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This is a short post with two news items and one request.

The OSA “Ethics Mission” have taken to the road.  It would seem they are doing a tour to the orgs and calling in select public to “explain the declares”. They are currently in Durban. We are not sure what their exact itinerary is but you can expect them soon at an org near you. If you or anyone you know has been keen to see what the fuss is about you can likely ask them to see the declares.

On Monday night we passed a milestone: After 46 days this blog exceeded 100 000 views. We are exceptionally proud of the community that has built around this blog and love the contributions. It appears that it has become essential daily reading for over 500 regular visitors.


And lastly, our request: This blog and it’s community is built on information. We already have people providing valuable info but the more we get the better the assessment we are able to make on the state of Scientology in South Africa. Sometimes the information may not seem important or relevant to you. Send it along anyway. Anything you hear, emails you receive or observations you have made – whether significant or not, please send it along.

Your info is safe with us but if you have any concerns simply set up a new gmail account and send the info along anonymously. Thanks!

43 thoughts on “Some news & views

    • Well worth a try Craig! I’m sure they’ll scramble when they see you though. They will probably have no idea what to do with themselves!

      • While you are about it have a look at ours too Craig. We would love to get ours in the post like Dave, not that we really care as you say but we are curious as to what we apparently did in 1982. The other thing that we were supposed to have done was to hand out leaflets and try and recruit people for our ” new group???” At a wedding in Durban. When the guys in Durban, who were at the wedding look at our declares then we hope they confront the fact that there is something really wrong here as we did neither of those actions at this wedding. All we did was to tell One friend that we were about to be declared as Alex had sent us a message the week before to say that our declares were imminent. I wanted to say good bye to this particular friend as I knew the disconnection order would be enforced….. This goodbye turned into ” handing out leaflets and recruiting. Wow ! Talk about paranoia.
        Someone take a picture I would love to see it.
        Love Gaye

      • No, you’re just a bitter defrocked apostate blogging on the fringes of the internet where Google is hearsay 🙂

        I like people like that, they pay for my wages 🙂

  1. I just got a comm from Flag which no doubt unintentionally points to the dire state of CoS. I have paraphrased it so I hopefully can’t be identified, but it is in essence:

    “Very important things are happening at Flag and in (level). Only a miniscule number are as close as you are (to getting onto that Bridge action). There are critical situations in South Africa and in most of the rest of the world (that you need to be briefed on).”

    Points to note:
    Only a “minuscule” number
    What’s happening in SA appears to be also happening in “most of the rest of the world” Ouch!

    One gets a real sense of the great discomfort being experienced in the group-Flag anal cavity. SHAFTED!!

  2. One of the main problems is the censored communication in the Church of Scientology; and even the thoughts are censored. The members are pushed into thinking the “right” thoughts or they get punished. When not being in lock-step with “Command Intention” (David Miscavige and his thought-police) they get ostracized, blackmailed and disconnected from family and friends and business associates. The 3.Party in the Scientology community IS the so called “Command Intention”.
    And that from a “Church” who claims to be an advocate of Human Rights and freedom …

    “Getting back in comm” … with this you do well scnafrica. Congratulations!

    One of your daily readers from Europe 🙂

  3. Thank you for the info on the ethics mission.

    Maybe we should all pop in to our local orgs when the mission arrives and demand to see the SP declares.

    Although I suspect a more sinister reason for this mission, possible to gather more info on the field. Expect another round of declares.

  4. Thank you for the effort to fix it. Handle the wrong items, the wrong indications, the lies, abuse, out tech and injustice.

    These situations and events cause decline and suffering in any community or civilization. It is the right thing to do to share valuable information, to inform people and help them in their wantingness to know.

    It is good to be curious, good to speak truth. We far out number those that seek to live blindly or forward oppression and suppression. We have every right to be here on this planet too. And to issue forth ideas and information. We got our license to be here and communicate at birth. Thank you for stringing these communication lines and helping us to know more about the current scene in South Africa.

  5. Great stats Scnafrica.

    The OSA mission is going to have a hard time explaining the declares because:

    1.Some info on the declares is folder info (could be sued for revealing that)
    2. Most info on the declares is total BS (could be sued for that – defamatory)
    3. The info on the declares might not appeal to those still in as being legitimate reasons to declare people.

    Really, OSA would be well advised to say nothing. But then we know that good advice is not what management is interested in and more fireworks can be expected.

    • Wendy.

      I am going to insist on seeing the declare orders. I will even try and take a photo of the document.

      That’s if I get the nod for the briefing.

  6. I’d like to say I’m one of the 500 people that consider your blog essential daily reading. Keep up the good work!

    I found a quote yesterday, in my study of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures, that I think is very pertinent to the state of Scientology today. Now days, the suppression of the philosophy is from within the church, as you well know.

    I hope this is useful. From PDC lecture 61 How To Talk To Friends About Scientology tract 18 last paragraph page 124 of transcript;
    “But don’t be amazed if you get a level of ostracism on the basis of trying to plead its (Scientology’s) cause or case. It doesn’t need a case pled. Nobody is going to be able to execute it. It can’t be shot. That is the truth. It has the thickest armor plate in the world-zero space. It’s an idea.”
    Little Davies will come and go. But in the end, they probably won’t do much to stop the idea.

  7. I am a hooked and read the blog every morning and evening!
    So well done and great to be in comm with others who can actually
    think for themselves – A breath of fresh air!

    Would really like to know if we are going to receive our Golden Rods for

    Of Course the team has to go to Durban.
    No one here is willing to go in and listen!

    Perhaps they are going to take the new list of declares with them.

    How to you explain the majority on the list are OTV!!!’s and have contributed
    to being on staff and spent millions on helping the 3rd and 4th dynamic.
    I always thought HELP was not an attribute of a Suppressive Person!

    My advice is promote this blog it’s honesty is very touching.

    Wonder how they are going to justify their …. up in Africa.

    .Great Stats.

  8. I like the genuine tone of this blog , it has a very calming effect.
    I got to see my declare order and I give it an A+ in creative writing .
    It is just the final step in a 3rd party campaign run by professionals well trained on how to destroy , with competence and total certainty.
    LOL if it was not so sad!

  9. Here is the pair of dogs … paradox !
    .True LRH tech works like magic when applied 100%,
    Ethics truely is the contemplation of optimum survival – the funny part of the mission is the via from the missionaires to OSA mission operations via its seniors to CMO Int via its seniors to the sellout Despicable Me , who then must answer up essentially to non Scientologists who are above the COB, namely the lawyers in The Church of Spiritual Technology, who apparently call the tunes.
    Then there is the subject of awareness levels…. OSA operates on ‘existence’ ….. therefore the Corporate Church or business must consider that existence is threatened.
    Also if it really was an ethics mission , with the intent to bring about optimum survival and they kept on pulling the string on the situations they eventually would arrive back at Despicable Me and his wog bosses. They would have to get themselves sent to ‘Ethics’ .
    If it were an HCO mission it would be operating on ‘recognition, communication and perception’ … looking to find the truth and handle things.
    The way it seems, truth is not needed, orders must be followed. Wogs running the Church , no wonder it is CORPORATE and BUSINESS, they are trying to be Ghostbusters – for to them what else is an OT but Operating Ghosts.

    • Hi there Quench not the Spirit, thanks for your post. I am a bit concerned however. YOu state that the Church is run by corporate wogs who are lawyers right? OK, so this might be true, but I have not seen any evidence supporting this. If its not written, its not true. Please be so kind as to post the wogs identities, etc so that we do not indulge in generalities and heresay. I got enough of this whilst in the church. (we have recovered Scientologists that have been off the bridge for 20 years!) as an example.So just to keep it clean, please let me have the facts, time, place form and event so I dont get caught up in natter. Many thanks to you all and much love…

      • Hi Joleen.

        Quench not the spirit is technical correct.

        When all the corporate layers Of the church are exposed, the top dogs are wog lawyers.

        check out

        I am afraid to tell you that the church has been very economical with the truth.

      • Hi there Old timer… One of the reasons I asked was because so much verbal stuff has gone on in the church, Ideal Orgs is one of them. My viewpoint is”if its not written, its not true”. I did visit the site you recommended by to be honest, saw no facts, only Supposition. within the new group of superlative people (SP), I seek the behaviour of a group that are true Scientologists, and do no squirrel the tech. It would be very handy to have a name and the name provide proof of its involovement. I do know that Miscarraige (DM) is very legal wise and uses the law to control. I also know that DM has protected himself using the law. (Copywrites, Trade Marks etc). I also know that DM is a raving lunetic that has destroyed the church (personal observation – tracing back to COB), but I have never heard of anyone else occupying the seats of power and am really interested to knwo who they are and whether they can be traced back to the IRS and CIA. Can you hlep?

      • This comes up regularly in similar forums. Certainly many of the top nominal positions are held by non-Scientology lawyers, but this is not evidence for a conspiracy with one bunch of initials (CST, RTC ..) being controlled by another (CIA, NSA..) These positions are only figureheads. Miscavige has ultimate power and no doubt has signed, undated resignation and appointment letters from all involved so that if they cut up rough they will find that they became former executives a week ago. But it could be bad publicity if they did cut up rough, so by having non-Scientology lawyers as figureheads he ensures that they will never take a position in any disputes about the future direction of Scientology.

  10. This blog and the purpose of getting us in comm reminds of a quote.

    “Coming together is a beginning.
    Keeping it together is progress.
    Working together is a success”
    Henry Ford

    Thank you for uniting us and the stats show we are very threatening –
    management now has to actually explain the declares!

    Oh how the mighty Lions are starting to Roar!
    Just wait when they start to hunt down their prey!

  11. Mike ReynoldsUSA
    Great blog. I also read it daily since that first appalling brief on the Declares
    in South Africa. When the best and brightest at Saint Hill were Declared I
    knew then that the Skipper had left the boat and the rats had boarded the ship. I have been a Scientologist for forty years and i am also declared not because I was downstat I think it was cloudy that day and HCO was having a bad caffiene day. And OSA was polishing it’s covert ops helmet.

    for being a downstat in New yorks TTC but it was cloudy that day OSA was low on caffiene and the covert ops Valence was in full swing and think the yankees

  12. I have always held to the vision that the Independent field would be the natural
    evolutionary step in presenting the world with LRH Workable Tech. Not locked up in gaudy buildings and slick pavillions and small uniformed armies or clerics rounding up the faithful. The CofS is no enemy of ours but a nuisance and a distraction for us if we allow it. All of you independents are going where your hearts have always wanted to go. Beause you are good and decent and winderful. people and the world out there needs you and wants you.

  13. Well done, scnafrica. Your stats live and dance in joy in the free world, a world that can be seen and sensed and experienced – hooray! Long may you prosper 🙂

  14. Well the OSA-bots are doing their work well. I am being unfriended by Durban public already!

    Awesome stats, back-in-comm – keep up the good work. You are providing a valuable service.

    • I hate rejection, so I took the initiative and did all my unfriending last week. Pity really, there are some awesome people out there I would love to have stayed in comm with, but, it hurts them as much to be in comm with me as they will be put at risk. I just lose a friend temporarily untill they join the freezone. Then we will all be in comm again, just like in this blog! Yeah!

  15. I declare that all you wonderful SP’s are good, brave and enlightened people.
    We are all on the bridge of life; sometimes it’s narrow and treacherous and other times it’s wide and strong. I urge all of you to hold fast; keep stepping forward and enjoy the journey! Thank you for this blog.

  16. I was in South Africa during Apartheid. I visited Soweto and remember the poverty, but there were happy faces. For the whites I met, there was so much fear over what would come … revolution? blood shed? continued Apartheid? a breakdown of the whole country?

    South Africa is perhaps the most beautiful country in the world. Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa set an example for the entire world. As does this blog.

  17. Me suspects these missions are minimally in part to root out yet others under the Indie radar but still on CO$ lines, likely in response to incessant leaks they want to plug up, figuring internal apostates is what has been hampering expansion thereby making the bubble even more airtight. Likely they’ll call people in for meter checks, and those that don’t show get blackbooked in the meantime until the next time they come around. It’s a purge.

    • I agree, foremost. They showed us a PL (Indicators of orgs) mentioning a comm-ev held in Joburg 48 years ago. Wonder what they’re going to show the Durban, Cape Town and other public – seeing as their towns aren’t mentioned in the policy. (Never mind the fact the policy does not state WHY the comm-ev was held, nor what the result was…..). If they want to plug leaks, they may as well give up now. It will be like trying to stop water running out of a sieve.

  18. Here are some ideas for all the SPs (= Special Persons = Social Personalities) who would like to go the org(s) to find out what’s happening.

    And for those who are missing the “badge of honor” goldenrod, there is a Do It Yourself Declare Kit available. This kit is better than the official, because here one can state the real cause(s) of the “declare”. 🙂

  19. Ok so the Ethics mission are going on tour.
    Would have preferred if they had cleared their misunderstoods
    on this reference but then again they have most probably only
    done the previous crap study tech and now have an excuse for
    not being able to duplicate the following:
    From the book introduction to Scientology Ethics page 255
    The Ethics Officer his Character-

    A True SP makes things go wrong, hurts people, Oppresses,
    all around him all the right actions vanish and the wrong actions appear.

    Now because he or she can make others go PTS, then they make mistakes, so you
    get a whole group making things go wrong.

    The Ethics Officer knowing his Ethics Tech, can sort out the group, find the SP
    remove him or depower him and zingo the group will rebound and do good.

    Thank goodness us old timers know the Three Barriers to Study.

    We can spot the SP and his robots in our group and are now with this
    blog trying to communicate – the Church has crashing misunderstoods
    on Policy and what is Standard Tech.
    As for Ethics Tech they make it up as they go along and have to justify
    their reasons for the declares – when any of the public could just walk
    into their local HCO and see the Golden Rods posted – Sorry forgot
    they are not up for every one to see – their mission is to nail anyone
    who may innocently voice they disagree with what is going on!
    BEWARE their false masks will lead you into a trap!

    The South African drums are sending messages through out the land.
    Sooo postulate no-one pitches up and they get the message it is time
    for them to go home.

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