Need a set of Basics?

basicsNeed a set of The Basics? Perhaps you weren’t one of the many that landed up with many boxes of these in your garage.

One of our readers sent us this link to Bid or Buy:

You can pick up the full set of books, still shrink wrapped at the amazing price of R195. For our foreign readers that’s a staggering $20.

The seller had 10 sets available. The reader who sent in this link bought 3.

Either someone who landed up with multiple sets in their garage is selling them or someone picked up 10 sets at a library sale. Libraries that receive unwanted donations will sell them off for next to nothing.


7 thoughts on “Need a set of Basics?

  1. I have been reporting on the Basics Scam for years. The flock were pressured relentlessly to purchase sets for Libraries. First for the US, then for the world. Most Basics individual books can be purchased for $5 or so on Ebay with free shipping.

    This is because Librarians dump them for $1 each on the Saturday morning “Garage sale”.
    Other Librarians refuse them on delivery and they are “Returned to sender”.

    This short 2 min video explains the scam~

  2. Good price for the COB version of the basics. I wouldnt even pay R1 for the entire set of this squirreled version. As far as I’m concerned the only thing this COB version is good for is maybe toilet paper!

  3. Eish! Soon we will be seeing a whole lot of Mark VII e-meters being sold for next to nothing. If the church wants to stop that they will have to offer a trade-in on old e-meters. I think the church should do that instead of ripping off the still-ins completely. But who knows whether they will be alive to the fact that they are the biggest contributors to the Indie community or whether they care more about getting full price for Mark VIIIs. Think about it OSA.

  4. Reading all this info is shocking. I believe all of it tho because of observations and personal experience. I’m in Cape Town and would like to know what to do about going up the bridge without corporate CoS. Are there any independent groups or auditors?

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