Why now is the time to act

This article appeared today on Mike Rinders blog. We are reposting it here as we believe that this is probably truer in South Africa right now than anywhere in the world. 
Why now is the time to act

One of our Special Correspondents sent this in and I felt it worthy of a post:

This article is being written specifically for those of you who are still “in” Scientology, still actively “on lines” or around in the orgs (although, of course, I want everyone to read it).

I know there are many of you “still ins” who read this blog, probably many more than any of you actually realize. I have been exactly where you are right now. And I wanted to share some things that helped me get to a much better place across all my dynamics.

There come points in everyone’s life where they are forced to face a hard truth. They know that they cannot continue to turn a blind eye or be reasonable. They know that the time has come to make a decision. In light of current events with RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology), that time is now.

I have been involved with Scientology for a very long time. I can tell you that I am highly tech and admin trained and I have had a lot of auditing. Involved for many years, I went from public to Class V org staff to Sea Org and I spent a good amount of time in different echelons and on different posts. Being a voracious reader, I studied almost everything from LRH I could get my hands on.

Like many of you, I’ve seen plenty of outnesses in my years. I want to expand on this a little to give context to where I’m coming from and hopefully, relate to some of what you have seen too.

The IRS victory of 1993 seemed to be a watershed moment. The inevitable expansion of Scientology seemed assured. Yet three years later, it had not happened. Then the original “Golden Age of Tech” in 1996, which assured us all that perfect auditors were now all but guaranteed, and more swiftly than ever before. We would take the planet this lifetime! Yet another three years passed and no one could seem to get past the Metering Course. Then came Arbitraries Removed and the floodgates to OT opened up wide. We weren’t making any auditors yet, but look at those people rocketing up to OT!

When the tragedy of September 11, 2001 happened, COB’s response was to write The Wake-Up Call, an issue which at once invalidated and implored all Scientologists to get them to “do more”. I was in the Sea Org by this time and thought that surely this would handle the reasonable attitude of all those dilettante public Scientologists. Now we would see some real expansion! Again, disappointment continued to frustrate me.

Then in 2003 came the first rumblings of what became the Ideal Org program. Then The Basics. These were pushed harder than all the earlier programs combined. Yet the result was that the stats were now really going down! The only stats that anyone seemed to care about anymore were all related to donations and those were pounded harder than ever before: Donations for Ideal Org buildings, for IAS, LRH Books into Libraries, Planetary Dissemination, etc etc. No one seemed to care anymore if orgs made any money selling services, despite LRH specifically stating in policy that the only reasons orgs exist is to sell and deliver materials and service to the public and get in public to sell and deliver to. All of that took a back seat to getting in more money no matter what it took to get those money stats up.

So now in 2013 we have the Big Solution that is supposed to resolve all of this. The Golden Age of Tech Phase II and the long-awaited release of Super Power. And the result of these new programs? A lot of PR and hype and no tangible result. Bridge progress is now measured in how many times you can re-do services, not actually make motion UP The Bridge to achieve a truly higher spiritual state.

Through all of the years that these things were going on, I watched the dismantling of Church management with creeping alarm, wondering what was going on but feeling powerless to do anything about it. The President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentsch, just disappeared. Then so did the other Int Management executives: ED Int, Snr C/S Int, WDC members, Int Management Exec Committee members. Their names didn’t appear on issues anymore, just their post titles. Then there were no new issues or programs being released by any of them. Just endless orders and directions and programs directly from RTC. Yet every single issue about RTC specifically states it is not a management body and is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the Churches worldwide.

I’m only recounting all of this to tell you what I have seen with my own eyes. I didn’t watch all of this from afar. I didn’t “hear about” this. I was immersed right in the middle of it. Getting these programs done was all I worked on for many years. And it became more and more obvious with each passing year that the Church was going farther and farther off-purpose, yet David Miscavige kept grandly announcing at every new event how much expansion there was, how popular Dianetics and Scientology were, how we were so close to taking this planet. Stats at events didn’t have any actual number attached to them, but they sure all were going up!

To those out there who have seen any of this, who have some idea of what I’m talking about, I know it is not an easy confront but it is the right thing to do. You know in your heart of hearts that the Church of Scientology no longer stands for what it says in its very own Creed. This is not the fault of the rank-and-file Scientologists. They are most of them very good people. But they are followers. The leaders of RCS have been operating a squirrel group for quite some time and no one actually noticed when it happened. But its so blatantly obvious now, that you have seen it and you know you need to do something about it, even if only for yourself.

But what do you do?

You don’t have to march right into the org and stand before an injust Comm Ev whose members have already determined your guilt before you even opened your mouth. You don’t have to write long KRs that will be used only as evidence against you of your “disaffection”. You don’t have to cooperate with the corrupt Sea Org or RCS at all, in fact. Their justice system, while it sounds swell on paper, is being used only as window dressing these days.

Instead, just contact friends and family members and and say what’s on your mind. Be honest with yourself. Let others know. And don’t be afraid to say what you think. You may be quite surprised at the responses or reactions you get back. Because I can tell you this: you are NOT the only one who is thinking about this and who wants to get out before it’s too late. There are cases of family members under the same roof who lived with each other for years without knowing that the other desperately wanted to get out of RCS but was afraid to say anything for fear of disconnection.

If you are having doubts right now and you don’t know what to do, then the thing to do is to find out more information. The Church is not going to give you that information. Believe me, I tried to get it myself and received nothing but cold, haughty stares and invalidative refutations that the only reason I was even asking these questions was because of all my overts. Look at what happened with other “declared SPs” who have now spoken out. They ran into the exact same thing when they were upfront and honest with the Church’s representatives.

No one in RCS feels that they owe you any kind of explanation or answers for your questions when it comes to finding out what is really going on. So go on-line and look for yourself. One or two or three natterers do not the truth make. But when you find out that there are thousands – yes, thousands – who have spoken out against the Church, you will quickly see that it is not a “handful of bitter apostates on the fringe of the internet.” Not even close. And their stories are not all lies and natter and disaffection. There is truth out there, waiting for you to find it.

I hope you do so and may you never be the same again.

Galactic Patrol

31 thoughts on “Why now is the time to act

  1. Hello “Galactic Patrol”,

    Thank you for your article and I definitely agree with what you say.

    My wife, my friends and I have traveled the route you propose. We have reached the same conclusions and have made our position public, with an impact on many more. For me, the contents of your article is totally true.

    And yet, as a friend, I must let you know that I take issue with you publishing your article incognito, without putting your name on it. I would even say to my close friend, Mike Rinder, that he possibly erred in publishing the article without a name.

    If you urge others to look for themselves and make a decision, you are in fact asking them to do their Doubt Formula and get de-PTS-ed. You are absolutely right, that is what people need to do. Yet if you don’t publish your name, thought comes to my mind that maybe you are still hiding, still “under-the-radar, still PTS.

    I may be missing something, since I do not know who you are and what your personal circumstances are.

    I’ll be glad if you clarify or respond, Dani

    • Dear Dani,

      You are 100% correct that you do not know my life and you do not know what my personal circumstances are. Putting out my words and my ideas are the best I can do right now. My name is of secondary importance to those.

      I am in a world of hurt and I am re-establishing my life and my comm lines as best I can. The wounds are still very fresh. Perhaps when I have my life in a more stable place, when I have my friends and family stable and am in a place where being attacked by the Church for who I am will not be as catastrophic as it would be right now. I deeply admire Mark, Mike, Tony O, you and anyone else who puts their names out on the front lines. I intend to be there myself some day. But not yet.

      Perhaps it will sound like justification to your ears, but I am doing something and I am urging others who are still in to do the same. In case there is any question, I am not still in and I am considered by the Church to be in bad standing. I am not formally declared, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until I am.

      If you want more, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This is what you get for now. I do have more planned. More ideas to write about, more things I can do to urge others I am in personal contact with to get out. I hope this clarifies my position.

      • Thank you Galactic, for your great article. It’s given me an idea. I want to send it to a couple of people I know but incognito. Like you, I’m out but not yet publically and for good reason. I’ve probably been given the title ‘disaffected’ in the meantime.

        I hope it’s OK to send it incognito, cowardly though that may seem.

    • When dealing with a group that has shown no qualms about engaging in criminal harassment of ex-members and critics (see: Rathbun v RTC and others, Woods v Scientology, Operation Freakout and, indeed, the Fair Game policy itself), anonymity is a powerful shield. Some of the longest-time critics still use pseudonyms, either for their own protection, or the protection of those they care about.

      RCS has cultivated an atmosphere where the Man (in this case, COB) is the Message; It’s all about him. Compare that to the Independent field, where the technology stands or falls on whether it works, regardless of whether LRH, or David Mayo, or some other uncredited contribitor, was the original author of specific material.

      For myself… You could find out my name if you wanted. RCS has a dossier on me which they use for black PR. Do that if you want, but I prefer to let my words be judged on their own, as did Galactic Patrol.

  2. I can agree with this post.

    You don’t have to declare your independence from CofS. You don’t have to resign or even publish the results of your doubt formula.

    All you need to do is remove your support.Don’t go near the org. Stay away.When they phone you and try to extort money, just say ” no, I can’t afford it” and allow that uncomfortable silence to persist. That silence is your friend, just be there and embrace it.

    When they phone you and hound you to attend any event, make excuses – out of town that weekend, sick family member, use your imagination. Eventually they will begin to forget about you.

    if they pitch up outside your home at night, tell them that you are not in a sociable frame of mind, again use your imagination, only had 2 hours sleep last night, etc.Don’t let them in.

    The power the church has, is the power YOU give them by going into agreement with them. If 50% of the public follow the above, the church will shut down, close up shop and leave.

    Remember, the church exists for its members and not the other way around and you have power of choice.

    And I choose not to play their game.

    • Thanks Old TImer! Exactly!

      And I would just like to add one thing, if I may.

      When you are told that you have to disconnect from someone you love, or a close friend who you truly like and don’t want to disconnect from them, then simply do not do it. You don’t owe allegiance to a group who is not following their own Creed.

      Remember: “We of the Church believe: That all men have the inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others…and that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

    • Hey Old Timer. Whereas I can agree that one does not HAVE to announce their decision to withdraw and thus continue to “fly under the radar”, I can tell you that this approach does not sit well with me. Essentially, one is being deceitful and dishonest. This, in my opinion, violates the Code of Honour and forces one into a situation of compromising with your own reality.

      I have been on the other side of this coin – I was on staff and ran call-in for events. I became a pro at knowing instantly that I was being lied to by a disaffected person – the excuses were wide and varied, but essentially they were all the same message. And as the years rolled by, the list of these people grew and grew. I can tell you that these people did NOT earn my respect. I considered them cowards and lacking in personal integrity. I could never understand why people were so “scared” to tell the truth. We are immortal beings – we cannot be destroyed. Comm-ev’s and declares cannot kill a thetan – and they never will. And no-one (not even God) can take away your eternity.

      I was never one to shut-up, and yes, it got me into a lot of trouble, but I REFUSED to stand by and say nothing while I observed my Church, my religion and people I loved and cared for being ripped apart by blatant off-policy, downright cruelty and tyrannical rule “in the name of KSW”. I called bull-shit when I saw it, I wrote reports, and I spoke up – often. I was not particularly popular, but my integrity was intact. And yes, I was targeted, harassed and hounded down – and I am finally in the process of being nailed to the cross. I cannot give too many details at this point, but my story will be out soon.

      I only wish that more people spoke up and had the integrity to say what they were observing at the time. Perhaps things might be different today, and we might have been able to salvage what was left of our Church. I believe that Scientology is a fractured subject and will never be put back together again. Just mention the words HCO, Ethics or Justice to the majority of the Indie field and see what happens – the engram has been dinged in thoroughly. I have experienced many sad moments thinking what LRH would say if he came back and saw the mess that’s been made of the legacy he left behind. And what he would say to those who never spoke up.

      I leave this group with my head held high, knowing that I have stated my case loud and clear. I spoke up, and I have been shot down for it – but I would rather go down in this manner than by skulking off into the shadows.

      • Hi BP.

        Everyone has different situations and circumstances. There is no “bridge” to leaving the C of S and depending on each persons reality, they will adopt a strategy which best suits them.

        I have witnessed many people attempt to correct the church from with-in. The results were standard – FAIL .As you point out, you are being put on the cross for the same reason.

        Congrats on developing and enhancing your ability to spot when members were bullshitting you. Did you ever stop to think why? What are their situations which make it difficult for them to just tell you to f%$K off?
        As you are aware, a reg is a formidable opponent, armed with hard selling strategies and iron-clad intention. A very difficult person to reason with. If a public says “no thanks”, did you leave it at that? No, you started to push his buttons, looking for that ‘tag’ which when pulled would get him to agree with you to attend some event.So for some, its easier to lie.Or agree to attend and then not show up.

        We are all here, visiting this site because we know that the church will never reform, will never drop those harmful policies or be honest in dealing with its members.

        My viewpoint is that when a reg phones me up on my cellphone to sell me altered books and lectures, or squirrel auditing, he is fair game. I am now at liberty to waste their time and money. If these two church commodities (time and money) are wasted then the end of the church is a little nearer.

        As for skulking off into the shadows, we who are under the radar provide information to the Mike Rinders of this world. Hopefully we can contribute to preventing new people becoming future victims of C of S.

      • D’you know BP, I couldn’t agree with you less. One reason I am getting out of scn is the lack of compassion within the hierarchy of the organisation – as exemplified by your comment. If I might add, it is exactly the attitude I recall from staff members trying to get me to do what THEY want: a make-wrong. I don’t know that my personal integrity, honour or any of these high-flying terms are worth that much to me if it means I have to rip my family asunder to achieve it.
        Let me explain. I am part of a family. That family (both my immediate family and the extended family are scientologists all) contain the entire spectrum of viewpoint. At the one extreme we include the most rabid, wild-dog Miscavagists you can imagine. At the other we include those edging out, and in the middle some who couldn’t care less either way but wish to have a functioning family. Certainly, I could adopt your attitude and say FU. But as far as the rest of my family is concerned there would be no integrity or honour in that – it would be an act of wanton destruction because I (not the CoS) would have been the cause of the disconnection. You see, the CoS will act in a stimulus response fashion – blindly and without thinking lashing out. Knowing that puts me at cause, as I CAN act thoughtfully taking into account all my dynamics. If that means me compromising on my integrity I can live with that.

      • Black Panther,
        I have received many an agonized letter of folk bombarded literally all day long for $$$. A high was 23 calls in one day for money ! Many were 10 calls a day.
        The Flag Land base have a skip tracing unit where your new tel no can be found even if you disconnected the last tel no. High tech and access to data bases is used.
        One way works like magic, and does not entail the use of personal excuses.
        It is not for everyone but it works like magic.
        Tell the sales people that call for $$$ that David Miscavige beats his staff and is violent.
        There is a silence on the phone while this response is noted.
        You are henceforth taken off mailing lists and dead -filed.
        David Miscavige is off – limits and people who talk about him are not called so that this information is not transmitted to staff.

    • Very well put, Old Timer. In fact, not to be able to pin one down or pin anything on one, is most effective for many reasons. Eventually, the Call-iners get tired of the no’s and the calls get less and less until nothing. It’s perfect.

    • Thanks, Old Timer. This is exactly how I’ve done it. I changed letter boxes and the church doesn’t have my new postal or physical address. My landline number is verboten and no one from the church has it. I’ve unsubsribed from most Scientology email services and receive very few church emails now, just enough to keep me in the loop. This is for my own protection as in certain instances I need to seem as though I’m abreast with all that is happening.
      I am getting fewer and fewer phone calls. Certain very persistent call-iners have now given up on me completely. Most of the numbers I’ve marked in my cell phone so I don’t even answer them.
      It does work. In the meantime, I don’t have to disconnect from family or friends. In fact, I’m waiting for a gap when I hit on a way to get them to look in a way that they will.

  3. Excellent post, thank you.

    In support of this point, here is the list of former members of the Church of Scientology who have spoken out.

    The introduction states: “The following is a list of people that have left the official Church of Scientology organization and have spoken out publicly against it. Although some of them still believe in the validity of the core precepts and practice them outside of the Church of Scientology, all of them have denounced the legitimacy of the organization itself. The names are listed alphabetically by last name. As of the last count, there are 2149 names.”

    Link here: http://whyweprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Former_Church_of_Scientology_members_who_have_spoken_out

  4. Wonderful post! I can see how many newly doubtfull churchies need these soothing and honest words. Nobody wants to be told they are a fool, especially when they already feel foolish! But the bell tolls, the cock crows and the enchantment of COB’s promises are slipping away like diesel fog.

    I sincerely wish for newer and greater horizons for our fellow newly awoken tech lovers. Have it all, you deserve it!

    Spread the word, make this blog communication central. We can win! We can do it quietly too, no need for clapping frenzies or the next best thing EVER trumpeteering! Just good comm done South African style, earthy, direct and plenty braais (barbeques)and clean sunshine to wash away all the Miscavology known to man! Lekka!

  5. Right on. ! The Church of Sciientology under the miscontrol of David Miscavige is a Squirrel Group.
    Standard Ethics, Standard Tech and Standard Admin have been abandoned and in its place are the dictator like frantic spasms of a being dramatizing his own case.
    What adds to the insanity is the fact that true tech changes conditions. All around the world there are situations, which if the Church were running true, would be looked at and changed.
    It is in the completely dramatic action of not help, of DYNAMIC NOT HELP that the position of the now Squirrel Church becomes clearly portrayed. This is just the flip side of the same coin, on the one hand you have must help, must help … all on a frantic level and then its flip side Dynamic Not Help. This is synonymous with death. What we are seeing is the death throes.
    The evidence. The public staying away in droves. False PR and hype together with more fundraising and witch hunt terror tactics simply tell their own tale.
    The article above is exactly spot on.
    One needs to simply choose to be true to the real tech which you know and get focused on flourishing and prospering, free of a squirrel environment and influence.
    The squirrel church will simply burn itself out.

  6. Katie Holmes planning and execution was state of the art flawless.

    Here is an article about the Safe Point for those under the radar.

    Here is a thread (MaBű | July 23, 2012 at 9:49 pm) discussing Katie Holmes implementation of the Safe Point (she probably used her own common sense instead of LRH’s reference).

  7. It is so clear in reading this blog and all the really heartfelt articles and posts in it, that Scientology cannot be killed. Miscavige (alias poison dwarf alias corn-COB aka the pope of Scn aka the mighty midget, little emperor, napoleon, etc…) has lost it. But it will survive with us and because of us. Some of us still alive actually built this religion with LRH. Forwarded his aims as stated and (believe it or not) saw it practiced as written.

    Scientology in its true form is available outside of the suppression of the church of Miscavology. We don’t need anyone’s permission (unlike the new breed of OT VII AND VIII’S). We just need to do more of what we are doing. And especially those coming out. Understandably there is/was a fear of the church in terms of its ethics and justice procedures which have been abused and misapplied for so long that it seems like an engram in restim at the mere mention of the words “ethics interrogatory” or “comm-ev”. This in itself is an indication that it is wrong. It feels bad. It probably is. It is most likely not what LRH intended.

    But it is necessary for self preservation to grow sufficient balls to speak up and say to anybody, whether friend or family, staff or Sea Org : “This is wrong! I refuse to do this. It is probably off-policy or out-tech. I want no further part of this. I prefer Scientology.”

    Actually I did this recently at my org. After the 18 declares there was an interrogatory and witch hunting and then a new comm-ev. This time another 15 interested parties. Anyone remember the reference on when there are mass declares you better look to the guy doing the declaring? They may declare me or not. It makes no further difference to me. They have not rejected me: I have rejected them. This action took some confront. But it has been the MOST EFFECTIVE PTS HANDLING OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

    Where once I was effect of their crap, I have moved over to cause. The effect we create when we say “NO” to this crowd is startling.

    Their only weapon was to declare someone or threaten to deny them their bridge. Well guess what? David Miscavige has denied all of us our bridge already. This is real to me. The tech is fucked. The runway onto the bridge is so long as to be stupid. And of course it is priced out of reach of so many now. Once you get to the poison dwarf’s OTVIII your next step is… purif and objectives. What? Fuck off. Leave my Scientology alone you penis minoris.

    Leave Scientology to those who still remember what it was like under LRH.

    And to the rest of those teetering on the brink of freedom: have a shot of dutch courage and go say goodbye. Just remember to tell them why. It’ll make you feel better.

  8. Those who try to impose their own viewpoints on others should take a look at what it the greatest good for the greater number of dynamics FOR THE PERSON INVOLVED.

    I have a respectably sized practice, 40 odd active clients on 5 continents and a good percentage of them are still under the radar for very good reasons. Some have family on staff or children on staff or share child support responsibilities with people still active in the church.

    The Safe Point policy applies to independents as well as Scientologists. One can speak up and make valid points as an anonymous voice. Galactic Patrol is in good company with thousands of highly active anonymous ex church members and should stay under the radar until he or she feels free to come out and declare his or her identity to the world.

    I feel that anyone who criticizes others for not coming out is not following the Auditor’s Code and is more likely still dramatizing some of the church identity we try to remove over time.

    Save your energy for auditing people and helping them recover from church indoctrination. There is plenty of work to do and we do not need to repeat the errors of the cult we escaped from.

    • Hi David. I really liked your post. And I DO understand those who choose to fly under the radar for various reasons while they safe-point their position. I have been doing this for some time. The fact that I am still posting under a pseudonym is demonstration of this fact.

      However I do believe that eventually, everyone has to decide – the “despite personal danger” moment if you will. My post (above) and that of Losingmyreligion – whose personal story I know very well may have come across as trying to force a viewpoint on others, but I don’t think this was the intention at all.

      Many of us are currently in the process of being hung, drawn and quartered – we have lost family members, lifetime friends and business partnerships – in fact I cannot think of any area of our lives that has not been affected by the purge currently happening in South Africa. And in my case, this has happened BECAUSE I saw the outpoints, disagreed, and spoke up – along the correct channels and to the “correct” terminals. As LRH said I should.

      What I find unacceptable are those who are sitting “on the fence” or flying under the radar – (however one wants to term it), and while doing so, they are pretending to be both “disaffected” as well as “faithful to the cause” – depending on who they are talking to at the time. They manage to avoid getting into trouble while their comrades are falling in battle around them. And I’m not only talking public here – I know of a few staff members too. I cannot begin to explain the untold damage that has been done to me and others by some of these people. I was personally offered up by two such characters, so I should know. And this was done to cover their own asses for “fear of being discovered”. So perhaps some bitterness comes through at times, but I feel we have the right to communicate how we feel.

      • BP.

        There is a difference between sitting on the fence and flying under the radar.

        Sitting on the fence is a term for people undecided. Blogs like this one will help them decide which side of the fence they wish to fall. Perhaps they have doubts and are looking for answers. If they remain on the fence, they will become PTS.

        Flying under the radar would be those who the church regards as being in good standing but unbeknown tothe church disaffected. They have personal reasons for remaining under the radar. eg. Family connections, business associates or juicy information in their pc folders. They would not be active in the church but still on most comm lines.

        I do commend your brave actions on trying to reform the church from within but cannot condone your critical views of those under the radar or still deciding.

      • I hear what you are saying but don’t see this piece here conveying any of that and perhaps past bitterness may be clouding your perception on this one. I hear your passion and emotion and it may be off putting to some but I do get what you are saying. What you describe is annoying as hell. Again, I don’t see that in this situation so despite the enormous passion that can come to bear on this, still try to separate out the differences. You have been through shit for speaking your mind and cowardice is abhorrent. I agree. It is.

    • David, thanks for your input. I know full well how it goes, having been there myself. I guess I am lucky or different to some others in that we as a family eventually got around to confronting one another with the issue. My spouse had their own grievances and worries which were not shared with me. I, not knowing this, was deep in my own considerations and agonising over how to voice them without getting divorced. Then there were our numerous children and SCN parents. We sat with 4 generations of Scientologists involved. Some on staff and some in the Sea Org. So we had a rocky ride. There was lots to confront and to discuss. And repeated trips to our LRH materials. I am glad to say all of us except 4 have seen the light and have left. Obviously I had less to lose than those whose family are all in and drinking the kool-aid. But I have had to personally sacrifice comm with one child and a parent who will undoubtedly disconnect. This is tough to bear. But I cannot expect us all to be under the radar hiding from our own family.
      I agree wholeheartedly one has to first protect family and self. If however one can come out in such a way as to create a big enough effect for others to sit up and take note, all the more people we may save from this diabolical situation.
      People going out under the radar are certainly helping themselves and that’s great. We just chose to do it in a way which would be a wake up call to staff and field alike.

  9. If I may, I will once repeat a comment I made on the prior article. It does not apply to those who are still under the radar (which I completely understand; for me it is a matter of family first), but those who are publicly no longer members or supportive of the corporate Church of Scientology as it is now controlled by David Miscavige.

    I believe the terms used by your brethren in the U.S. and elsewhere, and which may be most useful to you, are Independent Scientology and Independent Scientologist. (Both words capitalized is my preference, but YMMV.)

    Use of those terms may be useful to differentiate yourselves from the corporate Church of Scientology (COS) and (the same thing) what some have called the RCS — i.e., Radical Church of Scientology.

    The use of terms Independent Scientology and Independent Scientologist.also may, or may not, be useful concerning claims by the corporate Church of Scientology regarding trademarks, service marks, membership marks, etc.

  10. Great debate everyone! The how with regards to leaving the church in my opnion is not as important as the unifying reason why we needed or need to leave!

    I dont need to rehash that but isnt it wonderful to be able to discuss this freely? Not so long ago the inquisition had us all gagged!

  11. Yes I do understand those who have to be under the radar.
    We have to make it safe for them by exposing the Gestapo regime!
    I for one have made my postilion clear and I will not disconnect from
    my family,children and grand children.
    No one is going to tell me who I can and cannot communicate with.
    It is against our basic human rights.
    I cannot apply the PTS tech as I do not feel PTS and my family are not
    I am awaiting the verdict from the powers that be and expect my Golden Rod for
    They have a huge dilemma because I have always been an upstat Scientologist
    I am also a very high status in the IAS and have the comm lines to go with this
    status so who knows what they are going to declare me for it will have to be
    some made up bull………..

    It is really great to read all the comments and be able to communicate with others who
    can actually think for them selves.

    • Goldie I think its safe to say things like IAS status, excellent church comm lines, all the many great things one did in and for the church means little to the Storm troopers! Their orders are shoot or be shot. If you have said openly anything in disagreement with little gollum about his precious command intention, chances are you will be targeted. The good news is that the more they attack the good guys, the more we have on our side. Pity they took most of our money before we woke up. Still, better late than never.

      As you will probibably see these altered importances like idle morgues, IAS status, GAG 1&2 etc, etc wont matter one bit on getting up the bridge. Not one iota! I still kick myself looking back on how easily I believed in all that kak! Scientology never needed MillieCOB and his genetically modified corn version of the tech. Everytime I clapped for that man he was emptying our purses or stealing our time and support. COB really stands for Catching Others Badly!! And boy did he do that well.

  12. Well I am a little late to this party but I will still chime in on the subject of “Standing Up to Be Counted” which was the title of my coming out in the open of Jeff Hawkin’s blog in 2010.

    It felt great to do that and it was scary too but that was my decision and I never thought it right to put pressure on anyone else to do anything the way that I did. Sure, it would be great if a mass of people stood up, said they weren’t going to take it anymore, and announced this out in the open. That’s going to happen — never!

    On the other hand, theoretically we could get the entire organization reading blogs and commenting incognito and eventually everyone would be out anyway so who cares? If that’s what makes people feel more comfortable then do that! No one should be pressured, at all, ever.

    I understand about the courage and integrity and all that and I will say that in the beginning it was sometimes very annoying to me to have someone argue with me and get in my (virtual) face while I was out in the open and that person was anonymous. I felt like that was an unfair advantage as people can say nasty stuff, with impunity, while hiding behind a user name but I digress, as that is really not the point.

    I say bring it on, come to the table and to freedom and expect that kindness and respect will be granted to you so that you can have the time and space to decompress under your own terms.

    No one has to know who you are and I think we should all take care to make sure that no one is ever “outed”. I do think that is very well understood but thought I would do a wee mention.

    Now, having said all that, I understand Black Panther and I know how those passionate feelings about this well up and just know that you have been heard and understood.

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