Miscavige’s church losing control in South Africa

Tyranny in religion

First up. It is time to make a distinction. There is a growing number of people who no longer consider themselves part of the Church of Scientology. These are people either ‘under the radar’, have simply withdrawn from their org, or who have openly declared that they no longer stand with this organisation.

The vast majority of these people still call themselves Scientologists, but the association of the word is becoming more and more distasteful. The Joburg 18 were declared some 6 weeks ago and their declares stated, rather laughingly, “they are forbidden from calling themselves Scientologists”. As if they have the power to exert such control over a word.

So it is time to make a distinction. Those that call themselves Scientologists must reclaim the word. No offense to those who have ceased to be Scientologists but who still visit and read this blog. You are welcome, of course. But Scientologists, it is OUR word.

Let’s make a distinction. Those that have left, those that have chosen to no longer belong to the corruption calling itself the Church of Scientology – WE are the true Scientologists.

Those that remain in the Church are not Scientologists – they are simply members of David Miscavige’s church. Perhaps they could be called Miscavologists for want of a better description. And they are welcome to it.

Despite current efforts of new management, they are losing control of the South African Scientology community. Battle lines, predictably, have been drawn by the church. Your’e either with us or ‘agin us. But the time of large swathes of people immediately snapping to and saluting has passed. The efforts at more control are being balked at. The committee of evidence to “quell the restless natives” has not been met with much cooperation.

There are those that have made their undying loyalty known and will disconnect and report as much as they need to remain in favour. There will always be those sorts of followers. These are the people who believe they are being self-determined as they unquestioningly follow a system which has adopted the mantra of  ‘our way or the highway’. The Church of Miscavology has become a tyrannical regime.

But real Scientologists know better. And this is no more aptly described than by LRH himself:


“Function is senior to structure, mankind as a spiritual being is senior to structure.

Nations are civilised not by new systems or force. They gain understanding and culture and dignity not from economics or politics but from man himself, and that most precious gift of AWARENESS. The building block of any civilisation is ‘A man thinking’.

‘The scrapyards of history are littered with the discarded derelicts of systems, political or judicial, which sought to oppress by various degrees of force, the right of sentient man to think freely and to communicate freely, his understanding.

‘Force met by force is not a solution. Many Saints and Sages and Scholars have been aware of this since the first syllable of recorded time.

‘Your potential is God given and Godlike. You have the right to seek to achieve understanding.

“Force, brutality, barbarism, lies can be viewed as they are. They can be confronted, they can be understood.


‘In Scientology we believe we have the means to help man do this. It may not be the only way. It may not be the bravest or most dramatic way. It is our way, and we find it works. We can offer it to our fellows to have and to use or not.

But we do not, we dare not, force it upon them, for to do so would destroy the very purpose of our movement.

Excerpted from the Book of Ceremonies – 1973 Copyright version by L. Ron Hubbard


59 thoughts on “Miscavige’s church losing control in South Africa

      • Debbie certainly opened the eyes of a lot of Scientologists and receiving her letter was the turning point that made us start to look and question what was happening inside the church of Miscavage. It is a pitty that she never revealed what has happened to the money, ( your IAS donations etc) I know a lot is used on the ” defense” of our dear leader in the various court cases being fought but where has the rest gone. It involves many millions of dollars…… Just add up the Patrons and Patron Meritorious that are listed in the Source Magazine.
        And while I am on that subject just add up the corner stone membership, not counting double and treble like Ernest and myself and you will find over $200 mil there, yet the building only cost in the region of $40 mil. So where did the rest go. If you ARE the IAS then you have a right to know where the money has gone.
        Unfortunately the Church of Scientology has become a business and has lost the purpose of making OTs. It is all about the money and the whole of Gat11 is about fleecing more money off of the same poor suckers that think this is LRHs intention. It will fail just as GAT 1 failed. I just hate to see the guys trapped inside the Gerbil wheel and paying for it with their hard earned money so that the farce can continue.
        I hope this makes you look and not listen to the lies that are being told for in the end the truth will prevail.
        Isn’t it heartening to know that the tech is still available to all outside the ” church” and OT is within the grasp of all despite the squiring of the tech inside the ” church”
        Perhaps the readers would like to know more about that.

      • Thank you ScnAfrica.
        Just to widen so you get a bigger picture ~
        AOLA Advanced Org of Los Angeles is being used as a “clearing house” to investigate and declare all these anti-social characters who have been giving megabucks for years (no refunds, we keep the *donations* while we kick you out)….AOLA = A Gestapo head office of investigation and cross-investigation and orders to furiously Knowledge report those dissidents who dare to think and say a critical thought…
        7 Los Angeles Scientologists being declared this week alone…all declares carefully hidden and locked in HCO and quietly revealed by Julian Schwartz so that ordered disconnections are done VOLUNTARILY to match the party line…
        Some of these are long long term 20 year/30 year/40 veterans OT VII completions….
        Not just in your neck of the woods..

      • Clearly the answer to control is not more control, the answer to force is not more force. How hard is that lesson? Ultimately it is going to be very hard on David Miscavige’s church.

      • My dear Gaye, Imagine meeting like this decades after the Apollo.
        I was very moved by your story.
        What a journey.
        I live in Hollywood. But even script writers here cannot make this stuff up.
        Bright blessings.

    • Thank you, Karen, for posting this.

      I do hope we get to learn what Debbie said at the end about where the money has gone. Debbie did a lot to help a lot of people. Her husband’s website has shut down but last we saw of her she was looking the picture of health and happiness and that is a success story of someone prepared to stick her neck out, tell the truth and survive (and survive well). You and Tory are more stellar examples of that (hahaha – I just had a thought “Blondes have more fun” fits the three of you)

      Great to hear that more people in LA are getting their “manumission papers” as Sinar calls it. There is freedom ahead for many.

      • Dear Wendy.
        In some ways these daily SP declares are *SURREAL*. There is no “Church” that carries on this. Declaring 30-40 year veteran members of the Church Suppressive (anti-social personalities) after enjoying years of contributions, blood, sweat and tears and mega bucks $$$$ from these very same members and then running hate campaigns, executing vigilante justice ( Mosey Rathbun law suit) …this is the “church” today.
        The original statement “A world with without insanity, war and criminality”…
        but what do you see ?
        It became the opposite !
        It is warfare, the criminality within (money extortion) and INT Base the home of Scientology hierarchy is a place of violence and insanity.
        Tampa Bay Times reported on “Int Base Musical Chairs”

    • Karen, Do you have any of the names for the declares at AO? I spent many a year in that neck of the woods and would be interested to know who they are. Thank you.

  1. When I resigned from Scientology in 1986, shortly after Ron’s death, it was because of the kreepy going ons at the flag land base in Clearwater. Girls not allowed to wear makeup or perfume. Sex was forebidden. No financial planning being done. And I was attacked by a senior staff member.
    But the biggest thing was the suppression of the 2nd Dynamic.

    When I was sent on a mission by LRH together with my then wife Peggy Morsehead to take over the FOLO AF he gave us a briefing. One of the points he mentioned was about a girl who was removed from post in the USA because she was drinking alcohol. She was the ED of that org. LRH said that “they did not look at her stats, they were up, we are not in the field of behaviour and we should be careful about removing people from post because of their behavior, look at the stats”.

    Another message he gave us was about the 2nd dynamic. He spoke about an island that killed the babies of that island. His message to us was. “The people of that island soon vanished because of the suppression of the 2nd dynamic. It is very dangerous to suppress that dynamic.

    David Miscavige is in violation of what LRH told us in that briefing, he is doing all he can to suppress that dynamic and that alone will destroy the sea organisation and DM. I would say “Good Riddance”.

  2. I am releved that the clarity has been made. Although no longer a member of the C of S, I have always felt that I am a Scientologist, and one of the highest order because through exercising my right to choose, I left the church, albeit under the radar, because I could no longer identify with what was happening inside the church. I like the phrasew “Miscavology” and will be using that from now on. thank you.

  3. I could not agree with you more in making a clear-cut distinction between those who are actual Scientologists versus those who are part of RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology) who are in fact part of the longest-running squirrel group in Scientology’s history. The tech and policy have been being squirreled since the 80s under Miscavige’s regime and there is no indication at this time that the alter-is and degradation of the tech is ever going to stop. Certainly not as long as he has control of it. If you needed any proof of where Miscavige is taking Scientology, just look at GAG II.

    As someone who has stood up in disagreement and been “shot” for it, I am no longer be in good standing. But I want to let your readers know that it is not regret or despair I feel about that. It is truly a relief to drop the pretenses and the “acceptable truths” and live your life true to your ideals and knowingness. Until you break out from under the yoke of suppression, it’s hard to feel just how heavy it is on your shoulders, how heavily it impacts your every waking decision and haunts your dreams. There is a period of adjustment after breaking out, but believe me it is totally worth every second for the freedom you regain.

    I think South Africa could truly start a domino effect of sorts internationally. If those in the field who can see what that squirrel Command Team is actually doing, and if they ALL simply refused to have anything more to do with it, I believe it would be a watershed moment. Wasn’t it LRH who said something about South Africa being a signficant leader in the Scientology world? This would certainly demonstrate that.

    In America, we often fall back on the great words of our revolutionary forefathers. Scientology needs just such a revolution now. Thomas Paine wrote “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.” I believe this is completely applicable to the South African struggle and are words to live by.

    I wish you all total success in this endeavor.

    • Nice words, Galactic. And I loved the additional Thomas Paine quote. South Africa and her people are well known for balking against tyranny – witness the end of apartheid. We certainly are a unique nation – hence the term “proudly South African”.

      What I find utterly insulting is DM sending a bunch of (mostly) young foreigners into our midst armed with goldenrods and other strong-arm tactics thinking they will scare us back into line.

      There is an astounding list of stalwart South African heroes that contributed greatly in establishing Scientology on this planet – and we’re not about to allow a bunch of wide-eyed idealist Miscavologists to bring us down. They clearly have no clue who they are dealing with. It’s patently obvious no-one bothered doing any research on what happens when you try to force an upstanding Scientology South African citizen to bow down to tyrannical authority. Talk about a backfire!

      • Now, Now,……… lets not be too hard on the kids. They are only kids, and just because they have brown shirts doesn’t mean that they know everything, already. Eventually, they will learn, maybe. (I remember when I was a kid. I thought that I knew everything. Even I eventually learned better.)
        As kids, they are part of our extended 2nd dynamic, and are in need of some rearing, as they missed it from their own parents. (Actually the brown shirts are under reported. Their nappies need changing. Eventually, hopefully, they will be able to change their own diapers / undies.)

        This seems to be an other case for ‘tough love’. Point them in the direction of truth, and tell them to ‘shove off’. Eventually, hopefully, they will open their eyes (and unplug their noses).

      • How many command teams have been sent to South Africa?! Plench.

        I saw a Mr Drew someone or other arrive as CO CLO AF. He was dynamic. He got results actually then he was ripped off because ‘he knew better’ (not Miscavage’s cup of tea?). He disappeared into the RPF.

        I saw Steve Mills and his gang arrive. A Miscavologist, asking of his SO staff to do demeaning acts as penance for low stats.

        How long will this one last? New broom sweeps clean, sweeps the upstats right out the door!

      • As regards the foreigners slandering SA citizens and attempting to inhibit their human rights with Goldenrods and using other strong-arm tactics I ask what individuals can do with the help of the SA government to arrest and expel the perpetrators.
        I know for a fact, the S.A. government has been notified of all such perpetrators as found here in this blog. Please keep all evidence as it could very well assist in halting of this foreign menace

  4. This is it. The final countdown! Sheeple everywhere are questioning their master! Increduclous as it may still seem, the evidence is just too compelling to ignore. The events in South Africa may well have begun the cascade of church destruction. In earthquake preportions!

    Even the fence sitters are finding that those damn fence posts are swaying mightily in the winds of change. Best get off the fence before the hurricane revolution arrives in full roar!

  5. Well done to you Gaye Corbett and to all our friends in S Africa.

    We too, Scientologists in Israel, have left the Church, vandalized by Miscavige, and have formed the Association of Free Scientologists Israel (visit us on scnil.org/english). No one can tell us who we are, no one can deny us the right to declare ourselves Scientologists.

    And no one can prevent us from practicing Scientology and making progress on the Bridge to Spiritual freedom, as given by Ron to Mankind. We are now free to communicate and to share data and experiences.

    Please let us know if we can be of any help, Dani

    • Thanks Dani, it is good to hear from you guys and you are one of the ones I was referring to that has had the courage to get out there and keep LRHs legacy alive. I have been following your story and progress for some time and admire what you have achieved. Well done to you and your team, you are an inspiration to all of us here in Africa.
      Love Gaye

      • Hi Gaye

        You said – “Isn’t it heartening to know that the tech is still available to all outside the ” church” and OT is within the grasp of all despite the squiring of the tech inside the ” church”
        Perhaps the readers would like to know more about that.”

        I would like to know more about this. Is there a group in Johannesburg? The other groups in SA, where exactly are they? How does one make contact?

        I feel that this is a bit of An Elephant in the Room as no one seems to be being specific about it. I understand that there may need to be secrecy about it. Then as I’m saying this, I realise that there is nothing to fear. Mr Miscarraige nor the church has a monopoly on Scientology – such a happy thought!

  6. I really like the way this blog is going – total independence. I really thought scn was over for me for good till this blog started and I realised how easy it is to get involved in independent scientology. However, there is one point I’m a little surprised nobody has get mentioned. I believe the war is already won. CoS is a pathetic caricature of what it once was. It is in non-existence. Anyone been on course recently? I think we already have the numbers and certainly the leadership.

    All CoS has left in reality is that building. It stands as an icon of what we believe the group stands for. Obviously we are not into streetfighting (yet) but there is no doubt that if we as a group quite simply walked in there at lunchtime today, one wellplaced kick into Sandra’s balls (as she’s the only one there who has any) and it’s our’s. It is only our innate politeness and manners which stops us doing so.

    What did LRH says about buildings and revolutionaries? Are there any out there?

    • I would really love to hear from anyone who has been to the church recently, how many people are on course daily? How many people receiving auditing? How many auditors? Did they ever utilize the new section? Numbers at graduations? Any updates would be great, thanks.

      • I can only comment on the courseroom. I went in three times recently (pre-GAT2) for old times’ sake and there was 4,6 and 11 students including myself on each day (and another who clearly came in solely to keep an eye on me). I only ever saw two people doing any technical training. My observation of the rest of the org is that it was absolutely dead. It was frankly depressing.

  7. Did I misunderstand something? You appear to want an exclusive club, one where real Scientologists as per your own definition are welcome. Déjà vu. It reminds me of the time a Sea Org member looked at me when I told her I was born into Scientology and said that didn’t make me a real Scientologist. Interesting ARC break right there. You’re either one of us or you’re not, and we set the terms. Not a level playing field.

    Just recently I thought about why LRH talked of Scientology not owing mankind anything. Why even enter that consideration into the computation? It contributes to an unnecessary sense of superiority, which regrettably has pervaded Scientology since before David Miscavige’s time.

    I wish you well on your path and know you will get what you desire.

    I’ll leave you with some interesting articles. The first one explains what ‘means to an end’ can result in. The second is the Wiki article on Gandhi’s satyagraha, which you may find useful in the current scene. The third is from Jefferson Hawkins’ blog and discusses quoting vs. thinking. I like his straightforward style.




    • Hi DM, I don’t believe there is the slightest interest in creating an exclusive club. Quite simply our statement is that you consider yourself a Scientologist, of any stripe, own it.

      • “No offense to those who have ceased to be Scientologists but who still visit and read this blog. You are welcome, of course. But Scientologists, it is OUR word.”
        “WE are the true Scientologists. Those that remain in the Church are not Scientologists”

        I find the article divisive. Perhaps you think the scene in SA requires this distinction. I wish you well with it.

      • I think, taken in it’s totality, this post has no intent in being divisive. Taken in it’s totality it provides hope for those who find themselves on the outside but who still identify strongly as Scientologists. That was the intent anyway.

      • scnafrica,

        I recommend you simply lose this sentence entirely:

        “WE are the true Scientologists. Those that remain in the Church are not Scientologists”

        and replace it with the far simpler and more accurate

        “We are Scientologists and no-one can take that away”

        CoS loves to play games conditions – just don’t play that game. Scientology thinking is rife with this kind of false differentiation and it’s a primary reason why Scn’s PR sucks majorly planet-wide. It is also THE single reason why Scientology is a correctly defined as a cult.

      • Hi Splog, thanks for this. And we agree. Reading the article in retrospect there were a couple of statements that were made more in frustration that in truth.

  8. True words – the article above.
    I am no longer part of the No Scientology Church which has David Miscavige as its head. In truth he is a criminal who misappropriated position and power for his own ends. His actions and activities are aimed at “Quenching the spirit” and any all spirit. He is opposed to LRH tech and the state of OT. I am opposed to him and those with him. His crimes are knowingly done and continuous present time crimes. He is what he is …. a worm.

  9. Well stated, make up your mind, your own choice and start living the life you want to create. Honest beings, with themselves and others, will be welcomed. The attention should be geared towards creating your life.

    Great posting, thank you and do well South Africa, you all deserve it.

  10. ScnAfrica, this a great article and your intent was clear. I would not change any of it.

    There are always going to be those who are not invested but are sure they could communicate the message better than someone else. They want it all to be soft and cuddly so they are not made to feel uncomfortable.

    As a Scientologist I support your message and hope you never decide to pull your punches when you speak or write. Looking for more of the same!

  11. I don’t have anything on someone wanting to call themselves a Scientologist. I do think any true Scientologists would be outside of the cult.

    I like a lot of Scientology but don’t call myself a Scientologist anymore primarily because I don’t want to identify myself with radical Scientology. I know the definition is that a Scientologist is “one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others using Scn. technology”. Well I have done that and still do it to some degree but I still don’t think that is what it means to call my self a Scientologist. What I think it means, is that if you call yourself a Scientologist then you believe in the whole game created by LRH that the state of OT is attainable and we will Clear this planet and then move onto target 2. That is what I feel it means and I cannot say that I believe that anymore. I DO believe that through auditing people can get better and I don’t think I need to believe in all the rest in order to use the tech.

    Like I said, I am fine if others want to identify themselves with the title.

    I am also fine with people creating Scientology centers outside of the cult so as to deliver the tech. I think that is a fine purpose as long as you don’t start enforcing realities onto people the way the cult did and does.

    • Hi Tony – great reply! And it fits perfectly with the article. Our contention is that Scientology is no longer practiced in the Church of Miscavology – or RCS, Radical Scientology – whatever they’re doing, it aint Scientology. The people “out here” – who call themselves Scientologists are the real ones. It is entirely your right to choose what to call yourself – as it is your right, per the Creed of the Church, “That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance”. So if you use some Scientology and not other parts of it, that is your right too. After all, what is true for you is true for you. I think the last thing anyone outside of the Church wants to do is enforce reality on anyone – hence the last line of the article was typed in bold….. “But we do not, we dare not force it upon them”.

      • I’m tracking with you ScnAfrica.
        I think you have a sane take on what is going on and what you are doing.
        Part of what the readers need to understand in my opinion is the DAMAGE and the pain and suffering caused by the cob and his cobettes. This is the beginning stage of the healing process. I still believe that Scientology could be a major force in the civilizing of this planet. But we HAVE TO get rid of the psychopath and sane practices need to sprout up. I think this is already happening.
        You know how the physical universe doesn’t always keep up with the postulates?
        I think that the true Scientologists/truth seekers (whatever you want to call them) have pretty much already won. We just have to wait for the rest of the dominoes to fall. I have always been a truth seeker and a truth promoter. I loved Scientology as a group when it was doing that. Now I still do it and I know there are a lot of others that still do also. I really think it is going to work out just fine.
        LRH talked about AS-IS. “To view anything exactly as it is without any distortions or lies, at which moment it will vanish and cease to exist.
        I remember what kept me going for so long in the cult and not-ising all the out-points. I thought if we could just keep freeing up theta. I mean dis-entrubulating the entheta and convert it back into theta we would eventually have it. Then I saw that the cob was converting theta into entheta. He was destroying the thetans who helped so much to create theta on this planet. I could NEVER be behind that program. He must be shit canned. A filthy animal that would do that, has to be stopped. I am not talking about any violence. Just using sane and legal methods to throw the bum out. He is the biggest barrier to putting in order and sanity into this society. He is the one who is thwarting the actions of getting auditing going all over the planet. His actions all add up to one thing and that is to STOP AUDITING. That is what the madman does is to STOP sane activities.

  12. Hello Truth – thanks for stopping by. Your comment has been moderated as it violates our moderation policy – more specifically these points:

    ◾This is not an “anti-SCN” or “anti-LRH” blog and as such we reserve the right to moderate any comment intended purely to offend those users who still consider themselves Scientologists. There are many “hate” blogs and websites extolling disdain for all things SCN and LRH – this is not one of them.

    ◾We reserve the right to moderate comments that contain profanity, anti-religious speech (any religion) and violence (or threats thereof).

    Many people visiting this blog still practice the technology of L Ron Hubbard outside of the Church, and they consider themselves to be Scientologists. Your comment therefore, was inappropriate in its content as you were clearly knocking both the religion and the founder.

    • Hey Raoul, per Wikipedia: “This famous quip was first quoted in print by Clare Booth Luce’s social secretary Letitia Baldrige in Roman Candle (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1956), 129: “When I would entreat her to engage in resolving a specific case, she replied, ‘No good deed goes unpunished, Tish, remember that.'” Oscar Wilde, Billy Wilder, and Andrew W. Mellon have also been cited as sources, but without written evidence”.

      • Hay thanks
        a freind of mine was saying this, we have been fixing things for people and when we cross the border and go the extra mile it seems to often go very wrong, or we get punished for the good deed, it’s kind of fitting to the current situation. Cheers best Raoul

  13. Not sure what Truth’s comment was, but as a never-in, let me give my perspective.

    The Miscavige-run COS is an enslaving psychological trap. No matter what you feel about LRH, the fact is that outside of Miscavology, Scientologists can study and practice freely, and evaluate all the data (pro and con) without coercion or threats. They will come to their own conclusions about LRH and the Tech. If they find it useful and continue to practice, they will do so as consenting individuals who find it useful, not as trapped human ATMs.

    Having known people whose lives were nearly destroyed by DM and his minions, I want as many people as possible out of Miscaviology, period. Whether they continue to practice Scientology is immaterial to me. It’s the crimes and

  14. Hi Tony dePhillips

    I agree with you as it’s absolutely what I see – there is little to no auditing occurring and no new auditors are being made. There are no Clears being made in South Africa. I doubt that any FPRD is being run, etc, etc.

    This is his worst crime, I believe. It is a most evil act.

  15. We received an email from someone taking exception to a particular paragraph in this post. We mostly agreed to the sentiment. We were asked to remove the offending paragraph when we declined but we are posting the email exchange to the objection and our response is on the public record:

    ​I loved your blog and read it every day until today.
    I am under the radar and XXXXXXXXX [edited for privacy]
    If you truly mean to be inclusive of all sides, then this one paragraph contradicts your intention. It is an attack and offensive to many, whether they let you know about it or not. It manifests intense hate whether or not you realize that you harbor it.

    Those that remain in the Church are not Scientologists – they are simply members of David Miscavige’s church. Perhaps they could be called Miscavologists for want of a better description. And they are welcome to it.
    Thank you very much for this. Your point is well taken. We have built this blog on the idea of inclusion and tolerance and similar ideals. I agree with what you are saying – it seems the frustration and anger does sometimes make its way to the surface.

    We appreciate your interest and hope you will continue to visit regularly!
    Ok, then remove that paragraph from your article.
    It has to stand as that is what was said. Would you post your thoughts as a comment?

  16. “I think that the future lies in understanding and developing the capabilities of the mind and spirit. I might sometimes loosely call this Scientology, but I don’t mean the CofS. I mean anything which works in this direction, which would even include you if you ever achieve real wisdom.”

    – The Pilot

  17. I believe the terms used by your brethren in the U.S. and elsewhere, and which may be most useful to you, are Independent Scientology and Independent Scientologist. (Both words capitalized is my preference, but YMMV.)

    Use of those terms may be useful to differentiate yourselves from the corporate Church of Scientology (COS) and (the same thing) what some have called the RCS — i.e., Radical Church of Scientology.

    The use of terms Independent Scientology and Independent Scientologist.also may, or may not, be useful concerning claims by the corporate Church of Scientology regarding trademarks, service marks, membership marks, etc.

    I was surprised that the only person (including the author of the article) to refer to Independent Scientology was Revolutionary in a single comment above:

  18. The revolution has started. We supported Mandela and his ideals. Now its our turn to fight for our freedom from this Gestapo Management.

  19. “they are forbidden from calling themselves Scientologists”.

    Obviously a legal issue. If they can withdraw one beingness and identity, then I can safely surmise it was given under some sort of license rather than assumed by one’s self.

    Definition of a Scientologist from the Technical Dictionary:

    SCIENTOLOGIST, 1. one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. (Aud 73 UK) 2. one who controls persons, environments and situations. A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist. (PAB 137) 3. one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life. (COHA, p. 12) 4. a specialist in spiritual and human affairs. (Abil Ma 1)

    I wonder if they can also prevent/prohibit a ‘declaree’ from doing any of the above.

    Now that he has been declared, he is now expected to “obey” which he wasn’t doing before. Their delusions, I tell you …

  20. I was declared SP 31 years ago in the early days of the current junta. I am still a Scientologist having delived auditing and training outside the CofS for 30 years. The CofS haven’t even tried sending me legal notices regarding my website. Welcome to Scientology!

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