The Ideal Public Division?

On Tuesday the following email was sent out broadly promoting the virtues of Ideal Orgs. Of course, as we all know the ideal is to have buzzing public divisions. However the reality of these divisions is something else.


“The Public Divisions would be buzzing with effective action and new people…”

L. Ron Hubbard

ideal8-1Here are pictures sent to us recently of the Joburg Test Centre on a random weekday afternoon. We already featured the test centre with pictures of what it looks like from the outside which you can see here.




17 thoughts on “The Ideal Public Division?

  1. Really sad. It looks more like a museum than a public division.
    Visitors get to sit on benches and watch videos.

  2. “buzzing with effective actions and new people ”

    It appears the new people’s effective actions were buzzing off somewhere else?

  3. If LRH expected that the Public Divisions would be buzzing with effective action and new people… and it is just not happening anywhere – it must be obvious that the ‘ideal Org-strategy is not working, but purely a ‘symbol’ – not only in SA but on a world wide scale. This seems to be nothing else but another Ponzi-scheme to prop up the International Landlord’s real-estate Portfolio.

    In my opinion, the idea behind all of this is – ‘the obsessive adaptation of a solution to the exclusion of all other solutions – in the absence of a problem – and a person who widely believes that ‘the symbols’ are the things. (Read LRH def. on ‘insanity’ for a few eye-openers).

    Do you really think that the place would be ‘buzzing’ with new people, when ‘raw meat’ gets confronted by a bank of electronic devices? The nearby WITS-students whom they envisioned to entrap might have responded better to a bank of computer games.

    What has happened to personal contact between real human beings, with real life force and life energy – interacting with each other? Or, was this the COB’s ideal idea of enabling him to micro-manage everything down to street level – his ‘command intention’ – via electronic devices? George Orwell’s 1984 springs to mind.

    Do you for one moment think – television screen electronics – was really what LRH would have deemed an ‘ideal’ manner in which to communicate mindful that he pointed out in 8-8008 that ‘electronics’ is a lower and cruder form of thought? And, for those possessed of a devious and enquiring SP-mind – one can explore the possibility of ‘command intention’ videos rigged with subliminal hidden messages.

    • Jane you are right. These methods of introducing new people to the subject are the opposite of what should happen.

      A really simple evaluation of what has worked in the past and a reintroduction of that, would do the job, to some degree.

      Dm does not trust org staff with being able to do the job right. A ballsy org staff member would throw the stuff out and get some live intro lectures going. I guess…

      I feel for the current staff.

  4. Knock, knock. Knock, knock…….. Anyone home?
    Clearly…. something is not working.
    Of course … it is simple. It is KSW.

  5. I was Public Exec Sec at Austin Foundation Org, in the early 1980’s. Austin Org was and is located on the very best foot traffic location in the city of Austin, Texas. This was right across the street from the University of Texas, which has 45-50,000 students enrolled per year. It was said that LRH personally selected this location.
    In 1980, Flag purchased and owned this building. There was never any local fund raising to pay for it. The staff and public (of which there were many) simply had to move from the old building to the new building with as little disruption of production as possible.
    The old building clearly did not have enough space. Interns had to rent apartments near the org to have a place to audit. As a staff member, I got auditing in an old bath room where the toilet didn’t work. This didn’t bother me one bit, since the auditing was so outstanding.
    There were usually 5 or 6 staff working in Division 6, on both Day and Foundation Org. It was easy to get 80-100 people body routed into the org in a day or evening. This was counter productive, since Div 6 staff wouldn’t have time to talk to each of them.
    Selling 100 plus Dianetics books to individual raw public per week was common.
    There were many people doing basic courses like the communication course, Essentials of Dianetics, and HQS. Basic Courses was the prime area for staff recruits- many of whom later went into the Sea Org. Many students told their friends and family about their courses. Word of mouth was actually the best dissemination there could ever be. In one year (1982), people who had been in Scientology less than one year, spent in excess of $100,000 on major services.This includes money given to AOLA.
    Another whole area of public into the org were from the Missions in our area. Missions would send their staff for auditor training or pc’s for Dianetic Clear Special Intensives or to get rough cases handled. Remember LRH ED Superior Service Image”?
    This is how I witnessed my org, in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. Then in late 1982, new management swept in. We found out that we were “out ethics” because stats should really have been much higher i.e. not making quota’s . One of the Exec Directors (who was very pro div 6) got declared suppressive for the second time as well as several others. Local management become a thing of the past, as a garrison mission took over the org. Austin Org had been run locally by local execs who used LRH policy. Div 6’s in Austin were no longer a priority. Gross Income became the primary stat.
    Prior to this time auditing and training was fast, cheap and easy at the org. Afterward it became slow, difficult, very expensive and not for staff. “The product of an org is well taught students and thoroughly audited pc’s. When the product of the org vanishes so does the org.”

  6. Yabber dabber zzzzzzz…….

    What a monumental waste of money. What a monumental waste of the good intentions and efforts of people. And what solution has been applied to this? GAT II which is a brick wall of more stops, more re-do’s, more material to be bought, more ethics and justice scourges, ……more reason for people to run….not walk…..AWAY.

    • So true. A monumental waste of money and staff and our willingness to help.

      This farce trashes good intent. It must really be tough to be on staff and continually hype the hype and hope and, and…

      Imagine LRH walking into one of these orgs or test centers……

  7. Facts are facts…so lets face it, this scheme and fraudulent promotion of Idle Orgs is not working, and never will, as it is based on a lie. Thanks for the photos

  8. MODERATOR COMMENT: Raoul has granted permission to edit his comment.

    The Test Center – nice building and a good party was had at the opening. I used to do stress tests in that area on the street alone. In one day I had 11 floating needles – and was told “this can’t be true” – what an invalidation.

    I had one public who, after I had explained the bridge to him, got his credit card out and wanted to pay on the spot.

    I was on staff when the Universe Corps arrived. I introduced myself, and told them I didn’t want their services – at the time I wasn’t sure why I had done this, but something told me to wait and see what happens. Very soon the execs were being audited, Clears being announced – then “unannounced” as not Clear anymore. And then the execs started leaving staff. And the majority of us lowly foot-soldiers were left out of the “Universe Corp buzz”.

    Was this a clever mastered plan to fuck the org execs over to make the church small, or was it just exec greed and the evolution of new and valid data ?

    Personally I thought the execs were mostly a bunch of cocks, with the exception of a few good guys – like Ryan.

    • Hey Raoul, I remember your dedication to stress tests and selling books. Pity Jocelyn didnt allow you to carry on in the health shop. Div 6A was lucky to have you.

      Good luck in your quests outside the church, our ranks are swelling daily!

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