Want to help get back in comm? Become a contributor!

we-want-to-hearIt is time for us to allow this community to grow!

From our mission statement:

It is a fundamental of Scientology that communication is the universal solvent.

It is no secret that the Church and the entire subject of Scientology is in trouble.

When there is trouble the wrong thing to do is to shut down channels of communication and try to control the flow of information. Yet this has become standard practice within the Scientology community. We have become afraid to discuss or put forward dissenting opinion or to even mention negative (entheta) occurrences.

If our community is BACK IN COMM we can begin to positively address the very real problems of our group.

We have been and continue to be driven by this ideal of being in communication. We are “back” in comm because this community had been out of comm for a long time.

Regularly we get comm from people who have benefited just from the simple idea of reading differing views, open views, passionate views. This is quite in addition to the robust community of regular commenters.

We recognise that we have as well a growing international audience and their perspective and contribution has only added to the rich discussion we all enjoy so much.

It is therefore time to expand a little, or at least allow for some natural growth. We know that there are many stories to tell that will shed more light on the many facets of Scientology and it’s almost 60 year history in South Africa. And we want to tell as many of them as we can!

There are people who would like to contribute their stories and ideas beyond the comment section. Well, your time is here! We are now open to contributing writers.

Know a story that needs to be told? Itching to research a particular element of Scientology, it’s community or organisations? Write it and send it.

Rather than say “a correspondent sent us something interesting” we would like to have regular contributors writing under their own by lines. Of course these can be a nom de plume or your real name if you are feeling particularly rebellious.

Everyone is free to submit stories. We will take the hat of editors and will publish as many as we possibly can. The only thing we ask is that when submitting an article, you adhere to our moderation policy and that the stories are South African or which are relevant to South Africans such as our recent posting featuring Galactic Patrol or the article on Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

This will also help grow this community. We want, as much as is humanly possible, for it to be owned (in the Scientological sense) by everyone.

Mail us!



The Africa Report: A quarter billion for this?

Africa MoneyOn Sunday Mike Rinder posted the quarterly report the East US OT Committee covering their production during the last quarter of 2013. You can read that report here

We have just come into possession of the same report for Africa and have posted it below. It covers the activities of the OT Committees for Cape Town, Durban, Joburg, Joburg North, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria Orgs.

We took some time to read through it and insert relevant commentary where we felt it necessary. However the more we read it the more it became clear that this full report stands on it’s own and requires no further commentary –  so we have left it as-is.

In our opinion it is no less than a catastrophic indictment of a group claiming to be enjoying the greatest expansion in its history. But don’t take our word for it, you can determine your own conclusion.

Be warned, it’s a lot of reading – as a Word document it spans 17 pages. It is important to know that this was written in response to a request from “uplines” to give an outline of the OT Committee activities. It therefore constitutes the very best of what is being produced in South Africa by it’s top members. We do not wish to nit-pick every small little thing, we certainly don’t need to. But it can’t be forgotten that when viewing the report, this is the level of production that has occurred after a financial investment of a quarter of a billion Rand, and counting, in mostly empty (or demolished) buildings.

Here it is:

Africa OT Committees Report December 2013


There is a huge buzz across the African continent following the release of GAT2, with Joburg Org having more sign-ups in a week than at any time in its history. And here’s another News Flash: virtually the entire Port Elizabeth OTC has joined staff! There were several fund raisers across the continent over the last quarter as Cape Town, Durban and Joburg North head down the home straight in readiness for becoming Ideal Orgs. Our newest Ideal Org, Pretoria, has settled into its wonderful new premises and public are streaming into the Org to experience first hand LRH’s legacy and postulates for Africa.  

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Pretoria’s heydays – over before they began……


When Joburg celebrated its Ideal Org opening in November 2003, the elation among South African field was palpable.The then-Joburg OT Committee (some 30 able-bodied, upstat beings) were on fire and a force to be reckoned with. Many people were joining staff, Div 6 activities were humming and people were coming into the org in droves. It was probably the best time for Scientology in South Africa since the 60s.

The agreement after the opening was unanimous.  “Why stop here? Let’s take this puppy all the way!: We were going for Saint Hill Size! And so the already frenzied pace was stepped up a notch. Everyone pulled together – The staff worked like demons with strong support from a dedicated field.  Everyone working in unison towards a common goal. It was a heady time and everyone was determined to make it happen.

And then it happened! In March 2005 Joburg Org won the Birthday Game AND went Saint Hill size in the same year.  We had made it!  The Universe Corps arrived to much fanfare. Staff were going into session, public were being serviced and the org was doing well financially, although the staff pay scene was glossed over but it was better than it had been before.

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In case you thought they might not come for you.

Corbett commmend

This is a commendation written on Ernest & Gaye in March 2009. We are posting it as a reminder that no matter who you are and what you have done for Miscavige’s church, when the time comes that you dissent or disagree, you will be discarded without so much as a phone call.

NO ONE has ethics protection.

Any person who toes the line and contributes will be lionized, loved, fawned, caressed, given priority parking & front-row seating. But only so long as you continue and no further.

An environment like this breeds corruption, as we have seen. It breeds an environment where those in power know they can do as they please, as they have.  It creates a place where people and relationships are cheap and disposable, as it has.

The Church is currently running a major marketing campaign in the USA – billboards and Public Service Announcements running the tag line “Think for Yourself”. For those already inside the Church, thinking for oneself is a dangerous thing to do.

Walk the bridge to freedom and self determinism! Just don’t display any.


Why control of Scientology is no longer possible (or necessary)

Internet technology

Many thanks to Ryan Hogarth for submitting this brilliant article. It certainly presents a new way of thinking about this and the whole subject could do with some new thinking. 

In line with this, we found a very interesting passage from the 1956 edition of Fundamentals of Thought: “Give this book to a man or woman in trouble, a man or woman with an enquiring nature, a man or woman with associates who need a better life, and let that man or woman study this volume carefully and apply it. Change and a better life will result” 

Why control of Scientology is no longer possible (or necessary)

The subject of Scientology can no longer be controlled. In truth it’s been uncontrolled for years and individuals and groups the world over continue to make free use of the material.

The reason it can’t be controlled is the same reason that control is no longer possible as a central business model in a modern 21st century world. I make my living talking to business leaders about the changing world of business and the new way of thinking that modern business demands.

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Things you can do with R57,000

The new Mark VIII Ultra E-meter is probably the greatest folly of the church. Most observers were caught by surprise at the pricing. At a whopping R57,000 (or $5000 or about 5 months the average South African salary) it just makes no sense. Not even as a money spinner since there is such a limited number of people who will purchase at that price.

A number of articles have already appeared on this and other blogs blowing the lid off the truth behind these meters. More particularly that they have been sitting in a warehouse for the last 10 years or so, and more importantly that the cost of manufacture is a fraction of what the public are being ripped off paying for them.

We thought it would be fun to give you an idea of what one could do with this kind of money. It gives some food for thought. For R57,000 you could:

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Take us to your leaders. Oh, wait. Never mind.

where-are-they-nowThe email below is infuriating. The senior leaders of the church have been missing for a decade. The only who has been seen in recent years is Guillaume Lesevre who showed up briefly at a couple Int events.

Late last year just prior to the launch of the “Greatest event in Scientology”, the Golden Age of Tech Phase II there was a conference for all Snr C/S’s on the planet and for all ED’s on the planet. This is the first time in YEARS that such conferences have been called. Clearly important.

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