Evaluating the success of GAT II

tomorrow has arrivedIt has been long standing practice in the church, since at least 1996, to promote international Scientology events as massively important for Scientology expansion. At each event there is a release of some sort that is critical for expansion and individual Scientologist’s eternity. These released items are then pushed relentlessly until the next event and next release when the cycle repeats with the next invaluable item.

This changed to an extent with the release of the basics. The relentless push lasted years despite its obvious failure. (Note: When we say failure we are specifically referring to failure in terms of the claims that came with the release, i.e. “a whole new breed of Scientologist”).

This cycle, combined with the crises culture of Scientology orgs, makes self inspection & evaluation impossible. Staff go from one event to the next, one crises to the next. There is just no time to look back and tell if the last event or release was a success or failure.

It is this culture and stressful environment that allows the church to get away with the things they claim.

And lastly, claims tend to be so general as to be impossible to prove anyway. What the hell does “a new breed of Scientologist” mean anyway? This was supposed to be the product of the basics. (The only “new breed” of Scientologist we see around these days are those that have left the church and are reveling in the freedom that comes with the free application of Scientology. By that standard, perhaps it was a success).

With the above in mind we see it as a duty of this blog to keep the claims of the church in the front and centre so the success or failure of their programmes can be properly evaluated.

How will we know if GAT II has succeeded or failed? When do we make the evaluation?

Any new programme needs time to have an effect. We believe 6 months is a fair amount of time to at least get a sense of what the programme is doing. GAT II was launched on the 22nd of November 2013. This puts our mark at 22 May 2014 which will be around the time of the Dianetics annual event (where we are sure something will be being released).

At that time we will try to measure the success of GAT II against the following claims made leading up to and immediately after the release:

SOLO-OT V package is 38% cheaper with GAT II. (ANZO Email 11/12/13)

We have just seen the monumental launch of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II, which has changed the world of Scientology forever. (Joburg email 4/12/13)

Oh yes there is much, much more than the above, like faster training and auditing routes, lower AO package prices, and everything geared to get you to be a trained auditor, Clear and OT fast! Fast, how fast? You will not believe how fast! All the arbitraries, stops and suppression have been stripped out of the courses, now it is pure LRH and of course when it is pure LRH it is simple and fast. (Durban email 27/11/13)

Here is a glimpse of what has happened with our Ideal Org since we have opened it. In a years time you will get more specifics on how we expanded since the release of the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH II and SUPER POWER. That will be expansion from this point on. It will be expansion on top of the expansion that we are already experiencing. (Pretoria ED email 15/11/13)

The GAT II Release is such an event and show piece that it will blast you through from here all the way up both sides of the Bridge. It will not be possible to still have a single failed purpose as far as your Scientology Bridge is concerned. Come and get all your failed purposes blown to smithereens and then completely GONE. (Pretoria ED email 15/11/13)

You will see the biggest release in our history at our biggest event in history. You will see a whole new world of training and auditing, plus the spiritual headquarters of Earth, unveiled! (Joburg North email 14/11/13)

We are entering a Golden Age of Mankind, and it is a Golden Age for all Eternity. Do let me you are attending – most especially the live events themselves. For these truly will be a moment for the whole track history books. (Joburg North email 14/11/13)

Whatever rumours you have heard about Golden Age of Tech II, they don’t come close to just how huge this is. This will literally bring a WHOLE NEW WORLD! (Durban email 13/11/13)

Oh, and just for the fun of it we will also check how many auditors have been made and are in training.

24 thoughts on “Evaluating the success of GAT II

  1. When you check how many clears and auditors were made, I assume you will be consulting completion and graduation lists. Is it safe to assume you will also point out which ones are re-dos and which (if any) are new?

    Either way, I look forward to your eval. I guess it’s a safe bet another bubble is going to burst.

    • Actually DM,

      I did an evaluation based on all my old Auditor and Advance mags going back to the early ’80’s which is when I arrived in LA to do the SHSBC and compared them to the current ones I was receiving back in the early part of this millennium.

      As anyone knows who has been around the Church of Scientology for some times there are two publications that are alternated every month.

      The major which goes to only the “trained and processed” list and the minor which goes to the whole CF.

      Sometimes they mix ’em up and list completions in the minor mag as well as the major so sometimes they’ll list comps made each month and sometimes they
      won’t .

      Anyway to get over this variable I averaged out the comps for months when they skipped them in their minor by dividing them in half when they showed up in the next major.


      What it showed was from the early ’80’s to the mid ’90’s prior to the Golden Age of Tech that ASHO was averaging about 4-6 Saint Hill Grads per month with the highest ever being the year before GAT with Chris Montgomery (who was later declared “suppressive”) making about 28 SH grads.

      After that high point and with the release of the Golden Age of Tech the stat crashes into complete non-existence.

      In fact no SH grads are being made for 3 years until the new SHSBC GAT check sheet is released in ’99.

      That is for 3 years not a single Saint Hill graduate was made because they were waiting for a check sheet.

      Then after the check sheet from heaven finally arrives. The only “graduates” that they have are those like me who were conned into doing the Golden Age of Tech “Certainty” courses.

      In other words if you eliminated all the “Certainty” completions you were back to nada.

      I based my research on SH grads pretty much exclusively since this is supposedly ASHO’s “main dish”.

      So to continue the metaphor. ASHO wasn’t serving their “main dish” unless you were a returning costumer and skipped the side dishes.

      When I finally completed my “Certainty” course in ’03 I was told that I was one of only a dozen Saint Hill grads who had graduated the Golden Age of Tech meaning even by their own admission they had only made 12 Saint Hill grads in 7 years!

      I mentioned Advance since I was interested how the training of Class VIIIs Hubbard Specialists of *Standard Tech* faired and my research is even more dismal. In the time since the Golden Age of Tech was released and the last time I tallied the stats there were only 2 Class VIIIs made at AO!

      So I’d say based exclusively on stats that the Golden Age of Tech was not just a dismal failure but a complete catastrophe!


      An old rule of the intelligence business which I researched quite thoroughly when writing my novel is that you don’t just rely on one source so I’ve included a link to Friends of LRH who’s research is even more extensive than mine and goes back to the early ’70’s:


      • RV, your research backs up what any old timer from the early seventies will tell you. We’ve witnessed the orgs go from standing-room-only, bustling beehives of uptone activity, to the idle morgues they are today, with our own eyes.

  2. What to say what to say 22 November release, ah the field was at the beach so give them a extra month, July ! I wonder what would happen if 6 months of attension was put on getting rid of the psychics all hands all funds , zeeeeeeeet next ! And I am not talking about shaving ones head.

  3. What rumors!
    Gone Squirrel are the rumors I have heard!
    I read this promo and want to throw up!
    When I did the student hat I was able to Study anything.
    This Golden Age of Tech 11 is promoted as if you are
    on another planet and not Earth because what they say
    you achieve is definitely from beings who are in La La

  4. In a squirrel operation, they will do what squirrels do … collect nuts !
    Reducing prices will of course come with cutatives and technical degrades, not to mention shortening and quickie-ing the original materials. My guess is who cares, so long as fooled public get certs and are given a spin. It you have the cert you must have done it and then … you have status, at least until the next hidden standard or sec check !

    The procedure is simple …. Create WANT…. Do not really deliver what is promised … just keep the want and need level high and increasing. Then resell the same thing repackaged in various ways. Whatever you do never deliver a real service, just keep the suckers slavering ( like Pavlov’s dogs) and paying. It is all based on TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET and GIVE NOTHING BACK.

    Can we ever be friends ?
    With friends like these who needs enemies

  5. Prices in Class V orgs have increased. It’s R10 000 per item. That is, R10 000 for the purif, R10 000 for Student Hat, etc. Price of auditing increased last year, too. No auditors but the price was put up! Unfortunately, I don’t know what an intensive costs at the new price.

    Not sure if you redo Student Hat or anything else if you’re allowed the fifty percent price deduction for a retreed. Solo 1 has to be restarted if you’re mid-course. Of course, you have to pay to start again hopefully paying half price.

  6. Please delete my earlier mis-formatted post.

    SOLO-OT V package is 38% cheaper with GAT II. (ANZO Email 11/12/13)

    OT V is audited NOTs, it’s not done Solo. Maybe a typo of sorts? Considering Grad V auditors could get AO OK to audit NOTs, the previous pricing for upper-level services was way over the top, in some cases almost $ 8,000 US per intensive. Out here in Indieland, the prices range from $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 by FLAG-trained decades-long Class IX veterans.

    All the arbitraries, stops and suppression have been stripped out of the courses, now it is pure LRH and of course when it is pure LRH it is simple and fast. (Durban email 27/11/13)

    GAT I was “arbitraries, stops and suppression” added to the existing line-up of pre-’96 courses which were based on recommendations how checksheets were to be drawn up. Seems they’ve gone back to that, although GAT II still contains drills not approved by LRH. GAT is the figment of someone’s imagination, and by calling it Phase II, they’re “saving face” for GAT I. The original courses approved by LRH will do, GAT of any type is merely additives & alter-is.

    Here is a glimpse of what has happened with our Ideal Org since we have opened it. In a years time you will get more specifics on how we expanded since the release of the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH II and SUPER POWER.

    LRH never released Super Power as a public service. Again, more squirreling. “Ideal Orgs” is the state of the operation of orgs, not a real estate fundraising scheme.

    Since the public has been exiting the CO$ in droves, it’s doubtful any accurate comparison can be made. I’m sure GAT II is better than GAT I, and at best could only hope to be as good as the pre-’96 line-up.

    With all the crush regging and illegal donation scams, head-shrink hyped PR events, it really no longer makes any difference what goes on there, you don’t want to be in such environments period. We have all the original LRH materials out here to properly train up auditors and move PCs up the bridge.

    • I totally agree.

      The only reason that Orgs exist aside what’s covered in the HCOPL “The Reason for Orgs” is to hold the line on Standard Tech and to train auditors.

      They have been dismal failures on both counts since the release of the Golden Age of Tech which is basically “other tech” or to be blunt squirreled tech.

      GAT II which to me means more squirreling may or may not be an effort to return to Standard Tech though I doubt it since it totally invalidates any previous training or auditing.

      Forcing every body to both sides of the Grade Chart again.

      Not only that but it also speeds up auditing (by delivering quickie grades) and slows down training by making anyone who wants to train have to get through the hurdle of the “Basics” which is chocked full of added and inapplicable that you are never going to use at the lower levels and rivals the SHSBC in data covered then having them do the so called “Hubbard” Professional Emeter Course which again contains two drills which take forever to do that are not required for levels or even NED auditors.

      According to the Ol’man in the RED “Orders for Immediate Compliance” which was the LRHED issued to correct Quickie Grades:

      11. Courses should be fast, auditing drawn out. This is the exact reverse to what has been happening. Slow courses and fast auditing destroy the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. Fast courses and long long hours of auditing are the route to real gains and solvency.

      Again “Slow courses and fast auditing destroy the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. ” which I suspect is the objective behind GAT II.

      • Again “Slow courses and fast auditing destroy the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. ” which I suspect is the objective behind GAT II.

        Miscavige is so off his rocker that it’s hard to say what his real motivations are. There’s just no making sense of insanity. Still, it’s hard to look at the results of his control of the subject these last thirty years and come to any other conclusion, but that he’s intentionally destroying it.

        Because he’s such a wack-job, he probably believes that he’s saving it.

      • Ronnie,

        My view is that Miscavige is too much of an imbecile and an obnoxious moron to have enough smarts to pull off this coup by himself.

        As far as I’m concerned this whole op was too well planned to be carried out by some nincompoop with an IQ no bigger than his shoe size.

        On the other hand Miscavige has had all kinds of legal and PR advisors with interesting connections who in my opinion have done their best to steer his good ship Bounty onto the rocks of catastrophe.

        My understanding of lil’ Sgt. Furry here is that he is all too willing to listen to “expert opinion” and completely ignore or more accurately remain ignorant of any tech and policy which conflicts with it.

  7. When they fail they put the blame on the staff/ public/ “SPs”. The RCS doesn’t have the tiniest sense of self-criticism. I’m sure that when the real DM will be revealed to the world, as it has already started with the Truth Rundown on Tampa Bay Times and continues now with Mike Rinder’s declaration to the court, the Kool Aid drinkers will still admire him and will see him as a martyr who gave everything to the “growth” of Scientology. I hope that many WILL open their eyes and wake up though.

    • Mike Rinder’s declaration to the court

      I saw that published in the UK Daily Mail last night. It’s some of the most damning testimony to date. I don’t know how the church can even respond to it. It’s like Mike pulled a huge withhold on them in public.

  8. Nice one Scnafrica. Thanks for taking the trouble to compile this.

    A whole new world. Spiritual head quarters. Pure LRH on top of a new breed. Stunning.

    New breed? Mongrels probably. Cross bred tech with other crap.

    It will be nice to see what happens. So far we see indicators here and there: An OT VII says, GST ii is not happening, pictures from orgs show old timers and no new blood, Blown for Good books stats are booming, Les Warren hints at more hemorrhage. I walk through the local org and it is unearthly quiet, a GAT II supe Francois leaves the fold. Hmmmm. Out points starting to give us a stream of data to evaluate.

    Lurkers. Howzit. Nota bene.

  9. The Basics were strictly a money maker and a new why for Miscavige of why it was not working. That was 2007 – now we got GAT II 7 years later – it is the same ole same ole!

    The results of the Basics for me – I blew Scientology for good! Not because of the BASICS but because I saw Scientology not working at all….and the Debbie Cook E-Mail validated my suspicions. The BASIC books are now rendered valueless – you can’t sell them to anyone for anything really. The Library Campaign a complete disaster – check it out for yourself. The Libraries in the US threw them out or sold them for a $1 for the entire set. The Ideal Org push – complete failure. Many are selling their buildings now – the ones that got done sit vacant.

    I read them all – THE BASICS – and there really was nothing in there that changed my life that I can recall. In fact, what changed my life is ME witnessing and obnosing for myself other Scientologist’s going bankrupt due to crush regging, losing homes, getting sick, dying, getting divorced and SP DECLARES straight up and vertical!! I saw only a few Clears and 50% were “re-Cleared” from long ago. I saw no auditor’s being made – the run way just keeps getting longer.

    If any Scientologist’s stayed through it all and have not left yet – I also witenessed them actually become evil! There is no love or care amongst the members still in. No one talks to each other REALLY!! It is certainly a new breed of Scientologist’s. Cruel, inhumane and bat shit crazy!

    • Idel Morgue, you said it! The Scns IN changed and became evil and there is no real love or care amongst them. They are in the RTC cold chrome and steel valence and have no compassion. They will throw their own grandmother under the bus to save their own hides. They will spy on and report their friends. It is Nazi all over again. And did you notice in the promo piece published here that one of the claims is that you will handle your failed purposes on your :Bridge through GAT II? Just the fact that they bring up “failed purposes” tells me that they know that GAT I was a failure and that people have failed purposes from that. So now they say that the GAT I that DM put out didn’t work and gave people failed purposes, but the GAT II will handle those failed purposes. He is “correcting” his earlier out tech without ever admitting that he was the one who made the out tech.; And no one in the church puts 2 and 2 together to see this? How can they not see it?

  10. Loved the last one “Whatever rumours you have heard”……. Startling acknowledgement from the Church that they were ‘rumour mongering” before the release of GAT II. I got plenty such emails from the org/s running rumours of GATII. I admonished them for running a Hidden Data Line, and promptly got invited to be dead-filed. C’est la vie.

  11. Very good analysis and approach to verify facts versus lies.
    Now, here: “You will not believe how fast! All the arbitraries, stops and suppression have been stripped out of the courses…” The mention that suppression has been stripped out, this in fact is a way to disperse people’s awareness making it seem that the suppression is out there, somewhere else so, they won’t be able to easily detect that the suppression is inside the Church and Orgs themselves; this is characteristic of SPs themselves, mentioning generalities so your attention disperses.

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