on”.

    What utter arrogance.

  5. Lisa brilliant site, has all tech gems and more! Urge all who pass through this blog to have a look at that tech website.Our tech made free for all to see. COB eat your heart out Lols! :):):)

  6. The “Church” of Scientology became criminalized after Miscavige’s takeover in 1986. It is now like a monstrous virus ~~ a kind of SCI FI creepy liquid like a Tsumani wave devouring and drowning everyone in its pathway. As the Tsunami wave withdraws, the shores are littered with the debris of destroyed broken families, bankruptcies , Fair Gamed victims, damaged pcs, severed relationships, locked down RPFers, huge sums of ripped of $$$$$, unspeakable cruelty behind closed doors and more more Internet leaks.

    The leader of Scientology David Miscavige believes ONLY in ATTACK. ATTACKING Others. He has only one a solution to everything, ATTACK and DESTROY. How he keeps his enablers from not seeing his modus operandi is puzzling.
    Many a vicious Sea Org THUG has been well trained into it as a “needed and wanted” by David Miscavige who sets the lead and example of draconian abuse such as the punishment to lick bathroom floors with one’s tongue. This is now a punishment exported to the Flag Land Base.
    Sometimes the ATTACK is backlogged. New Yorker magazine for example, was attacked 6 months after their Church article was dead and buried but the URGE to attack, the sheer personal gratification DM gets from a full frontal assault is almost amusing to sit back and watch.

    Let’s see the Counter attack on the St. Pete Times. The ATTACKS on Village Voice re child porn are well……yawn yawn.

    The biggest ATTACK is recent times is on ex Sea Org, and particularly long term veterans, long term contributors, people who have given their lives to put Scientology on the map in their areas.

    What is baffling is the amount of ATTACK, beatings, slugging, assault and battery dramatized internally. Miscavige would beat or slug one person a day ! In some perplexing way, this violence is not looked upon as ATTACK ! Only the whistleblowers are ATTACKING the Church ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Miscavige feels he is under total seige and is being ATTACKED 24/7/65 without ever seeing that HE is constantly ATTACKING the world ~~ Journalists. TV stations, media, Critics, Ex-Scientologists, Indies, everybody ! He himself is continuously the Originator of the hostile act which bounces right back in his face !

    All these bogus conspiracy theories ~~ Eli Lilli, the Australian Government, the French Government, the Belgian Government, the Spanish Government, the big Pharmaceuticals, “Germany”, the World Bankers, the Rockerfellers, the Free Masons, the Vatican etc etc etc is pure hogwash. The current “Church” gets attacked because the “CHURCH” maliciously and with enormous hate spitefully and wickedly goes on a rampage of ATTACK and rapaciously fleeces every last dime out of its flock.

    I can only imagine the shaking of heads in disbelief at OSA INT at the ramped up QUANTITY of increasing attacks. Straight up and vertical stat. They just do not get it that for every action there is an equal and contra re-action. Maliciously striking out like a rattlesnake to slime, poison and harass others boomerangs right back in their face with heightened attack. Attacking people as a full time business which the “Church”. Witness the hate pages they have I/T specialists create on veteran Sea Org Members !
    The “Church” CREATES its own enemies who then plot their demise from numerous angles outside the protection of “Religion.”

    The “Church” is creating new enemies by the hour, by the minute. It has only one solution ~~~ ATTACK and DESTROY MORE !

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