Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

Independence DayIn light of the current atmosphere of purging taking place in the Church, some of you may be left thinking “what now?”. We were sent this article by one of our correspondents and are publishing it here in the hope that it gives some direction and comfort knowing  you are in good company and have many, many friends out there. A whole vista of possibilities awaits you!  

This post is placed here as a landing spot for those who have just recently left the Church of Scientology. It contains vital data to help you through the transition to life as an independent person with personal and family goals as opposed to organizational goals.

As an independent Scientologist, you will be exposed to new data on Ron’s life and career, the development of the technology, and an intimate history of the Church that you have never seen before.

You have left an environment where ANY questioning of the Tech, Policy, Management, or Ron causes severe repercussions and have entered this new environment where you are permitted to ask questions and are encouraged to make up your own mind!

Can this shake your stable data? It sure can, especially when you start looking at aspects of the Tech, of the Church itself, and LRH that you have never permitted yourself to see before. For some of you, this can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Just remember that you have left a structured environment where you wore self-imposed blinders and are now free  to observe and comment on your observations.

Do you remember this from the Creed of the Church of Scientology?

We of the Church believe:

That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.

That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

The Church of Scientology does not practice what it preaches. You are only allowed to follow the party line.

As an Independent Scientologist, you are free to follow your own Code of Honor and seek truth.

In this new environment, there are many different viewpoints and you will find a constant stream of discussions about what is true and what is not true.  You will even find some areas of Independent Scientology calling other areas “Squirrels” to hoots of laughter from those who have found many workable solutions to setting beings free.

If  the new data you are being exposed puts you into a confusion, there is a way to find certainty under these conditions and thus map out a course to spiritual freedom that works for you. The solution employs some very basic technology which you can use to sort things out for yourself.

From Introduction to Scientology Ethics we see that Confusion can be defined as any set of factors or circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution.

Confusions have pieces. If you were to grasp one piece of the confusion and relate other pieces to what you have grasped, you will soon have mastered the confusion.

If you look at your past and present exposure to Scientology, is there one piece that you have total certainty on?

Use this to align all of the other material you are about to encounter.

For me, it is the absolute certainty that the auditing and ethics technology produce fantastic results when standardly delivered (with the Auditors Code fully in).

Using that certainty, I can now evaluate the importance of LRH’s real life as opposed to the CofS version. I can also evaluate the importance of knowing that Volney Mattheson’s work with his e-meter predated and formed the basis of much that LRH wrote about metered auditing.

Do I care that David Mayo may have developed some of the NOTS material while doing repairs on LRH? Do I care that Jack Parsons studies in Black Magic may have influenced LRH? No!

Does it matter that LRH did not create Scientology from scratch and may have adapted the work of others? Not at all!

What I care is that the technology I experienced as a PC and delivered as an auditor for 20 years produces workable and repeatable results in spite of auditing errors, C/Sing errors and arbitraries introduced by management.

We have an opportunity as Independent Scientologists to handle the errors of the past, handle inconsistencies in programming cases, and to explore productive avenues that were deliberately ignored in the past.

Some may wish to preserve Scientology as it was in the Sixties, or Seventies, or even post-GAT. That is their privilege.

We live in a connected world where the market is better informed than the purveyors of services. Wins and failures alike are swiftly exchanged on the Internet. Any group that seeks to help Man had better get used to having their motives and their services questioned and discussed.

Any organization delivering auditing will benefit from PCs sharing their wins and disappointments with others. The groups that will survive will listen to their public and swiftly handle any errors in delivery or in setting expectations.

Unfortunately, the CofS is not doing this and will shortly fade into oblivion like other organizations that tried to control customer communication.

As an individual, you need to investigate the field groups and see what they have to offer. It is already apparent that the entire Bridge is available outside the confines of the CofS and according to reports it is affordable and delivered with great ARC and no crush regging for the IAS or new buildings.

If your experience with the Church of Scientology provided no service that delivered what you needed and wanted, your best bet is to study everything you can find in the field of independent scientologists until you find something you fully agree with and use that to work out any confusions concerning what you want to do with this technology and independent scientology.

If all else fails, ask an experienced Independent Scientologist for advice. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how supportive they are.

Good luck!

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40 thoughts on “Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

  1. Thank you for spreading the word. There are many choices to make once we become independent of the church we helped create and which now exhibits organizational insanity.

    Reestablishing our first and second dynamics should be a high priority because the church indoctrinated us to subordinate these critical dynamics to the almighty third dynamic of Scientology Inc.

    Once we are able to think independently again with our dynamics in balance, the way is open to use whatever experience and training we found valuable to create new spiritual solutions.

    You will find that there are many solutions and you are now free to choose the ones you find most helpful.

    • “Reestablishing our first and second dynamics should be a high priority because the church indoctrinated us to subordinate these critical dynamics to the almighty third dynamic of Scientology Inc.” – So true!

      One was made to feel that the first dynamic especially was unimportant, even frivolous. It’s only since my decision to ‘remove’ myself from the church and to concentrate on more first dynamic development and enhancement, that I felt really happy and began, and quickly, to flourish and prosper!

      The renewed Power of Choice without invalidation is so liberating. It’s a wonderful key-out. I’m keying out continually.

      Thanks for your article, David aka old/auditor.

  2. I have already had three massive wins from independent scientology (and I’m a still-in that cannot yet ‘declare’ my independence for the massive rupture it will cause in my immediate family).

    Firstly, I got onto OT7 to handle some things, one of which was a chronic back pain. The other I cannot discuss as it will identify me – suffice it to say there has been an equally important improvement there (but for another day!). Auditing on 7 made absolutely no difference to my back or any other thing I wanted handled. The win? Reading these blogs – in this specific Mike Rinder’s. On a discussion a week ago about the Cause Resurgence R/D some poster mentioned as a complete aside that he’d had a chronic back problem which he addressed by cutting gluten out of his diet. I’ve tried (in addition to hundreds of thousands spent on NOTS) all sorts of solutions including physio, chiro, and various diets. Surprisingly, the only thing which had worked for me was regular and hard exercise. I checked gluten out on the Internet and it really resonated with me. I cut out wheat products immediately and have within days seen an 80% improvement and getting better every day. That win I attribute directly to getting in comm on these sites with people who are knowledgeable and wanting to help.

    Secondly, and in the long term probably more importantly, I did my first solo session this morning outside the CoS, with minimal training and absolutely no cost and it was better than any NOTS session I can recall. I spent many months at Flag learning crap that I never needed to solo and I felt more competent in this session after four hours drilling. Of course, I had my metering skills already and am an interned pre-GAT auditor (so therefore above average).

    The third is the one I cannot mention. All three stem from: throwing off the shackles of the CoS and realising I don’t need anyone’s permission to live a life, to improve myself or my dynamics; and the knowledge that independent scn is out there and not as far as I had expected.

    Today, I cannot believe the things I thought I needed CS okay to do! There’s a life out there and it’s a lot more fun.

    • Great wins Excalibur!! Gluten, eh? As simple as that. Cool. This reminds me of a thought/cog I had once that although I can agree with the maxim that theta is senior to MEST, there can still be “conflicts” between other dyamics and that it’s not necessarily up to the 7th D to fix everything or that a messed-up 7th D is necessarily what is causing body problems or other dynamic problem. Quite clearly you had here a conflict between body and gluten and the ol’ 7th D wasn’t a party to the fight. I had a new-found admiration for science and doctors after that realisation.

  3. I realize that this comment is somewhat off-topic for your current posting. It is appropriate to your post called “A differing point of view” posted on November 27. I could have posted it there right now. But I think that most people read the comments for the latest post and don’t often go back to see what new comments there are on earlier posts.

    So you (Moderator) can decide whether to publish this with the latest post, Or if not, then perhaps save it for a later time.

    Here it is:

    There was something about the post “A differing point of view” that bothered me, made me feel a little bad. I just realized what it was. It is the name of the other group: kswlions.

    Lions are proud, beautiful, powerful animals.

    Knowing this other group, their name is an insult to lions. I was trying to think of a more appropriate name for them, and came up with a few possibilities. Here they are:

    But my final choice is:

    Still somewhat insulting to baboons, though.

  4. We’ve all gone crazy lately
    My friends out there rolling round the basement floor

    And someone saved my life tonight sugar bear
    You almost had your hooks in me didn’t you dear
    You nearly had me roped and tied

    Altar-bound, hypnotized
    Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
    You’re a butterfly
    And butterflies are free to fly
    Fly away, high away, bye bye

    I’m strangled by your haunted social scene
    Just a pawn out-played by a dominating queen

    It’s four o’clock in the morning
    Damn it listen to me good
    I’m sleeping with myself tonight
    Saved in time, thank God my music’s still alive.

  5. The achievements of ‘Despicable Me’ in turning the actual tech of L Ron Hubbard away from the bridge and the state of OT are indicative of a hidden purpose. There must be common denominators or attributes that draw the ire of the minions .It seems to me that, far from there being a randomness in alienating the field and key people on staff in every field, there is rather deliberate actions knowingly and deliberately intended to bring LRH tech into disrepute, for a or several specific purposes. These purposes must include the attraction of government or state attacks on the nature and cohesiveness of all Scientologists and the reduction of its status as a religion and the nullification of the e-meter and its use. My feeling is that the real tech of LRH is the target and the action is to replace it with watered down multitudinous alterations while proclaiming how great the new tech is. Far from being so high the hidden purposes proclaim a tone of ‘hiding’ and lower. The universal solvent is communication.

    • I often wonder if LRH’s tech in its purest form really does work and create OT’s and the ‘special abilities’, talked about? And how do we really know what is really pure anymore.

      • EMocking Jay its been my experience on the outside that LARGE amounts of tech is not being used by the church. Tech that has truly made a massive difference in my life. Also LRH tech applied to case phenomena that in the church would have been brushed aside due to ignorance of the problem. Now handled to massive relief and gains! I often think of certain terminals and friends in the church who deparately needed to get these handlings but were left in their sometimes harsh restimulations. Those that protested too loud were ostracised and given gag orders, tiger declares, PTS type 3 declares etc. And yet these various strange phenomena can be handled by the right tech terminals outside the church! That alone prooved to me that the indies had more of the good stuff than the church did. Ironically and quietly, without all the pomp and ceremony , the indies managed to make more true OT’s than the church ever did from the eightees onwards.

      • In my experience I have never found it to not work 100 % of the time. The method of approach is to see how I can use it, and explore its application until it works that 100 % of the time. I usually learn a great deal in doing so. It is a matter of what you put into it. For anything there is a tech. This works for me with original LRH . I ask myself the question in this area or activity how can I apply this best. Thats my view from the peanut gallery. Hope it helps.

  6. Having just come out, and ending a torrid time with the church, I find this blog a most welcome safe place. Nothing like advice and viewpoints from others who have been in your position and walked the road you are stumbling on. First and second dynamics. I remember those I think. So I sit and watch a tv show with my 2d and sort of feel faintly guilty because im not producing or active. Its gonna take some work to shake this shit. It was a LONG time in the making. So hello, free world! I’m back!

    • Welcome out!

      I remember how it felt for me, it took me a couple of weeks of sweaty palms hovering over the internet trying to open forbidden sites but kept backing off because I wanted to do my OT levels and wanted nothing in the way of my freedom.

      Eventually I bit the bullet and was addicted, I could not stop reading, everything I read was confirmation it was not all in my head.

      The more I read the more freedom I felt, the weight lifting off my shoulders until I felt I was floating. No more study every spare second, no more pressure to save the planet and no more debt.

      Since leaving my husband and I fight much less now we don’t have the church as a third party. We fell pregnant within one month of leaving, paid off huge debt because of the church. We are now travelling again with our precious baby and certainly living a much better life.

      Life is great!!!

  7. To Excalibur and any others who are soloing independently without a C/S, if you run into any difficulties or have any questions about your OT levels, please feel free to contact me for advice, reassurance, or a free patchup session.

    My email is:

    I have pcs who are still under the radar so I understand your situations completely.

  8. The things I don’t miss about scientology.

    Getting phone calls late at night for donations to ideal morgues, books, lectures, congresses, IAS, join the SO, attend an event.

    Having comm cycles with staff who alway know better than you and SO members who are experts in everything!

    Avoiding ‘those guys ‘ , you know, the pro FSMs who are always raving about the ‘latest ‘ release and elevating it to ‘the best course I have ever done ‘

    I no longer micro manage every aspect of my life and business with stats and ‘conditions ‘.

    I remember my girlfriend who would be present when I received these phone calls and how she would be shocked at my handling of the call. She would ask Of me : ‘I don’t understand why you tolerate this nonsense and why you don’t tell them to fuck off , all they want is your money ‘
    I recall my response was always ‘ no, that’s not true, you don’t understand! ‘

    Now I tell them to fuck off! The effect is like having a session!

    • Or the hype every Friday about the graduation that night and how its going to be awesome, excititing news, best graduation EVER, you HAVE to attend. So you would go to be a good Scientologist and all the staff that raved about it were nowhere to be seen. Lessen learnt! Next time I would say “are you going”

      • I have freedom from hip-hip-hooraying Hubbard’s statue or photo at every possible opportunity.

        That always ticked me off mightily and I hated doing it.

      • Sorry this is a reply to Splog, but for some reason, there was no reply button under his comment. On the hip-hip-hooraying for LRH thing, I can assure you that this was not the case at early events when he was alive. I think he would have cringed at the euphoric adulation that is practiced today. And as for DM’s 10-minute standing ovation at the GAGII event, this just made me sick to my stomach.

      • This is an reply to black panther below. The odd placing of reply buttons is a wordpress thing, they stop showing up for posts X quote levels deep, X is defined by the visual theme. It can be tweaked or a different theme used. WordPress defaults seem to be suited for personal blogs with about 10 replies per post.

        I walked into PTA org for the first time one week after Hubbard died, so I have no experience with clapping and cheering when he was alive. But I can tell you it was already alive and well in that org at that time. And not clap[ping wasn’t exactly encouraged either.

        As for DMs 10 minute ovation – well, Kim ul whassisname in North Korea gets the same and more. Thats what happens when folks are battered into submission and surrender their ability to think. Most do snap out of it quickly when the fear factor is removed and they go back to being more like their original selves. Unfortunately, the injuries do remain.


      • Alan – Shame man, now we’ve had to resort to writing on “Tony’s toilet paper” stream – Sorry, Tony!

        I do remember in the early 70’s we would clap at LRH’s Birthday event – this was ok and seemed normal – it was more of a celebratory ack to him for his Birthday.. Also in those days, events were few and far between having been cancelled by LRH as he observed that orgs’ stats crashed after events. Of course Miscavige, with his propensity for changing anything workable and/or proving LRH wrong at every turn soon introduced multitudes of annual events as we have today.

        At some point, Miscavige introduced the “hip-hip-hoorah” chanting and mad seal-clapping mania. Then it started in academies after someone attested to the completion of a course – and pretty soon, mad-seal clapping became the norm virtually ANY time the name LRH was mentioned. I knew they had reached the chasm of insanity when some idiot came up with the bright idea of putting a photo of LRH in EVERY room in the org, and people were not only expected to clap to him, but to face the photo while doing so! It was bizarre. Taking a new person to the org and trying to explain this insane clapping thing (and the pristine, empty office for the expectant return of someone long-dead) was uncomfortable to say the least.

        And I totally get you on the North Korean dude – funny, that was EXACTLY my thought when I was reading the gushing comments on facebook about the 10-minute foot-stomping, tears streaming, whooping and adoring adulation that happened at the GAG event. Crowd hysteria at its zenith.

      • I forgot about the brain dead clapping and standing ovations.

        How crazy is that! More proof that it’s a cult?

  9. i have felt that freedom , i have it but for now I have lost my daughter and my grandchildren . But worse is knowing the pain she is in and that if she doesn’t wake up, her life is going to get much harder and I am not there to help her.

  10. Hi Guys,

    I left the COS about 3 years ago mentally and then was declared suppressive for reading Debbie Cooks letter and passing it on. I was in the SO for some years and so coming out has been a process. In the earlier years when the Indie field was smaller its quiet the shock and you go through many emotions. IE What about my eternity. Thanks to Mike RInder and Marty and the others out there who still care enough about mankind to speak out we now have a field thats better trained and more knowledgable than the current COS. I have had field auditing which proved to be successful and am now able to SEE.

    The best thing we can do for LRH is to make sure that what was written is practiced and we continue the legacy. The one thing I do know is that you are more likely to be screwed up while in the church than out of it. Anyone with any integrity will have left already as they would not put up with the crap that is being dished. I created better friends and more loyal friends outside of the church and have become less PTS as a result of leaving. Oh and I no longer focus on whats wrong with me. I now have a positive outlook about my future. Sure I have stuff to handle but its no longer shoved down my throat every day making me ruined on a constant basis.

    Some things that changed in my life.

    I can have cognitions from “other tech”
    I can read books that are not LRH without feeling like its an overt
    I get to keep and spend my own money without feeling like I am destroying my future.
    I am buying my own building 🙂
    When I tell people I am an indie Scientologist people want to know what that means. After I tell them that I left the cult and still practice the “real” tech they are interested in how it can help them.
    My phone is Quiet. I don’t fear phone calls anymore! I am not avoiding answering it.
    I have saved a tree. No more wasted paper on useless promo.
    We watch TV. Yes and I can be a slob and not feel unproductive.
    No more getting my stats up by being screamed at.
    I have learned to have feelings and sympathy for the less fortunate and actually help people that are not as able. You know helping others makes me feel good. I don’t make people get their exchange “in” with me for helping them. The net result is that the universe provides the exchange.
    I have found that LRH might have been a turd some of the time. WHO CARES. What he did was more than most and so for that it outweighs anything that was negative. I don’t need to see him in a shiny bubble.
    And finally I am not being told that my past is bad or I am bad or I am not playing a big enough game or doing lower conditions forced on me by a 15 year old MAA who knows less than my cat, I am not being evaluated, invalidated or told how to think, given false standards or false conditions, my comm is accepted, I am FREE to think and best of all I am in my own valence without the pretense of having to act like a Scientologist.

    Good luck to those on the way out or fresh out. You will find your way. We are here to help.

    • Thanks. I read somewhere that LRH stated that luck gets better the higher you go on the tone scale. I jumped up on the scale the day I got my letter from Justice Int. 🙂 Seriously though, I think South Africa is prime to create the worlds largest Indie Continent. DM is way to scared come and handle it himself so you will only have peons with no power coming over. If you ever filed a fraud lawsuit there I would do a class action for violation of standard tech. Its pretty much been decimated. That would be using LRH to bust the church for breaking it own rules. Would be an interesting exercise at the very least.

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