The shattering of the South African Scientology Community by rumour

merchant of chaos“MERCHANTS OF CHAOS:

1. There are in our civilization some very disturbing elements. These disturbing elements are the MERCHANTS OF CHAOS. They deal in confusion and upset. Their daily bread is made by creating chaos. If chaos were to lessen, so would their incomes. It is to their interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible, for only then can they profit. Their incomes, force, and power rise in direct ratio to the amount of threat they can inject into the surroundings of the people. – NSOL

2. MERCHANT OF FEAR or CHAOS MERCHANT and which we can now technically call the suppressive person. HCO PL 5 April 65.”

The Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary

What better way to make an environment threatening than by rumour and quiet, slow injustice.

The biggest rumour monger in the Scientology community right now is the Church of Scientology. Justice by rumour. Disconnection by rumour. It is an organisation that like the mythical snake is eating its own tail.

A new committee of evidence has been called naming 15 Interested Parties. Of course these include long standing, productive Scientologists. That’s the rumour. No bill of particulars has been publicly posted.

A Flag trained auditor in Joburg Org has been placed under a non-enturbulation order because she has continued to express disagreement with management’s approach to justice as expressed in recent declares. As a reminder a non-enturbulation order carries the penalty of instant SP declare should one further report of “enturbulation” be submitted on the person under such an order.

There are further rumours that we may soon see the Golden Age of Rod Phase II. Although early indications are that they will shy away from the 18-at-a-time approach. Either way the names we hear that may be on the chopping block are stellar and will deliver further devastating body blows to a community that cannot take too much more.

These are just some rumours we are hearing. It is vital that these and other rumours are broadly published as it seems that only in the eye of public scrutiny we might possibly mitigate this injustice.

We want to hear from you. What rumours have you heard? Let us know at

71 thoughts on “The shattering of the South African Scientology Community by rumour

  1. I find your intentions laudible, but you cannot and will not stop the church from destroying itself. If the organisational entity were a person, you could say they are mad with fear and will lash out at anyone who wants to help.

    Keep up your purpose of getting Scientologists back in comm, but know that international management will not brook the creation of a sane environment.

      • If the flag trained auditor lady is who I think it is, Natasha Lindsay? I know she is Sup trained class IV so maybe they stuck her in the chair in the end? Better late than never if she wisened up finally! Can anyone confirm if it is her or not?

      • This Flag trained auditor is quite lucky. If you look for the video recording of Debbie Cook’s in court testimony on YouTube you will hear her describe how a young exec was made to lick the bathroom floor for hours after complaining about the treatment of S.O. execs.We are not dealing with decent people any more.

  2. In the early days of Scientology a non enturbulation order carried weight but today, depending where it came from, it carries no weight what so ever. Scientology justice has changed to DM justice who appears to be psycho. This type of justice will not go away so it is better to be declared and move on to the independent movement. DM will eventually destroy himself and the official church.

  3. The latest rumour I have come across is that long time Scientologist, staff member and spokesperson for the church has been declared.


      Get rid of as many Old Timers as possible. They suffer from case gain, a terrible affliction! They have the audacity to question me,ME.They have this weird idea that LRH knows better than me…can you believe that? include in this order anyone who fails to attend all events and anyone who has any money left in his bank account or in his home mortgage. RPF for the last Reg who left the person with any funds. Auditors are especially suspect and if they so much as show a twinkle of self determinism then get them declared and put of here.It will take so long to train a replacement that we can ensure “no case gain” for a good while.
      AND careful with the declares now, lest someone realise that so many declares indicates the SP is in the organisation…If that happens then its the Hole for you.
      Where is my Scotch, damn it?!

    • I agree dan 351.
      A declare says “you are not one of us”, where “us” is those who agree with the technical alterations and the insane “justice ” of a suppressive, squirrel group who practise professional begging and hoodwinking their public all camouflaged in LRH colours.

  4. What is so sad about this is the number of people falling over themselves to “rat” on their friends and family by reporting them to “the authorities”. I personally know someone who contacted a friend they knew to be under-the-radar, told them it was totally safe to communicate, encouraged them to speak their mind, even going so far as to tell this friend their own upsets with the Church. After having lured the unsuspecting victim into a comm cycle, this despot turned around and reported everything to “The Committee”. Who would WANT to associate with people of this calibre? Unfortunately this is what the Church turns people into – back-stabbing scum. “On the day we can fully trust each other”? Ja right. I think not. .

    • That is a sad story Black Panther. The bright side of this is that the people that one can trust are becoming apparent and the scum too are now obvious. One of the key ladies that, I am told, filed various reports and basically played a major part in “getting the eighteen declared” is set to go to Flag shortly. I am willing to take odds on the fact that ALL her advanced payments will be used up on sec checking. What will our reaction be when she comes crying to us?
      As a group our confront of evil has been inadequate to the task. We should rectify that.

    • The exact same thing happened to me here in the USA. One of my former Sea Org buddies Alessandra Stanton was either instructed to do an covert investigation on me or some such thing. At one point I had a whole bunch of my so called scientology “friends” making discrete inquiries as to how I was doing. Then out of the blue I got a letter declaring me and no golden rod or any type of ethics handling. I was in the SO at AOLA in 2001 – 3 and was responsible for overseeing all Div Sixes in the USA. It was a sorry mess then and who knows what now. I saw it back in 2001 The senior execs and long time staff members were one by one removed from senior posts and RPF’d or “demoted to letter reg.
      The then Captain of AOLA Steffanie Cary was taken off post after getting highest ever OT’s for two years. No one seems to know where she went. Your best hope in South Africa is to take all the tech and good people you have and run as fast as you can. Start your own Indie groups and deliver what LRH intended. There is nothing anywhere in the corrupt COS that will ever end well.

  5. I recall the heavy ethics tactics used on vocal staff. I feel for this auditor as she would more than likely be an emotional wreck by now and will still need to audit over that entheta while fighting with her internal disagreements. Be strong dear auditor you have many friends on the outside!

    The arrogance of the S.O. committing these atrocities will no doubt cause their demise as their actions are not in keeping with the workable technology of LRH. No amount of out of context sentence grabbing from policy overrides the true LRH tech of 2wc, ARC, KRC, granting of beingness and very importantly the Tone Scale! You boys and girls are riding at the bottom of that one with the methods used to control your remaining parishioners but we will smile and nod and agree to stay out of trouble. But you’ll see it in the stats, in fact they’re already seen in the stats – see how the graphs roller coaster – just go back to Commissioner Street or Polly Street or even Main Street. It’s right there in plain sight!

    In the end truth will prevail!

  6. Black panther thats indicitive of fear pervading the church bubble. When terror grips, morals, loyalty and honour are concepts so foreign they may as well exist in a fairytale by brothers Grimm!

    A parasite sometimes kills its host caught in the gluttony of destruction!

  7. Where are Norman Starkey, ED Int ? Debbie Cook I am sure does not speak falsehoods.
    Where-ever one looks certain things show up. A vacuum of data and lots of questions .
    Little is heard of gung ho groups and basic actions like doing assists and training auditors. The only activities have been endless fundraisers. Perhaps a new rundown will surface – ” The end of endless fundraisers” . Not to mention endless basics… what an overrun. Perhaps workshops and field activities using L.Ron Hubbards tech can be gotten going.

  8. This is an organization composed of individuals who are unquestionably “right” about “everything” under the sun. If they are right then (specially) you *must be wrong. This is the ultimate Ser Fac.

  9. From “Actual Innocence”, almost 20% of the identified wrongful conviction cases involved “snitch” testimony.

    Unknown reports into the Comm-Ev from snitches.

    Despicable people.

    In the UK, a grass; Low-lifes.

    A rat, in other words.

    There are quite a few of these characters in the field so beware. You can usually spot them by the Volume 1 up the ass and a religious gleam in the eye. Give them a wide berth, boet. One player called Paul seems happy about the recent declares. Happy that top OTs are declared. Gleam in the eye folks.

    Jean or Jhan or some such harmonic is one of the accelerators of this news. This person makes sure to tell everyone “He or she is declared or being investigated”. Hmmm. Uncomfortable on a chair folks.

    Although the original intent of the KR system was apparently good, it is not applied as intended and in my view never was.

    Take all your KRs over your tenure and identify which one exactly helped the group survive better? In my case, not-a-one. Zilch.

    KRs are usually used to cover a rear-end, mostly as a chicken-shit move by a staff member in the system so that when the fan begins to spin, they are safe, boet. Look I wrote KR. See? Innocent. Ha!

    The big wheel of karma turns and these snitches will have it very hard indeed, even if by their own actions on themselves.

  10. Maybe we should name these people (snitches) on this site.While we play by the rules of decency they certainly do not. We may just help some other innocent from being too trusting. Being blind to what the church is up to is somehow more easily forgiven than betraying a friend or family member. If the church was delivering standard tech in volume there would be very little dissent.

  11. Please be aware of a possible Canary Trap ( where different rumours are passed onto selected (and suspect) people in order to find out who is leaking info to this and other ‘critical’ blogs.

    Please don’t stop leaking these injustices, but be wary if you hear different stories from different sources. Perhaps a little editing might be in order?

    • Standard psycho politics, make everyone a spy, that way the real operatives remain hidden. The worthwhile original L R H stuff becomes obscured and altered and the injustices and misdirection expand. Anyone who pushes LRH original stuff and materials and application sooner or later seems to become the target of the Church or those operating within it.

  12. I just posted this comment on KSWLIONS. We’ll see if they approve it:

    I’m having a hard time believing that this blog is written by anyone other than an OSA staff member. No public Scientologist that I know of would waste their time making petty personal attacks on former members of the Church of Scientology, regardless of whether the former members were “telling tales out of school”.

    Doesn’t LRH say to never pull attention off of a constructive purpose just to “stop attacks”.

    If the former members are just pesky fleas, why bother granting them so much beingness with this counter-blog? Not that it appears very many people read your blog, but I don’t believe any actual public Scientologist would even be bothered to write such odd counter-articles. And certainly no public Scientologist would be ALLOWED to start their own blog that aims to respond to every post put up on that “other” blog, because that means that the “public” Scientologists who run this KSWLIONS blog actually READ every post on that “other” blog…which we all know is a High Crime in the Church of Scientology.

    So by putting up an OSA-run blog as an “answer” to that other blog, you have really just created a perfect example of the weird lengths the C of S will go to to harass and malign former members. I mean after all…isn’t this the greatest moment of expansion for SCN in the history of the Whole Track? So clearly the Corbett’s could be nothing more to you than yesterday’s has-beens who just couldn’t “hack it” running with the big dogs in the tall grass….right? Clearly SCN in Africa is expanding beyond anyone’s wildest dreams regardless of anything the Corbett’s are doing, right?

    Then again, if that were true, you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of putting up this embarrassing blog with these poorly written posts.

    I’m out.

  13. From Science of Survival:

    “From 2.0 down, domination and control – overt or covert – are employed in handling people, and the direction is toward Succumb.”

    [Book One section, Chapter 27].

    • Yes. And I think it goes down even further: SACRIFICE! (I believe it is at – 6).

      What are all the things you have to sacrifice to get your eternity secured, the planet saved, all the enemies defeated?
      What are all the things you have to sacrifice for “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics (= the 3. Dynamic) and “Command Intention”?
      What are all the things you have to sacrifice for ”The Bridge to Total Freedom”?

      First: YOUR FREEDOM! (paradox, isn’t it?)

      And /or YOUR: Money. Time. Freedom of choice/free will. Freedom of speech. Freedom of getting all information you desire. Way you want to live. Integrity. If you don’t toe the line – you have to sacrifice your family and friends and even freedom of thought (and endure blackmail of disconnection).

      You have to sacrifice YOUR LIFE! (.., or else!)

      • Addendum:

        “The Individual and His Dynamics”

        “As soon as you knock out one of these dynamics on a human being and you say “For this individual, this dynamic cannot possibly exist,” you get trouble, because they all get knocked out. They come down on the same level. In other words, if you cut out half of one dynamic, you have cut out half of the rest of the dynamics. This package of dynamics is very vital to the survival of an individual.”

        (- From “Scientology Handbook”/ from LRH lecture (1951?) -)

    • + 1 ! Yes, somehow, “spiritual freedom” wrapped up in fascism and betrayal (of all dynamics) in sacrifice to COB doesn’t quite work as a concept……

  14. The person who has has created the pathetic KSWLIONS Blog is Dan Brown. He recently blew from his post with Mark Corbett and prior to that was a Sea Org member for many years. He is a “Davebot” of note.
    Dan seems to have taken great interest in the “Corbett Saga” and is definitely being the” local hero” in assisting OSA.
    What isn’t public knowledge is the overts and actual crimes that he has committed on the Corbett family.
    The angry, accusative tone that one perceives from this Blog, is indicative of his transgressions on this very upstat family, who were actually very good to him.

    • AND …we should be asking what the main reason was for his dismissal from the Sea Org and then we would have the why for his attacks on the Corbett’s and others!! The answer is quite disgusting to me really. Perhaps we should publish it?

    • Wow, I am very disappointed to hear Dan Brown is behind that blog. When he was in the SO, he was WISE Inspector Int. He was very well respected. He was certainly an attack dog, and was used as a tool to extract money from WISE members. When someone like Dan, who was clearly on important comm lines and clearly had his hands dirty for those comm lines, leaves the Sea Org…I guess I thought that he could only have left the SO under bad circumstances, and would not still be carrying a torch for his old Master. I am very disappointed to hear he is still in propitiation to He Who Cannot Be Named.

      • Hi, I used to manage the biggest wise consulting company in Europe in 2005. Millions of dollars in sales. At the time we sent a lot of people to Orgs and paid millions of dollars in royalties every year. At the moment of our greatest expansion and dissemination, I was put under heavy invest by Dan Brown. He sent to our company three SO ethics missions and, finally, was able to reach his goal: we splintered a 200 people wise company and we all were declared. Before us he got the biggest Hungarian Wise consulting company to splinter. So Dan Brown has a very successful track record in chasing the good people and get them to leave. Hey Dan, if you read this: I have to really thank you. After I splintered, even if at first things were a bit uncomfortable, life has been really really good. I made a lot of money, I had great professional success and now I am reaching all of my goals, even the spiritual ones.

        Dan, could you say the same?

        Remember that Karma is always around. One fine day the same people you support will come to get you.

    • Hats off to Debbie Cook ! It takes courage to testify about assault , intimidation and violence, not to mention tactics aimed at overwhelming people. Insanity is the substitution of violence for reason. It’s use simply means that standard Scientology , being the tech developed by LRH has been abandoned and is no longer in use.

  15. Yep, simple solution to 3rd party, rumors, ect,……..Just publish it. Make it common knowledge. (The SP’s don’t like that, which is why they don’t like this blog. They don’t like to be seen.)

  16. I wonder if table of characteristics, being a comparison between The DM ( Demon Monster) and Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao and the leaders of the Arab states
    (deposed by the Arab Spring) would show common items. I am sure the list could be broadened. There is always a trail of evidence and eventually the truth will out.
    If L. Ron Hubbards original tech was being followed none of this would be happenning. Clearly other tech is being followed.

  17. Good Day SA people,
    May I respectfully make some observations here ?

    SP’s immediately attempt to plant themselves on commmunication lines, and then become ‘authorities’. There are some names appearing on this blog that also appear on other blogs. Their posts are similar on all blogs, in fact one, which slyly denigrates LRH and the technology, is an exact copy of his other blog posts. These people start off by appearing to be ‘true’ Scientologists but read their posts very carefully and be ready for the totally suppressive comments.

    It is my observation that the Rinder and Rathbun blogs slipped from being accurate accounts of the truth into opinionated off policy talking shops under the influence of those types. Just keep a track of the commentator names to follow that trend.

    Just to check I re-read the moderation policy of this blog, those persons do not adhere to it at all and really could do with some very strict moderation.

    With regard to in’s, out’s and under the radar people; LRH policy is quite clear and the ethics conditions completely accurate and effective. Anyone in doubt needs to complete the doubt formula, just be very accurate about what the ‘doubt’ is about. Trying to be in/out/or not seen, is just non-confront of the true situation and a lower ethics condition than doubt.

    One could even be in enemy, treason, or confusion towards LRH and the technology and being so would then be in a very low condition towards oneself, ones family, ones group and mankind.

    As regards who is doing what and to whom; again LRH ethics tech has the answer. From my location it would appear that a committee of evidence, called by on policy Scientologists, is the real answer. Captain Bill Robertson did that many years ago, and it had good effect.

    One result was that miscavige had a declare of SP written about him, and publicised, if it had been pursued we would not be in this situation.

    My memory of exact references is very “no good at all” but I recall a statement from LRH to the effect that if standard Scientology admin and ethics is not applied to others (other non-Scientology organisations) then how could we expect to get things straight ?

    Apply standard LRH ethics to the situation and it will come ‘straight’. Dont worry you wll not have to, the person next to you will . . . .

    Did I ? YES, after may years of nagging doubts and wasted effort for the [oohh never mind] my life began to improve the day I wrote a doubt formula, and other statements, and sent them off to miscavige and the MAA. It then was about six months later when I literally woke up one day and realised just how much covert suppression I had been living under for too many years. Life has been on an affluence trend ever since, and I am not a sweet little thing that lives in a rose coloured world either.

    Thats it for now, hold a comm-ev on the full SA situation and I will happily give it all the support that I can muster.

    By the way, does anyone out there remember Reg Davis, a professor I believe, from Pietermarisburg ?

    C Poulter (UK)

    • CP. excellent comments, thank you. And Prof Reg Davis? Yes of course,I remember that amazing man, but rather from Durban Org, where he was based throughout the seventies. My wife, Dorothy, the first NED auditor to qualify after the intro of this level, and Reg, got on famously, as did the whole Org, with his all Scientologist family. In fact my very first TR-0 session, was with his younger son, Paul, who was doing the Dianetics course at the time. The whole family emulated the cool, calm demeanor of Reg. It always struck me as remarkable how such an unassuming man, who radiated insouciance and fun, could be the Head of the English faculty at the University. (of Natal – Howard College!) What a being! And what an equally unassuming family. He and his (then) wife Audrey, departed this life quite some years ago. Gee, they are sorely missed.

      Nice to be in touch.
      Kind regards,
      Calvin B. Duffield . Durban 🙂

      • Thank you Calvin, that history is good to know. I spent many hours with Reg at AOSHUK and he was also sorely missed there when he left.


      • No, DM, I would not, that really requires a full and complete report, and of course copies to any accused. It is long past time for Scientologists to wake up and start looking for themselves.

      • Interesting. You speak of vague danger yet fail to specify. I think Mike and Marty are too successful for your taste.

        I am grateful for the freedom to communicate outside of the approved party line.

    • I don’t know how long you have been out. (maybe you are not out) But your communications sound very naïve or worse. Trying to use Scientology justice from within is pure suicide.
      As far as your comment about other posters not being Scientologists, why should that matter? If people make sense then what does their religious beliefs have to do with it? See the Code of a Scientologist.
      I will tell you right now personally that I made it onto OT7 and was in Scientology for over 30 years and don’t consider myself a Scientologist anymore. I love a lot of the tech and have had major wins in auditing but I have never liked labeling myself. I won’t go into it further right now as this doesn’t seem to be the proper venue for that.
      You also say you will give a comm ev all the support you can muster?? Who are you that your support is going to help so much?

    • SP’s immediately attempt to plant themselves on commmunication lines, and then become ‘authorities’. There are some names appearing on this blog that also appear on other blogs. Their posts are similar on all blogs, in fact one, which slyly denigrates LRH and the technology, is an exact copy of his other blog posts. These people start off by appearing to be ‘true’ Scientologists but read their posts very carefully and be ready for the totally suppressive comments.

      The man has impressive obnosis skills. These will ultimately destroy Scn out here, not the CO$. Nonetheless, CO$ does stack the bases with such ilk in various blogs and forums as they know the operators of them are way to reasonable and allow them a free hand to denigrate under the pretense of “having your own opinion” to degrade as they please.

      Even people who have been unjustly hit tend to pervade their dramatizations and if left unhandled will prevent effective establishment of Scientology by distracting others with their motivators. If you have a group of upbeat people who agree on making Scn go you’ll have Scientology out here, those wallowing in the church-done-to-me drama will end up nowhere, they are not movers and shakers, effect to their own case.

      It is my observation that the Rinder and Rathbun blogs slipped from being accurate accounts of the truth into opinionated off policy talking shops under the influence of those types. Just keep a track of the commentator names to follow that trend.

      I consider better than 50% of them to be complete psychos.

      Just to check I re-read the moderation policy of this blog, those persons do not adhere to it at all and really could do with some very strict moderation.

      Seconded. Trash-talking blogs into 2.0 & down is all the power they actually have.

  18. All accurate comments, IMHO! At this juncture in time and situation, we need to appreciate the actual “DM choice of stable datum” underpinning all the attacks and justifications used by The Church of Mi$cavige! ..”instill FEAR!” … Ho-hum! Huh? Fear? Listen up people, the little beastie vampire was de-fanged a while back! Shadows are nothing to be feared! If you still tremble in paranoia, check out LRH’s “handling the dangerous environment” in The VMH. Getting things in proper perspective, flushes out the boogie – man, from his hiding place, to trouble you no more!

  19. I have been watching this blog with great interest since its inception and would like to continue doing so. I am vastly interested in how this justice action is rolling out in Joburg org as I think it will be a definite preview of things to come in other areas.

    My two cents on the “brewing” conflict above, started by Charles Poultier, is that in-fighting between people who have either left or have major disagreements with the formal Church of Scientology does nothing but serve the interests of the SPs in the Church. It is not needed or wanted that any of us “prove” to anyone else outside the Church that our brand of “ex” is any more right than anyone else’s. Our common enemy is David Miscavige and the horrible and psychotic things he is doing, and those within the Church who forward his psychosis.

    I think it would behoove all of us to remember that and please, not get into the endless bickering and criticism that goes on between exes. If you want to engage in that activity, go to ESMB where they love doing that crap. I love this blog because it is focused on the very specific activity of getting South African Scientologists (both “under the radars” and openly declared ex’s) into communication. Let’s not drive ourselves OUT of communication with petty squabbling. It doesn’t help anyone but the Church to do that.

  20. Just an additional comment. OSA uses their own operatives to try and shut down any independent thinking. I looked at the moderation policy and I won’t be bashing anything. Like I said I love a lot of the tech and policy. Not all of it. As far as I know I can discuss things here without trying to upset people or their stable datums.
    You have to realize that OSA is watching this blog and they will send in fake posters to try to direct the conversation and thinking of people. They want you to be CALM about this whole thing. Forget that they ripped you off for millions of Rand. Just be calm and take it like good little Scientologists. Maybe YOU should write up your overts for pulling this in? They would love that. Get YOU introverted so you won’t hold THEM to account for THEIR OVERTS.
    There is value to having a group that helps people and things. When that group betrays that trust by ripping people off and then demonizing them then that group needs to be handled. My definition of a cult is a group that has only one acceptable line of thought and any deviation from it is unaccepted and will be punished at varying levels. What is your definition of a cult? In my opinion Scientology has to be freely discussed in order to truly make it your own. Doesn’t LRH say that? If it’s true for you then it’s true. Let’s take the ARC triangle. I have discussed this with many people and it works. It is brilliant. There are some things in Scientology that ,to me, don’t make as much sense. I may not be getting across my point that clearly, but what I am trying to say is that it’s good to have a group but don’t surrender your right to discuss and think and communicate about things just to have a group. Find another group if your group turns out to be rotten. NO group is better than a rotten group. Find a few friends that are true friends.


    What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.

    What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.

    Of course, we can talk about honor, truth, nobility—all these things as esoteric terms. But I think they would all be covered very well if what we really observed was what we observed, that we took care to observe what we were observing, that we always observed to observe. And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude, a critical attitude or an open mind—not necessarily maintaining these things at all—but certainly maintaining sufficient personal integrity and sufficient personal belief and confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe and say what we have observed.

    Nothing in Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it and it is true according to your observation.

    That is all.

    L. Ron Hubbard

  22. Can anyone tell us of any outcomes from the Comm Ev being held or was being held in Joburg recently? Any new developments? There are/were thirteen names pinned up on a board who were called to it. (Putting the names up like that for all the world to see before the outcomes is off-policy).

    Does anyone know if there are going to be a new spate of SP announcements?

    • The comm-ev is ongoing. A number of people have appeared already, and we continue to receive updated reports. We have no doubt that new declares will be happening. For now, we feel that Ryan’s story (see our main page) deserves its rightful place and we don’t want to overshadow it at this point. Keep watching this space!

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