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One of our regular blog contributors sent this to us. We felt it worthy of its own post.

Here it is:

Safe place I have been a supporter of this blog from the very beginning. It has become my soul-food, one of my daily “go to” places for news on the crazy goings-on in the RCS. I love being part of this growing community.

One of the reasons I love this blog so much is the fact that it is a safe place to be – a safe place to communicate. And it is from this view I wish to make a request of this community.

This blog is visited by of a wide diversity of people; united in the common view that the philosophy as originally intended by LRH has strayed very far off the tracks. Some have left the subject behind entirely, others are under-the-radar and not able or willing to reveal themselves just yet. And some have become extremely bitter, hating everything and everyone connected to LRH or SCN.

And then there are the brave folk who have come out into the open – the heroes if you will, that have exposed themselves and set the example of “one’s integrity being more important than one’s immediate life”.

I have read every single post and most, if not all of the comments. I have also contributed my own viewpoints on many occasions.  With the very odd exception, people contributing to this blog have displayed a wonderful granting of beingness to others. The acknowledgements and validation are most heart-warming to see.

I have also seen the odd attempt from some trying to slap-down others for communicating their viewpoint. I myself even experienced this. I didn’t personally mind as I considered it open, healthy debate.

I also saw, unfortunately, one or two people take a real nasty side-swipe at Ryan Hogarth when his story aired. These people were not willing to let go of the past and communicated clearly they were still harboring resentment and a desire for revenge.

I also have seen many, many instances of people spewing hatred at Mike and Marty on their blogs which I have followed for some time. These two have done so much in exposing the corruption of RCS – at great personal danger to themselves – and yet here were people trying to take them down ON THEIR OWN BLOGS. This was saddening to see.

When people open their hearts and souls by bravely telling personal stories of their journey into, and then out of the Church, many of these stories have named the perpetrators of the heinous acts of cruelty perpetrated on the hapless story-teller. I do understand that for the sake of fluidity and accuracy, it is necessary to name such names.

The most recent post from Craig Howarth was a perfect example of this. He was cautious in not naming those people he felt did not deserve to be “shamed”. And for those names he did mention, I felt he did so respectfully – keeping the H, E & R off the line (for the most part). My respect to him for doing so.

My point is thus: EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has been part of RCS (whether public or staff) is guilty of having committed acts we are not proud of. Maybe some more than others. I have personal reality and experience of the fact that in order to survive the system, every single one of us had to do things that would make us cringe with shame.

It is my fervent hope that even those being named on our blog will wake up at some point and start their own journey out. Those of us who have already made that journey have gone through the disbelief, hurt, anger, bewilderment and the myriad other roller-coaster of emotions when starting to come into PT on what is really going on.

 And when that happened to us, we needed a safe comm-line, someone we could trust. And a safe place to communicate. And so we landed on blogs like this one, Mike’s and Marty’s. It felt like home.

Those of us who are now sitting on the other side of the fence owe it to the others who are yet to make their journey to provide that safe place. And I believe this blog should be one of those places.

The mere fact of waking up and making the decision to walk away is, in my opinion, reason for the rest of us to welcome these people with open arms. And provide to them a clean-slate. An amnesty, if you will.

I will be the first one to offer Albert de Beer, Robert Bokkelmann or Ken Krieger a cup of tea, a bed and a safe place to just “be”. I, too, was victim of horrible treatment at the hands of these terminals, but I know that they are good people – LRH says they are, and I believe this. They are just so utterly PTS that they can’t see the wood for the trees. I understand that.

So may I ask of everyone here, when naming names and telling our stories, can we please do so without added vitriol and hatred. By all means, name the people involved, but let’s just stick to the facts without the necessity for character assassination at the same time.

One day, the very people we speak about in our stories may want to comment on this blog.

Let’s make it safe for them to do so.

Love Black Panther.


90 thoughts on “A safe place to be

    • Very good advice, Black Panther. I agree. These people have gone into the SP valence and perpetrate crimes as a way to survive in a suppressive environment. What they did was wrong and atrocious. But they started out as good beings and still are under all that. Let’s be there for them when they decide to leave. We can help them make the transition out and they can do conditions to come up the conditions after that. Marty had overts from when he was DM’s right hand man. But I consider he has more than made up the damage by the work he has done since out. He has shed light on the corruption and human rights violations, and has done it at much personal danger and harrassment. As Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

      • Thanks Jane – I couldn’t agree more. Let’s leave the game of “shame, blame and regret” to DM – he is so good at it. 🙂

  1. Very nicely written black panther, I agree we all have done things we are not proud of and we all need a safe place to communicate. Kudos to you for this!

    • Hi Despicable Me – Thanks very much – I believe we will meet each other soon – in the meantime, being able to stay in comm through this blog is wonderful. :).

  2. Nicely said Black Panther. In a different environment all those named people would have been different. Whatever they have come to believe is appropriate behaviour, I never forget that they do not get any personal wealth from what they do (minimal here and there at Cl V Org level), nor any time off for it, nor any other reward – other than staying out of trouble – which is hardly a reward. They are all in a prison of the mind. They MUST see the outpoints and wander what to do. Complaints and reports lead to Comm-Evs, RPF and declares. Its a rocky road to be on.

    • Thanks Wendy. I must say I really enjoy your comments on this blog. Talking about a prison of mind, I remember commenting once about staff suffering from a version of Stockholm Syndrome – (ref Wikipedia) – where one mistakes the LACK of abuse as an act of kindness. I saw this being played out many times.

  3. I agree with a lot of what you said Black Panther.
    I do feel that there is a time and place for certain things to be aired out. For confronting someone on the things they may have done while inside the cult it may be better to do that on another format rather than here.
    That being said, I do think it is okay for someone to air some of their resentment and “he&r” about people that they have encountered within the walls of the cult. I don’t believe that all within the cult acted equally. Some of the people inside are/were viscous people and some are worthy of jail time. It is one thing to make some mistakes and help regg someone for a few thousand dollars for a course they think will help them. It’s a totally different thing to hit people, ruin someone financially, pressure people to have abortions, run RPF camps. In some cases real crimes were committed and sometimes covered up by others. In order for any of these people to really be free from the cult they will have to take responsibility for the acts they have committed.

    • Well said and I agree. A safe place does not mean a place that pretends, but a place that is real. Life is real. Some of us had our entire lives ruined. I was one of them. I lost everything and I am not resentful, I am angry! I left the church intitially because of these terminals. I only later found out that DM himself is a raving lunitic and that possibly he lead from the front on many things. But a person KNOWS the difference between right and wrong and if they chose to do wrong then let them know tht its time to take responsibility otherwise they will never truely be free!

    • Hi Tony. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. I agree fully on the criminal activity – if people are/have been guilty of such acts, they should face the legal consequences thereof. I admire the few who have been brave enough to take the route of seeking legal justice.

    • I agree with Tony. Much was done with vicious consciousness. The people named in comments to Craig’s story have been doing what they’ve been doing for decades, not a year or two – with arrogance – creating an field littered with bodies, crushed efforts to help, destroyed reputations with lies and maliciousness, not to mention how they’ve crashed what LRH built up, whole orgs crashed. They knew what they were doing. They didn’t have the integrity to stop or get out.

      As for crimes we may have all committed, and perhaps I can speak only for myself, they are not worth mentioning, especially by comparrison.

      Let’s see what amends they make, what remorse they show, before we grant a blanket amnesty. Let them have their labels so that they can confront them. Let them know that we know. They need to work their way back into our hearts and earn acceptance and trust again.

  4. This blog is indeed exceptional in granting Beingness. (It should be required reading in the C of S.)

    You can’t force a cog. It takes as long as it takes, and everyone is different.
    I will do as much as I can, that I consider is effective. I refuse to abandon my friends. (I do allow for some leeway, as I know the stress that they are under. Stockholm syndrome comes to mind.)
    To someone who just got out, and has the opinion that anyone still in is doomed, I would wonder how they would feel if someone voiced the same comment a month before they got out.

    • Hi 1984. So true. If you told me 2 years ago that I would be writing on this blog, I would have said you were nuts. Everyone has had their own journey, and it has to be done at one’s own gradient. I must however, admit that when the opportunity presents, I do encourage a bit of gentle FSM’ing – the other way. 🙂

  5. Thanks Black Panther, it is true, if there’s one thing I learned it’s the granting of beingness. Also as in any justice action one should also seek the good products of the accused.
    I stated in my little write-up that I believe that Robert and Ken were being controlled, and I say this with some sadness….and was maybe a little harsh earlier.
    Believe it or not I actually learned a lot about handling an org and improving professionalism whilst working with Ken for two years. We got on quite well and he had a good sense of humour. He often validated me for my work and and I enjoyed those times before he left. I don’t think others saw this side of him.
    I think it is more the betrayal afterwards that hit me, but now when look back I can see he must have been consumed with PTSness when he got back to the CLO. I find it quite sad actually, the evil that has poisoned the group can create great confusion and possible wrong targeting.
    Even so, this still does not justify cruel actions done on others.

    • Hey Craig,. I loved your write up. Your story played a large part in prompting me to write the piece. I also saw some light-heartedness from Ken – not often, but it did come through at times. In fact I have at one time or another got on really well with all the “ogres” mentioned. There were some exhilarating and fun times – a camaraderie which was really cool, But it got worse as the years went by, and in the end, it was so “deadly serious” I felt like I was on the set of Apocalypse Now. I agree totally on the PTS thing – I think anyone who served on staff (SO or org) was in the same boat – but the higher up the food chain, the worse it was. I have often felt that joining staff was “the final cure” for me as I got to see the insanity up close and personal. The general public out there really have no inkling of what is going on behind the curtain. And sadly, a lot of them don’t WANT to know. Until it smacks them in the face.

  6. Ah yes. It’s Xmas season. Thanks BP. I will put away my desire to figuratively strangle one or two folks I am thinking of and take out my blessing device and sprinkle some of the water over their heads. Unless……. nah, I better not.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    It is vital to have a blog such as this to allow each person to do what they are ready for. Some may name themselves and others may just look. I think they all need to do just what they feel like doing, nothing more or nothing less.

    The way out has so many gradients and variables for each person. I know it was for me, and I am still a nom de guerre.

    • Hi St. I reckon we could fill an entire Encyclopaedia Britannica on the different stories of how folk embarked on the journey through and out of the RCS maize. I found a lot of solace and experienced many LFBD moments in reading those stories. Confirmation I wasn’t losing my mind, and wasn’t alone.

  7. I would like to say, Black Panther, that I could not agree with you more. Finding what I found on the internet was like its own form of spiritual unburdening (or auditing, if you would like) and it was definitely a process and it definitely moved me up and down the Tone Scale. I have never felt such a deep feeling of betrayal as I felt when I discovered the depths to which Miscavige and OSA would sink to “protect Scientology” and had used me to forward their ends for many many years. And even that was nothing compared to how I felt when I read the original GO policies upon which they were operating, written by no other than L. Ron Hubbard.

    Yes, I was angry and yes, I definitely expressed my anger on various blogs in no uncertain terms. I was also saddened and in despair over some of what I found, the history of how MIscavige had taken over, what had happened around Ron’s death and what had actually happened to the Broekers. All of it told in vivid detail by many different people, all of whom had been directly involved at Int Management in one degree or another. I read true horror stories of what went on in the 70s, 80s, 90s and up to today under the umbrella of “fair gaming” and I was both shocked and angered again at the injustice of it. The fact that my church had done these things and continued to do them, was beyond forgiveness.

    Yet despite the rage and frustration and every other “misemotion” I experienced, I did not EVER get involved in personal attacks against my fellow “ex’s.” They had also, by whatever means, come to their own realizations about Scientology and had gotten themselves out. We must differentiate between what the truly evil-minded people in Scientology are doing versus those who have gone PTS to them*.

    I can look back at my checkered career and see many things I did, many people whose lives I affected adversely, because of my beliefs and fervent support of Scientology. I also see countless more who I honestly helped, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to do so. So I can’t regret any of it. I can only acknowledge that there was some bad with the good and I have to be responsible for all of it. I’ve gone back and made my apologies where possible, and given the opportunity, I will make more. But our actions now, what we choose to do now, is what defines who and what we are and what lessons we take away from our Scientology experience.

    To attack other ex’s for any reason is actually the best example I could ever give of a “wrong target.” It does not matter one iota what any of us think now about L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, the tech, the policy or any of it. Anyone is free to think anything they want and no one has the right to denigrate or attack them for it.

    The correct targets are the suppressive elements currently running the Church and those minions who knowingly and willingly carry out destructive actions in the name of “protecting Scientology.” When someone is purposefully carrying out actions calculated to destroy another person’s reputation, family or their very lives, they know exactly what they are doing and they know it is wrong. There is little that can justify such knowingly destructive behavior. Yet a small number of fervent Scientologists in OSA and RTC manage to do it. I believe that there is true psychosis there, not just misguided good intentions.

    Mike and Marty have been accused of carrying out such acts in the past and some refuse to ever forgive them for their trespasses. They have that right, but I believe that the point Black Panther makes is still 100% valid. i would assert that Mike and Marty have done more to make up for and undo the damage they caused than any other ex-Scientologist in history. And I, for one, am more than willing to side with them, if anyone is drawing any lines in the sand.

    There comes a point when you have to let go of the betrayal and hate and move on with your life. It took me quite some time to get there, but I am there now and I hope eventually everyone who was tained by their experiences in Scientology will get there too.

    Thank you to the Corbetts and the other people who started this blog in South Africa and to everyone who contributes to it. You have my support and my good wishes, every one of you. I hope you truly flourish and prosper in this new year and beyond. I hope we all do.
    * I use the term “PTS” only because it most readily communicates the concept I’m trying to get across, not because I’m trying to label people I too was extremely PTS and to the degree that I am still somewhat ‘under Scientology’s thumb’ I will remain PTS. At some point I will manage to disconnect entirely and walk away, but for now I choose to stay around and try to help others through the same path I walked.

    • Wow Galactic Patrol. What a truly awesome comment. And I mirror your sentiments 100%. I wish there was a like button here – I would definitely be pressing it repeatedly now. Wishing you and yours all the best in the New Year too! Love BP.

    • Galactic Patrol: Excellent post and you are right on the money. I have felt embarrassed at how I was betrayed. Especially seeing as how I saw major shit in Scn in 1984 already. (Funny about that year- same as the book) But I guess critical = overts and I thought my confront must be really low as I could not see any overts I had on the group. I quietly left the church and disappeared until early 2000’s. We used to have good times in the church in the sixties and seventies and I guess I was looking for more of that. But I never found it. Except for the euphoria of the (bullshit) Joburg going saint hill size in 2005. No group and no individual have ever conned me as well as the C of S.

      • Hi LosingMyReligion

        I’m embarrassed about being conned, especially believing the hype of the events for so many years. And how long it took me to grasp the truth.

        But you know what? You are a Social Personality, as I am and as are all of us. We had no concept of evil and it had to be shoved under our noses and down our throats before we could see it or feel it. Even then, we couldn’t believe our eyes, “There must be some mistake… ”

        Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re out now. Good for you.

  8. Totally agree with you Black Panther and yes we all have had deeds we are not
    proud of and only really confronting the Psychosis in the Church can you actually
    start to disagree with the madness.

    Anyone who decides to leave in my universe deserves a second chance and a warm welcome to our group of independent thinkers – especially staff as they have had to
    really look at those who they have followed blindly because of such fear –
    most of us have condoned this behavior for many years and have only now
    felt it safe to talk and the brave actually declare they are now out!
    These are very turbulent times especially when FAMILY AND FRIENDS suddenly sever the
    comm line – I have experienced this and believe me at first it is devastating – so yes Granting of Beingness is the senior most theta flow you can give
    to anyone .

    This blog is so vital because it validates one’s knowingness and makes you realize
    there are others who have the same think and that makes you feel SANE.

    I NO-longer have guilty feelings or feel disloyal having these thoughts and the people on this blog who communicate their real experiences with the Church are being honest so if you
    are new to this blog you are welcome and very well done for logging on.

    Well my friends knowing you are Sane is the cognition to being part of this blog!

    • Thanks Goldie – lovely comment. I am also in the throes of many disconnections at the moment – it’s been an interesting time, and I am sure it will be for a while. I am sorry to hear that you’ve had to weather a similar storm. My thoughts are with you. Love BP

  9. Haha, yes stockholm syndrome! I reckon most of us to a greater or lesser degree are running out post traumatic syndrome! This blog is the cure!

    Like wounded soldiers from the battlefront we are regrouping, licking our wounds, yelling at our former seargants and generally venting our frustrations. Yet here we are alive, wizened and more experienced too. We made it out despite all the casualties we left behind. What a game!

    None said freedom would be easy! Now that we know who the true enemy is we can watch him destroy himself or we can hasten the cycle if we so choose. The point is now we can really choose. Isnt that what freedoms all about? The right to choose? We lost that right in the church, we have it back now. The future is our own. Nuf said.

    • Hey Sheeple Bane. I would love to see your story on this blog one day – your comments are very entertaining and I love your tone. You’ve had me in stitches a couple of times – I remember one about “baring your breast to the Gods” – HUGE grin at that! .

  10. Well put, Sheeple Bane.

    For now, the best we can do is boycott every activity of the church. My friends still in the church see that I do this and, like the elephant in the room, don’t say anything to me about it. However, they’ve noticed and also noticed that I’m doing extremely well in life, better than before when I was a supporter, and that I’m happy and relaxed. I believe I have more power doing this than by getting myself declared. I would be satisying too many people if that happened. This way, I’m setting a good example – it’s effective.

    The other day my hairdresser called me an Activist. I must say, I rather enjoy the title.

  11. “ … Those of us who have already made that journey have gone through the disbelief, hurt, anger, bewilderment and the myriad other roller-coaster of emotions when starting to come into PT on what is really going on.
    And when that happened to us, we needed a safe comm-line, someone we could trust. And a safe place to communicate. And so we landed on blogs like this one, Mike’s and Marty’s. It felt like home. ”

    Black Panther, I couldn’t agree more, and I really like your comments and what you are communicating.

    I also found some interesting explanations for “evil behavior” from Philip Zimbardo in his book: “The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil” (he is known from the “Stanford Prison Experiment”).
    Zimbardo says: “The recipe for behavior change isn’t complicated. – All evil begins with a big lie, whether it’s a claim to be following the word of God, or the need to stamp out political opposition. A seemingly insignificant step follows, with successive small actions, presented as essential by an apparently just authority figure. The situation presents others complying with the same rules, perhaps protesting, but following along all the same. If the victims are anonymous or dehumanized somehow, all the better. And exiting the situation is extremely difficult.”

    (If sb is interested – this is one of his videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xpsVlY3QQc)

    • Ka – thanks for the ack. Very interesting video. I mentioned in an earlier thread about watching a TV program on people escaping from cults. There I was sitting thinking to myself “how DID these people fall for this stuff and allow themselves to be so duped?”. And then I realised with horror that I was one of those people. A sobering and humbling cognition. I felt my ARC immediately lift – which probably contributed greatly towards being able to take the view I did in this article. Thanks again for visiting us here on our blog! Love BP

  12. To Black Panther, Wendy M, Galactic Patrol, St, Neptune, Craig and so many others:

    I thank you greatly for your comments in these blog pages. For so very many years the church has lost sight of the simple yet incredibly powerful truths being published here. I find it really cathartic that there are people out here who have managed to finally see the light and make a departure. We are all on the road out – some further on the road than others – but it is good to see.

    I observe that essentially we have had to first get out of the church before we were able to actually use Scientology in order to start recovering from the very church entrusted with its care. It has become abundantly clear that the C of S is the largest squirrel group on the planet – and the longest running. Thankfully its numbers and power are dwindling daily as it would under the suppression currently prevailing.

    I feel it important to see the mechanism in use as it is key to the comments posted above:
    In times of peace it is unthinkable to kill and commit acts of violence and spy and covertly operate in and against groups. Bad news.
    Now we go to war. We are taught to hate the enemy. The enemy is de-humanised. The enemy must be destroyed at any cost. No holds barred. Whatever it takes.

    So we have the GO, OSA, David Malformige, etc. All creating a climate of WAR. The SP’ s are out to get us. Big Pharma is the Psychs and are the baddest of the bad. Wake up Call. Calls to Arms. Special closed door briefings are held where OT Committees and key public are told how bad certain things are and how the attacks need to be stopped. (The same tactics are used with public to prep theem for fund-raisers) This all serves to instill a sense of fear. Staff and Sea Org are briefed like this, only worse, and all are scared of losing the planet, mankind, finally succumbing one LAST TIME to the SP’ s and Psychs. Your children and grand-children will grow up under psych drugging and control in schools and be zombies and of course will forever be inelligible for Scientology services.

    So selling or re-bonding your house is a small price to pay to ensure the future of mankind and the planet.

    As it was in world war II, this justifies SP declares, fair game policy and dirty tricks. And so you have good people who started out as caring decent individuals, now committing despicable acts in the name of saving the saving the universe.

    This tone level of fear has prevailed in the church for many years. I am not clear as to when it started – perhaps some comments from readers on this will help – but it was not quite that way in the early- and mid-seventies.
    While not excusing their actions and decisions, one should bear in mind the brain-washed state of these guys and at least understand how they would do these things. They had enough kool-aid in their systems to believe at the time that it was “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” And while it is easy to see once you have been out for a while, when you are in, it is not easy at all.

    Something very telling of this in recent history: OT8 should produce an individual who is if nothing else, aware. Able to look and see. And to KNOW. They would be uptoned and free. Never mind self-determined, they would be pan-determined. There would be a clarity of mind and ability to make decisions. To hell with tone 40, I would settle for tone 4.
    But we see a recent OT8 who is ED of an org. Gets approached by a public asking “can I sit in your Purif sauna once or twice a week? I will pay for it.” ED’s response: “Oooh I don’t know. (Indecision) I will have to check with management or the C/S.” (Other determined) “I’m scared I will get in trouble” (fear) And who the hell is management? You are the ED. The most senior person on your org board. But of course they are not running the org, are they? As pointed out by Craig earlier, the SO runs everything.

    The other example is a recent OT8 who has a family member declared SP. When asked why they dont have one last comm with the person before disconnecting, the response was ” well I’d like to but I will have to get permission from (ethics terminal). I want to continue up the bridge and dont want to jeopardise that.” So again: other-determined, undecided, fear.
    I believe that someone like Bokelmann, once out, would eventually realise what a dupe he was and begin to feel ashamed of his past actions. And like myself begin to wonder how the HELL he ever did that. And at that point we have salvaged a being. One who was decent going in, and who was there essentially trying to help his fellow man.

    I know I Was.

    • Wow what an awesome comment. Thanks so much. Sane, valuable viewpoints – which will hopefully be seen by others taking their first tentative steps into the sunlight.

      • Yes. Into the sunlight. And yet we have been accused of going over to the dark side. Well if this is the dark side…gimme my Ray-Bans!

  13. Just a comment on filtering and censoring communication.

    I realize that absolutes are unobtainable so total free speech is probably impossible. I see communication on a scale, the most free at the top and almost no communication at the bottom.

    I know it sounds good to not speak badly of people but I feel that there are some people that deserve being spoken badly of. Not that I need an LRH reference to justify this point of view but those who might want one, there are several. :
    HCOPL Ethics Review , levels of Ethics Actions, points 5 (Talking to somebody about another derogatorily) and 6. (Talking to the person derogatorily.)

    ~The Creed of the Church of Scientology was written byL. Ron Hubbard shortly after the Church was formed in Los Angeles on February 18, 1954. After he issued this creed from his office in Phoenix, Arizona, the Church of Scientology adopted it as official because it succinctly states what Scientologists believe.
    We of the Church believe: (*edited to leave the points I want to emphasize)

    That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments;

    That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;

    Also I feel it’s very noble to grant beingness to the perpetrators of injustices but how about granting some beingness to the victims. I do feel that people are responsible for their own conditions. I also feel that people that dupe or con others are responsible for that too. I feel that the people that have left the trap and have suffered greatly at the hands of the wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing have a RIGHT to speak and say what they want about these people who contributed to the ruination of their live’s and dreams. I personally know of Sea Org members who gave their blood sweat and tears to Scientology only to be tossed out like so much garbage at the age of 50+ and given $500 for their troubles. This after having worked for over 30 years at70-90 hours a week for $50 a week or less, sometimes zero pay. Years of little sleep and little to no enhancement. All to help mankind. So I will forgive them if they speak derogatorily about some of the assholes they have met along the way.

    I suggest being able to confront all points of the tone scale and different types of communications.
    The cult was very good at stopping and filtering the types of communications allowed. I really hope that others don’t fall into the same trap. First we can’t talk about this or that because it offends people. Then we can’t allow certain tone levels because that is not nice. Where does it end?? How about stepping up peoples confront on things? How about that?

    • Hey Tony, thanks again. I don’t believe I said anything in my post about censoring or filtering communication. I do understand that in order for something to “as-is”, the exact specifics (time, place form and event) need to be revealed. And that would include the names of the people involved. Hence my remark about the necessity to name names for fluidity and accuracy.

      What I did say was “when naming names and telling our stories, can we please do so without added vitriol and hatred”.

      Personally, I would much prefer reading “Joe defrauded me by regging me for 30 intensives when there was no auditor to deliver them” – as opposed to “Joe is an asshole criminal who should be shot”. The latter statement does not give any specifics and is actually just an opinionated and (possibly) libellous remark.

      Obviously this post was MY opinion – and I am glad to see that in the main, it has been very well received. However, if people wish to spew venom and hatred without specifics, then they must go ahead – let the moderators deal with this.

      As the Moderation Policy clearly states: “We do not wish to be overly prescriptive or to censor and robust debate is encouraged but we cannot and will not tolerate personal or ad hominem attacks”.

      Love BP

      • Hi BP,
        I never said that you said anything about censoring or filtering communication directly. It was just an observation in general.
        I understand not wanting to hear “he&r” and irrational hatred. It isn’t always lovely to look at. I still think it is the right of someone who has been abused to get their charge off in any way they see fit as long as they don’t commit any crimes in doing it. People also have to remain somewhat in ARC with others while they are getting their charge off or nobody will want to listen to them.
        I just don’t think it fair to put a muzzle on the abused and give all the special care to the abuser. I don’t really think you meant to do that but it sort of opened the door to it a bit.
        I feel that cult used the o/w tech as a way to manipulate people when trapped inside. If you said anything “bad” about Charlie then you have overts on Charlie. If you say that Scientology ripped you off then you have crimes on Scientology and could be sec checked for thousands of more dollars. It is a fucking racket. Hey, I believe that it is good to get off overts if you yourself think they are overts. If you did something bad then confront it and take responsibility for it.
        I have heard some people get off some real nice criticisms and emotional out bursts and then feel great!! My point to you was that you seemed to not want people to say certain things or express themselves in certain ways to make it easier for others, which is sort of a filter. I was just saying let people have their say and express themselves and let the chips fall where they may. I think that is the idea behind auditing. Not that we are auditing here, but I do know that these blogs can be very therapeutic. If you increase the communication then the reality and the affinity will come up. That is the basic tech on the ARC triangle. Now some people cannot comfortably experience emotion and want to run from it. I am just saying let us try to increase our willingness to experience things before we try to put muzzles on people that may inhibit their healing process.

    • Hey, Tony. I couldn’t agree more. One cannot even begin to guess at some of the pain and suffering caused to some by certain executives. Being the beings they are who get on their feet again, says a lot for them. Been there, done that.

      Speaking derogatorily to someone else is also an ethics gradient.

      Magnanimity is one thing, reasonableness is another, the latter is suppressive in itself.

      It’s such a relief to get it all off and to have this open communication. That’s why I like the blog – the freedom of speech. There are jokes against the establishment, even sarcasm and blatant name calling which we’ve never been ‘allowed’ to do before. It’s delicious. We’re getting off our charge and it’s okay and we’re even encouraged. How refreshing. All our bottled up comms are being expressed openly and duplicated. What a relief, even a joy – after decades of fear and curtailed speech and opinions.

      We’re at different stages of our leaving and in time, the newies will become less charged, too. Until then, let’s have free rein including those for or against name-calling.

      One day, soon I hope, we’ll get on the cans again and be able to address our own overts and withholds on our scene that are cause of the charge. If not or until then … speak. It can discharge charge, too, and we’re speaking to people who we’re safe with and who are not going to write it up and get us into trouble!

  14. Glad to oblige BP! We should deffintely exchange stories in more detail. I can say this though for all the fellow bloggers out there, I was present during the JGBD hey day. You know, when we went St Hill size for a week or two. It was giddy with euphoric razzle dazzle fervor! We all believed the slogan from southern africa would come the next great civilization etc etc. People from all over the country and globe came to join staff. Hungarians, Austrians, Pommies, Germans, Cape Tonians and Durbanites too ekse! Nothing seemed impossible! Nothing! We were all swept away by it, afterall the universe corps were coming and the staff would be rewarded with our hard earned OT levels – ultimate prize! Man did we graft! I must say, it was pretty awesome for a while. Take nothing away, we achieved something no other org in the cont ever did or would. I contributed an know i did my part. Many public were helped.

    But alas twas not to last..mores the pity. If I shed a tear, others bled instead. My sadness in reminisence counts for naught when I know my sibling (one of the many I introduced to the church) lies in bondage there still!

    To my dear friend at flag, hurry home with open eyes.

  15. I don’t know if the movie about Mandela has already come out here. It was in Europe. I didn’t know really the story. It learned a lot seeing that film. Well, this is also why maybe this blog is so safe and rational. It’s animated with the same spirit : greatness.

    • Hey FG – yes, the movie is out here, although I haven’t seen it yet. There was also a documentary recently called “Miracle Rising” which I did see. It was an incredible account of the times this country has been through. Really moving.

  16. “This all serves to instill a sense of fear. Staff and Sea Org are briefed like this, only worse, and all are scared of losing the planet, mankind, finally succumbing one LAST TIME to the SP’ s and Psychs. Your children and grand-children will grow up under psych drugging and control in schools and be zombies and of course will forever be inelligible for Scientology services.”

    This quote of Loosing my Religion post indicate me some basic BPC : the fear of being stopped and loose your eternity.
    And they get money for that. It goes like that : if psych are let loose they will create so many illegal PCs that services in scientology will not be possible (meant psychs know about illegal PC policy and they purposefully make illegal PC to stop scientology which is one of their primary concern). And the customer “cognite” : “Waoh… That’s the ennemy plan!”
    “Well” said the reg… And they have to fund IAS, CCCHR and Ideal Org to ensure there will be a future where people will be eligible to go up the bridge… They rather give all their money, because themself they have been maybe already mud up by psychs without they even have a knowledge of it. Have you ever considered why sometime it didn’t work in auditing? If actually you were an illegal PC? All your auditing would be a huge overt on scientology, an overt on the 4th dynamic. Out tech. Vorbidden.
    Please fund the future, that you can be audited on your next lifetime. Plan for eternity!

    Some people were in terror of what the meter could find. A psych experience, maybe when they saw this psychologist at school? And if he was PDH’d? How could he remember? Maybe is that explaining this still needle on the emeter drill?
    No… Or… Jesus, God… my oncle was working for IRS… family connection to the governement ! No… my eternity. I have to call my ount. Of course he retired, and he was just an accountant… But if I disconnect… Yes i will disconnect. Make me think… Oh Jesus.. Lord. My son is dating Lizzy Katz (sweet she is… if I was 20 years younger and there was not those bloody sec checks)… fuck… Graham Katz is his oncle… and I heard he is now part of a squirrel group. Oh, it’s just a fuck… What do I think…? I’m bloody out ethics, how can I hope my son will be “in ethics”. What a trouble with him… I did well to discourage him to join the Sea Org. Oh no, I shouldn’t think that… it will read on my eligibility. Anyway concerning my eligibility I’m totally jeopardized! Why did I listen this guy telling me that COB is beating people, and why did I answer : “yes, he is a little bit looking 1,5.” No, I didn’t say that. Hear ! I didn’t say it !!!! Needless to sceam, it wont change it… YOU SAID IT!!! Oh my Got, I have been natter of COB… the worst possible overt. My future is jeopardized. Oh, God, I must be full of shit… full of overts… yes, daring to criticize COB. They will sec check me to hell. Oh, they will find out about this time were I went to see that prostitute… They will publish an ethics order on the wall… Maybe be if I make this donation they ask for IAS….

    • FG.

      I laughed when reading your post. But I have had those thoughts!

      Jeez! And we used to think that we were self determined!

  17. Very well said. I have always been confused by the Mary and Mike haters. They where part of the same system that everyone else was. They where higher up and because of this under even more pressure to conform and do as they where told. They where both in the hole. Yet they have both gone above and beyond to bring to light the abuses within Corp Scn.

    They have both had to travel their own journey navigating their way outside the life of the SO. Has everything they have done since leaving been right? I don’t know…I haven’t walked in their shoes..Thank God.

    It’s their journey to travel. We each have our own. How well would you fair with a limelight shone on every step of your journey? They have had one on theirs and they did it by choice. They should at the very least be commended for that.

  18. This is such an interesting comm exchange and it really gets my blood going too!
    While I see eye to with Black Panther about this blog being soul food and a point of stability and while I much appreciate as well many, many of the individual postings, and links given, (thanks “ka” for the Zimbardo link), it is Tony dePhillip’s “Just a comment on filtering and censoring communication” that strikes me as pertinent, incisive and hitting the nail on the head.

    Come on, there is a dead body on the floor! And there is blood all around him! Somebody murdered him.

    For too long have we been inculcated not to name things for what they are, have been educated into believing that any rejection, criticism, anger is a bad thing in itself. It’s alright to be angry! I do believe we well may need to graduate into being angry first. It’s alright to say he murdered him. Because he did. It’s alright to be angry about it. In fact, it’s a SANE reaction. THEN, we may, when the time comes, and hopefully will, graduate into compassion and the understanding that he was/is basically good.

    Let’s not babble-bubble in the “everyone is basically nice” oppression of true and pertinent emotion and actual fact. It is necessary to name things for what they were. For the sanity of everyone concerned.

    Ref. HCO PL 7 Dec 69 II, “The Ethics Officer, His Character”
    Page 3: “Murder is murder. It occurs. A murder is not a frightened wish it had not occurred. It occurred. Somebody did it. There’s the body.”

    • Hi Meja Deja

      I agree with you in many respects. I have said often that a person who never gets angry is a stone, because there are many “angrifying” things that go on in this world. Sad things too.

      On this topic though, there are some persons – lets say Sandra de Beer, Ken Krieger and Robert Bokkelman who have been named on this blog as terminals causing a lot of trouble. If ever they were to consider moving out of that valence etc they are in, it is doubtful that they would find this a safe place if we don’t make it so. That is not to be 1.1, but to know that people and things can change.

      Marty was once Miscavige’s right hand man – and now is the person who has made and is making the greatest impact on bringing him down. That deserves respect. At least.

      Mike Rinder was once the spokesperson for the church – who at risk to himself and his family, continues to bring the truth home to those who will look. That deserves respect.

      Saul in biblical times was Jewish and he persecuted Christians. He, according to the Bible, saw the the blinding light on the road to Damascus which left him blind for several days. He converted to Christianity, was denounced by his father and became Paul. Later he was called Saint Paul. And there is a cathedral in London built in his name. And there are gospels in the Bible – Paul’s letter to the Corinithians. He was declared a saint by those whom he had persecuted previously

      I absolutely agree that there is room for anger. But even if you are angry with someone (and justifiably so) there is room to let it go, and let them be.

      I don’t know if you are a South African, but I will say this about white South Africans. We all carry the burden of the guilt of not doing enough – or not doing anything at all – to end apartheid sooner. Did we deserve forgiveness from the victims of apartheid? Probably not. Did we get forgiveness (thanks to Mandela)? Well, lets put it this way – we have a long way to go in righting this ship – but there has not been a blood bath. And that (crime aside) makes this a safe place to be. And that was something of a miracle -especially after the assassination of Chris Hani. Mandela wrote in his book something along the lines – People are not born knowing how to hate others. They learn it. And if they can learn hate – they can learn love. That is what my sentiments are based on – people can change. That excludes the 2 and a half percenters who can rot in hell. And can be named if you can be certain they are in that category.

      • Hi Wendy,
        I think that if any of those people were looking at this blog then they might already be waking up. Sometimes when you confront someone with their crimes then they start to confront them too and may start to take responsibility for them.
        Your example of South Africa is a good example in my opinion. Pardon me if I am overstepping my bounds here but apartheid went on for along time and nobody seemed to notice or be willing to change things while keeping the status quo. It took active protest and a certain amount of FORCE to get people to be willing to change. Same thing with the cult. How long have people been shouting about these abuses?? The over the top regging, the crazy disconnection policies that have torn up families. The trashing of good Sea Org members, the RPF. Very little has changed. But when enough people wake up, it will change and it IS changing. I think handling Scientology will be easier than handling South Africa. You guys have set a good example in your country, now lets do it in Scientology! 🙂

  19. BP: your article resembles the true meaning of “What is Greatness” and beautifully written! I fully agree with your sentiments.

  20. Well said Meja Deja, it’s ok to be angry, it’s healthy to feel emotion, I think it becomes unhealthy when you hold onto it for too long. I understand people have done things they are not proud of, haven’t we all… and that’s ok but what is important is that you try to make amends.

    I really admired Ryan Hogarth for acknowledging the two people that were upset with him and asked for them to contact him personally, that takes courage. I am the first to speak out if I am upset with something or someone but I am also a very forgiving person and if that person took the time to give me a sincere apology then I get over it very quickly.

    We are taught in the church to keep those things inside, if this is a safe place then I want to air my hurt, my frustration and anger. I feel safe knowing that I will not be attacked on this site for being so open, if someone has done wrong then why should they not take responsibility for it. If Brokkleman wants to someday apologise for being an arse then great, I am listening!

  21. Outstanding post. I have so much to say about this, that I am going to say very little, or it will end up tl;dr. (too long, didn’t read). So I will just leave it at this: Thank you for your maturity and wisdom which indicates healthy recovery from the snake-pit that is Corporate Scientology, and which some people unfortunately carry with them into the rest of their lives – blame, judgement, condemnation, hatred and bitterness which is toxic, poison, and has no place in any civilized community of people.

  22. I agree with the sentiment of this post. I agree that conversation should be civilised, where possible. However, even the hatred and vitriol have their place and are a vital part of decompressing, because hatred, judgementalism and vindictiveness are instilled in RCS culture. It is good that people can finally air their thoughts and pent up anger after leaving. It is actually part of decompressing from that environment. If you censor them here, where will you stop? If you censor them here, how will they evolve? Mike and Marty let people communicate on their blogs partially because it is just part of decompression, and partially because hatred serves as a reminder to all of us where we came from.

    I do not agree with the blanket eval that every person who was a member of the RCS is *guilty* of committing acts they are not proud of. I suggest we leave blanket evals to David Miscavige, and propose instead to drop concepts like “guilty” and “amnesty” altogether. Just take people as they are, help them work through whatever they have to (they’ll do so anyway, either here or elsewhere, if you don’t/can’t help them). Just take them as they are, uncensored. I think that way you will be creating a safer place to be than by telling people what they should or shouldn’t communicate and how they should or shouldn’t do so. That’s just RCS all over again, and I think people are coming here precisely because they’ve had enough of that and need a change. It is what contributes to making Mike’s and Marty’s blogs great.

    If standard tech works 100% of the time when applied standardly, what is stopping you from setting up your own indipendent org in SA? Under that premise, you couldn’t help but succeed. Wouldn’t that be creating the safest place of all for people to come to? A place where they can see with their own eyes what Scientology could and should be like?

    The best of wishes for an indipendent South Africa in 2014. The RCS cannot survive, simply because it is an abusive relationship carried out on an organisational scale. Abusive relationships are dysfunctional and end sooner or later. Healthy, resilient relationships survive and grow, allowing each person they touch to grow also.

    • Hi DM,
      I think getting back in comm would imply that a certain amount of triage is needed and allowed for, including some criticism.
      (Not to mix too many metaphors) As charge tends to block comm, a degree of key out is needed to unburden a few locks and secondaries, to open up the comm lines. Try not to block it by limiting the comm.
      The engrams can be handled with a “Truth and Reconciliation rundown / B of I or whatever” at a later convenient date.
      Here’s to rescuing the maximum survivors first.

      • 1984, I think you will find denying a person the ability to communicate their charge will block the comm more than anything else. Or have you heard real communication and laughter in Scientology orgs of late? Don’t use the tech to dig your own grave.

  23. However, even the hatred and vitriol have their place and are a vital part of decompressing, because hatred, judgementalism and vindictiveness are instilled in RCS culture. It is good that people can finally air their thoughts and pent up anger after leaving. It is actually part of decompressing from that environment. If you censor them here, where will you stop?

    If it goes on and on forever, it’s not decompressing, but depressing, and it’s something else. The vitriol and hatred reduces the tone level of the blog, ie. going down, not up. Witness the in-house roaches on many blogs whining about the same thing day in, day out for years … the discussion topics having become degraded into invalidation of the subject of Scientology itself. Make no mistake these would also love to spread the disease everywhere else, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • If it goes on forever and ever then it’s not decompression and isn’t helping the person to get better. If someone came on this blog and spewed hatred on every post I think people would get very tired of that person. I think that this argument isn’t covering anything that I have seen on this blog.

    • If you feel it goes on forever, understand some people need more time. Understand also that it isn’t always the same people, but often new people arriving at the same conclusions previous arrivals did and saying more or less the same things.

      By all means, censor away. I really shouldn’t care. RCS does so with glee and look where it got them.

      • Formost, I would like to add that what you said was a classic Scientology reg strategy – take something good and associate it with something bad. In this case, turning people being able to have a breath of free communication into people whining about and degrading Scientology incessantly. This is mostly not the case.

        Which blogs are “many blogs”? See Marty’s blog and you will find courageous, open and honest people. Look at Mike’s, and you find great people who care about those still on staff, even if they scoff at times. I don’t think the people on either blog belong in the category you seem to have painted them in. So which ones are you talking about?

  24. This blog is the most peaceful, compassionate and civilized forum I’m aware of in the Scientology net-galaxy. And I think credit goes not just to the moderators for setting a tone that nurtures open, uninhibited yet respectful communication. It also goes to big-hearted, brave and eloquent commenters like those who have spoken in this thread — starting of course with Black Panther.

    Off-topic, but maybe of interest: an unusual blog called “Scientology Celebrities & Human Rights” has just published some alarming hints about Dave Miscavige’s plans for Africa. No one seems to know anything about the creators of this blog, which purports to have sources in CC Int and other orgs around Los Angeles. But for what it’s worth, here’s the latest from there:


    • Wow Richard – thanks very much for the validation – really appreciated. Very interesting link, thanks. Certainly worth keeping an eye on.

    • I agree with you Richard. This is an incredible blog and I think the creators of it deserve big kudos. I also want to acknowledge Black Panther. I got the over all intention of his/her post and it was very well reasoned.

      • Thanks Tony & 1984. I really appreciated being granted airtime on this blog. I loved everyone’s acknowledgements and responses. It really IS great to be “Back-in-Comm”. Love BP

    • Richard Grant, Dec 22, 2013 at 2:50 pm said: “an unusual blog called ‘Scientology Celebrities & Human Rights’” … “No one seems to know anything about the creators of this blog, which purports to have sources in CC Int and other orgs around Los Angeles.”

      They gave some information about themselves:

      “we’re collecting original documents demonstrating a long pattern of fraud, deception & criminality between cult lawyers, accountants & leadership that’ll hopefully be enough to prove tax evasion, money laundering, using Scilon fronts to rip off legitimate charities (especially in the UK), illegal wiretapping & surveillance of top whales & payments made to key figures in D.C., London & Paris to get the heat off the cult.”

      “A previous comment claimed we are wrong that financially wealthy Sea Org members don’t exist. We beg to differ. Most, like ourselves, come from very affluent & privileged backgrounds. We’re the Delphi cliques, Scilon aristocracy, the spoiled brats of a post-hippie generation, hipsters without a cause. Another comment mentioned ‘trust fund babies’ – that’s exactly right.
      After all the pathetic insults & accusations against us, we’re going to really fucking relish the look on their faces when this shitstorm we’re right in the middle of hits the fan & everything gets out in the open. Our parents & relatives will have heart attacks & strokes that not even their almighty OT powers will be able to prevent, but hey – payback is a fucking bitch in heat & this is personal.”


  25. Good stuff. Recommend we all read “What is Greatness” by LRH. I am one of the 18. Came into SCN.in 1957. Worked for two ORG’S from 1961 to 1968. Had two missions start in our home one of which is an ORG today. Most of it was fun.

  26. “This tone level of fear has prevailed in the church for many years. I am not clear as to when it started – perhaps some comments from readers on this will help – but it was not quite that way in the early- and mid-seventies”

    There are several well-documented books that cover the full span of Scientology and what was going on when. It makes for interesting and informative reading to learn the full history. Some of the earlier books are available for free online.

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