Evaluation & Invalidation

We have just seen our way through Christmas, the traditional time of year for family, friends and goodwill. For the newly declared they will have spent their first holiday season disconnected from family and friends but we hope that all have found new friendships outside the controlling environment of the official Scientology community. 

We are reposting the most recent article from Mike Rinder’s blog. It is something he received from one of his correspondents. We believe just about everyone reading this will have experience and reality on this and it’s important in the ongoing discussion we have been having on this blog. 


The two greatest crimes that can be committed with Scientology technology are the two “shuns” – evaluation and invalidation. In numerous references, LRH explicitly details the destructive effects of evaluating for a person (telling him what to think about his case) or invalidating a person’s case or gains.

In fact, invalidation is so powerful that in HCO PL 25 June 72, RECOVERING STUDENTS AND PCs, LRH states that “invalidation of case or gains” is one of only four things that will cause a preclear to blow Scientology entirely. I am quite sure that if you are reading this, you have witnessed at least one example of someone leaving Scientology over this kind of invalidation.

Scientology sets itself apart from psychology and psychiatry specifically over these two “shuns.” Nothing is more reviled in an auditor than to tell a preclear what is wrong with him or to tell him that he hasn’t had a win or gain when he has indeed had it. Yet if you look just beyond the auditing room, isn’t that exactly what is occurring right now internationally in the Church of Scientology?

I am writing this post because I want to document in crystal clear terms that the invalidation of your case going on in Scientology is not an accident, nor is it something new.

Since May 1996, invalidation of technical gains and skills has been the defining characteristic of David Miscavige’s technical “breakthroughs.” In case this is not clear, let me walk you through a brief time track of Miscavige’s “discoveries” and “breakthroughs” so you have the fuller picture of what has been going on:

In 1996, with the release of the Golden Age of Tech, we were told by Miscavige that auditors were not perfect and LRH wanted nothing less than perfect auditors. The references backing up this assertion were taken out of context from Class VIII training materials. Of course by the time a person has achieved Class VIII status, the standard for their auditing is perfection. But you are never going to make a Class 0 auditor that way. LRH himself explained this in detail in HCO PL 24 Sept 64, INSTRUCTION AND EXAMINATION: RAISING THE STANDARD OF.

Despite this direct contradiction of LRH, Scientologists the world over went along with Miscavige’s explanations and so were made to re-do their training starting all the way at the bottom of the Grade Chart with the “Study Certainty Course” (a Student Hat retread) and going up from there. Of course, most people bogged horribly at the Pro Metering Course and never got any further. So much for perfect auditors.

In fact, so much for making any auditors anywhere. It’s been 17 years since David Miscavige stated that we would have an army of perfect auditors, trained more rapidly than ever before. Yet to this day, auditors still are not being made in any org Academy. Any Scientologist who is on course in any org in the world knows this is true. The simple reason for this is that Miscavige dreamed up a wrong Why and enforced this on the international training scene. When the Why was proven by stats to be unworkable, rather than revise or correct it, he just pushed it in even harder.

The next step was “Arbitraries Removed” in 1998. This time, Miscavige “discovered” that somehow the Solo NOTs auditing procedures had been cut down by some 90% and therefore the level was not being done right by anyone anywhere. This after the level was being delivered for over 20 years! Every person who ever touched Solo NOTs materials was called back to Flag, made to read the special IG Network Bulletin (not LRH HCOBs) concerning this “discovery” and then put back onto Solo NOTs after retraining. And make no mistake, they were charged for this retraining and additional auditing. These “discoveries” were turning out to be big money makers for the Church.

Having now already ravaged the entire training side of the Bridge and the upper OT bands, Miscavige moved further down the processing side in 2003. It came to light after “RTC investigation” that almost everybody who had ever attested to the state of Clear was not, in fact, actually Clear. They were all just Releases, meaning that the case gains they’d achieved (and attested to) were now stated to be only temporary and didn’t really mean anything. Again, this came from David Miscavige, who is not even trained as a Case Supervisor nor is he trained on the Clear Certainty Rundown materials. And because he said it, every RTC Representative across the planet enforced it in each Advanced Org and Saint Hill.

It is a crime in Scientology to denigrate the state of Clear. Yet here was probably the greatest single invalidation of case or gains ever carried out. On the direct orders of RTC Representatives, AO and SH staff called in Clears and told them in no uncertain terms that they were not Clear. They were given an “ARC break session” to “handle the loss” and then immediately routed to the Reg to pay for the intensives of auditing they were now going to need in order to get back to the place they thought they already were. For some, this meant re-doing their entire lower Bridge, at a new cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

Then in 2006 came The Basics. David Miscavige stated that no one ever understood any of the books L. Ron Hubbard had written because they had been so altered by editors and transcriptionists and so on that they were literally beyond comprehension. This was truly the most blatant and widespread invalidation of all training yet attempted, striking directly at LRH’s most fundamental work. But he succeeded. After three hours of grimly detailing every transcriptionist error and missing semicolon, Miscavige convinced every Scientologist that they had never truly understood what the word “Scientology” even meant.

The outpoints with The Basics are so great they almost cannot be enumerated, but there is one I would like to highlight. It is an easily provable fact that L. Ron Hubbard constantly reviewed the state of the materials of Dianetics and Scientology and personally stepped in whenever he found alterations or errors. The proof of this is contained on page one of HCO PL 7 Feb 65, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING. This policy was first issued in 1965, then was re-issued in 1970 (after LRH personally found out about quickie Grades) and again in 1980 (again when LRH personally discovered more tech alterations). Another great example of this is HCOB 24 Jan 77, TECH CORRECTION ROUNDUP, in which LRH personally corrected numerous technical alterations and violations that had been dug-up across many areas of Scientology.

If there is nothing else you can say about LRH, you can certainly state that he was vigorous in demanding that Scientology be kept pure to his words and that no one alter or denigrate it. So do you really believe that in all these reviews over all the decades that Ron was directly on the lines, that he missed these gross alterations in the most fundamental materials he authored? That transcriptionist errors and editor alterations somehow slipped by his notice over and over again? I don’t believe that for a second and I don’t think you believe it either.

Shortly after the release of The Basics, it started coming out on rumor lines and in closed-door briefings that the Objective processes had been being done incorrectly for decades. Again, blatantly ignoring the existing and easily understood HCOBs and lectures on the subject, Miscavige asserted that because earlier objective processes were being found on previously unreleased lectures, everyone must have just quickied these processes. And on the strength of this rumor line, and a hidden data line at Flag, orgs everywhere started programming cases of all levels back down the Grade Chart to re-do Objectives.

Now there is the Golden Age of Tech Phase II. No longer satisfied with invalidating a single Grade Chart step or section of the Bridge, David Miscavige has now made it clear that the ENTIRE BRIDGE was in fact being done totally wrong and every gain anyone ever experienced in Scientology was only an accident, a slip up by squirrel auditors running squirrel processes on their quickied case.

And remember, this Phase II comes after 17 years of already invalidating and correcting the Bridge over and over again, as laid out above. So ironically, not only had LRH gotten in all wrong, but COB RTC basically admitted (without saying it outright) that he also had gotten it wrong every single time he had issued a correction from 1996 forward. But it’s all fixed now. At last, due only to Miscavige’s efforts, is real Scientology available for the first time. I can only cringe in horror at those words, as anyone who has read Keeping Scientology Working should do too. Because of course, what this is really saying is that L. Ron Hubbard himself never delivered “real Scientology.”

What used to be a Bridge that you could walk across, step by step, has morphed into an endless cycle of one step forward, two steps back, over and over and over again. There are many possible reasons for this, none of which really matter because those reasons don’t change what is actually going on. There are no signs that this invalidate-correct-invalidate-correct cycle is ever going to stop.

With GAT II he has achieved what appears to be the ultimate invalidation: all of Scientology was wrong. Nothing you ever did in Scientology was ever really “what LRH intended.” And the only solution now is for you to do it all over again, no matter where you are on The Bridge. And once again, pay for the privilege.

Let me say this to you, the reader, directly:

If you go into a Church of Scientology and claim that your case and gains are being invalidated by the Golden Age of Tech, the only option the org staff have is to “handle you” so you agree with David Miscavige. Despite what it says in LRH policy, your claims will be refuted and you will be targeted for being “CI” or “out-ethics.” What is certain is that no one will agree that you have fully achieved the states you have already attested to on the Grade Chart. They will insist that you did not achieve those states and they will insist that you must do those steps again, and that you must pay to do them. I’m sure you already know this to be true.

The good news is that if you want it, the Bridge is available to you without any invalidation or evaluation of your case or gains in the independent field. That is a very viable option for you, now more so than ever before. It is far less expensive, less time consuming and more satisfying than any experience in a modern Scientology org.

Another option is to simply walk away from the whole thing, knowing that you did get wins and gains and that no one in this universe has any right to take those away from you or denigrate them. They were YOUR gains and you are the only one who has any right to say whether they were real.

No matter which you choose, it is a certainty that running around endlessly in David Miscavige’s expensive hamster wheel is never going to get you where you want to go.

Scientologists are starting to see through Miscavige’s smoke and mirrors and are deciding that enough is enough. Just by the fact that you are here reading this, you are already well on your way to doing the same. So please continue, and break free from the evaluations and invalidations you never asked for and do not deserve. A much saner and stress-free life awaits.

Galactic Patrol


27 thoughts on “Evaluation & Invalidation

  1. I started on the bridge after Golden Age of Tech was released and during objectives my file was sent to an AO to be C/Sed, so my belief at that time was that it was C/Sed at a high standard. During my NED the latest screw up was objectives were having to be re-done by many, but lucky for me I did not have to because they were flat and I attested to clear. I was just about to hand over the $15,000ish for my FPRD when I was told my objectives were not flat. WTF, you have to be kidding me!

    Now I am a clear I have to go to the AO and pay big bucks to go back and do over again. Funny enough they still wanted me to pay for FPRD and put the postulate there. That is the moment I slammed the door on the church for good, what a bunch of criminals!

    • Oh Galactic Patrol so well written.
      So true.

      I had certainty I was Clear.
      Past life and I had all the recall that goes with it.
      Then I had NED
      Which validated I was right.- but I was already Clear.
      Then I was told I was not Clear.
      Then on my Set Up’s for OTV1
      I am told I am Clear.

      Then Just before I completed OTV11 told It was just a release!

      Then had more Dianetics which is forbidden on OT’s!
      I can tell you I agree with LRH why Dianetics is forbidden on OT’s
      Completed OTV111 and felt I needed an OT Life Repair!

      This is the total BETRAYAL of all time f…… up the most able on
      this PLANET.
      We have paid to get to OT – it takes dedication, commitment to put your life on hold and audit and audit and produce the income to get
      to the top end of the bridge.

      For me it’s not the money – at the end of the day – It’s the fact
      that we believe and support LRH and to MESS around with a being’s Case is DISGUSTING to mess around with his sole purpose of getting to full OT and helping others to also reach full OT – it is DISGUSTING!

      The whole crew of the mother ship are in TREASON!
      The Church does not deliver Standard Tech.

      I have had incredible wins along the way but believe me you are
      not going to go FULL OT with the Church.

      If you are reading this blog then you know what I am saying is

      There is standard tech out there and I encourage you to get onto the
      real Bridge the one LRH had intended for you to take.

      Make 2014 the year you actually do get on the Standard route to FULL OT xxx

  2. The article above and comments are so true.
    Under Ron ( L.Ron Hubbard) the Church stood and willing hands worked for FREEDOM.
    Today the Church of Scientology or as some refer to it the Radical Church of Scientology is simply a SQUIRREL operation.
    Under the guidance of David Miscavige is has become a closed faith. What do I mean by a closed faith? One that relies on a dogma that cannot be questioned without the threat of death or exile. Those within are closed to what you might call outside truths, and their culture internally is held in place by the dogma and threats. This creates an internal environment which precludes change from within.
    Rationality is the enemy of any closed faith.
    This Blog and others are doing a fantastic job of helping people to see, rather than look without seeing what is there. Mike Rinders Bog and the actions to demand that that things be done is exactly correct and every support should be to these actions.
    In warfare there are a few key points:
    a. Know thyself
    b. Know the enemy
    c. To oppose something is to maintain it
    Truth be told I do not want to contribute much to maintaining the Squirrel SP David Miscavige, however proper legal steps and procedures must be done so that his criminal acts and those around him who have violated the laws of the land can be examined and they be brought to accounting.
    In the meanwhile “ Know thyself” is a critical thing, requiring each persons attention. In St Luke 9:55 Christ says “ Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of”
    In this direction you have the works of L.Ron Hubbard.
    Personal enhancement and getting busy training to be an auditor or move up Ron’s Bridge to OT. Moving forward !!!!
    The Squirrel Church is filled with alter-is- lies misdirection and untruths……. Confusion and harm to many is and will follow. Step clear of that nutty scene and get busy moving forward. Connect with the real OT’s outside. Florish and Prosper.

  3. The sad truth is the bridge stops at some piont… Mabe OT7.. Not sure OT8 is authentic LRH… but Something happend and LRH never completed the work…
    So DM is just taking us all around the block again and agian trying to distract us from the fact there is no OT 9-15… DM is a master of marketing and money making that is the long and short of the CoS.
    Real scientology can be found by real auditors working outside the cult…. Hope there will be real places to train in the future

    • In the OODs (Orders of the Day) on the Apollo, around May or June 1972, LRH wrote that any and all research on OT 8 is now complete. A couple of weeks later he wrote that all research to OT22 had been completed and work was moving forward and onwards to OT30 and beyond.
      If you are looking for the upper bridge as it should be done, contact the OTs in the outside field and look for the Class XII’s. There are many, and LRH tech is used with KSW.
      The official church of scientology – its just not worth capital letters anymore – not a proper noun. Not worth any effort except to bring the criminals who are subverting it to book for their crimes against the laws of the land. Who cares what they say or do, they can’t even follow simple basics. For their crimes just look to their accusations. If one looks to those missing from the Exec Strata, what one sees are those who are being subjected to force and pressure to compel their slavery. That’s the RPF as it is today. A SQUIRREL OPERATION.

      It is time to turn one’s face to Freedom , outside and free of Squirrel tech.

      • Could it be that the research was done but the auditing questions and checksheets were not? It seems that OT 9 and 10 are not available, have not been put together for auditing. I hope the Outside has this data.

  4. Although I agree with the post at large, I’d like to make a few comments here.

    I went to the GAT II event and DM is very careful to not openly invalidate LRH (as LRH is what he derives his power and position from) and it was all sold on the idea that vital LRH writings had been omitted before. One gets a different message above.
    The event was definitely an ivalidation of auditors though (with a little derogatory cartoon auditor goofing about).

    As for the objectives, I did the TRs & Objectives some years ago after I had redone Purif (I actually wanted to do this as it had been 20 years since my first purif and I had been exposed to various chemicals at work. But not much happened on purif, which was a validation that the body was not that toxic.

    Having done Objectives on the old Survival Rundown, where I never ran anything long enough to bite – just a few commands with no change or to a cognition, and gotten almost nothing out of them, this time they were done very thoroughly and I got to know what “anaten” really meant and had to push through quite a lot of mass. When I finally completed I felt great, and this rundown was one of the most case changing things I have done in Scn. Wins that I am sure benefits me every day of my life since.
    So please do not assume that all that is done lately is crap and all that was done before was better. I put it down to the quality of the C/S and his/her ability to judge when the EP has been reached or not, and of course running the process long enough to bite. I did not have one objective that did not “bite”.

    I was however approached by the Org with the purpose of getting me to do the Objectives again, which I rejected. I know I am the true authority of my life and whenever I let others impose their ideas above mine, things do not work out that well. When the choice comes down to My Reality or Someone Elses Evaluation, I like to stick with my reality. It has kept me sane so far, so why give it up?

    A comment on doing things over and over. Every time I do a TRs course I have wins. If I were to redo the Grades now, I am sure I would have lots more gains, as there might have been things back then that were not an issue, but they may be today. I am not the same person today that I was over 30 years ago.
    So people will do all this again and they will have wins, and that will be taken as proof that the GAT II is correct. I believe this is not true. Even if there were no changes people would have more gains doing something again (provided they did so willingly).

    • If the tech benefits you thats all that matters! I am happy people have wins in and out of the CoS!

  5. If it is possible, could someone please post what the actual time and monetary costs are for having to re-do all of these things? Also how much is the cost of the new required emeter? Thank you

  6. I’ve been following news about Scientology for some time, though I’m not a Scientologist myself… I’m reading the comments here and they were probably all written by experienced Scientologists, and I misunderstand something.

    I see that there is a very strong sentiment against Miscavige. His work on updating the editions of the books and the course – the Basics and GAT – are heavily criticized. But what is the actual problem?
    1. The updating work itself?
    2. His framing of this work, in which he harshly curses the people whom he blames for the mistakes in the previous editions?
    3. The pressure to repeat the parts of the Bridge that the updated editions invalidated?

    If we assume that the updated editions are, in fact, good and fix actual mistakes in the previous editions, what could RTC do to make it less bad? Or are the updated editions bad in the first place?

    • Hi Dirk, thanks for stopping by! Surely others will reply to this but here goes with one view. In principle the “updates” or “corrections” are not a problem. In any work one can expect such things. However, for a start such changes should be made in the ordinary course of working to improve service. It doesn’t justify a massive world wide event followed by unrelenting pressure to buy these new sets of books. It certainly doesn’t justify the exertion that this will forever make Scientology unstoppable. False and inappropriate promises accompany every update, change and alleged improvement.

      It is the culture in which these changes are made that is distasteful and objectionable. One is left with the impression that it is Miscavige alone who has salvaged the work of Scientology from certain doom.

    • Dirk, I’m sorry for the lenghty response but your questions deserve practically a whole new posting. Here is my best shot at answering you:

      There is a very strong sentiment against Miscavige for many reasons. I would say his work on “updating the materials” is one of the least objectionable things he has done, because at least it has a vague similarity to a sincere effort to help, as opposed to the Ideal Org program or the way he treats his staff. But let’s take a look at this a bit more closely, and I think you’ll see by the end of my comment here why it is that Miscavige’s alterations are actually the most destructive thing he’s ever done.

      You say “if we assume that the updated editions are, in fact, good and fix actual mistakes in the previous editions…” I don’t make any such assumption. In fact, that is a very dangerous assumption to make because it assumes so many other things must be true which are not necessarily true at all. For example, this assumes that Miscavige is actually a well-intentioned person who is honestly trying to make the technology of Dianetics and Scientology better. There is no actual evidence that this is the case.

      It also assumes that Hubbard did not know about or catch any of these “mistakes” in his own works, despite clear-cut evidence to the contrary (as I stated in my article).

      It also assumes that there are “advices” and “directions” from Hubbard in some secret vault somewhere which tell Miscavige in detail what to do to “correct” the tech. Yet somehow these directions from Hubbard never see the light of day and are top secret and can’t be shown to anyone outside of a secret cadre of “trusted people” at the secret international Scientology headquaters. What’s up with all the secrecy? Why are these so sacred that no one else can ever see any of these directions from Hubbard? Why can’t anyone see any of Hubbard’s original writings, in fact? Or any of his research notes? These are kept under Vatican-vault-style security for reasons unknown.

      But to address the three points you ask about:

      (1) The updating work itself?

      The technical integrity of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings is the bedrock upon which Scientology is built. The single most important policy in all of Scientology is called “Keeping Scientology Working” wherein Hubbard lays down the law about this. There are to be absolutely no alterations, revisions or changes to his works of any kind whatsoever, for any reason. He goes into great detail in describing how suppressive individuals and groups in general operate to destroy workable technology through “new discoveries”.

      Amazingly, despite the fact that this policy letter exists at the beginning of every single course and is supposed to be practically memorized by all Scientologists, David Miscavige has gotten away with blatantly violating this policy by altering the technology time and time again, each time hypocritically proclaiming that he is the only person who is “keeping Scientology working.” He provides little to any proof that any of what he is doing is “what LRH intended” but because he keeps repeating this lie, the Scientologists believe him.

      Now that alone should have gotten Miscavige declared a Suppressive Person many years ago. The last person within Scientology’s world who was caught and hung for altering technology like Miscavige has been doing was David Mayo and his name is still spoken with revulsion by those Scientologists who remember him. Mayo is reviled as the “king of the squirrels”. But if you review the number and kind of changes he made against what Miscavige has gotten away with, you’ll find that Mayo was just playing in the minor leagues. Miscavige has taken it orders of magnitude beyond anything Mayo or any other SP has ever dreamed of. There is also testimony on the net that Mayo was in fact doing exactly what LRH wanted him to do and that he was “setup” by Miscavige and others and became a “fall guy” who took the heat for crimes others were committing within the upper levels of the Church. It’s a little hard to be sure what happened exactly because there is conflicting testimony, but the end result is what I laid out here. Within the Scientology world, Mayo is reviled as the bad guy for nothing else but altering and misapplying the technology. There is no question about that.

      2. His framing of this work, in which he harshly curses the people whom he blames for the mistakes in the previous editions?

      While Miscavige’s harsh tone and pitch may be a more true reflection of how he actually speaks and operates behind the scenes, I think this cursing is more for show than anything else. I think he comes down on those who “made mistakes” with the tech to try to give an appearance that he is actually upset about it. Yet according to testimony I’ve seen elsewhere on the net, it was Miscavige himself who actually ordered many of the “mistakes” he is now “fixing”. Notice how he never names any names. He never gives any real specifics. Who were these transcriptionists? Who were these editors? Who were these declared SPs who were all so busy altering the tech? These squirrels should be “heads on a pike” (a Hubbardism for ‘being made an example of’) so every Scientologist can see and know who was behind the out-KSW activities that held them all back for so many years.

      Even more, where are their goldenrod issues loudly proclaiming the specifics of their crimes? In fact, where are any goldenrod issues these days? I think if you look a bit more closely into this, you may be shocked at the alterations that have occurred with the application of pure justice and PTS/SP policies in the Church under Miscavige. Justice today in the Church does not resemble anything like what is described in Hubbard’s policies (this itself is worthy of its own post if anyone would like to write it).

      It is the Scientologists who should be speaking up harshly against Miscavige for his blatant disregard for KSW. Instead, they are doing exactly precisely what Hubbard rails against in his KSW policy, and going along for Miscavige’s ride.

      3. The pressure to repeat the parts of the Bridge that the updated editions invalidated?

      This is the whole point of my article today and I don’t think I need to repeat it again. Altering the tech is bad enough, but to then tell everyone that they didn’t really get the gains they think they did, nor did they achieve the case states they attested to, is the most heinous evaluation that could be made.

      Go into a Church today and find out, under these “new GAT II standards” how many people actually did achieve “standard” EPs of any of their Grade Chart actions. You will find them to be in the vast minority. The standards, the EPs, have been altered by Miscavige to make sure that no one actually achieved them and they all have to be re-done. This was not an accident. It was a calculated, money-making scheme.

      The proof of this is that the Church’s response is not to apologize and deliver what was actually promised free of charge. Instead, Scientologists must re-purchase courses and auditing intensives and do again (sometimes for the 3rd or 4th or even 5th time) services they were told they completed. The history of this goes back 16+ years, as I laid out clearly in my article. There is no question this has been going on and no question that every single time Miscavige has found “gross alterations of the tech” he has charged hard money for people to get fixed.

      This would be called fraud in any other organized activity. Miscavige calls it “keeping Scientology working.”

      I just wonder how much longer Scientologists are going to endure this torturous nonsense before they wake up and see what is actually going on. They are being blatantly and repeatedly conned. Until someone stops him, Miscavige is never going to stop what he is doing.

      I hope this clarifies my point.

      • Thanks for your most comprehensive reply, Galatic Patrol.

        I’m hoping that the current followers who will have to redo everything in order to take their next step up their Bridge, will revolt. Not only will they be unwilling to subject themselves to the time required to do this but will hurt their pockets. Money talks. Many Scientologists find the expense of moving up the Bridge a burden as it is without now having to cough up again.

        Many, even most, of the traditionally big donors are now on teh outside and I’m convince more will follow from the other provinces; the public left behind are not the moneyed crowd and this hurts them. Perhaps some are looking and sighing and will balk.

        I know at least one person who has refused to redo his Objectives and will refuse to redo Student Hat and PRO TRs clay table.

    When we are judging evaluating invalidating any incoming action or thoughts… considerations information coming from others than in fact we are judging, evaluating how we our-self think on those subject and that is not necessarily or positively the same reality of the other person have on that same matter.
    But it only seems that we judge evaluate that other person reality because that information we just received, but the evaluation is ours what we read into that information…. what that information contains since that person never ever said anything like our evaluation is: So in fact that evaluation how that person is would be a big LIE and any evaluation of any incoming-received data is only our own reality: how we understand it is in fact our very own reality of that subject and nothing more.
    To believe in our evaluation that how things are for others That would be on untruth a fabrication on invention of the bank: the mind in order to blame others and that our judgment that evaluation will not make that person that: what we believe in: how we judged that person that is not that persons universe-reality but we incorrectly erroneously believe that is so and that is a pure undiluted “lie”.
    It is our own reality our own beliefs opinions principals, views, policies, theories and philosophies what we believe in and that is only our reality which is the expression of our judgment: evaluation.
    Just think, if one would not know understand the meaning what is good or bad, important-unimportant, being a fat cow, or how a drunk behaves, what it takes being a redneck, a know it all, or when one recognize that someone is acting irrational stupid or if we would not know understand how we our-self feel, than we would not be able to understand how others feel and we than could not judge evaluate their behavior.
    In fact when one judges others that judgment indicates explains points out how self thinks what one believes in how one see the world.
    This makes it understandable that we don’t judge others at all we only judge evaluate how we think on that matter what others communicate to us, or what we see when we look around..
    Example would be if I look at a young woman and say she is beautiful, yes I have judged expressed my reality but it is only my reality that she is lovely.
    So next time judge or evaluate somebodies thinking….. FIRST Better look inside your own universe because that any evaluation….. judgment pin-points where is one’s own case is..

    here is something from my blog.. you might like to read..Illusions… thoughts-beliefs are illusions they are your created fantasy and how one finds out that they are just that?

    Whatever one believes in: and that is how the ‘’I…me…self” sees the environment, surrounding, locations, situations, conditions; disorders of any kind or illnesses or psychological, spiritual, intellectual or the bodies conditions whatever that may be: regardless if those beliefs are logical or illogical.

    Whatever one thinks of others: how bad…evil…sinful ….corrupt they are, that others are just a‘’ low life’’, nasty, mean persons and how corrupt…ruthless… hardnosed …heartless their thinking is, and how… mistaken…misguided…foolish…unwise… irrational…stupid… idiotic their beliefs are in comparison…in assessment to that “GREAT SELF=me the I”.

    Whatever one believes in: how smart others are, how wonderful…brilliant…beautiful…good…helpful…nice.. great friends…sweet.. kind…and full of fun and full of life they are..

    Whatever however one feels: thinking and believing what others have done to that “self=me”: have harmed…injured…mistreated…wronged…wounded… abused…neglected……unloved or being adored by others or idolized… admired…respected…valued…applauded that ‘’self-me’’ in any ways.

    Whatever one’s thinking is…regardless if one has the BELIEF that other has done something bad or good toward that SELF-ME…whatever one beliefs about self…is one’s own creation…making…reality…truth…accuracy…fact…and has nothing to do with how the other persons are in reality… who they are…or what they are and what those persons beliefs…realities are.

    We all are creating…generating…forming=bring into being… our own Illusions about self and others and the universe.

    Care to have on example? lotto ticket…buying one with that you have bought a fantasy of winning big time and what you will do with your winning.
    Idea of ”being in love” what is: your creation, how it should, how you will be loved etc…etc.. is living in your fantasy…a vacation: how it will be how it will make you feel…is created by you it therefore it is fantasy…
    We create our own universe and the universes of others too and we create the communication between those universes: now if that is not ones fantasy than I am an the wrong track…hehehe… yes, we can say when others don’t measure up, they are not what we believed in that they “JUST DONT MEASURE UP TO OUR STANDARD, THAT THEY ARE NOT OUR IDEAL PERSONS…so lets get rid of that friend.. lets divorce that person… in fact they never were that kind of person in the first place… we just wanted our fantasy to become solid and we believed: had a illusion that person will be that fantasy…. very funny….
    PS:When one looks for ones ideal… a model perfect person or situations…conditions and one continually… over and over compares everyone to that ideal=fantasy creature… or when one believes one’s very own believes are the ideal – right- true – accurate –correct thinking=belief and the rest of the Universe is all wrong.. than one sets self-up for LOSS – DEFEAT – HURT – UPSETT… because not one person out in that great Universe can match up to.. those ideas –fantasies.
    Elizabeth Hamre.. Full OT 7…. solo auditor.

  9. I would like to say that my reality what I write about in my comments here or my posts in my Blog is only my reality but I do have a total understanding about the views expressed by others in the above posts and comments.
    I have left the church in 82 after finished Nots at Flag simply because They wanted to stop me for continuing solo auditing..I refused the C/S order even when I was told that solo auditing was not OK and it will be suppressive act against the church if I don’t obey.. 🙂

    I have continued after I left the church, I never looked back since and I am writing this in order for others to understand that nothing but nothing can stop a person continuing in any field if one really wants that dream to become reality for self.
    My Dream was accomplished by continuing with solo auditing and I know that the Bridge as it was laid out is not a lie but can be a reality for any one who wants that dream to become real for self.
    But it is up to each individual to attain that reality.
    I have realised long time back that every bad incident is in fact a good one since one can learn from them… one can change ones life around and go different direction… and when one realises that than all is well.
    It just takes time: moving particles-subjects….ideas around.
    Beliefs are interesting concepts: what one believes in that is that what that person have, no more and no less: and that is having-ness.. get the drift?
    If you care to read my persons journey as a solo auditor than read that heading in my blog.. we all have struggles till we reach the so called other side which is the attainment of ones dream by getting out of beliefs that the Universe around us is solid……far from it… in fact.. it is nothing but a illusion…but of course one needs to find that reality for self.

  10. Being audited… or being a solo auditor is nothing more than SELF-DISCOVERY…and by continuing that action is the very PATH to the final realization: what one is and what one purpose is in the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE…
    THERE IS NO ROOM on that Path for politic unless of course if that topic is in the sessions topic and please believe me it is a very good idea to have sessions on all political believes and agreements confronted because those considerations are just a part of the MEST believes which are same as being born and one dies.. Hehehe… [those thoughts to need to be confronted of course]
    LRH’s great mistake was that he mixed up politics with spirituality and an the PATH OF Self-Discovery there is no room for such a reality-beliefs as politics.

    • I like what you write Elizabeth! Have you considered though, that the so called “self” may just be another fiction? The self or selves we create are activities not entities.

      • Martin Hello… Yes, “Self…I..Me… US… We”… these are valances and indication of doing something.. pointing out locations activities… Is seems to me that “‘self’ exist in the MEST U… here in this Planet the ”I..self “‘ is the separateness from everything everybody. Individuality
        Some years back I have had a realization which has made me understand that every time we say or write ‘’I self…we etc…” or say ‘’you’’ we re-establish our self and others in the Universe… we solidify freeze our position in time-location.
        I hope I have explained this well enough.
        “Self I”… is Fiction.. you bet.. illusions all the way and that is the reason I know we live in the Magical Universe!.Love the stuff!

      • Martin hello again… I have not realised that you have commented on my post in my blog,…I am a bit slow sometimes. I thought the comment was through Marty’s blog.. Do forgive!
        Few days back I was asked ‘Elizabeth who are you? I did not have on answer for that nothing comes up when that question was asked… Some years back I have lost all the identities, valances and since than I asked self: what are you? fishing if something pups up I could confront but nothing has come up.. I just feel these incredible even-ness.. If I want to describe that: quietness-contentment- happiness mixed…
        I wonder if you would care to share your experience with me ? I would love to hear it. Best E.

      • Martin I have finally sorted out my confusion.. 🙂 Posts were copied from my blog. Have a lovely day. or evening? here we are in the morning time! whatever have a good one.. time is on illusion so that don’t count! E.

  11. http://vinaire.me/2013/05/23/the-invalidation-button/
    “Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
    ― Lao Tzu

    This process is for those who zealously try to convince others of their ideology, and get easily upset when people do not see things their way. They feel that they are being made wrong when inconsistencies are pointed out in their convictions. They cannot take any criticism. They cannot discuss calmly.
    Scientologists use a special word at the first whiff of any criticism – INVALIDATION, as in, “You are invalidating me.” But words like WOGS and RAW MEAT are built into their vocabulary for those who are not scientologists.
    Scientologists not only scream against being invalidated, but they also invalidate back immediately using convenient Scientology vocabulary like “suppressive,” “antago” or “1.1”. This button of “invalidation” tends to be very prominent among Scientologists both ways.
    Recently, I was called “antago” in a Scientology groups on Facebook because I presented the Buddhist view that soul is impermanent. This view went against their cherished belief in an eternal “thetan.” In the upset that followed nothing that I could say made any difference. They were simply not willing to listen. They started to misinterpret anything I had to say, and make me wrong any way they could. No discussion was possible.
    Those who often feel invalidated may find some relief from using the following process.

    Scientologists use processes. So here is a process for those who very often feel invalidated. Contemplate on
    “What is it that is getting invalidated?”
    This process is done with KHTK approach (mindfulness), and not with Scientology approach (listing). Take the first item that comes at the top of the mental stack and mindfully contemplate over it. Then take the next, and the next, until no more items are coming up.
    The 12 aspects of mindfulness are:
    1. Observe without expecting anything, or attempting to get an answer.
    2. Observe things as they really are, not as they seem to be.
    3. If something is missing do not imagine something else in its place.
    4. If something does not make sense then do not explain it away.
    5. Use physical senses as well as mental sense to observe.
    6. Let the mind un-stack itself.
    7. Experience fully what is there.
    8. Do not suppress anything.
    9. Associate data freely.
    10. Do not get hung up on name and form.
    11. Contemplate thoughtfully.
    12. Let it all be effortless.
    One will find that it is always a consideration that one holds dear, which one feels is getting invalidated. Recognize that consideration. Then recognize your attachment to, or identification with that consideration.
    One starts out being the sum total of one’s considerations.
    Know thyself.

    • V….. you talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.. you are the worst invalidator I ever met in my life….Your talk is aimed to real the person in than you demolish them dissect them little by little till they feel they are nothing and that happens before they knew what hit them become total invalidated mass. And I know I been there!

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