Suspicion & Distrust. Life in a Scientology Org

suspicious1Running a Scientology org should be the easiest thing in the world. You offer training and auditing and help people get it. You employ people and give them a wage they can live on in doing their jobs. When things are not going well you look at what is being done wrong and correct it, all the while looking to improve quality of service to customers. In other words, exactly the same as any successful enterprise in the world.

This becomes impossible when group reflection is not part of the operating make up of the organisation. In such a climate any difficulty is assumed to be an outside enemy seeking to destroy the organisation. As one Scientologist famously put it “it’s like blaming your customers for the poor state of your business.”

This is what running and being a staff member in an org has become. We were recently sent an 8 page report written in November 2010. Written by the LRH Comm Joburg it was addressed to CMO and describes the scene in Joburg Org. It also goes into some detail about individual staff and some public. It clearly shows the state of suspicion and distrust that exists. Staff are generally assumed to be up to no good and to have “overts and withholds” no matter the circumstance.

After much debate we decided not to publish the entire document as it gives details of individuals that we do not believe should be published.

The opening paragraph is a damning indictment on the state of this Ideal Org which, if one listens to the public statements, was in the midst of its greatest expansion ever. This quote is under the heading “EX STAFF & LEAVING STAFF”. Names have have been removed. 

“with regards to staff leaving the org, I have come across a campaign that “they leave because it’s too entheta in the org”, or they leave because “the org is so fucked”. This came up with [Name1], [Name2], [Name3], [Name4], [Name5] and others. Recently [Name] went to see [the ethics officer] and started crying saying he’s leaving because “the org is so fucked” and “he doesn’t know what to do.” The way I see it this is the justification, and this campaign has brought a lot of agreement amongst the people who have left and those planning to leave, that they don’t leave because they have overts and withholds.  This has resulted in a lack of industrious work to clean up O/W’S when someone leaves. It doesn’t help that the C/S and the E/O have bought into this line.  The C/Ses reaction to me pushing to get further sec checking done on [Name] show’s where she is at in this regard.”

This clearly paints a scene of unhappy staff working in an unhappy org. Yet it is all a “campaign” by unnamed persons.

The rest of the report is a litany of what’s wrong with people who have committed themselves for just about no benefit to this organisation. Yet it is they who are irresponsible. For example: (random initials are used here by us to replace real names)

“AB: She is constantly exasperated and upset about her post. Every time I take up her post she tells me she was made the [post title] against her will and if she knew what it entailed she would never have taken it on. From her viewpoint she was lied to so all her failures, flaps and hat dumps are completely justified. I can’t get her to take responsibility for any part thereof. … She is extremely low responsibility.”


“CD: About 2 weeks ago Gaby got in comm with CD to find out why she has not returned to staff, and why she reneged after she re-signed. What came up was that CD had initially gone to other ex-staff in an effort to get more people recovered back on staff with her and was given a pile of BPR (black PR), which she bought into. She had spoken to EF, who told her she doesn’t want to go back on staff because “the org is too entheta” and meetings are entheta. CD then spoke to GH who said the same thing. GH told her that she had discussed the matter with IJ and he also said the org is too entheta and the meeetings/musters are too entheta and that’s why he left. CD got keyed in about whatever experiences she had had, especially during the basics evolution.”


“KL: … About two months ago Albert & I saw her to see if we could start the cycle of recruiting her to re-sign when her contract is up. In that comm cycle she said the reason she is leaving is because she has no social life and hasn’t been able to get a 2D and it’s because she is on staff. We tried to handle her on that, but she insisted she has no dynamics, etc. She also said it’s due to the fact that we bypass her. We went over this in that comm cycle and seemed to resolve it. Albert & I had to apologise and take all the blame. … It looks to me like she agrees with the idea that people leave because the conditions in the org are so bad, and because myself and Albert are so bad, and mistreat the staff, and so people leave…”

There is a section in this report that states “People who I think are with the program, and most likely here for the long haul”. 16 names listed. Three years later and half of these are no longer on staff. 

The last part of the report gives fairly deep details into the personal lives of parishioners. The sort of details that no one outside of the priest/penitent privilege (i.e. auditor and C/S) should be discussing.

If you were on staff at this time it could be you being spoken of in this way. If you were a public Scientologist, it could be you.

The paranoia that runs throughout this report is evident in the church today with their refusal to publish declares, or have open discussions or allow questions.


51 thoughts on “Suspicion & Distrust. Life in a Scientology Org

  1. Bad indicators all the way around.
    Unfortunately, this is probably the state of every other Scientology Organization today.

    With behavior like this, I would not attempt auditing the individual or group at this point.
    Instead I would suggest mest work in a quiet and peaceful environment until the restimulation dies down to a bearable level. From personal experience, this can take several months but can be speeded up by reading posts on this site and some others.

    Truth will destimulate and so will sharing of experiences as in group engram running.

  2. I particularly like the last excerpt. To me, it appears that the L/C and Albert are playing a very covert game. They are stating to “KL” that they are to blame for KLs ARC X. They are pretending to accept responsibility, pretending to really care and wanting to repair the upsets.

    The reality is that they are trying to encourage “KL” to resign another staff contract. L/C and Albert are displaying covert motives as well as being dishonest.

    “KL” is possible quite correct in stating the lack of a 2D is due to org commitments and that she has no dynamics. If you have a full time job and spent evenings and weekends in the org, when do you have time for YOUR dynamics?

    It also appears that the L/C and Albert have been fingered as elements that have caused staff upsets, resulting in staff leaving.

    As an evaluator, I would start with the obvious. Albert and the L/C.

  3. The way it is run (the organization) is like one is a member of a people’s revolution. The Commissar gets a dossier of collected data from any and all sources, correct or not, opinion or not, evaluation or not invalidation or not, facts or not. Confidential or not. This is used to control and thereby manipulate the hopes and desires of the individual to suit the Commissar and his bosses, for they are the “group” and as we know from KSW1 – the group is all.
    In this type of operation the purpose of auditing is abandoned and staff members will find that in session they are steered to cause them(compel) to accept posts or necessary actions as viewed ideal by management. (Manipulation) (Personal experience)
    This type of operation is contrary to the designed structure of an organization as envisaged by LRH.
    A dossier is what is used in intelligence operations in the outside world. It has no part in Scientology, except in OSA where LRH designed systems are no longer in use.
    A staff member thereby becomes denied space as a staff member. He is denied space as a student. He is denied space as a PC. At every point where it suits management , evaluation and invalidation is entered in. This creates hidden standards. The purposes of the staff member or public are interfered with and cross purposes are implemented. Too often the final result for the targeted person is an ARC Break of huge magnitude or a sad effect.
    For these things to happen Standard ethics is out, Standard Tech is out and Standard admin is something which has steadily been disappearing over the many years of the Miscavige Regime.
    When a student goes past words or symbols which are misunderstood he arrives at confused ideas. To add to this when a person runs into some drill or some action that he cannot face and do, usually because his TR’s are out, he sometimes tries to find some via to bypass or get round what he cannot confront. Right at this point, in my opinion, is the place where a Squirrel is born. Confusions, reasons and justifications follow.
    Today we have a Scientology where hidden standards must be met, standards which can and do change at a moments notice.
    It is a sad picture, but if we continue to apply reasoning to it, it will unravel

  4. Funny how Sandra and Alberts manner of blaming external factors as to the “WHY” for everything wrong with the org never handles anything. This is the LIE! Hence the persistance of orgs failing, not succeeding. These two footsoldiers cannot, will not see that dear leader and his “Mein Kumph” (my struggle) against the vast SP population is being dramatised by them in FULL!

    Most of us blow HUGE charge when we cognite who the terminal is that was suppressing all . Yup, its so utterly fantastic initially that one grapples with it for a while. It takes time to sink in, settle and allow for confront to be upped. But the pieces do fit. Why the churches fail, why so much mayhem and destruction, it all makes perfect sense. THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWNWARDS! Then you wanna kick yourself – HARD! Then you wanna kick others, the aforementioned terminals would be prime choice! After that a particular hatred for DM the likes of which no Jihadist terrorist has even felt permeates the space..

    Later we move on (although Ive observed a few who cannot) and we find our peace. To Sandra and Albert I say, I forgive you but I shant forget. Pennance will be long and hard. You cannot kill heathens and still be godly. Likewise you cannot comm ev, spread lies and destroy parishoners at a whim and expect to be good scientologists upholding LRH’s hopes and dreams. Small wonder the church flocks are dwindling faster than you can replace them. You both at a local level got rid of all the best white hats. I dont care if your orders were insane. You followed em! Sandra I hope one day the penny drops, I really do. For your sakes and others. I shiver to think what other targets may be in your sights presently. God help them.

    Sigh..Im glad thats all over for me, well mostly haha. I do wish the church would just hurry up in its demise instead of this slow decay. Its all so distracting. Then we could build something better in its place or carry on as the Indies do an ditch the whole corporate structure completely! All I do know is, never never again will I be a party to Miscavology in this life or the next, do I get a second on that everyone?

      • Amen brother/sister!
        That felt almost like something a charasmatic church leader from the south (USA) might say LOLs! But truth sometimes needs a good ole fashioned AMEN!

        Down with DM, down with RCS suppression! Up with us, the free thetans, yes thats you and me! Lets all peel our shirts back and stand infront of the mirror. Notice a large “S” symbol on your chest? You dont? Keep looking,.its there, it means you can be, do and have anything. Nobody can stop that “S” soaring within, not all the Alberts, Ken Kriegers, Sandra’s and DM’s in the entire universe!

        AMEN! (Cause it sounds sooo good)

  5. I spent a fair amount of time on staff in the 70s and 80s. Back then the money was bad, the living conditions were bad, but the group had a great vibe about it which made it easier to live with the hardships. A lot of fun was had. Events were a chance to catch up with friends you had not seen in a while and usually included a party with music and dancing!

    As a new public, I could see that the staff enjoyed and believed in what they were doing, and that made me WANT to be part of that group. I don’t think there are too many public out there today who can say they WANT to be on staff. They have to be coerced and lied to and made to feel guilty if they don’t do this.

    Of course, it all started getting gnarly in the 80s and by the end of that decade I KNEW I would never be on staff again. Having been on the inside pretty high up, I knew what SO staff thought of CL 5 org staff, mission staff and public in general. I knew that the love bombing was not real and was only used to get you to do something. (There are of course exceptions to this with some staff that genuinely cared.)

    These days, the public have become only too aware of what being on staff entails and will not willingly go down that road. The constant pressure from management to make money is something the public experience every day with multiple phone calls, emails, promo etc. The orgs are no longer a friendly place to hang out. This was a big part of being a scn’ist back in the day. Heck, people used to pop in just to say hi and have a bit of a chin wag with whoever was around even when they were not on lines. Can’t imagine that happening today!

    And I firmly believe that while some people leave because of o/ws, a lot more leave because they are treated like shit. When you give up so much of your own life to do something that gives so little in return, a little appreciation would be nice. Instead, staff are treated like DBs and enemies who have to be watched and forced to do their jobs as they are just lazy or “low responsibility”, to quote Sandra.

    No, Sandra – you treat people badly – that is why they leave. Waking up every day knowing that you are going to be shouted at, mistreated and every effort invalidated, does not make for a happy camper. Time to wake up! If the ex staff know what’s good for them – they will never return. And if they do, it won’t be long before they remember exactly why they left in the first place. Evil deeds can no longer be hidden – the internet has taken care of that. You are watched and people know what you do. Sucks to be you.

    • Well said, Draco. This is exactly what I found so difficult to deal with – ARC the tool, used to get something out of someone (staff or public). What ever happened to ARC the formula for Understanding, used to increase Knowledge, Responsibility and Control? How can the Basic of all Scientology Basics, the absolute foundation, be so lost? If I had the chance I would get all the “higher-ups” to wordclear these definitions (especially Control). As for all the O/Ws the staff are accused of having…. what could be more evil than the abuse of ARC? To have this power and to use it against your staff and public… I can’t think of anything more criminal in intent. It’s akin to intentionally polluting the air we breathe and poisoning the water we drink – except the effects last across all lifetimes. Can anyone say ARC break?

      What could be more necessary for a being than a place to hang-out and have a chance to communicate… how wonderful would it be if Orgs were that place – it’s not like there are many options, unless you consider the local bar to be the ideal venue for meaningful conversation. This is what I wanted my Org to be, what I tried to create – a safe place to communicate, to be heard, and be acknowledged. So simple, and so very powerful. And now so utterly perverted. So sad.

  6. Most revealing but not surprising.

    I admire those staff that left. And that they were honest about why they left ‘despite personal danger’ is even more admirable. It is great to see such integrity.

    I steer clear of both Sandra and Albert. They are two peas in a pod. Albert should know better. Sandra has her tone level in her way. I’m so relieved not to have to have anything to do with these two people.

    Thank you, Scnafrica, for this article.

    Sharing does help with the charge and validates one’s knowingness. We can be right.

  7. Yes Scnafrica good article,

    It does help us to blow charge and we can do this by inspection
    we are not robots!

    It is so sad to think management has yelled and screamed at
    staff so many times over the years and shown such little respect
    Dedicated staff who have actually suffered verbal abuse and threats.

    They have worked long hours some even on Day and FDN
    for minimum wage – the exchange factor has been RIP OFF!

    I have known staff who are still there after many years and have not even reached the state of Clear.
    The only time staff have progressed up the bridge is if their spouse has paid for it
    or they have inherited the money!

    Albert and Sandra are really partners in crime.

    There is not one person I could take into the Org – not one!

    .The Enemy is within!

    Oh the fish is so rotten – I can smell it!

    • I once believed that the top echelon of the RCS, Int Management, RTC, WDC and the like, were OEC/FEBC and OT 8 (or at least on their way there), only to find out when I read the story of a veteran SO person who wrote that he’d had no training or auditing in all of 20/30 years in the SO. He said it was always so hectic, everything had to be done in such a hurry, there was never any time for it. He came away not really what Scientology was. He said he was so pleased to be out, he wasn’t going to take any time to find out, either.

  8. I was feeding the little hammer head sharks, one of these little guys was going round and round in circles very cute it looked, and in looking at these posts I was reminded of that shark , if we inderviduals and the corporate church are that shark, Then it dawned on me as a indervidual I don’t want to chase my tail , as the church going round and round it may look very cute but is rather stupid, what’s my point , well in reading these post it seems we are to some degree going round and round, saying this keep them flowing at some point the cycle straightens up.

  9. I recall Robert Bokelman telling my late mother in law to drop her body as it was “out ethics” for her to be unproductive in her ailing body (she had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer).

    Those words have always haunted me.

    In no uncertain terms was that the ultimate evaluation of any human being.

    [Moderator Comment: Despicable Me. We removed the last paragraph of your comment. We were not sure it was appropriate. Let us know if any issues with this]

    • No one in any religion or any government or any society has the right to determine that any life is not worthy to be lived. This was the basis of the Nazi’s eugenics policy, and it is just as evil today as it was during the Holocaust era. I know this was not an isolated comment because I have heard many ex’s tell similar stories. Someone should gather all of these stories and publicize that this is Miscavige’s “retirement” plan for the elderly and ill members.

  10. The experiences and data given here are EXACTLY THE SAME for any other org I’ve been in here in the United States. It would be nice if it was a localized problem, but it’s not. It definitely is not. Sandra and Albert are, unfortunately, a model that Miscavige and his “trickle down suppression” have created. Truth be told, there are LRH policies that also contribute to this picture and they have to be factored in to what makes this scene what it is.

    Yes, back in the day, being on staff was rough but at least it was kind of fun. Now, it’s rough and none of the fun. “Serious” people like Sandra and Albert (both of whom I’ve personally met, by the way) lost their sense of humor long ago. Actually, I think they had it smashed out of them. And believe me, the communications and orders they receive from their seniors are not cutting them any slack. Especially with the new command team you guys have in town.

    I agree with the commenter above about wishing the misery ending sooner than later. I want this ship to crash on the rocks rather than continue to flounder around for years and years. It’s horrible to watch and its effects on the bystanders awful, especially the continued practice of disconnection. If only we could really talk to those still in, honestly and completely, and show them what is actually going on. If only they would let us.

    Keep it up scnafrica! Every soul you reach is one more saved from that crashing ship.

    • My dearest wish is that DM is found out and it goes public. He’s arrested for misappropriation of funds including collecting rent from the churches when it’s the parishioners who’ve paid for the buildings; and the IAS funds. I don’t want him to go quietly with some cover up leaving his followers are none the wiser. He needs to be properly exposed.

  11. From KSW 1 “So the ogre that might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. Its our possible failure to retain and practice our technology”. I would like to add in “or defroked apostates”

    Dave has squirrelled the tech to the point that few get up the Bridge any more, especially staff, and there is nothing wrong with anyones case, (especially staff) except THEIR overts and witholds and the standard handling is to invalidate them.

    Good one dave, you really did duplicate LRHs more harsher points, I give you that. But LRH also said every action needs the right balance of force and intelligence and like Elvis, Intelligence left the building quite some time ago.

    • Yes, but maybe Robert remembers having said such and/or would mention it again. Just a thought ….

      I came across something similar, but less mean. I was told by the IAS that owning a sports car was an overt.
      The cult only accepts the 3rd dynamic. There are no other dynamics.

  12. You know something I find interesting – just in passing. The Anglican Church has for the last 150 years or so had a saying that whatever happens in the church happens in South Africa first. I always found it an interesting comment; an interesting saying. The history of it all is too long to go into but it dates back to the split between Bishop Colenso in Natal and Archbishop Grey in Cape Town. We saw it in modern times over the last 40 or 50 years with gay priests and so on.

    And here I reckon we have the same thing with the CofS. It is not a quality of the Anglicans as such – it is much much deeper than that – it is a quality of South Africa itself. I don’t thing Joburg Org is ever going to recover its mojo while Miscavige is in command. The Sea Org needs to be abolished completely and the CofS needs to go back to the last really workable management system it had which was WW at St Hill back in the ’60s.

    Will it happen? I don’t think so.

    • The Sea Org needs to be abolished completely and the CofS needs to go back to the last really workable management system it had which was WW at St Hill back in the ’60s.

      Hear, hear. That’s a change that is long past due.

      In my opinion, the Sea Org will eventually be disbanded by a future reformed church of Scientology. Before that happens, it will fail of its own accord. The sheer weight and pressure of that debased organization’s crimes against the religion and its adherents will bring it down.

      There’s going to be a lot of collateral damage to the churches when that happens, but after the dust settles, I believe a small group of dedicated staff will set to work employing honest LRH tech to correct the worst aspects of the organization, and begin the long process of rebuilding the church with a better, saner model.

      Further, the new model of independent Scientology groups and organizations is already well established, and isn’t going anywhere. Never again will a small group of people be allowed to commandeer the entire philosophy and its congregations. I think there’s a place for a ‘mother church’ in Scientology’s future, but it will largely be dis-empowered and de-fanged. The tech has now been set free, and will never be enslaved by a ruthless dictatorship again.

      • When I was on staff at Austin Org in the mid 1970′-early 80’s, the major program for us as well as other orgs was LRH ED 54 INT SUPERIOR SERVICE IMAGE PROGRAM NO.1.
        “Dianetic Courses being taught and Dianetic auditing being used in Franchises shows Dianetics is popular.
        By having Dianetic auditing going on in the field you have the makings of an org boom if you handle it right.
        It is no real concern of ours to hold field versions standard. They mess up students and pcs. They always will. A militant org attitude to keep field straight is silly. Let them flub as you are trying to control something you cannot. You can only do the best you can by teaching the best you can in the org.”
        “The whole org message is, if anyone gets roughed up in the field training or processing THE OFFICIAL ORGS EXISTS TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE STUDENT OR PC.”
        “The org is the benign source of groups and Franchises and helps them out”…
        “Build arc with franchises”…
        “Alert the org exec sec and HCO Exec Sec on “Rights of the Field Auditor” so as to reduce warfare between Field and Franchise.”

        “Superior Service” is the guiding principle of how LRH wanted orgs run, not militant ethics. It never ceases to amaze me how squirrel management went in the last 30 years. Management (DM) praises LRH like he is a god and then does exactly the opposite of what LRH says.

    • “The Sea Org needs to be abolished completely and the CofS needs to go back to the last really workable management system it had which was WW at St Hill back in the ’60s.”
      Interesting idea. How did WW back in the ’60s function? In what way was it different than the SO? Are you able to delineate?

  13. I left Joburg Day in the early nineties. Not because I was treated badly (seems it had not really started in earnest yet) but because I saw a lot or stuff I did not agree with and I failed to change this – so did not see any point in carrying on.

    I think Failed Help is probably a big reason for leaving. This could of course be turned to be seen as an Overt of Omission – making Sandra right in her assessment. But what if you are prevented from helping by the very people that are supposed to be there to see that you do in fact help?

    I felt bad in leaving. Not because I deserted staff and management, but because I had become a termainal that some public and staffmembers seemed to trust and rely upon. I felt I let these people down.

    When I left the Org had an active field that brought in lots of people to Div 6. When they had done one or two basic courses or some book one auditing, they were regged for major services or staff. If they could not be closed for this they were forgotten about.

    I talked to Albert and Jeanie and proposed that we should not drop these new public, but keep educating them in Div 6 until they were more able and causative and could afford major services. They all agreed with me – but did it happen? No.

    What I saw then was a mad scramble for Birthdaygame points. Anything that gave a point was done, and anything that didn’t (like keeping files up in Treasury, or elsewhere) was left undone.

    Feeling that I could not change the frantic culture of “Get the stats up NOW!” and make the Org work in a more future oriented way, I left.

    It was also interesting to notice that being on a leaving Routing Form for I think 6 months – and thus in a lower condition, I could not receive any pay. But I was obviously trustworthy and good enought to continue to hold my post and perform all its functions.

    • You seem like a very honest and honorable person to keep on trucking for the last 6 months without pay. Unfortunately, so many people ultimately find out, whether staff or public, that upper management, in the end, would rather have a lot of money and a few happy staff, public, and preclears than enough money to run the business with consistently happy staff, low turnover, decent pay, satisfied and not disaffected public, and many happy preclears and new auditors being successfully trained.

  14. Leon, yes the Sea Org needs to go.

    Your article highlighting that ‘Staff are generally assumed to be up to no good and to have “overts and withholds” no matter the circumstance – and viewed with suspicion and mistrust. In such a climate any difficulty is assumed to be an outside enemy seeking to destroy the organisation. As stated – “it’s like blaming your customers for the poor state of your business’.

    Another word for this situation is ‘paranoia’.

    Def. paranoia
    A mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, or of a more serious condition – in which the person loses touch with reality.

    However – this culture and modus operandi of ‘suspicion and mistrust’ is not a recent thing, and also not only applicable to staff. As a paying ‘public customer’ the scene at Jo’burg Org has not changed in well over 20 years that I am aware of. This is how long ago, I wrote to Albert de Beer (and others) – that the Org is a place where ‘the customer is ALWAYS wrong’ – and highlighted the fact that this is a sure way to make enemies out of actual friends – as there seems to be no breathing and living person contactable within an unthinking machine-like organisation that churns forward mechanically – wheels upon wheels – where no one seems to be ‘in charge’ to apply common sense to situations, and realise that statements such as ‘the environment is too entheta’ or the ‘org is so fucked’ – and desperation to get away from a toxic environment – is not a conspiracy or ‘campaign’ – but based on real life disturbing and indefensible actions, pressures or instructions from faceless ‘higher ups.’

    The correlation between the ‘management-style machine’ and the basics of MKL Mind-control is startling. For example MKL trains people never – NEVER to blame the guilty. Instead, point the finger downward at the powerless / helpless – but never upward at those ‘higher ups’.

    This Org is plainly ruled ‘from the top’ by a psychopathic system in place – that is never satisfied, that traumatises it’s people in both small and spectacular ways, a place that takes away people’s rights, controls communication and information, and finally spits them out if they don’t toe the line set by ‘higher ups’. Heroes who sacrificed their lives, and served without personal gain discarded like used nose-wipes all along the way, year in and year out as the machine cannot be reprogrammed to learn new lessons, or to introspect mistakes.

    The psychopathy of greed right from the top – can never be satisfied, it is a gluttonous orgy driven by a vampire mentality of bloodsucking slave-labours and public money, underscored and held in place by fear driven superstition indoctrinated into the gears of the machine – feeding off constant states of propitiation or wild ego-trips – where the trip always ends with the machine grinding out inhuman disconnections and the hollow threat of – ‘losing your eternity’.

    Albert, Sandra or Robert – and whomever else answers to ‘higher ups’ – perhaps have no idea that they are living in a bubble out of touch with reality, operating the pre-programmed cogs running the wheels within wheels of the Machine. A machine without conscience, self-correction, or introspection to hold itself and all its parts accountable.

    It takes real human beings to get in touch with one another on a soul level – without the SO-machine.

    • Impressive comment Jane. I think you could be an author of books.
      It’s funny to me that the organization that was supposed to be creating individuality in a person is churning out mind controlled clones. Very ironic.

      • Don’t agree. Jane is a definite prospect for the KTL course. People who write as they would speak (and LRH did a lot of this) don’t really communicate. There are definite ideas here but it takes too much effort to extract them. I also don’t want to read a comment with a dictionary always at hand.
        There is a thing called grammar: it includes commas, full stops and other things which enable the reader to pause and absorb the last comment as a single idea. There is also the concept of having a single idea in a single sentence. But that requires the writer to do the work instead of just rambling on and leaving it to the reader to try sort out what is being communicated.
        Sorry to be pedantic, but I believe Jane has some great ideas that are lost in translation.

      • As you said. A little wordy but a good point. I wonder who is behind miss manage. He’s not alone in this venture. There’s a reason the government isn’t going after him and the law won’t touch him.

      • I re-read Jane’s comment Debbie and I find it pretty understandable and almost poetic. I really feel you are being pretty harsh with her saying that she should do the KTL and being hyper critical about her grammar. Professional writers have editors for that kind of minutia.

      • Hi Tony,
        I take your point and apologise to Jane. I DO edit for a living and DO tend to be hyper critical on use of my mother tongue.

  15. Thanks, Jane, for a well written comment.

    Very real to many of us – “…and realise that statements such as ‘the environment is too entheta’ or the ‘org is so fucked’ – and desperation to get away from a toxic environment – is not a conspiracy or ‘campaign’ – but based on real life disturbing and indefensible actions…”

    This couldn’t have been better stated – “Heroes who sacrificed their lives, and served without personal gain discarded like used nose-wipes all along the way, year in and year out…”

    Jane is right, it has been going on for more than two decades. I was in for two and a half and I knew fear from the start. Then going up to Joburg was a revalation. I learnt to be very careful. Several attempts were made to remove me from the org using ‘ethics’. I was often frightened.

    I stayed to get the tech, knew it to be the only place where I could get it and it was. In order to do so, I treaded warily with awareness, constantly looking over my shoulder.

    The idea of being declared was too much to comtemplate, then. It is immensely freeing to be removed from that.

    I look forward to hearing from you again, soon, I hope. I knew you in those days; and your daughter.

  16. Minion: He’s not alone in this venture. There’s a reason the government isn’t going after him and the law won’t touch him.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s not going to be that easy to be rid of him.

  17. Interesting article and comments.

    Here’s to a magical 2014.

    I got used to MBS in working in business as Management by Stats. I see by all the evidence here, other blogs, personal experience and observation, that is now means Management by Shouting. This is their tech.

    Couple this to a pervasive snitching culture where staff report on staff and down lines to up lines. Staff report on the field. Mostly using reports that are not copied to the interested party.

    Scatterbrained execs arrive in orgs and operate on the greatest good for management’s latest pet project. Bypass. Orders. No view longer than one week tops. It’s insane. To be kind.

    Up lines does not have a clue how the management principles work. Not a clue. CO CLO’s come and go. Same result. Year after year. Small non-expanding dinky little orgs claiming to mankind’s only hope. Not a clue.

    The latest fad, Gat2, will come and go. Same same.

    This article probably tells the lesser story. The report is like the result of shoving a diagnostic gauge up the whatsit of the organization and reading the health of the recipient. Not good. Terminal I think.

    Reading Ronnie and Tony and others’ comm, I think this process of the debilitation of this once proud group is a gradient and each article, every comment, all help move it along. It may still take a few years.

    Meantime I love these guys delivering tech out there anyway. Very cool.

  18. When the BLAME that others caused this or that… that it is all their fault and not mine:: That HOW I FEEL, WHAT HAS HAPPEND TO ME STOPS, WHEN ONE STOPS PUTTING THE “””CAUSE ON OTHERS FOR the SELF’s CONDITION, WHEN ONE Accepts that Yes I feel this way, I am effected by whatever “”because”” ;in that moment the responsibility will return for that person and the same time the restimulation will become less because the confront is there..
    No one can cause anything for others But your-self, no one can tell other ”feel this or feel that: No one can create the Universe of the other person but the ”SELF : the ME the I.””
    When one takes responsibility for the condition one is in, In THAT MOMENT THAT PERSON CAN CHANGE THAT CONDITION.
    Elizabeth Hamre.

  19. You guys run an excellent blog over here.

    Now ya got me hooked.

    Didn’t have time to check out the comments so…..

    This may be redundant.

    But “Blow Offs” was written in ’59 and there has been a lot of tech written since on why people leave staff.

    One of them is out int then you could look at the possible out list phenomenon being generated by all the wrong whys this mission seems to be generating. Not to mention ARCxs and PTPs.

    Also Ron says additionally in the same policy that you can make conditions so bad that people are compelled to leave.

    Seems this may be the case as well.

    Another thing is using confidential PC or Pre OT data in reports is just reprehensible.

    I worked on the mission in LA where the files where each stamped priest penitent privileged. They were already considered Confidential Confessional Formularies but this was to ensure that the data would never be used outside of auditing….

    Or at least this was what we were told by the coup.

    It seems just like Standard Tech. The Auditors code is disregarded when it is convenient and that the Church of Scientology has become nothing but a Potemkin Village.

    • That people leave because of their overts is false. What is true is that confession is a domination/mind control technique so that if someone wants to leave you can often manipulate them into staying by getting them to confess. That is brainwashing, supplanting that person’s goals and replacing them with the goals of those exacting the confession. One of many mind control techniques Hubbard built into CofS right in plain sight.

      • I figure from your post, the content of what you write: that you haven’t had any auditing at all, I figured this out because what you write “confession is a domination/mind control technique” has been written by those who haven’t and are totally ignorant what they talking about; THAT MEANS NO EXPERIENCE, JUST PARROTING LEARNED WORDS.
        Feel indignant, feel outraged insulted by my comment to you? Well… I can have that… totally OK. but this post was written by the Entity who has spent one life-time using that “mind control technique” and because of it I know that your reality is crap… just parroted words which you believe sounds important-make you look important. !!!

  20. I have to say that I believe Minion9and others have noted too) has pointed out the rather large Elephant in the Room.This fundemantal factor will become a seriously big issue as time moves on….I dont believe that there are any “accidents” happening here and the stench of organised chaos is all over it…like a tight- fitting blue suit..on a very well trained monkey.Watch that Elephant now….

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