Cash, cheque or credit card? No, it’s free

stssA link was posted in the comments yesterday. We want to make sure it is more broadly known.

The link was to a site, True Source Scientology Foundation, that has a massive library of Scientology materials available including all OEC volumes, all tech volumes, the original books, some lectures and more. Even the very popular 2D book which disappeared from print years ago.

From their “about” section:

“The STSS (Stichting True Source Scientology; Stichting being a dutch word meaning foundation) is a foundation under Dutch Law that was founded because Scientologists world-wide need every form of support and protection they can get when they want to follow their religious beliefs outside the Church of Scientology (CoS).”

When going to the site for the first time you will be greeted by an impressive terms of service in which you have to essentially say you are not acting on behalf of the church or any of its entities and that you wish to use the material for personal religious use.

To gain access to the library you will have to again agree to the terms of service and supply an email address. You will be sent an email to verify the address. At this point you now have access to the full library and can order all or some of it. All orders are delivered by email rather than direct download off the site.

They have a legal page which tries to detail the murky history of Scientology and LRH copyrights and who actually owns these. It’s tough reading but may be of interest.

The point was made in an article a couple days ago that Scientology can no longer be controlled. It’s out there and people are using it freely. Contrary to what the church insists – it is this free use that will guarantee its future, not iron fist control in opulent buildings.

For all the glitz and technology within the church this site has done something that the church has not done: Have the material available electronically. Isn’t it bizarre that in the 2nd decade of the 21st century none of the “official” LRH work is available on Kindle or other digital formats? Lectures still being sold on CD?

Our gratitude to the many people who have worked to make this material available and who insist on everyone’s right to practice Scientology in the way they see fit.

Explore and enjoy. Here’s the link: True Source Scientology Foundation


8 thoughts on “Cash, cheque or credit card? No, it’s free

  1. In the Spirit of today’s post, I would like to add a link to the materials of *Super Power* of which the Ethics Repair List is the the major action.
    Dan Koon Ex-INT Base staff worked on this Super Power project for at least 2 decades.
    He carefully re-constructed all this from memory.
    He posted this link on a Critic’s site called “Operation Clambake” which is hosted in Norway and could care less about American trademark or Copyright Laws.
    Here’s it is

  2. I just love all this tech share!! Thanks Karen!! Any idea where we can get all the lecture transcripts for the congresses? Anybody?

    With all this increased KRC it feels like the ENT’s are waking up and marching toward the Church of Isenguard much stronger than we all thought we were! Down with Sarumiscabbage haha! Hope Wormtongue finds him soon;)

  3. This one is harder. It requires using Bittorrent, which is a file sharing software. It contains over 165 GB of tapes, lectures, books and assorted stuff. Some of the material is duplicated. I would dive into this only after getting some hatting on torrents and file sharing, and then start with a portion of it rather than the entire thing. It could take weeks or months to download the whole thing, The best part about torrents is that when more people run this torrent, the faster it is for everybody. If I could post photos here I would show you some of the contents.

    For screenshots of what some of this archive looks like, you can visit the Anonymous site.

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