Basics is disastrous: ED Joburg Day


Above is an Urgent Directive issued in October 2008 in Joburg Org sent to us a few days ago. It’s an interesting glimpse into life as a staff member in an org. Contrary to public reports of better than ever expansion it describes a stark situation or rather a “disastrous area that is not responding.”

We accept that even when things are tough internally you always present a brave face to the public. However to lie is another matter.

As this directive says – 14 months after the release of the basics only 4 people had completed. 50 students blown.

On the 8th of November in our article Don’t Mind the Elephant we wrote that the new CO OSA briefed the public and was excited to announcre that as of that date 35 people had now completed the basics line up in Joburg.

Doing the numbers, in the 61 months since this directive was issued a further 31 people have completed their basics line up. From 1 completion every 3.5 months to 1 every 2 months. It is safe to say that this directive was responsible for improving production by 57%.


15 thoughts on “Basics is disastrous: ED Joburg Day

  1. Hmm, some of those students were more likely blowing from crush reg than from course. And the staff generally don’t seem to care about who is on course. The pressure is always to make enough GI to survive. Public get nagged for everything and very seldom to come on course (unless someone wants to line up outside the door at 10 pm to crush reg you)

  2. To put this into better perspective, to train as an auditor under GAT2, you need to have completed the full Basics line-up.

    If your data is correct ( according to CO osa) 35 people are now eligible for auditor training in joburg.

    Ummm, first they need to do the ‘New’ student hat, pro -trs and pro -metering course.

    Getting back to the real world, this is going to years and years and years.

    Hubbard stated somewhere that auditors are senior to clears. If you have no auditors , you have no clears and clears are the product of scientology.

    GAT 2 will be the swan song of the Church of Scientology.

    Sorry, I won’t miss it.

  3. I’m assuming this Directive was indeed found to be incorrect because the Lead Supervisor at that time was Dane Ryan – the Comm Ev proved him not at fault and he continued in that position for the duration of his contract, and is in fact once again the Lead Supervisor for Jhb Fdn GAT 2. So did the deadly duo of Albert and Sandra de Beer instead take it in the ass for all the ‘out-tech’ and ‘out-ethics’?

  4. The “command team” is applying ethics to the wrong people is all. They are going after a wrong target. The command team has a lack of confront. Go after the easy and safe target to protect their own asses. The correct target is the cob. Throw away the cob and things will get better.

    • Hi Tony, COB like Hitler did to Germany, will take the entire church down with him before reliquishing his utter domination of it. I believe he is so entrenched, surrounded by panderers who live in complete fear of the RPF (hole) will give up their sanity for some pie in the sky freedom he cannot, or will not dish out!

      The only way we win is to ignore him and seek alternative methods out side the church and flourish and prosper.

      Soon he will loose most of his followers.Once the fat accumalation of his pillaging and extortion runs out due to all the law suits he is fighting. Its just a pity seeing all the devastation and victims left in his wake. The snake wont go easy, thats for sure! I believe this blog will serve as a united front to not only provide important news but also to serve as a safety net for those of us who stand up for the true aims of scientology!

      • I agree with you Sheeple Bane. I also think that there can be more than one front in this war against insanity. You can have groups opening outside the control of the “church” AND you can have people inside taking some risks and speaking out against cob. Sooner or later there may be a coup against him. It doesn’t look real now but it could happen. It didn’t look real to break up the USSR or getting rid of Sadam either… Or he could pull in being thrown in jail or an illness or who knows what and then you would have some new management that might be a bit saner. I do believe that sanity will prevail sooner or later.

  5. People here and on Mike Rinders Blogg like to slag the Basics.
    I for one always wanted to do something like studying and maybe audit all the processes as LRH progressed in his research. Thought this would give me a more thorough understanding of the subject, and think it has.

    I am almost done now and will most likely finish next year (maybe on my own as I think I slipped at one post here and left my real name in the form). Doing these studies chronologically and listening to all this LRH has given me a much more solid foundation as a scientologist and if anything more convinced that the alterations and changes I see to my religion are in direct opposition to LRH’s intention.

    I love how he in many places stresses the “If it is not true for you, it is not true” and says just because he says something it is not true. It is only true after you have evaluated the datum.

    I am aware that there has been editing of the lectures – which I wrote to Gold about and then got called into ethics on directions from OSA (the deletion of the ref to Black dianetics and a paragraph where Ron referred to the Japanese as the “nippon”). I rather listen to a few speech mistakes by him, thatn to worry about the fact that I am no longer listening to his words as they were spoken at the time.
    The quote about the buildings becoming important and blowing up headquarters for some reasons managed to survive, as I remember hearing that.

    I just wanted to say that I do not think the basics is a bad thing for a scientologist to study. Especially if you can’t afford major services. I am not very disciplined when at home, so have preferred to do it in the course room.

    • We should make it clear that the idea of the basics is not being slagged but rather the idea that basics would boom Scientology and start or greatest era ever. The data, the books not a problem. It’s the lie they were sold with

      • The basics should never be knocked as such, they are full of the most incredibly valuable data that every Scientologist should study and evaluate for themselves at some stage during their Scientology career.
        However if we view these low stats above, then do a proper evaluation of the outpoints of the project, it becomes quite blatantly obvious that the way in which they are being presented must contain violations on the Study Tech for there to be so many blows and so few completions.
        Let’s consider the following:
        • Out gradient for many. Some may have sufficient confront and lookingness to handle all that is covered within these materials, but for most the data is severely out Reality. Many of these materials were presented by LRH for only trained auditors and those with advanced cases.
        • Insufficient Mass. Only the occasional clay demo is asked for during this lengthy theory study while wading through this huge barrier of significance,
        • No Application, no drilling or auditing is done. Ron specifically says you can have a person reading books till they are coming out of their ears and you’ll never have an auditor – the academy is for training and producing auditors.
        • The runway is too long. These basics have become a huge hurdle to overcome before any further advancement ON THE BRIGDE for those who wish to do Academy Levels. They are dragging the would-be auditors off target and into a failed purpose.
        I was one of the few who completed the full Basics line-up by October 2008, BUT I am a highly trained auditor and had covered a large amount of the lectures and all of the books on my previous training and I am also high on the Bridge OT levels. It wa easy for me, but I saw many struggle while on course and witnessed many blown students
        This leads to further out points:
        • Check sheet changes. Ron, in his original HCO PL 17 June 70R – Rev 09/04/77 Tech Degrades #3, stated that anyone committing the following High Crime “Employing after 1 Sept 1970 any check sheet for any course not authorized by myself and the SO Organizing Bureau Flag” would be in a condition of Treason.
        • Books previously ON the check sheets in the right gradient are now being studied prior to Student Hat and
        • Prior to the course in which they are applied!!

    • Ff, I agree I study them also and there is enormous gain and understanding to be gotten from the Basic books and lectures, in fact I thinks its the best things dm has done during his reign, even though it took him 15 years get them done.

      But as one commenter on Mikes blog stated, they dont get you in the chair auditing in a hurry, getting you to a point of being able to Clear someone/coaudit within a couple of months as LRH origionally intended. So to substitue their importance with the Levels and Ned, really is the crime here as far as Im concerned.

    • I like the basics as well and it contains a lot of information but their is not much “doingness” in the line up. Even the Self Analyses course does not call for the lists to be done, only the theory part. In fact the sup insisted that I start the next course as the actual running of the lists is not part of the course. I now feel that I was done in from not doing these lists as I later did them and had great wins. For me it is all just too much significance and nearly zero practice and no actual self experiencing of the tech.

      LRH himself said that reading does not make auditors, auditing makes auditors. I feel the same about clearing, books do not make clears, receiving auditing does.

      Although I agree with you on the value of the basics and that is for sure a good thing to read and most definitely not a waste of time, I feel one can do more towards one’s case by a little study then lots of practice, little bit more study than again lots of practice and so one.

      The old LRH check sheets have these books (sometimes just some chapters) to study and eventually you get through them all anyway. His way was a little study and lots of practice.

  6. The wheels of life continue to turn for me. Despite all the noise, tough decisions, continued sacrifices and attempts to redirect my life there is one stand out stable datum for me. My journey up to this point has been fraught with the overcoming of obstacles which if known in its entirety would sadden many while engendering disbelief in most. In truth the loss of family, income and the continued covert harassment by the church through its remaining propagandists while destructive is not a deterrent. When I entered my first Scientology organisation I was in search for the truth although the answers I sought at that time where to different questions. It seems today is no different with all the information I have gained from the tech and decades of contribution to the church it seems that my one stable datum – to find answers – remains as I again search for the truth, answers to different questions. It is an interesting point that LRH’s first policy (a policy of the same name and one of the shortest references you’ll ever read) is to answer people’s questions yet the continued asking of questions by some has resulted in declares.

    ScnAfrica – I have questions that I’d like my church to answer honestly, truthfully and openly. I don’t care about the out-PR, the forwarding of the enemy line or that the answers may bring my religion into disrepute. We know that an incident only discharges once you have the exact time, place, form and event and let’s face it our name could not be more sullied than it is already. Perhaps we could use this platform to ask our questions without then personally becoming a target for the church.

    Remember the WIS? books and the FAQ section? Well, I don’t want those PR questions and answers. I want the unadulterated truth to the tougher one’s, the one’s that are holding up my attention units, the one’s that I dare not ask, the one’s that I have gone searching for on the internet, the one’s that the church would desperately prefer were never asked.

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