GATII News – Out with the old, in with the same old…

It’s been three weeks since the GAT Phase II event.

Of course it is still far too early to judge the success or failure of this new venture, but you cant blame them for already extolling the “wonderfulness of GATII” in this email promo.


The first thing to note is in the first paragraph she explains how crap the old Student Hat was. Yet when it was launched as part of GAT I in 1996 it was described thusly:

“The new Student Hat launches you into a sky of knowledge. This is where the whole subject of education suddenly makes sense, and changes before your eyes from a labor, into an effortless adventure. You become a power student who knows every study barrier in the book without thinking. Your study speed rockets, and you move through all future courses in warp drive.”

Miscavige has in effect said “Oops, my bad. Cocked that one up. But now it’s golden.” Tech Degrade much? Who does he blame for this? This was his project.

What is interesting about this is not what is IN the promo-piece, but rather what is NOT.

  • In the first small picture on the left, the student is sitting front of the Word Clearer’s desk. There is no Word Clearer in evidence. This is not a Gold shoot, perfectly set up to look like an alternate reality. You’re seeing what was actually there.
  • In the middle picture, it would seem that each student has his/her own course-room and personal Supervisor – there are no other students in the shot.
  • The Supervisor in the picture is clearly not Francois Groenewald – the Pretoria Org Supervisor who we believe went to Flag for GATII training, returned to South Africa and promptly departed from the org.

When you read this promo you get the idea that this is a completion success story. But a second look shows that it is not. She is still on the course. It would be interesting to know how many days she has been on course and what progress she has made in view of all the hype about “students now completing the Student Hat in 8 days”. 

Most disturbing though is the statement “…and all the corrections made to the course, by fixing all the out tech and having it all pure – thank you to RTC and COB”.

The message here is clear – COB (who is RTC and vice versa) has now fixed all LRH’s mistakes, and expansion will be straight up and vertical. For real this time. Seriously. We mean it.

Time will tell. And we will be watching.


34 thoughts on “GATII News – Out with the old, in with the same old…

  1. This is sad. And funny.

    One question I would like answered is this: Where DID they find all this “new improved” tech of LRH’s? Stuffed down the back of a couch? Taped to the back of his wardrobe door? Hidden in a water-tight tube in his toilet cistern? People I know who worked with LRH confirm that his record keeping was utterly meticulous. Everything he ever wrote, dictated or published was recorded, filed and kept in pristine condition – always. So where was all this “new hidden tech” found – 27 years after his death?

    And do any of the new materials offer any explanation, reference or document pointing to where LRH instructed that things should be changed, deleted, and “improved” – as they have been now?

    • Here’s the story that I got from a couple of people who went to the GAT II event: At some point, it was discovered that the materials in the tech vols, that have been in use for years and years, are in many instances different or even VERY DIFFERENT from LRH’s handwritten or dictated materials. So, awhile back (don’t know when) a project was started to produce versions of the HCOB’s that EXACTLY match LRH’s handwritten or dictated materials. Said project has now been completed, and we now can buy a set of tech vols that exactly match LRH’s actual handwritten or dictated notes, like for the first time EVER, probably. The project took hundreds and hundreds of man hours to complete, which is why, for many years, we were still being taught and using squirrely versions of the tech.

      As to why and how the red on white versions of the HCOB’s had gotten so altered from the original LRH products, this was said to have been caused by incompetent and/or suppressive people (SO members) getting on the HCOB production line and either carelessly messing up the bulletins or deliberately messing them up.

      DM has such a track record of lying and abusing people, that I don’t necessarily believe this tale.


  2. What a beautiful woman with a terrific smile. I wonder how long it will be before the smile disappears from her face with the realization that all is not well and the tech is not nearly pure after all.

    Roll-call with just one student answering, “Here!” is just sadness.I think I see a tear rolling down LRH’s cheek in the portrait on the wall

    • And the third photo also looks like another environment, not even in the course room??
      Plus they obviously had quite an effort getting this promo piece together.
      I notice that she is wearing a different outfit in each photo.
      Either she was rapidly changing clothes for each shot or they were gathered over several days!
      But, yes, they first thing I noticed was the absence of other people … where are they all??

    • Yes that is the sad part. With everyone being told to route on course at once and re-do Student Hat, why is there only one student? And her success story is not even for completing it — her claim to fame is that she was the first one to route onto the course. Wow, we used to take a win on completing a course, but I guess that is all “old, not done anymore and background” now. And at the end after thanking COB and RTC she throws in, “and of course, LRH.” Thank LRH for giving them a squirreled and altered and cut short Student Hat??? He did none of that. That squirreling was strictly COB’s doing. If LRH were here and saw what they did to his Student Hat Course, he would knock some heads together and have some choice words to say about that.

  3. So sad to think she is all alone on course and no one
    to do her drills with – oh sorry she has completed!
    Yet the photo clearly shows her with her pack!

    Does not put her previous word clearer and
    supervisor in a good light, if she had so much trouble in
    her previous study – perhaps there was no Qual on post –
    perhaps they also had misunderstoods so unable
    to correct the supervisor and debug their student..

    Oh forgot -they were using crap tech – I personally have
    come to the conclusion they do not understand
    the word STANDARD and we now have the word pure
    made up by the great guru himself!

  4. What amazes me is how members will one day say everything is so wonderful, and then on a bit of prompting from the course sup or someone to write up a story about how great it is, they are happy to throw what has gone before under the bus.

    Classic cross-examination question / legal argument: “Where they being dishonest then, or are they being dishonest now? Because either way, dishonesty is revealed!”

    And doing it in six days? Well if you have done it before, it should really go fast – what’s the big deal.

    As you say Scnafrica – its early days. I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. The dice have been rolled – lets see where they end up.

    • If the student Hat is now done is 6 days at $ 2,500 (US), and it took twice that long before for “only” $ 1,500 (US), what justifies, except greed, this price increase? Special recognition fee to COB for his outstanding work “fixing” LRH courses?

  5. This is pretty shocking. Not just the photos – any halfwit can see how fraudulent they are, so the real point is that this was the absolute BEST they could come up with as a PR opportunity? So obviously they’ve only got ONE person on course, because if they had more they would sure as hell have had them in the photo no mistake.
    C’mon, even a robot can work out this is not just an organisation on the way down and out, it’s already flushed away if they cannot even do PR better than this, never mind some actual delivery.
    Furthermore, the study tech is surely not one of these courses one can do time and again – once you know the three barriers to learning, you know it! There’s no more to be gotten. For instance, one you know the alphabet it doesn’t matter how many other ways there are to learn it, YOU KNOW IT!

    • Maybe the church is only accepting one student at a time now; it’s much easier to keep an eye on them that way.

      Twinning will officially go by the boards soon. If students are allowed to work together then communication can take place and the question that cannot be asked, “Where is everybody?” is bound to pass over someone’s lips.

      • Lol, KFrancis! Maybe the church has only one student altogether. If it had more, don’t you think they would have used them in the pic?

        I’d love to hear the general public/the sheeple voice their disbelief at what they’re now expected to do and at what cost.

        GATII may be the turning tide, the Wake Up call they need. It’s only the new public, can’t call them Scientologists yet, who will buy this bs.

  6. Interesting, each photo shows her wearing different clothes (and, of course, 1 IAS shirt). If they are trying to show different days, then they are all empty of the crowded course rooms.
    Angelique Van Schalkwyk, 6 years at presumable Pretoria org……can anyone vouch for this?

  7. Correct- per HCO PL Tech Degrades:
    -naming a material in use ‘old’
    -bragging about the speed-‘done in minutes’ and so on.

    Yes, time will tell

  8. Pretty, as noted, and dumb as a post, also as noted. And my congrats to those of you who were “condemned” by that idiot, David Misconceived. Scio was in trouble when he took over and he’s done a superb job of nearly killing it since. I wonder where he’s planning on hiding out when it all totally collapses, as it will.

    • Problem, he’s got so much money stashed away, he disappear and hide easily, I’ve heard. Unless he’s investigated by the FBI beforehand. Does he have their protection? Is the FBI in his pocket? What data is there about this?

      Has anyone yet asked that he present the annual IAS Balance Sheet and Income Statement for inspection? It is a requirement in South Africa – upon request of a donor. Does this not apply in the USA as well?

      • In today’s world, if they really want you, they’ll get you. Hiding is no longer a choice. However, your questions re the FBI are pertinent. As with COS, the FBI is not the organization it pretends to be.

  9. Well, I was not a fan of the Studenthat, no matter which version.
    The BSM was much better and quicker. I did not really care about photography and I was happy that tapes disappeard one by one during the years. In fact you could summarise the entire Studenthat in a few pages. I am not a squirrel guys. I am out 😉

    My point here is another one: If Angelique had said the same one year ago, she would have been declared SP. And this makes me wonder!

  10. I did the Student Hat in 1990 before either GAT 1 or 2. I sailed through, passed all my meter checks, the first time. I’ve never looked back. Now I must do it again? No ways, thanks!

    Granted, I was a KTL completion which could have made it easier. KTL is treated like just another fad and yet is a most invaluable course. All the KTL completions were very fast in auditing because we could duplicate! Now, no one does it. A great pity.

  11. Thank you South African SP’s for hosting this blog. You are some of the best SP’s I am happy to know!! Remember – SP=YOU KNOW and are not afraid to say it!! Scientology is criminal and Captain David Miscavige is a psychopath!!

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