Rounding up the dissidents

inquisitionThe Committee of Evidence we reported on here, Bubble bubble toil and trouble, is reaching the pointing end.

The round up of those who have been reported on has begun. Calls are going out for people to come in and answer up on reports that have been written on them.

In a classic intimidation style approach to “justice” people are being called to answer up without having any advanced knowledge of what’s being said about them.

If you have spoken to anyone about the outpoints, abuse, destructive actions of the church you will likely get a phone call to appear.

We are at a crossroads. The church clearly want to declare the situation right or at least try and intimidate it right.

The quote given in our article What Scientology is doing is apt: It is probably time for the rallying cry: Auditors of the word unite. Let’s overthrow this monster!


21 thoughts on “Rounding up the dissidents

  1. ALERT: Per LRH Policy (HCO PL 1 May 1965 Staff Member Reports), ANY Knowledge Report written about a person, a copy of that report MUST be sent to that person before ANY action is taken.
    Thus, any person receiving a summons to come and be “questioned about a report about him” should answer them: “I did not get a copy of that report. Please send it to me as policy requires. After I receive it I’ll be happy to respond. If you do not send me a copy, you’re violating LRH policy”. One can add: “People who violate LRH policy or tech are called squirrels and LRH tells me I should stay away from squirrels”.
    Hope this helps.

      • Even the WOG justice system sends the accusation and testimonies to the accused before questioning him.
        What the COS is doing – LRH writes about it in HCOPL 24 Feb.1972, INJUSTICE:

        “Most people think discipline is bad because most wog discipline is simply harsh injustice.
        Most people do not even know that “justice” means fair and equitable treatment for both the group and individual.”
        “Psychiatry, as exposed in the brilliant book Manufacture of Madness by Dr. Szasz, uses the “justice” procedures developed in the days of witch burning, unknown accusers, opinions only, punished before being tried etc. Psychiatric influence on contemporary court thinking may well be a major reason for the present disturbed condition of society.
        Lord forbid we ever fall into such barbarism ourselves.”

  2. I have already posted several messages on theirs and the int website that they are a bunch of clowns and DM is a psycho. Not much they can do to an SP anyway. Just some fun I am having.

  3. Keep in mind that these folks are in a trance state of gradual, long term agreement and subjugation. Truth is that they are just bluffing/dramatizing, but they’ve forgotten. Keep your sense of humor about the keystone cops at play. You’ll have some fun and might just wake some sleeping bots as they see themselves through your eyes and ears.

  4. This will separate the men and women from the boys and girls.
    I still recommend not to show up if you want to try to fly under the radar. If you don’t care, then you should go in and tell them exactly what you think. The whole purpose is to cower you into being a good little robot again or to condemn you for being truthful. Your call.

    • Yes indeed Tony! What a difference it makes though, if / when you are free of the mandatory Kool-Aid und der Mind-Control uf der fricken Mein Kampff Leader, der Fuehrer!!

  5. There is so much off policy / out tech stuff going on in the church that regretfully only an overthrow of upper management will set it on a salvageable course. Like many, many others, I had harbored high hopes of fixing it from within, but that ship has sailed.

  6. Robert Berrington’s experience last year may be of interest given present and anticipated actions by the CoS.

    If called in and if choosing the way out, do not forget to request/demand for “refunds” for services completed–request must be made within 3 months of the services. “Repayment” for advance payments are not supposed to be so time limited.

    Part of the fraud of CoS is that they do not abide by what they tell members and/or the government about availability of refunds and repayments, They often turn that whole process into another fraud scheme and a complete travesty of fairness, ethics and justice. But if you don’t confront and demand, you have no hope of getting your funds back.

    You need to read the agreements you signed when making “donations/contributions,” but you should know that to get their tax exempt status in the US, here is what the CoS assured the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about their refund and repayment policies:

    “It has been a long-standing policy of the Church that if someone is
    dissatisfied with their Scientology services and asks to have their
    contributions returned within a three month period, these amounts will be
    returned. Likewise, if the person asks for return of contributions for which no
    services were received (i.e. an advance payment), there is no three month
    limitation period. Anyone newly enrolling in services at a Church of
    Scientology is informed of the policies and signs an agreement to abide by them.
    As a further condition of receiving a refund or repayment, the person
    understands that they may not again receive services from the Church.

    Within the Church, there are two separate terms: A “refund” refers to a
    return of contributions to a parishioner within 90 days of participating in
    religious services while a “repayment” refers to a return of a parishioner’s
    advance payment before he or she has participated in religious services. For
    simplicity, the following discussion will use the term “refund” to describe both
    types of transactions, because both involve a return of parishioner

    The Church’s refund policy is exceedingly fair. If someone isn’t happy with
    Scientology — which is a very small minority of people — he simply has to make
    a proper request for his donations back, agree to forego further services and
    his donations will be returned. For the Church, in addition to the fact that
    this policy aligns with Scientology principles of exchange, it also serves the
    purpose of allowing our churches and the parishioners who are very happy with
    Scientology, to carry on without the unhappy few in their midst. ”

    Bottom line, pull together your documentation, agreements and receipts so you are prepared. In the end, it may require litigation.

  7. “Did you know you are in good company?

    Does it strike you as odd that 38 out of 50 staff members from the last organization that L. Ron Hubbard personally ran himself in St Hill, England (known as “Old Saint Hill”) have been declared “suppressive persons” by David Miscavige and kicked out of Scientology forever? LRH said 2 1/2 percent of the population is suppressive. But according to David Miscavige, demonstrated by his own actual statistics, 76% of the population is suppressive. I used to wonder why so many senior Scientologists got declared. Then it happened to many of my friends. And finally to me. I don’t wonder any more. Consider too, that many of these individuals had a husband or wife, sons or daughters whom they had brought into Scientology. So once they were declared, they never saw those friends or family again.” This is from Steve Hall’s site:

  8. As someone who has never been involved in Scientology, I find this do fascinating. It’s like the days of the reformation.
    I of think there’s a bit too much jargon in scientology, which makes it feel like you’re reading a computer manual at times.

    • Eyesopen, I’m always facinated in turn by nonscientologists who seem to be atracted to all things Scientology. Yes there are lots of Scientology words and terms, part of the package in understanding new things I guess.

      My point is good or bad its well known. With great power comes great responsibility. Scientology can be reverse engineered ie. Made to work backwards and instead of helping others it can suppress and control. Observe the corporate church as it is now. Their impact though large is plainly destructive. Most people who are outside the church use scientology methods to help each other and themselves. A good analogy is martial arts for instance. You could use it to kill. Or u could use it for self dicipline, peace, body fitness, respect for others etc. Scientology is in my opinion a double edged sword, it can cut both ways, good or bad depending on the weilder! Use responsibly, but do use it 🙂

  9. To add to KA’s post above, here is a youtube interview of ex-Scientologists Greg and Debra Barnes where they discuss how they ended up being declared for simply questioning alterations to the tech (requiring 2x annual OTVII sec checks/FPRD (money scam) when LRH specifically precluded such an action). While a bit long, it goes fast. They discuss in detail how perverted the justice and com ev processes have been in DM’s CoS. It covers many of the issues you have seen and may see. Remember, ask for documentation/copies (if it’s not written, it’s not true) BEFORE ever agreeing to go into the org or meeting with them.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, sign nothing without a lawyer present! For some reason they don’t like lawyers, transparency, fair processes and actual justice.

  10. I agree “Lets rally. Lets overthrow the monster” We cant do this as individuals. Probably the route is to get standard tech delivered outside the “monster” and to support and defend that delivery as opposed to getting caught up in actually fighting, at which the C of S is highly skilled and well funded.
    Just as an aside, I have experienced such personal revitalisation in part due to my disconnection from the C of S that it has caused me to review my PTS/SP materials.LRH says “you get the condition you fail to assign” I have no doubt as to the correctness of this datum and have use it successfully and extensively. So guess what happens when one personally fails to assign the C of S the correct condition!!!! To go in and co-operate with them is probably extremely unhealthy.
    Once you get them off your lines they appear somewhat insignificant. In my opinion they are a false group and there is plenty of evidence to that end.

    • Indeed Joshua. The one thing they will not survive is too many people who simply say “no”. The fear the church engenders in its members is mental and all reputation. It used to be formidable, it used to be scary. I don’t suggest under-estimating them but certainly let’s not credit them with power they don’t have. Just say no.

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