Francois lays it down!

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Francois Groenewald sent us this write up. A bit of context – he was on training at Flag for GAT 2 as a Pretoria staff member when the infamous 18 declares were issued at the end of October. His wife was (and is) employed by the Corbett’s. Francois has not given the full story of what went down but suffice to say it was not pleasant. The comm below is his alone and as he has said he takes full responsibility for it.

It is further evidence of how this church cannot help but hurt itself and how they continue to lose their best people and how they are losing control in South Africa despite the 14 man A-Team they sent here to calm the natives with heavy handed 1960s style cold war tactics. 

Welcome Francois, you have many friends here!

I have recently returned from Flag as a GAT 2 Course Supervisor. Since returning, my wife Kelly and I have had the disconnection policy threatened to us from a few angles.

First my wife received immense pressure to leave her job, as she has been working for the Corbett’s for just under three years. We decided that she would not be resigning from her job at this stage, as it would actually be contra-survival to do so. The pressure kept coming. Meanwhile, for quite a number of reasons, I then decided to leave the Org.

I just could not believe and still find it hard to, that at this stage of South Africa’s time track, after everything this country has been through in recent times, a group walks in and acts like a mini Hendrik Verwoerd. Pushing this idea that because they say so you are not allowed to communicate to a particular group. Bear in mind that I attended Afrikaans schools as a child, where the idea of apartheid was being heavily indoctrinated into the minds of SA’s next generation of Afrikaners. In 1994 everything changed and I found myself suddenly playing in a rugby team alongside a Chinese boy, an Indian boy and a Zulu boy. I found my viewpoint changing drastically and at that point decided that never ever, ever again would I be party to ANY form of segregation, no matter who it was being promoted by. I am a member of the New South Africa and I refuse to tolerate the idea that any sector of our society should be segregated from another simply because of a difference of viewpoint or beliefs.

After I left the Org threats started being made to my wife that she will be declared and this will now leave her disconnected from her own family, also Scientologists.

The Comm Ev then took place, with Kelly and I named as two of the 15 interested parties. We went in to see the Committee at Pretoria Org with the intention to try to prevent a potential declare for Kelly as it would have caused a massive problem for her family. We realised that even though Kelly and I had made the decision to discontinue our own involvement with the C of S, we did not want this decision to impact on others’ involvement if they saw it as survival. For me personally I wanted to show the Committee that we would not be bullied and we are willing to confront them. This was on the evening of 6 December. We made a point of driving by the Union Buildings just up the road from Pretoria Org beforehand, where thousands of people had visited throughout that day and were still visiting that evening to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela who had passed away the previous night. We found it ironic that an unjust Comm Ev was being held only a few blocks away, while the rest of the country were celebrating the life of one of the greatest fighters for justice that our world has known.

Three and a half weeks after going in to the Comm Ev we have still not received any communication back from the Committee. Our thought was that with 15 interested parties it probably takes a while to issue the findings…

Yesterday a phone call was made to Kelly’s mother in the UK to say that she has to get Kelly into the Org immediately to handle her work situation because if she doesn’t Kelly and her entire family will be declared. No communication was made to Kelly and I directly on this.

So today I decided to communicate openly on the blog as I sincerely hope to get declared at this stage. I actually cannot stand the threats and harassment anymore and basically the only way for us to avoid being declared would be for Kelly to abandon her livelihood and for me to return to the Org. This is not going to happen. Like any normal person Kelly will leave her job when she  wants a different challenge or if the Corbett’s perhaps feel her performance is not ideal – neither of which is the case at this point in time.

In my opinion, even if you are LRH himself, if you pick up a phone and tell a mother that she has to either do as you say or she will be forced to disconnect from her daughter, then you have committed so many overts you are now at a point where you have  actually lost touch with reality.

I was the first Golden Age of Tech 2 Course Supervisor made from Africa. Hopefully this article forces OSA to declare me.

My message to OSA is the following:

Not sure if you guys have ever experienced dealing with a group of red-blooded angry Afrikaners before. Well you’re about to.

Africa is about to become a very interesting place for the Church of Scientology and their mini Anti-Human Rights Campaign!

And if the Corbett’s have in fact started an Independent Scientology group, as has been claimed by the Church, please consider me as a potential Course Sup.

If they haven’t started a group, well, then I will.

126 thoughts on “Francois lays it down!

  1. We’ll done!

    One thing I’d add, when I got out, I also thought I’d be in a big fight with OSA. They really intimidate people with OSA when you’re in the CoS. But I quickly found that they are nothing. They are an imagined fear that at worst sends hostile emails to people. So don’t worry. You’ll get a bigger fight on your hands trying to commute to work in the mornings.

  2. Dear Francois,

    You are a very intelligent and brave young man. You can express a lot of meaning in very short sentences as:
    “We found it ironic that an unjust Comm Ev was being held only a few blocks away, while the rest of the country were celebrating the life of one of the greatest fighters for justice that our world has known.”
    “Didn’t have much to do with learning something new as most of them have done their training numerous times before.”
    I hope you’ll not suffer of disconnection (basically the same as Apartheid). It took some time, but I was able to leave the COS with my whole familyintact, after I was declared. You’ll succeed.

    Greetings from one of the freest country in the World.
    If ever you travel to Switzerland you’re welcomed at our place.

  3. Very well done. Hold you space and to hell with them.
    You know the Church really has snapped terminals and what it use to cherish and produce – self determinism (the only product of auditing) and swung it around to mean anyone that is self determined is an SP.

  4. Awesome Francois! Your clear statement is so powerful, putting human rights and loyalty above anything else. I hope Kelly’s family stands by you both and rejects this tyranny. Welcome to freedom and best wishes from Los Angeles!

  5. Francois,

    This is exactly what the CoS needs: people who are not afraid of them one bit and who will stamp out their ruthless and psychotic efforts to enslave human beings. I have postulated that the entire South Af CONT leaves the CoS en masse. If you guys can organize that, it will be the greatest single strike to the CoS in history, delivered by a country who knows a thing or two about totalitarian wolves in sheep’s clothing.


  6. Francois,
    Don’t take this as an invalidation. You’ve done well waking up.

    With you pre-GAT 1 and 2 training along with your GAT 1 and 2 training, which of the three will you use in the Independent Field?

    • Any of those three would work if done in a safe environment with no threats and with the freedom to make up one’s own mind about the data I think.

  7. Very Well Done on your courage Francois !!! Miscavige thinks that if you are young enough, haven’t been around when LRH was and haven’t seen the way LRH ran things, you will probably consider this Nazism the order of the day. Well… he’s dead wrong. I’m 19 years old, a Class V C/S, was the Qual Sec at Malmo “Ideal” Org until I finally saw that we were not doing Scientology anymore ! Since I have independently gone up the Bridge to Clear and beyond and opened my own Independent center in Tel Aviv, Israel ! Let’s show these non-Scientologists what Scientology really is ! Proud of you man.

  8. Stories like these are why I love this blog. This fake church is so dirty, so one-sided, selfish, evil, and vicious. Congratulations on your integrity, Francois. I wish more people in Los Angeles had some.

  9. Hi Francois,

    Leaving all you know behind is never an easy thing to do, so well done for standing up for what you believe in!

    I’m glad that you and Kelly managed to escape such an unpleasant environment known as the “church” of Scientology. Your lives will be forever better for it!

    I look forward to hearing more of what you experienced at Flag.

  10. Bravo François !!!!
    It demands courage and integrity to act as you do!!! but it’s the way LRH wanted us to behave. Hold on that way; you’re bringing more freedom in this world!! Sunshine will light up your road (not sure of the words, but you get the picture, huh?).

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  12. Thank you Francois for answering my comm.
    Feel free to put any stories you have about your
    G2 experiences – that last one really did put a smile on my
    I think the classic for me is as a solo auditor you know you
    have a floating needle us old timers know what a floating needle
    looks like and at the examiner they stare and stare and stare
    now I know they are counting which explains why they are not really
    in comm with you but into the meter!
    Then you get frustrated because you know you feel great and then
    you get a dirty needle because now you have a red tag and that is
    going to cost and use up your well earned auditing hours!

    This also happens at success and yes it is true the stable datum
    is go to the canteen and eat and take vitamins.

    Then you get indicated the F/N was missed and you have just paid
    to be told your F/N was actually there.

    Oh the joys of being part of a group that keeps changing policy.

    • Hi Goldie,

      I hear you on the F/N. The three swings FN was very much kept alive at flag during GAT 2. We would be watching the e meter drills film and some unfortunate student would dare call it an FN before it has swung three times. Without fail some KSW lion in the audience would go after that student guns blazing with “it hasn’t even swung three times yet!” I recently saw the e meter drills film made in the independent field. The FN there is great, and more real! That’s the one I would call.

  13. Thank you for your honest and heartfelt communication, Francois.

    I particularly liked: “We found it ironic that an unjust Comm Ev was being held only a few blocks away, while the rest of the country were celebrating the life of one of the greatest fighters for justice that our world has known.”

    Ironic indeed, but the COB-bots who carry out His orders without question do not get irony.

    You are right, whatever passes for management in the CoS has totally lost touch with reality. Sounds like the organisation in SA is in total meltdown now. Completely inevitable of course, once the hit team handed out the original 18 declares. The ripples from that are turning into a Tsunami. They’ve painted themselves into a corner – if they continue, the CoS in SA will be destroyed, but if they admit they were wrong they can’t un-declare everyone – Miscavige wouldn’t allow it and besides, it is too late. Those who have left won’t be going back.

    I look forward to hearing about your experiences while training for GAT II at Flag. I expect you will have some hair-curling tales to tell!

  14. Well done Francois!! I hope more Scientologist working for the Corbets will do the same. I can not believe that they can demand that Kelly left her job, are they going to give her a salary. When I had been training at Flag to be an auditor for the new AO Africa they wanted me to forget I have a 13 year old daughter, abandon her and dump her on her 21 year old brother to live with him here in SA while I train at Flag. I will never ever lose another child again at their hands. I do not know if I am declared or not and I do not care I am just glad I opened my eyes before it was too late. Lucky for me I have no family in Scientology to disconnect from. I am a boertjie myself and I am glad you show them that we skrik for no one. I just hope that Kelly’s and your family that is in the church will see the truth and leave and not disconnect.

    • And with a staff salary not even covering transport cost, Francois would have taken a very low toned and anti-survival action to even remotely consider his wife to abandon her salary and loyalty (due to a label called SP slapped on the Corbett’s backs that is anyway not worth shit to anybody not in the CoS ) to an employer I am sure is great to work for.

  15. Hey Francois, “saam met you, my bru!” — Straight shooting doesn’t miss either!! OSA, show up here and you’ll find out what that means, (…..if you dare!!!)

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  17. Yes, i feel like my friend Francois and as a South Africa i feel like most Ex-Scientologist Afrikaners, we will fight back, you have not seen nothing yet!!
    Ron the founder of Scientology developed a mind technology that to this day nothing comes close the this mind science, yes he made mistakes, he was human, he himself said he was not a God.
    But his technology does work! I have had many good gains.

    They has now sent the gestapo from the USA to fight our brave comrades, they will fail, we will undermine them.
    The South African Churches are being emptied just like most of the churches world wide.

    The Church has hired TOP gun Lawyer firm in Cape Town and put the top action suit against this site. This is an attack on our freedom of thought and and freedom of press.

    Victory is assured!

    Be Brave!
    We will not give up, we will not Forgive!

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