GAT II: The advanced obstacle route up the Bridge

In August this year, Joburg Org sent out an email encouraging public to “secure” their seats for GATII.

Public were encouraged to obtain their training before the release. This is the classic “buy now!”

Here it is:

Pre Gat Price Promo

The org was promising GATII services at “today’s prices”. Anyone reading this would believe if they paid now, they would receive the new GATII services AT THAT PRICE.

A number of people took advantage of this offer – we received reports of elated staff getting decent pay for the first time in a while.  One staff member reported getting almost R1,000 in a week – and this person was not an exec, so we can only surmise the pay was REALLY good. Org GI was up. Everyone was happy!

But now the bubble has burst. And here’s the scoop:

All previous training packages are broken. If someone paid for their training package up to Grad V a year ago, a month ago or when the above “special” was being offered, that package no longer exists. The best you’ll get is the amount you paid will be credited against the cost of a new Grad V training package – at the new GATII prices. This applies to all training. 

We have heard multiple stories of org public being told to pay in more money.

In one case a public who has been on TRs & Objectives for over 3 years was told that before they could continue, they will have to pay in an additional R9000.

In another case, a public bought 3 Purifs on this “buy now” basis before the price increase kicked in – only to be told the Monday following the event that an additional R21,000 needs to be coughed up.

In addition, no meter other than the new Ultra VIII may be used for auditing. If you bought a meter before that you have never used, you’ll have to buy another.

It is going to be interesting to see how many people acquiesce and agree to pay up after having been so duped.

It is going to be equally interesting to see how many people refuse to pay up, and will wake up instead. We are hearing that most are furious. We can only hope this is a further catalyst for such people to look a little deeper.


45 thoughts on “GAT II: The advanced obstacle route up the Bridge

  1. I wonder what happened to that one policy, the most senior of all policies, the one that policy itself declares trumps all other policies:

    “We always deliver what we promise.”

    I sense lawsuits in the near future, lawsuits that a rookie lawyer would win with both hands tied behind their back.

      • You can bet your bottom lawyer that a very large number of lawyers are watching the scientology space very closely right now, and they are all over the world.

        They will be waiting for the first chink in RTC’s armour to show, the first piercing of the corporate veil, the first court of law that with evidence links all the DM structures as being essentially the same thing. IAS has a billion dollars at least, if in a legal sense IAS = RTC = CST = CSI = CoS in SA, then a billion dollars is a mighty tasty target, and off-shore accounts are no protection from RICO anymore.

        It’s going to be a fucking blood bath, it will make the Catholic Church sex scandals look like a playground romp. The Catholic Church is still treated with normal human dignity and respect, but not so CoS with it’s hugely sucky PR.

        CoS is the cow that falls in the Amazon, the lawyers are the circling piranhas.

    • I like your comments “Splog”.
      They are perceptive of the hidden intentions and purposes, which lie behind the visible DM ‘official’ C of S.
      Consider the tone scale… hidden purposes and intentions is around about HIDING on the tone scale.
      Then look at the activities… it is all about bodies… NEEDING BODIES,
      CONTROLLING BODIES, PUNISHING BODIES, WORSHIPPING BODIES and of course blame, shame, and regret. What was an OT operation under Ron is today nothing less than a bunch of criminals duping a bunch of people ( Church staff and public who cannot see). The OT’s exist and are outside. Like fools these criminals seem to think that some money and pieces of paper, along with the agreement to be a slave is what makes an OT.

  2. The unfortunate thing is that there will be people who will pay the extra blindly without questioning it. It is those few that willprolong the runway for the church to collapse. Once that happens, real Scientology can be reinstated under new management evenif Miscarraige retains the wealth,he ont be able to hold onto the tech cause its already out there and being delivered with stella results and great wins from all I have been told. Cant wait to start my real bridge!

  3. In all of this I feel most sorry for those guys that went to Flag for GAT2 training and actually swallowed all the bull. They have probably returned thinking they will boom scn as never before – only to find their courserooms are emptying out. Of course, they will be the ‘why’ in very short order. The only courses I can see being sold are a few of the Survival R/Ds – at least you can audit the crap out of each other (if that lights your fire) for R10,000 a shot.
    The fact of the matter is, even if you are still one of that dwindling number that gets a hard-on from scn – it isn’t value for money on a pure exchange basis.

    • Boom scn like never before?

      You mean like the Survey NW evolution mid-80s?
      Or the LRH Comm NW evolution after that?
      How aboutt he FR program after that? I got caught in that one.
      Or maybe the OEC vols being released?
      Or the New Pro TRs?
      How about New Pro TRs with Clay Table?
      CCRD auditors in every Class V org?
      KTL/LOC? O.M.F.G. – I recall that engram all too vividly.
      VM programs with the big yellow tents?

      After that was GAT, Ideal Orgs, Basics, Arbitraries Removed, Wake Up Call and heaps of other crap that I didn’t get to see first hand, I was already mostly out the door by then.

      Point being, none of those things boomed scn like never before

  4. Wonderful! The church is doing a great job of putting people off by doing the opposite of what it promotes and promises. Long may it last. What I don’t understand is why the church is so profoundly worried about the so-called “SPs” when the stat-crasher is in the house (at Hemet).

    (I’ll bet that Ken Krieger and Alex Faust will be blamed for the misinformation. What’s that I hear coming? reasons…excuses….justifications….)

    • Not even the Church is getting their story straight on what has happened to these two. We’ve heard they are on a “Veteran’s return program” – getting refreshed, re-hatted, rehabbed (read re-programmed) and will be fired out to a new location. We’ve also heard they’re both on the RPF scrubbing dumpsters in their boiler suits. And we’ve even heard that Ken has routed out. One thing we do know is that we don’t know!

      • Thanks for the info BP. So the church is afraid of the truth! Whatever happened to Ken and Alex – it cannot have been all ribbons and rainbows. I hope Ken has routed out. He was not in good health (hmmm – wonder why) at one point and this “re-programming” – of whatever format – would not have been tolerated well. I know that many have less than complimentary things to say about Ken, but he was not under sane orders – so what could we expect? I think if he gets out and decompresses things might be different (who knows?)

  5. MODERATOR COMMENT: Hi Karl, thanks for contributing to this thread. We have edited part of your comment due to off-topic content.

    . . . .
    From auditing we know, that ANY chain of engrams, secondarys or misunderstood words is held in place by an earlier similar incident !
    So it is basic Scientology – that you have to go to the beginning – in order to understand somethig very confusing.
    The way Scientology is sold throughj pressure is GUARANTEE it won’t work, as it creates a present time problem (PTP) and auditing simply does NOT work in the presence of a PTP or any other form of SUPPRESSION !

  6. Absolutely quite normal dishonesty by the “church”, the tragedy is they do not see it as dishonesty. So the big question arises; How much will it cost to go OT, it will not happen as most will not have the money to go OT. The solution is of course, join the independent movement.

    • It is not possible to go OT inside the Church (RCS), no matter how much money you have or spend. For auditing to work, you need honesty and granting of beingness, both of which exist in vanishingly small amounts inside the Church.

      • Your comment is exactly right, when one has not found a point from which to put out a communication line… in other words chosen a platform from which to communicate, then the message becomes confused.
        Ron’s position was clear to all, as his original works spelt out and any who used and applied them exactly obtained results, and so the word spread.
        By the early 80’s gradual infiltration had come into place . Clearly this was not an accidental thing. It was financed from outside. Bird Dogs (an enemy agent sent in and under the control of outside masters) had been sent in, and helping one another these people secured key positions to continue the rot.
        Evidence of this is contained in the ethics order by Capt W. B. Robertson who was Second Deputy Commodore, Chairman of the OT Committee Worldwide. See (This ethics order is in the comments… towards the end of the comments). Captain Bill’s opinion was that the Church had been infiltrated by government agents. I suspect that Ron was done away with and that his will is false and that a takeover occurred with The Church of Spiritual Technology established in order to dismantle the C of S, while being made to appear to be continuing.
        The lack of honesty and the elimination of any vestige of the granting of beingness, communicates clearly and loudly the platform from which the C of S is communicating.
        If you connect the dots one can quickly see that it runs back via Despicable Me to the Church of Spiritual Technology and then further back to whoever initiated the infiltration in the first place. LRH data on who these people are is known to all.
        Under the government and control of external enemies, including Despicable Me the C of S has taken a different tack.
        To my mind it is currently implementing steps to secure specific legal points, which can then be proven in an enquiry or court of law for the purpose of neutralizing the potentials for freedom which existed when the Church was running under Ron’s guidance.
        It is an amazing thing that these people seek to destroy that which would free man and by their actions choose rather the living death of slavery. One could ask many things of such people, but essentially their vested interest masters are too wrapped within their agenda of world domination and slavery for all. The sad joke is that while they believe they have stolen the tech and are making OT’s who are under their domination, the truth is they know so little and understand such a small amount that their illiteracy shines through. OT is the road to truth. They cannot walk that road. Thus those who continue with the “new” altered DM stuff are simply signing up to be slaves….. you cannot be a slave unless you first agree to be one.
        Further evidence of how far they have departed from possible freedom is contained in the theetie-wheetie Advance mags, where you have some yo-yo or other having a major OT success at the fact of losing and finding his keys.
        The most telling of all is the fact that the public stays away in droves. When belief is gone then people build massive buildings and evidence to prove their belief. ( Ideal Orgs fraud).
        A real Ideal Org, as envisaged by Ron would have real living beings making it work and florish by application of his tech. What we have in the world today is far different. Standard Tech exists – it is to be found outside the Official Church of Scientology, and that is where real OT’s are being made.

  7. In 1991 DM, proclaimed he’d saved the tech from evil people and cleaned it up to perfection.
    Ditto 1996.
    Ditto 2013.

    Fraud is the only word for this.

  8. It is an idea that may take some coordination
    In the old days when there were really major things in the broad society that were awry, the original and real Church took action by producing a newspaper like broadsheet. These were distributed in major cities freely.
    As it stands, when people get embroiled with the squirrel Church, as witness GAT 1 and GAT II, they are paying for Ron’s tech but getting watered down garbage. That is not honest, at the least.
    Perhaps it would be an idea to construct and compile a “Public Warning” that shows that what is available from the C of S is no longer true Source material but other stuff etc.
    Secondly, perhaps a catchy toll free number can be set up in some way to also go in the broadsheet … the intention being to make sure org staff and SO members who want out can call and be heard. To run it all, of course, an OT Committee. After all an organization consists of lines and terminals.
    What is wonderful in all this activity is that while some may think that true scientology is down the tubes, it clearly is not. From all over those who know and have seen and experienced Ron’s tech are still out there pushing it, because it works.

    • But please lets not create another corporate monster again! The last thing we need is a large organisation to be infiltrated once more, to be slowly corrupted. I prefer the terrorist cell approach! Infiltrate, corrupt and destroy from within one cell and there are many other independent cells to carry on with service delivery. Lets never make that same mistake again – pleeeeze! Personally I wouldnt trust anyone besides LRH himself as my benevolent monarch. All COB had to do last time was nail all the top tech and admin guys, put LRH’s boots on and proceed to use the powerful tech against all who dissented and well.. you have all seen the outcome! The indies have survived well using this anti-corporate approach, for damn good reason too!

      • LRH never intended forming a giant all-controlling corporation in the first place. He wrote and published DMSMH with the intention that people would audit each other as independent practitioners. However the book received an overwhelming response, and soon he was being inundated with requests from all over the world for personal appearances and more data. Personally, he wanted to head off on an underwater photography expedition. Dr. J.D. Winter (who had written the foreword in the very first publication of DMSMH and likened the discovery of this tech to the discovery of fire) convinced LRH that he had a responsibility to continue with the research he had begun. And so the monster grew. This account was confirmed by his daughter Diana Hubbard at the Anaheim conference in 1976. Perhaps his original postulate is now coming to fruition after all.

      • Point taken Black Pather, I dont blame LRH for creating the monster called C of S. I merely point out the potentially hazardous repeat of history liable to happen again if we allow it to. Vested interest, mass covert agendas for control will stop at nothing to get rid of a workable tech of the mind and spirit. Therefore it could be made more freely accessable, easier to obtain – ubiquitous even, the tech would be irrepressable and uncontrolable by a select few. The people would own it. LRH wanted it that way or he wouldve handed it over to Russia long ago!

        The arrogance of it all! Copyright freedom?? Says who? RTC? Some fictitious organisation who usurped our rights as thetans to go free? None own proprietorship over my freedom, none! I will be damned if I let some midget tell when and where to grovel for my freedom.

      • Hi Sheeple, I agree fully. His original postulate was to have independent people applying his tech. Pretty much what is happening right now – so his postulate stuck! I don’t think he intended on creating a monster at all, but a monster it became none-the-less. And one he ultimately lost control of. As he said “the work was free – keep it so”.

  9. ” If you bought a meter before that you have never used, you’ll have to buy another.”
    What if you have bought a meter before and have used it? Could it still be used, or was this a typo?

  10. I do not understand this. Why would someone come up with such obvious moral code transgression? Evil people are usually hiding their evil more carefully.
    Therefore I start wondering what the purpose of this is. This must be on purpose and there must be a purpose!
    Did DM sign a contract with the IRS that the cult has to disappear slowly? Was that the deal? Is there any anniversary?
    Is DM Caligula? Is he making his horse a consul? No, DM is not that insane. Thus there must be a reason!
    What was the story with his dog? Maybe I am wrong …
    Now I am confused, really confused!

  11. I had a dream last night………..

    A SO mission arrived in SA and heard Tracy Corbett Class VI C/S was leaving the church. They immediately called a massive meeting of the field to have a party and awards ceremony to wish her well, thank her for her contributions and to trust that she will have a change of heart in the future. If so, she would be welcomed back with open arms.

    They immediately thereafter issued an amnesty for every declared person in the last 50 years. All disconnected persons were invited in for free sessions.

    Disconnection was discontinued.

    The IAS was closed, ideal org buildings were sold and funds were used to train 1000 new Class V auditors.

    Orgs were returned to premises where viability was the PRIMARY consideration.

    And then I woke up……..


  12. Hello, I’m from Europe, and I like your blog very much. You seem to be near some very true scientologist position. Sometime people are going too far adrift. We don’t want to make the subject vanish. Of course, some old policies need to be dust away.. But the whole subject is here to be used and cognited again.
    One day suppression will end.
    Jews said “next year in Jerusalem”, we say “next year without COB”!
    When he will collapse into total obliteration, a wave of release will go through the world.

  13. It says clearly on the flyer….secure your seat (for GATII) at today’s prices. Clear as a bell! Nothing can piss people off more then being lied to about money, especially when the lie is so obvious.

    There is no MU going on here. This is an out-right pick pocketing lie.

  14. Betrayal after trust repeated again and again by the CofS and is demoniacal ‘leader’. I honestly hope this will help others to see the true colors of those pretending to ‘deliver services’ to the public. A change is needed and it will happen, this rip off, abuse and lies can’t go no longer.

    • The one tragedy about this is the effect on the staff. They will be hammered, hammered and hammered to sell all this new stuff – and the dangled carrot will be nice Christmas bonuses if they meet the target. Poor buggers. .Can you just imagine holding the post of BSO in this insanity at the moment?

      • I’m soooo glad I’m no longer around to be subjected to that insanity! I can just picture Albert going red in the face with anger because they’re not reaching their targets!

  15. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Abraham Lincoln

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