Ryan Hogarth, former Church President, Declared Suppressive!

HogarthsAfter hearing several rumours we can now confirm that Ryan Hogarth has been declared by the Church of Scientology. We asked someone who knows him well to write an introduction to his story which follows below:

When I was asked to write an introduction for Ryan I was honoured and humbled. What could I possibly say that would do justice to someone who has dedicated most of his life to unswerving service and personal sacrifice to LRH and Scientology?  

While many out there were making money so they could achieve the state of OT, Ryan and his family were on the ground putting an org there for the rest of us – often against unimaginable odds. 

It is incongruous that after everything Ryan has done for our group, it is demanded that all Scientologists turn our backs on these heroes. Through this action, Ryan has lost a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt and uncle. After 25 years of service, he walks away with nothing. There are simply no words to describe this travesty of so-called “justice”. 

I know that I speak for many when I say we will forever be grateful to Ryan, Melissa and Tyler for all they have done for our group. Without them, Scientology in Africa will never be the same again. I encourage others to stand with me in this message to the Church – “We refuse to withdraw allegiance from these fine people”. 

In closing, my message to Ryan and his family: “To new beginnings and other adventures”  – LRH

I was born into a Scientology family. My grandmother knew and worked with LRH in Rhodesia. She moved to South Africa in 1966 with her two sons, Robin & Simon,  to work full time for Scientology. Both Robin & Simon also joined staff. My parents, Simon & Anne, met at Joburg in 1970.

That makes me, I guess, a 3rd generation Scientologist. My wife (Melissa) and son (Tyler) have both served on staff. Between the three of us we have given 46 years of staff service to Scientology in South Africa.

My gran passed away in 2003 and my mother and father are still in the Sea Org.


My mom was transferred to OSA US in 1985 when I was 13 years old. I was recruited into the Sea Org within 4 days of arriving in Los Angeles. I was just so happy to be out of school and out of South Africa it seemed a perfectly smart thing to do. There would be no more formal schooling beyond the primary school I’d completed.

I loved LA and loved being in the Sea Org there. Although I was only there for just shy of 3 months I felt I’d made a home there. Sadly we all had to move back to South Africa. My mom’s replacement didn’t work out.

I was posted in OSA and I spent the entire 25 years on staff in OSA, both Sea Org and Class V staff.

For the first 7 years of my staff career all my posts in OSA were internal– recruitment of staff, hatting, ethics. In 1989 I met Melissa, my future wife. She was a DSA from Port Elizabeth. She was gorgeous and I was in love almost immediately. Our relationship was verboten since she was not Sea Org. But somehow we still managed to get married in spite of this in July 1989.


Melissa never got to join the Sea Org as she was asked to fill the DSA Joburg post “temporarily” which became permanent. Although she wasn’t an SO member she stayed at the SO base and was expected to work an SO schedule.

In July 1991 two years after our wedding Melissa fell pregnant. As it was now Sea Org policy that Sea org members were not allowed to have children I would have to leave. This was a particularly rough period of time. Melissa was viewed with great suspicion, the thinking being that she had “done this deliberately”. She faced particularly brutal ethics action and at 6 months pregnant was doing deck work sanding floors and facing an aggressive committee of evidence. I don’t dwell on regrets much but when I do it’s around this period and how I didn’t do enough to prevent my pregnant wife being treated this way.

At the age of 19 our son, Tyler, was born on the 13th of March 1992. Melissa was on post until 10pm the night before he was born. In fact we went to the hospital from the org. Any doubts, upsets or confusions in my life evaporated at the moment I held him in my hands. Nothing gets you focused like a new life that depends completely and utterly upon you.

6 months after his birth we left the Sea Org base and began life on our own as parents and full time Joburg staff. Our first residence out of the Sea Org was a cottage rented to us by a Scientologist for R25 a week. We were almost immediately behind on the rent, not making enough money to cover this tiny amount. We were broke constantly and on more than one occasion I walked around collecting empty cooldrink bottles to get the deposit on returning them in order to buy milk & bread. Life was a continual financial struggle. We didn’t have a car or any family to assist. Melissa’s family lived in Port Elizabeth and mine lived in LA. During all of this we never doubted our commitment to the church and ultimately changing the world. Life continued in this fashion for the next 4 years.

However it got the point where we couldn’t continue. Melissa took two leaves of absence. First in 1996 and again in 2000. Both times she returned when we believed that “things were really going to turn around now”. In 2001 Melissa was recruited to be the Chaplain. Ken Krieger convinced Melissa & I that she would make more than sufficient money as a Chaplain from selling materials so she rejoined and went to Flag to train.


In the late 90s Joburg Org was situated in the city centre which by that time had deteriorated to the point where fewer public were willing to come to the org, particularly at night.

We decided to find a new building out of the city. This was a local decision borne from necessity. We involved our OT public and a search began. Pandy Katakuzinos in 1999 found the perfect building and the Corbett’s put up the money (which was later repaid by Sea Org reserves).

We needed around R1.2 million to renovate. Fund raising began by asking public to put money into the org for services. We really felt we could do it this way. By late 2000 we abandoned this approach and went for straight donations. Something like this had never been done before so there was general agreement and excitement. By mid 2002 renovations were complete and we were ready to move! The problem was we just couldn’t get the okay from “uplines” to move. Months went by with our new building standing there, empty but ready! In late 2002 we received a briefing and brand new plans. The building was going to be huge! We were going to build an extra two buildings, and add a level to the main building. The size of the org doubled. “Ideal Orgs” had been born! The budget shot up to over R17 million.

R&DExhausted and exhilarated we held our grand opening on 2 November 2003. It was the biggest event ever held here – before or since. David Miscavige came out to speak at the opening.  I was the MC for the event and I was left in no doubt as to the enormity of the honour being bestowed on me. No one had had the privilege of introducing the great man before.

[ScnAfrica found this short clip of Ryan at this event]:

Two things happened with Miscavige that unsettled me. The first was when he gave a briefing to all staff and Sea Org. During his briefing a CMO crew member was falling asleep (she had been up for days prior). Mid sentence Miscavige snapped his fingers in her direction and yelled “YOU! Get out! Now. GET OUT!”. Humiliated she stood up from the front row and walked out past everyone.

The other occurred in the exec space of the org, which Miscavige was using. I walked into the area heading to my office. No one else was around. He was eating in the conference room. He saw me and said antagonistically “What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here!” I was flummoxed and froze on the spot. He then bellowed with laughter and said “Just kidding”.

From the opening I assumed the title of “President of the Church of Scientology Johannesburg” It is a PR post and essentially translates to “spokesperson”. I took to it with vigour and for the next 6 years I was an active and frequent spokesperson for the church. Over time this morphed into being the national spokesperson although this was never official but no one else would or could speak to the media. In those 6 years I appeared on local, regional and national television, radio and print media. I actually developed working relationships with some journalists, relationships which I have maintained to this day.

In 2005 I got myself in hot water. I was interviewed by a national magazine. They asked the question “How much does it cost to get to OT VII?” My thought in answering the question was that we always skirt the issue of money like it doesn’t exist. So I decided to be open about it. I said “around R700 000”. This was a terrible underestimation as it was. When the article ran I got a Knowledge Report and a cram for answering the question.

Also in 2005 I was asked to come to LA to be in the President’s office and be an International Spokesperson. By then Heber was long gone and, as I would find out later, Mike Rinder was in the hole. I already had differing opinions on how the media should be handled. I felt my views on how to do it would not be accepted. I said that I would likely land up on the RPF fairly quickly so let’s rather not waste each other’s time.

The period between November 2003 and May 2005 were the best years I ever spent on staff.  We were left alone to do our jobs. We never got to the level of staff pay that had been promised but everyone ignored that because it was a good time to be on staff and we were making progress.  Don’t get me wrong there were a fair share of bizarre orders but the pain pleasure ratio was finally in proportion. In March 2005 we were announced as St. Hill Size at the Int March 13 event. A Universe Corps team arrived in April to audit the staff to OT. We had a huge public event. Staff were happy, public were happy. We had made it! All the years of hardship had been worth it. I had the most amount of auditing I’d ever had to that point. I went from nowhere on the bridge up and onto NED within 5 months. Melissa went clear.

Despite the excitement things were changing. In early May I was called to an urgent meeting along with other org executives convened by Ken Krieger. With a straight face he told us “50,000 people have to watch the May 9 event!”. The event was 10 days away! I thought he was out of his mind and pretty sure everyone else in the room thought the same. But we all nodded and gave a firm “Yes sir!”. Off we went to work out what unusual solutions we could come up with. We spent in the region of R60,000 or more trying in vain to attain this target.

This for me was the end of the honeymoon. Soon the org was again under financial stress, the Sea Org were back in the org micromanaging and it felt an awful lot like it had for all the years prior to the move.

By the end of 2005 the Universe Corps was falling apart and by May 2006 they were all gone never to return save one brave but vain attempt in 2008.


The hype around the Basics began, I believe at the start of 2007. We were hearing about a major overhaul of all the books of Scientology and that a “new breed of Scientologist” was coming. This was the release of the Basics which was to be the worst two years of my Scientology staff career.

Whatever org pattern and structure existed completely fell apart. EVERY staff member had to contribute to sales. Either directly or through “recoveries”

At the same time there was continued push on Ideal Orgs. Even though we were in one we had to get a Test Centre, we had to help the other orgs become Ideal. To add insanity to stupidity we had IAS targets as well. At one point, during 2009 it was Basics sales during the day and two Ideal Org events and one IAS event per week.

It was with this backdrop that one April morning while sitting in my office I had an epiphany: I could leave! This was a thought I never allowed myself to have. My staff contract would expire in January 2010 and I would leave.

In July 2009 I was reading the daily “Google Alert” for media on Scientology. I saw the name Marty Rathbun. Marty was a god from my standpoint. He was at the very top of my command line. I trusted him implicitly. I assumed he was making a media statement and since I hadn’t heard from him in a while I was keen to hear what he had to say. The story was the “Truth Rundown” in the St. Pete Times. It took several minutes for me to realise that Marty was not talking FOR the church. He was out and what he was saying was being confirmed by Mike Rinder the second most senior person on my command line. Time stood still as I watched, in slow motion, my life shatter in front of me.

For the next two days I did ZERO post work. I locked my door and read EVERYTHING I could find on the Internet. I cannot adequately explain the feeling of your entire life’s purpose and goals unravelling before you. But that’s what was happening. I got to see that the madness and mayhem in South African Orgs was not a localised problem. It was a global pandemic.

Over the ensuing 8 weeks I continued to read, I made contact with Marty and others. My decision to leave was now more firm than ever.

As a short aside: in the middle of all this excitement I gave my final press interview. I was in such conflict. I was in turmoil about this group and my own life yet I had to speak confidently of this group. I’m linking to the interview here. I think you can pick up the conflict I was experiencing, particularly when asked about the size of the Scientology membership. Ironically, this interview was posted to youtube a month after I left staff for good.


In November 2010 I was asked to go to OSA Int to route off staff.  After initially refusing I went. I had 28 days of straight security checking and little bit of case clean up at the end. For the most part I was treated very well which probably had a lot to do with the prevailing mood at the time, being just 6 months after the devastating “Truth Rundown” series of articles in the St Pete Times. I was very open – I told them everything I had done, everything I had read, everyone I had been in comm with. I asked all the questions I had. Some were handled well, most poorly. I read Mike & Marty’s declares which didn’t handle much. As for questions about the Int Base and “the hole”, these were categorically denied. I made a decision to accept what I was being told at face value and to see how it all panned out.

While “seeing how things panned out” I would not interact with anyone outside the church or any websites outside of official Scientology.

On my final day as a staff member I was collected by my brother who lives there. We got into his Jeep and hit the Pacific Coast highway. It was around 11.30pm. We cranked up the music and I sang my heart out. I was done! I was free! I was on my own. I had not been that happy in well over 5 years.

I arrived back in South Africa on the 20th of February and began my new life. I was 38 with no career, no insurance, no medical cover, no savings and a mountain of debt (most of which was Scientology materials related).

But Melissa & I had never been happier! Our life was OURS! Ours alone.

In the 3/12 years since I’ve built a successful career as a professional speaker and a budding career as a writer. I have had the considerable honour & pleasure of meeting and working with some of the greatest business thinkers in the country.

I tried for a short while to stay connected and work on projects but it became plain that nothing inside the church would change. It was the same old same old. Fund raising, promises and regging. Additionally Melissa & I realised that this group is so small and so toxic it was claustrophobic so we made the decision to build a life completely outside of Scientology which we have since done.

At the same time I tried to reconnect with every friend I had ever left behind, both Scientologists and not. I had come to see that I had lost connections for a variety of ridiculous reasons ranging from “he’s not a Scientologist” to “he’s not an upstat Scientologist”. The time spent reconnecting was incredibly therapeutic and it became my policy to always be open to communication, if it was genuine & real. People may well cut their comm with me but it won’t be me with them!

For a long time Melissa & I thought we had left it all behind us and it would become a dimming part of our history. However two things happened:

  1. I rediscovered L. Ron Hubbard on my own terms and came to appreciate in a very personal way the value in his work. This appreciation came mostly from being able to reject some of his writings at my own discretion. It made those parts that are truly profound even more so.
  2. Melissa & I began receiving calls from people asking, firstly, “what happened to you guys?” and secondly “what the hell is going on with our church?”

The first point made me realise that the philosophy is important enough that it deserves a chance in this world and that it will never get a chance as long as it remains in the hands of the church as it is now.

The second point got me talking openly with Scientologists who had themselves observed the outnesses within the church. We answered their questions.

This served to put me on the radar and over time it became a greater problem. In March this year I met with an OSA Int person who had come to do PR work for the opening of the Pretoria Ideal Org. We had a long, frank and robust conversation. He eventually asked in exasperation, “Well, what do you want Ryan!?”

My answer was that I wanted Scientologists, the many very clever Scientologists who had built this church to have a platform to openly discuss and debate what the church is doing and to have a say in the direction it takes. The response was simple and direct “Ryan, you know that will never happen.”

I told him there was then no point in us talking further.


On the 19th of November I received a phone call from the “Ethics Mission” which is here to declare or corral trouble makers. With almost no introduction I was informed that I was guilty of suppressive acts and then asked if I wished to do A-E. A heated discussion followed. A week later I was “given the opportunity” to meet with 3 of these missionaires. Two from OSA Int and one from OSA UK. It was surreal. I knew them all. I had worked with them and here I was, the subject of one of these OSA type projects.

I was confronted with 4 reports, accusing me of:

  1. Sending someone a link to an “enemy” blog
  2. Telling a Scientologist I doubted the validity of the tech within the church
  3. Telling a Scientologist that the OT material is available on the Internet
  4. Attending a meeting at the Corbett’s house at which “squirrel material was distributed”. (I feel it important to say that this never happened. To this day Melissa & I have no interest in being part of any Scientology group, splinter or otherwise)

I was given a simple choice: Get back on board by doing A-E or be declared. The next day I sent the following response:

Dear Robbie, Tao, Gaetane & Phil,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday.

I have spent a great deal of time since that meeting reading the references you mentioned throughout that meeting, with the exception of the State of Man & Clean Hands lectures since I was only given 24 hours to complete this serious matter.

I have considered at length what this means to me and where I find myself. Ultimately the choice you have given me is a terrible one. As I understand it I need to be fully on board by doing A-E or I need to be declared based on the 4 reports you showed me. There was no room given yesterday to express my dire concerns about how the church is handling these matters and the result it is having for the church. But perhaps these are already well known.

Gaetane, you told me yesterday that I was right about reports and observations I made 4 years ago. You criticised my handling of this. That walking away was the wrong thing to do. The reason I walked away was that those concerned, including OSA Int, were not interested in what I had to say. In fact I was told by both Paul (CO OSA AF at the time) and an OSA Int staff member to not report on matters as it would be seen to be CI to current planning and that’s not a good thing. It doesn’t help me now to tell me I was right. I knew I was.

That’s pretty much how I feel now. I know I am right about what is happening now. It shows in the real world: The state of Scientology PR, the state of the Orgs and, most glaringly our broken field. We can quote all the policy in the world but the result of these actions, based apparently on policy, is a field that is turning on itself or leaving the church behind.

The choice you are giving me is to supplicate to an organisation to which I dedicated myself for so long but which has lost sight of its ideals. Like a liability formula – I would have to ask the permission of the very people I believe have led it astray.

I remain, unreservedly, a Scientologist in its highest meaning and according to my observations & understanding.



After 25 years of committed service, I now stand before you all, declared a suppressive person. As has become standard practice I have not received a copy of the issue, despite requesting it. There was some hope that I might be allowed to at least read it but this, in the end was also refused.

I am liberated and positive about the future and, most importantly, connected to my wife, my son & some amazing friends.

I love open comm lines and I look forward to many new ones! Come find me and say hi:


114 thoughts on “Ryan Hogarth, former Church President, Declared Suppressive!

  1. To Ryan and Melissa

    Respect and Congratulations to both of you, and Tyler to have earned your SP-badges of honour. I am truly glad to see, with the aid of 4-reports, you could see the writing on the wall, walk out into the light of day – to embrace open, frank and truthful communication – and empowered yourselves to live life with integrity restored. I am tempted to ask – what took you so long?

    I am very pleased that I can now freely communicate to you now. In case you do not remember me, this is Jane Parker from Cape Town. Remember me – part of the so called ‘ARC-broken’ (more like DEVASTATED) field? I am the one who spent twelve months ‘on lines’ at Jo’burg-Org in 1992 – going from ‘wog-to-clear’ and then 3 months at St. Hill completing OTIV – whereupon I then in utter disgust – chucked the ‘elite’ SO-cult- Management of $cientology in for a ball-of-chalk, and walked away from this viper’s nest, as a matter of keeping my own sanity and integrity intact.

    I have only dealt with Ryan on a few occasions, only spoken on the phone and written to Melissa on a few occasions – and although the accolades bestowed on you are obviously very well deserved and I don’t want to detract from that – let’s be real and bring some balance – very mindful of the fact that in the SO / on staff – you held power in your hands – and that your actions/ inactions were not all ‘sweetness and light and praises for your many years of service in a dangerous cult’.

    And, as sure as night follows day – your hand and Melissa’s hand in the way you handled trust and power in matters regarding my family – has left quite a few, corpses behind (metaphorically speaking of course) – as death would have been final, end of cycle – but we are speaking here of on-going agonising unfinished business which really devastated innocent lives – when in fact – you could have ensured justice prevailed, fairness prevailed, common sense and decency prevailed, not to mention application of applicable provisions and LRH tech prevailed – and compliance with the prevailing laws of the land prevailed. But no – you preferred to feed the Beast that devours lives…..

    Why? In the 12 months I had dealings with the COS in Jo’burg – subsequently meeting the COB / DM at St. Hill, and observed the frantic SO slaves bowing and scraping and trembling in fear of his ‘ethics presence’ at work – I came to the conclusion – that it took a certain kind of human-being willing to become a human-robot – yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir – and a dash of a sociopathic-personality to be an ‘elite’ SO member – a person who had the pre-disposition, inbred- or trained-in capacity – to lie, to unashamedly beg, to deceive, to lie some more – to duress, to break the laws of the land and get others to do so, to set up daughter against mother, father against infant, break families asunder, spread vicious lies and rumours about others, to force a minor to have an abortion to get rid of ‘the product’ sired in an act of rape by an ‘elite’ SO member, and when that was too horrific to contemplate by a very naïve and vulnerable pregnant teenager – the next best option was to get the father to disconnect from the ‘product’ – (leaving an innocent baby to grow up fatherless and without financial or other support for the rest of his life) – to hard sell services and products – cash up front – and then not to deliver that what was promised, to abduct minors from family-ties, to deny children a high school education, to use said children as slave-labour, and traffic them out of the country, to abuse, to confuse, to utterly betray trust, to walk all over a fellow being’s dignity, human rights, not to mention ‘civil rights’ – to threaten a mentally disabled person with eternal damnation if she did not do as told – forced under duress to sign ‘a piece of paper’ just to keep her adulterous sociopath-Patron-husband ‘happy’ – thus by deception, confusion and threat disconnect a mother form her then 5-year old daughter, to detain for months on end, to force absurd ‘confessions’ hour, after hour, days on end, to force someone else’s will upon another, to lie and make false promises to impressionable children (and adults), to justify and never apologise, to extract money from people in the most heinous ways until they bled, commit theft or fraud to produce the ‘donation’ and finally became bankrupt – to deceive, deceive, deceive – offer help, given as an utter betrayal – all done without the slightest indication that there is an active conscience kicking in somewhere inside the skulls of such ‘elite’, staff, or ‘volunteer’ members of a ‘religious fraternity. No – nothing, to indicate that there is someone at home, someone who could duplicate and practice the ethos of the philosophy of Scientology. One can ask oneself the question – what sort of mind-fuck do people have to go through themselves – to do this to others? I have observed and my family experienced all the above.

    So yes – in case anyone reading this ever wondered ‘what happened to Jane Parker’ who zoomed up the Bridge and zoomed right out of the front door again – the answer is short – one has choices, one has integrity – and I for one became so disgusted with $O-MANGMENT – that I could not be part of a Mafioso-criminal-gang-parading in the public domain as a ‘religion’.

    I hope you read this as well – COWARD AND VILE BETRAYER – Albert de Beer. I considered you a friend. And, if you care to remember, when I entrusted my severely dyslexic daughter Janine into your care at ‘the Dianetics Centre’ – when told that ‘Dianetics’ could cure her dyslexia, as Tom Cruise was cured of his by this unique ‘scientific technology’ – I looked you in the eyes, as I entrusted the life of my daughter into your hands, and with tears I implored you – please don’t ever betray my trust.

    Yes, I am the mother of Janine Parker, now known as Nel – who is still married to this day, to one of the cult’s favourite Patrons – Ian Nel. Yes Ryan and Melissa, between the two of you, as well as your mother Ann (and others) – the Hogarth’s strangely enough have all had a hand in pulling asunder an entire family – Ryan, an infant disconnected from his father; Melissa, a 5 year old girl disconnected from her mother; and lastly mother Ann Hogarth (whom I had never met) declared me ‘a suppressive person’ over the phone nogal, and apparently in so doing also disconnected me from a substantial amount of my money on account. That was in Sept. 2011, and the glee in her tone took me by surprise, as she did not even know me. What a way to not make friends.

    So Ryan and Melissa, I am really happy for you that you have your family unit intact. It is really hard-core that your mother and father disconnected from you Ryan. What a bummer! One could ask: ‘What sort of parent will do this type of thing in the first place?’ What are they so afraid of? Truth? For God’s sake – you are their son!

    I have a question for both of you individually, regarding my family as both of you had a hand in in what happened to Janine and her children. Are you now able to stand outside of the on-going mess and consider yourselves to have ‘clean hands’? Since you left, have you endeavoured to make contact or amends with your victims?

    Do you care to know, that Janine had a complete and utter mental breakdown (from which she has not yet recovered) – after her little daughter was taken away from her in a most demeaning, untruthful, by force and cruel manner? If she was still ‘in the cult’ when this happened – there is no doubt in my mind that she would have ended up another Lisa McPherson. So thank God for Psychiatrist – who saved her life, and had done so in the most caring and gentle, humane and decent way. Unlike Cape Town Org – to whom I paid for 155 hours’ worth of NED-auditing for Janine in 2009 – who then UTTERLY BETRAYED her and, and instead of delivering what was paid for – detained her for 3 months – until she agreed to divorce her Patron-husband to enable him to move on with his floozy and life… This was where you Mellissa stepped in to further BERTRAY her when after all of this she arrived in Johannesburg to – legitimately collect her little child back into her care. I wonder how you people sleep at night….

    She almost lost her life, after losing her child and everything she owned cherished and knew for the past 20 years. She had to be hospitalised for 6 months, and her Doctor only released from hospital in December 2012 – to enable her to have contact with her daughter to aid her recovery, which contact Ian Nel refused. Do you know, five years have gone by, and she has hardly seen her child since your dealings with Janine Melissa? You do remember what you, Mark Turnbull (and others) did to ‘gang-up’ against a very vulnerable Janine; to separate her small child from her care, in favour of her adulterous husband – which separation has lasted to this day?

    Sworn to secrecy for her entire adult life, abused by the Patron to the point of suffering from a ‘Stockholm-syndrome’ – told by the cult to ‘conduct herself above 2 on the tone scale’ – and such absurdities – it was only a month before she suffered a complete mental breakdown, when she started to reveal bits and pieces of her life, as it randomly flashed through her mind, that she dared to divulged shocking details of her life, re the SO member that you so fiercely protected Ryan, and detailed sadistic torture, humiliation, degradation and abuse meted out to her by her Patron-husband, whom you championed so fiercely Melissa.

    Perhaps at some time, it will cross your minds, to spare a thought for those driven insane by the mal-application of the tech and or indoctrination of ‘the cult religion’ – and for those families torn apart – especially when you are free to see your handsome son Tyler sleeping under your roof at night, sitting around a dinner table with you each day. But, do you Ryan, spare a thought for the son (who is just one year younger than your own) – who grew up fatherless, without financial support, at the mercy of others – on your say so – all those years ago? Just give that some thought when you interact with Tyler.

    Yes, I am still struggling to get him through high school, after he was forced by the Patron-lying-bastard-husband – to join staff after completing primary school. He still struggles with nightmares. This story can only adequately be told in a court of law. I am sure you will be able to see my point of view. Justice – in the final analyses will be the only thing that can restore dignity – and only God knows – what will heal unseen scars and unspoken sorrows and a life not lived.

    And does it matter to you Melissa, that the little girl, you helped to separate from her mother in favour of ‘her Patron father’ – cried for her mother for a very long time, and now, after 5 years of separation – calls a stranger, Diannah Philipedes her mother? Yes he is still married to my daughter, remember – he told you he will remain married to her to ‘prevent the church from being embarrassed / mentioned in a court of law’.

    Melissa – have you ever asked yourself, what have I done to a fellow human being in her most vulnerable hour – who put her trust in me, and considered me her friend over the eighteen years that she spent at ‘the org’ – living in a complete bubble?

    In dire need to provide the best medical care for my daughter – not so long ago, I wrote to your mother Ann Hogarth, and asked her on humanitarian grounds – to expedite my refund of my money on account (R200, 000 +) – to help me pay for Janine’s hospitalisation.

    Do you know, I did not receive any acknowledgment of my communication? And I gave her full details for what it was needed. As I said, she had telephonically declared me an SP, and stuck to the barrel of her gun – and could not care less if my daughter was dead or alive. This after Janine had faithfully spent 18 years of her adult life ‘on lines’ in a quest to cure her dyslexia, and lived a life not worthy to mention .

    What sort of people will do this to fellow human beings? Why pick on the utterly vulnerable, the defenceless – the already wounded and bleeding? Who will consider driving someone insane – as ‘the valuable final end product’ of ‘fair game’ – to ruin the supposed ‘enemy’ utterly, drive them over the edge – especially if they are mentally disabled, left bereft of all their earthly possessions and ‘friends’ made over decades….

    And you call this ‘religion’……..

    I hope to hear from you. You know where I am. I wish you much happiness and success in your new endeavours.

    • Jane, clearly you have much pain and anger, and no doubt, guilt at getting your family involved in the cult, and many of us understand and completely empathize with your heartbreak with what happened to Janine, and the younger boy.

      One part of your story is confusing, though, and it would be appreciated it if you could clarify:

      You said: “I am the one who spent twelve months ‘on lines’ at Jo’burg-Org in 1992 – going from ‘wog-to-clear’ and then 3 months at St. Hill completing OTIV – whereupon I then in utter disgust – chucked the ‘elite’ SO-cult- Management of $cientology in for a ball-of-chalk, and walked away from this viper’s nest, as a matter of keeping my own sanity and integrity intact.”

      If that was the case, then why did you still, knowing what it was, not get your children out as well at that time? Why did you, knowing this, still pay for auditing for Janine 18 years later in 2009 as you say here: “Unlike Cape Town Org – to whom I paid for 155 hours’ worth of NED-auditing for Janine in 2009 “?

      Would appreciate if you could clarify, it would help us to understand better.

      • Hi Jane, So good to hear your side of the story. I am with you on this as I too have had the Hogarths wonderful brand of integrity shoved on me and suffered my own humiliation at their hands. Thanks for speaking out. I didnt have the guts. It is so true that the ruin of the churchhas lied in the hands of those tht forwarded and used the system to belittle, invalidate, denergrade ,antagonise, label and forward an enemy line on and Ryan and Melissa were very much part of this. I remember Janine well. I am so sorry to hear what has happened to her. She is a sweet child and I wish I could have helped. Stay strong Jane, Much love…

      • Hello Phoenix – I wish I knew your real name

        To clarify:
        1. I only had ONE child enrolled at ‘The Dianetics Centre’ – not plural.
        2. The ‘viper’s nest Management – was my conclusion, not Janine’s.
        3. I was already called an SP by SO member – 2 weeks after my green arrival ‘on lines’ – and my daughter 3rd-partied to get away from her wog-family.
        4. You will have to understand – Janine very naive, functionally illiterate and innumerate – did not have the where-with-all to grasp the tech – and was given a thorough verbal mind-fuck about OT-stuff and ‘homo-novus stuff’ and wog-morals and wog jobs and wog educations and wog medication – for a straight 3 weeks (whilst in session on the purif by an SO member – right from the start of her ‘services’ – and ‘believed’ everything she was verbally told by said SO member. Management was quite aware of all of this but did stuff all to ‘put ethics in’ on said member, who then recruited a functionally illiterate and innumerate 19-year old into the SO – with one thing on his mind – to have sex with her.
        5. I am sure the constant threat of ‘disconnection’ – being quite outspoken that was the constant threat.
        6. Despite management – despite everything – I attested to clear in Nov. 1992 – that was the end of my participation in anything to do with Jo’burg Org.
        7. My conclusions were mine, and I was quite happy to be ‘odd’ about management – I did not go there in any case, to join a ‘religion’ or a cult or get involved in politics and nattering – I went there for ‘services’. I was under the impression that was what all ‘public’ did and it was only much later that I realised – people sit around for years and years and years – and get nowhere. I expected everyone to go up the bridge in about 12 months – I fully expected the same would apply for Janine – I had gains from each step on the bridge – and who else but a true suppressive would not want that for their severely disabled daughter as well The way I looked at this as ‘raw meat’ was to say, I will do it first – so that I know what is involved – sort of pioneer the road ahead for my daughter. I did not want to DEPRIVE her of getting her dyslexia sorted and winning in life.
        8. I did not confuse cult-management with the ‘applied philosophy’ – which I signed up for.
        9. There was NO excuse for not delivering what was promised and paid for.
        10. I never looked for ‘bad press’ or rumours about Scientology – I had gains and give them the benefit of the doubt that they were doing what they say they are doing – creating a civilisation without criminals, without insanity, without wars – and all that jazz that they say they are doing.
        11. Thus – I still paid for Janine to do Ned auditing in 2009 – because she had crawled up the bridge in the meantime, and her husband demanded that she ‘attest to clear’ – before he would consider her a ‘proper wife’ – she believed with all her heart that on the day that she attests to clear – his universe would quite magically change – he would treat her like a human being, stop abusing her, give her equal marital rights – and become kind and caring. SHE BELIEVED that not me – and wrong is I paid and wrong if I did not pay – she wanted to save her marriage – and begged me to help her.
        12. Greta del Sol and Helen Fitz pestered me for the money to be paid in by lunch time 31 Dec. so that she can start on 1st January – as they had a NED auditor all lined up for her to give her 5 hour sessions each day. Greta offered that Janine can stay in her home, and travel with her to and from her home each day. They promised her that she will be clear by 31 January 2009 – to enable her to return to her marital home in Johannesburg on her pre-paid flight on 1 February. (Janine arrived here the day before Christmas to spend a holiday here in the Cape with her family, and return home on 1st February). She did not come here to do auditing, but Greta Del Sol got hold of her and bent her ear – and made all these promises – when she was absolutely traumatised with her husband having an affair, and wanting a divorce. She did not agree to this. She wanted this marriage fixed and be clear so that her husband would consider her to be ‘a proper wife’ and become kind – no more abuse behind closed doors.
        13. To cut this story short – on the 1st December – after my cash was sitting in their bank account – Greta del Sol had changed her mind about accommodation, transport, an auditor being ready to audit her, and Janine was held on ETHICS HANDLINGS – detained in Cape Town for 3 months – until she agreed to divorce her husband by mid-March. UTTER BETRAYAL. This story is very long – but I hope you understand better.
        14. If this is not clear – you are welcome to ask more questions – I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. 

      • MODERATOR COMMENT: Jane, we thank you for your contribution to this blog, but have decided to moderate further discussion on this matter as it is off-topic to this particular thread. We will provide a platform for these and other stories under a separate section on this blog. We hope to have this up within the next few days. We welcome and encourage anyone who would like to share their stories with us to submit same, and we will be only too happy to publish them.

    • Hi Jane (and Joleen), I have no doubt I made terrible mistakes along the way and participated in my share of injustices. I make no excuses. Sure, a culture for such things has been bred but those inside should stand up, should refuse and should say no.

      If this happened we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      Given events over the last 24 hours I am having trouble keeping up with comm. I would like to give both your comms a proper service.

      Please will you email me at ryanhogarth@gmail.com. I would love to engage and resolve this, if we possibly can. I’d also like, with your permission, do so privately.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Jane, I pretty much understood all that you wrote. You must widely broadcast this to receive justice – I understand that.
      I’m hopping that you can see the persons exiting are in the midst of waking up and part of that will be seeing any ill effects that they caused on others and repairing those as best they can. It may take a while but I speak from experience in this. One of the very 1st reflective moments after I left was what do I need to fix that which I was a part of or stood by and watched. I made phone calls as needed and cleaned up what I could get to. This has taken years. Being ‘brainwashed’ or I could say ‘conditioned’ comes with a sort of hard to describe numbness. That has to wear off to even remember what happened to then take responsibility for.
      I certainly hope someone in the church that has any feelings of compassion left will rapidly refund your money.
      I hope Ian reads this and will see his mistakes. He should immediately bring this daughter home to her mother and grandmother.
      I wish I could come help. Stay strong.

    • The point here is that we have all done things we’re not proud of while in the organisation. We BELIEVED at that time it was the right thing to do. Once you’re eyes are opened, you are subject to an entirely different viewpoint. If Albert de Beer were to open his eyes one day, should he be reviled? If that were the case he never will! I believe there are many still-in’s who intuitively know there’s something wrong in scn but because of all their efforts in dissem and fund raising can’t bring themselves to admit it was all wrong. Like an auditing session, leaving has to be made safe or people won’t leave.

      I argued with all my friends about how ‘right’ scn was, and boy do I now feel the fool. They also ask me why I took so long to see.

      • Just a short foot note, there is nothing wrong with Scientology! It works in the right hands with the right tech. Its the Church that is corrupt and not workable. Just thought I would let you know!

    • Jane, I feel your pain. I agree with what Excalibur and Cece write here. I can’t speak for anyone as I don’t know all sides to the story and I’m no-one’s advocate, so I make no apologies on behalf of anyone. Your’s is one more very tragic story among many that I have read and I have no doubt that you have read them too since you mentioned Lisa McPherson. I’ve no doubt those reading this blog and commenting here each have their own tragic story – some worse than others – but a story that tells of what, how and when the church crossed the line with them. The real enemy here is the sociopath COB. Lets not lose focus on that. He is the one who has used a powerful technology in a destructive way to completely brainwash people in order to control them – SO, staff and public. The way I see it, Ryan and Melissa are just as much victims of COB’s evil-doings as you are, as Janine is, as Janine’s children are, as I am, as others are. We are all victims of the mind-f**k perpetrated by COB. Those still in are still under COB’s spell. They are still carrying out his every order and the sheeple are still kowtowing to his majesty the COB and so victims are being made daily. Yes, there may certainly be a few more sociopaths in the church and one needs to know who they are too, but I would bet my last dollar that the OUTRAGEOUS orders that you’ve seen SO and staff carry out have come from the top of the org board. That’s just the way I see it, so my heart really goes out to all parties concerned (excepting COB – for him I wish hell and damnation).

      That Ryan speaks out, that you have spoken out, that others continue to speak out, is what needs to happen to break the spell that others are still under and, of course, for our own healing. Whether it takes a person a short time or a long time to wake up and cognite is a personal thing as it is just like an auditing process – it takes as long as it takes for each person to come to the cognition by themselves. Sometimes feeding them the cognition results in a slap in the face and disconnection from you. Like I say, just like an auditing process.

      I wish you and all your family peace.

    • Jane, thank you for the reply, much appreciated, and it does clarify.

      I truly hope you and Ryan and Melissa can achieve reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness, and I have no doubt he will sincerely aim to achieve this as best he can. I agree with what Roxy said above. I especially wish healing for Janine, and pray that will happen.

      In a sense, the field in South Africa needs a Truth and Reconciliation Commission all of its own. This blog is a definite facilitator of this.

      Who I am is not important, I am just someone who wants to see people healed from the pain this horrible cult has inflicted on so many, for so many years. I ,myself, have healed from it, and just want the same for all others, irrespective of whether they still use the Tech (in a manner that does not harm others), or not.

  2. Thanks to the wondrous folks at Sncafrica for bringing us this momentous news.

    Ryan was one of THE best assets the Church had in South Africa. He managed to get articles positive to Scientology into even the most hostile media, and for those of us who were trying to blow the whistle on the Church from long ago, he was a formidable opponent because he was just so damn nice, and SANE. Ryan is NO SP, that is a wrong indication of magnitude, and this is purely a reflection of the level the Church has now sunk to.

    It was an honour to do battle with him in the past. 😀

    To hear that he and his family are no longer assets of the Church is THE best news ever, because they will NEVER be able to replace him with a person of comparable magnitude.

    Ryan, Melissa, and Tyler – thank you for your integrity, despite the high price you had to pay with the disconnection by the other members of your family. I always knew that decency would win out in the end. You have done the right thing, and you will be able to flourish and prosper now, with many, many new genuine friends both locally and from around the world.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, and much love, success and prosperity to you all – may you all Thrive!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Ryan, it is so important for the fence sitters to discover stories such as your own to see they are not alone and they have support on the outside.

    I always had questions but felt I could never ask, I had been warned about nattering and of course my ‘freedom’ was threatened.

    You are a good family and I wish you all luck in the future and please know you have our support.

    The day of collapse is getting nearer, a day for celebration!

  4. Ryan, Melissa & Tyler,
    Very V well done to you guys. I’m impressed and proud of you.

    We went through pretty much the same situation a year ago. It’s not easy, losing family and friends and having one’s stable data shattered. But you will find it is well worth it. The Tech is ours, going up the Bridge can be fun again.

    We, at Dror Center, are here to help you all we can.

    Love, Dani and the Dror team

  5. Ryan and Melissa, isn’t it JUST FANTASTIC to break free from the chains? 🙂 Glad that you’re out and now able to freely speak about it. I hope to see more and more ex-SO and staff here on this blog.

  6. Wow! One should applaud the three of you for standing up and shouting out. However, it’s not all flowers and butterflies being ‘on the other side’ as one does need to consider the people they lose when doing so.

    You have served many years under the wrath of the Church of Suppression, and I’m sure there were many consequences you may have had to suffer for non-compliance of insane orders and people need to keep this in mind.

    I wish you, Melissa and Tyler well on your new journey. May the flowers smell beautiful and the butterflies be all the more colorful!

  7. MODERATOR COMMENT: Deeana thanks for visiting this blog, however we have moderated your comment. Please refer to our Mission Statement and our Moderation Policy page.

    More specifically, we refer to the following point:

    This is not an “anti-SCN” or “anti-LRH” blog and as such we reserve the right to moderate any comment intended purely to offend those users who still consider themselves Scientologists. There are many “hate” blogs and websites extolling disdain for all things SCN and LRH – this is not one of them.

    Many of our followers are already visitors to Tony’s blog, and we do not deny anyone the right to visit pages that cater for people specifically looking for such content. We are just not one of those blogs.

    Should you have wish to contribute content that encourages robust and honest debate, we will welcome future comments from you.

    • Greetings fellow bloggers, inners, outers and on the fence sitters!

      The latest SP declare has truly ignited a flood of comentary. I particulaly liked how even those who felt they had been harmed by Ryan and Melissa were given voice. Well done Ryan for offerring to handle this. Maybe we need our own version of the TRC, especially for some of the die harders in garrison at Joburg day who may one day pop back into their own valence, recant and start the healing process!

      In the meantime I wish to issue a warning to those who have openly left the church. If you
      suddenly get emails, unexpected visits from churchies who you know to be zealots, pls be wary of saying too much. These guys could well be OSA spies scrounging for data to use against us, the freemen and women of scientology. Oh and one more thing, THIS FRIKKEN BLOG ROCKS! Down with corporate scientology, amandla awethu, the power is ours!!

  8. I am so sorry that my post was taken to be “a comment intended purely to offend”. Nor did I have any intention whatsoever to exhibit “distain”.

    This is what I had read in the Mission Statement and I posted according to it:

    “It is a fundamental of Scientology that communication is the universal solvent. It is no secret that the Church and the entire subject of Scientology is in trouble. When there is trouble the wrong thing to do is to shut down channels of communication and try to control the flow of information. Yet this has become standard practice within the Scientology community. We have become afraid to discuss or put forward dissenting opinion or to even mention negative (entheta) occurrences.”

    Most of us “never-in”s don’t have the strong feelings that many “exes” have. I honestly wish the best to all of you – even to those still in the formal CofS. I have never wished any harm or distress to another human being.

    The truth, the facts and the documentation are out there. I suppose I can understand that you don’t want anything negative about LRH on your blog. But not wanting it here will not make it go away.

    Thank you. I will read your blog but will not post any further. And I do wish you the best for the future.


    • Hi Deeana, Thanks very much for your reply. You are correct that we encourage communication and hold the view of it being the universal solvent. We do not deny your right to communicate, but the issue we took with your previous post was that you made some rather nasty sideswipes at L Ron Hubbard and the subject of Scientology. This was the ONLY reason your comment was moderated. One of the purposes of this blog is to provide a “safe place” for those folk who still consider themselves to be Scientologists in the truest sense of the word, but who have lost confidence in the current management of the Church.

      Many of these people are taking their first tentative steps away from the Church, and some may find it offensive when the subject they hold dear is being bashed about. An analogy would be someone who has left the Catholic Church, but still considers himself a devout Christian. He is looking for answers “out there”, and the last things he wants to see or read is how bad God is and how Christ was actually a con-man (which is exactly how you described LRH). It is his CHURCH that is the issue, not his faith.

      We have no problem with and indeed encourage healthy, robust debate, but we ask our commenters to do this in a respectful manner and to bear in mind that this blog is followed by many people who still consider themselves Scientologists. They just no longer belong to the “corporate Church”.

      I hope I have explained this properly now and that you understand it is not our intention to censure nor deny anyone the right to communicate – we just ask that you do so respectfully, taking into consideration the audience you are communicating to.

      We truly do hope that you continue to communicate and will gladly post ALL comments which adhere to our moderation policy.

      Backincomm Administrator

      • Thank you for clarifying the posting policy here, Admin. We independent Scientologists do need safe havens free of religious bigotry and intolerance in cyberspace.

        Many of us are still in the process of recovering from the psychic injuries we sustained during our time inside the cult. The last thing we need, is to come to a place where people like us are gathering to comfort and befriend each other, and be confronted by vicious attacks on our chosen religion.

        Most of us have left a world of lies, betrayals, and sorrow. We’ve re-joined the real world, and are all too aware of the failings of our church, its management, the founder, the organization’s policies, and even ourselves. We don’t need to be beaten over the head with it. Its why we left, remember?

        At the same time, a fairly high percentage of us remain staunchly committed to the philosophy and practice of our religion, and would like to see it flourish among free people who find worth and value in it. We only ask what any other people of faith do — the freedom to practice our religion without persecution and bigotry.

  9. Good job Ryan. I knew your mom and dad and met your brother Sheldon on the RPF in LA in the late 1990s early 2000s

    I was in the Sea Org from 1975-2003 I was a Flag OEC/FEBC Course Room course sup, and I worked in the admin course rooms at Flag in Clearwater, and I helped train lots of Sea Org execs in my days as course sup, including Ken Krieger and Chris Hamilton and other African Sea Org and Class 5 execs who came to do OEC or admin training at Int Training Org.

    I quit and am not a Scientologist, but I absolutely have hoped and been somewhat part of the ex member conversation on the internet chat sites, fromn 2004 onwards, prodding history out of ex Sea Org members, and answering lots of “wog” observers’ questions about Sea Org history, and I’ve constantly been urging former Sea Org execs and ex official members to be normal, just do what you are yourself doing, and speaking like a normal citizen, sharing your views, and discuss and try to make some hindsight conclusions that might change the direction of how bad things in official Scientology have gone. Only the ex official Scientologists seem to have the luxury to speak freely.

    What’s amazing, is you now can email and talk with all the former Commodore’s Messengers and dozens of ex Sea Org members and older timers who spent massive face time with LRH, and talk with them normally, no pressure that you might ask a suppressive question or be out ethics for even asking. (I emailed a whole host of ex people who spent facetime with Hubbard, to get Hubbard sorted out in my own mind, and this is important to see him for the human being that he genuinely was.)

    LRH’s final months of life, are talked about in Marty’s 3rd book, chapter 24, and also described in Lawrence Wright’s book “Going Clear…..”, the final 3 pages of Wright’s book gives the alarming details of what LRH told his ranch hand Sarge Steven Pfauth, which is blockbuster history that all Scientologists ought to be told.

    I am an atheist today, but my thoughts are official Scientology will be forced to reform, eventually, by ex member and outside public pressure, or just the ex official Scientologist community will eventually outnumber official Scientologists.

    Scientologists, to me, are people who do the auditing on each other, and who help train people to do auditing, period. People in official Scientology who engage in the draconian misapplication or even straight by the books application of ethics and justice tech so people’s lives are driven into dismal depths of out ARC, are NOT as much Scientologists, as are the freezone and independent and “squirrel” Scientologists who engage in the auditing and training so as to audit others. Auditing and training to do auditing is Scientology at its core. Scientologists do those two things as Scientology’s most central basic activity.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org (1975-2003)

  10. It takes guts to admit you were part of the disgusting cult behavior that pervaded Joburg. I hope you will endeavor to communicate and make amends for your own sake and others. And let’s not forget there are still young people in the Joburg org SO with no education, brain washed and still being used as slave labour. A remnant of those glorious years of expansion you talked about.

  11. Of particular interest, in my opinion is the nature and character of the being known as David Miscavige.
    Real case gain is defined by a balanced increase of beingness, doingness and havingness.
    The following document goes back a good while, it however adds a valuable view.
    OT Committee Worldwide – Ethics Order #1
    Bill of Particulars
    13 March 1984
    David Miscavige of Los Angeles CA is hereby named as an interested party and is to appear before a Committee of Evidence.
    From written Knowledge Reports, debriefs and investigations gathered concerning senior Church management and its activities over the last few years, there is evidence that David Miscavige has committed and been party to many High Crimes (suppressive acts) and Crimes.
    It is charged that:
    1. Mutiny
    During the course of 1981, David Miscavige unlawfully removed his senior, Diane Voegerding, from the post of CO CMO Int and subsequently placed himself above the CO CMO Int without authority to do so.
    2. Organizing a splinter group which takes and perverts Scientology materials or practices, in whole or in part, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else.
    From 1982, Miscavige has taken part in gang sec-checking, authorized “perpetual” suppressive declares, ordered the squirrel “running program,” denied Scientologists access to justice, and placed his own orders senior to LRH policy – thusly assisting in the creation of that splinter group known as RTC.
    3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Comm Evs duly convened.
    On October 17th 1982, Miscavige held a meeting of Mission Holders in San Francisco where he berated Mission Holders publicly; three were verbally declared. No Comm Evs had been convened upon these Mission Holders. (Also see HCOPL 18Apr70 “Ethics and Franchise.”)
    4. Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard technology.
    As the Mission Holders conference, Miscavige threatened Mission Holders with imprisonment, contrary to the above.
    5. Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.
    While many Scientology staff members live below the poverty level, Miscavige lives in luxury and at a high salary.
    6. Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology, also pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of the religion of Scientology.
    Miscavige has been a leader in the campaign to denigrate Independent groups, calling their standard of Scientology “squirrel,” thusly willfully degrading the tech.
    7. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position.
    Miscavige has been a source of third-party and a prime mover behind the non-specific declares (see HCOPL 2Jun65 which these violate) of many Scientology opinion leaders. These include David Mayo, Ken Urquhart, Ricardo Garcia, Jay Hurwitz, and many others.
    8. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears.
    Miscavige has condoned the declare of not only Clears, but also ten Class 12 auditors and many OTs and NOTs OTs. (See HCOB 1Nov74RA “Rock Slams and Rockslammers” and HCOB 13Sep78 II “Clears, OTs and RSes.”)
    9. Spreading libelous and slanderous statements about the alleged behaviour of Clears
    Miscavige has denigrated the workability of Scientology with mass declares (some 1900 since his assumption of power) and most particularly with his attack upon David Mayo, a Class 12 and LRH’s auditor.
    10. Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power, or to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”
    Miscavige was instrumental in the removal of MSH, Controller; Bill Franks, ED Int; Dede Voegerding, CO CMO Int; David Mayo, Senior CS Int; Kerry Gleeson, ED Int; Allen Buchanan, D/ED Int; Peter Warren, Senior to Public Divs; Suzette Hubbard, CMO Gold; Gale Irwin, CO CMO; John Nelson, CO CMO Int; Roger Barnes, CO SMI; John Aczel, Management Exec for Missions; Emile Gilbert, CO Canada; Ron Hopkins, CO UK; and MANY other senior terminals. Properly constituted authority has been denied to Scientologists via the refusal of Comm Evs, the refusal to act upon petitions, the issuance of off-policy declares, and the removal from management of many OECs and FEBCs and their replacement with relatively untrained personnel.
    11. Willful misapplication.
    Miscavige has persistently enforced Ethics penalties without applying Ethics rewards. Moreso, he has used “Justice” in place of Ethics, and failed in applying the spirit and letter of policy.
    12. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.
    Such suits have been brought against Eddie Mace, Bernard Wimbush, Marian van der Linde, Don Hills and Lawrence West.
    13. Organizing a splinter group to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology or to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part of all of Scientology or receive standard pastoral counselling from the splinter group.
    By denying Justice and Ethics to Scientologists, Miscavige has degraded the workability of Scientology tech. When Ethics is out, Tech will not go in. Also, the removal of HCOBs written by David Mayo and approved by LRH has created a situation where any E-meter course, the HRD, NOTs and Solo NOTs are invalidated.

    1. Placing Scientology or Scientologists at risk.
    The situation brought about within the Church – nearly 2000 declares and thousands of Scientologists leaving the Church – has brought many press articles, Scientologists have been taken to court by the Church, and Scientologists (Martin Samuels and Bent Corydon, for example) have taken the Church to court. Also, per LRH, Clears who have not done OTIII are at risk and yet upper levels are being denied Scientologists by off-policy pricing and services.
    2. Following illegal orders or illegal policies or alter-is, knowing them to be different or contrary to those issued by the International Board.
    Failure to observe Pricing and Justice Policy. Issue of illegal declares. Issue of material allegedly by LRH, but not in fact by LRH (RJ38.)
    3. Not directly reorting flagrant departures from International Board Policy.
    See the above.
    4. Permitting a section, unit, department, organization, zone or division to collapse.
    Despite propaganda, the Church of Scientology is actually in a decline by actual observation of Orgs. The International Mangement networks have been by-passed. (For instance, a CMO INT mission was sent into LA Day.)
    5. Condoning circumstances or offenses capable of brings a course, section, unit, department, org, zone or division to a state of collapse.
    See the foregoing charges.
    6. Neglect of responsibilities resulting in catastrophe.
    The inhibition of the Church’s ability to deliver the Bridge.
    7. Being or becoming a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.
    See above.
    8. Using Scientology harmfully.
    The use of the squirrel “running program” which caused physical and mental harm to those on it. Wrong indications via suppressive declares. Splitting families via the illegal re-introduction of disconnection.
    9. Using a local title to set aside the orders or policies of the International Board.
    By inserting the All Clear Comitte above the Watchdog Comittee on the org board.
    10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.
    Covered under the High Crime “Mutniny.”
    11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists.
    See High Crimes.
    12. Falsifying a communication from a higher authority.
    Forging orders allegedly from L. Ron Hubbard.
    13. Causing severe and disreputable disturbances resulting in disrepute.
    Bringing Scientology into public disrepute.
    14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn.
    Instituting gang sec-checking, thusly ridiculing HCOB 30Nov78 “Confessional Procedure.”
    15. Condoning the suppression of the word “Scientology” in its use or practice.
    By bringing legal suit against Lawrence West to prevent his use of the word “Scientology” as descriptive of the delivery of Scientology.
    And any other High Crimes and/or Crimes that the Committee may uncover.
    The Committee – which is to be carried out per HCOPL 7Sep63 “Committees of Evidence, Administration Of – is to find the Interested Party guilty or innocent on each charge. It is then to publish its Findings and Recommendations, and submit them to the Convening Authority for approval.
    The Committee will consist of:
    Chairman, Vincent Barnes
    Secretary, Steve Kaye
    Member, Joyce Barnes
    Member, Ron Lawley
    Member, Mel Smith
    Anyone having information concerning the charges or any further evidence that would be of assistance to the Committee is requested to forwaard it to the Committee Secretary within six weeks (by the 21st day of April 1984) at this address:
    Avalon, Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3HG, UK
    NOTE: All evidence and Knowledge Reports must be according to HCOPL 17Jul66 “Evidence” – page 571, OEC Vol 1.
    This Committee is convened under HCOPL 30Sep66 Issue II “OT Regulations,” point eight.
    Convening Authority
    W. B. Robertson
    Secnd Deputy Commodore
    Chairman, OT Committee WW

  12. Further to the above, the current actions and activities, in present time, a good 30 years later, show precisely the same basic actions being done. What this amounts to is NO CASE GAIN. On a group level it is simply evil and suppression. This to my mind is an attack on the state of OT by one who is terrified of any and every OT.

  13. You don’t know me, but my sister was a Joburg public for many years and knew you. I was very moved by your announcement and can relate to it in so many ways. I am an independent Scientologist operating “under the radar” as I get my family out of CofS one by one (I draw a very clear distinction between Scientology and CofS which has ceased to represent the aims of Scientology). I have not yet declared my independence as I am working to safeguard my family against being destroyed by DM when I do so.

    I want to let you know that I am communicating with you because I feel your SP declare to be injust and therefore invalid. You are not a suppressive person and therefore I see no reason not to communicate to you.

    Among those declared in the massive South AF witch hunt was my sister’s auditor. My sister made more case gains in a few months with her auditor (I can’t recall her name) than she had in a lifetime. Needless to say, my sister is also an “under the radar” indie Scn. We both plan on announcing our independence when the time is right. In the meanwhile, I have been posting on various indie scn sites (MilestoneOne.org for one) under the moniker “AnonIndie.”

    I admire you for your courage and integrity and hope that you will continue to be an inspiration to the African OTs and Scientologists who have found themselves on “the wrong side of the law” according to David Miscaviage.

    With my utmost regards.


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